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Music Series: Don’t Be A Fool by Shawn Mendes

Ooooooo, Anon, you suuuuuck…I LOVE THIS SOOOONG!!!! (And by suck I mean I’d kiss you all over your face if you were here right now.) Thank youuuuu!

What a great song! I love its throwback sound and that the story is swirling in my head already like a flippin’ whirlpool. I hope it comes out as great as it’s developing in my mind right now.

(In my best 50’s variety show announcer’s voice…) “Here’s “Don’t Be A Fool” by Shawn Mendez.” You can hear this song on my Spotify playlist called ‘Gloomy Poops’.




You’ve got my heart but I can’t let you keep it, babe

Cause I won’t be sure that I can stay

And don’t waste your time trying to pull me in

Cause I’m just a mess you don’t wanna fix

Just promise me one thing that you won’t forget

But for now kiss me softly before I say

Harry lay behind you in the bed, his face pressed gently against your shoulder as you sleep, wishing everything could stay just as it is. You may have only been dating for a few weeks, but Harry had feelings for you that he couldn’t explain. He hated that he would be leaving you, even though you were proud of his work and understood.

His tour was beginning soon. He knew what his life was going to be like. Flights to new locations every day or two…catching sleep when he could find it…performing until he was nearly losing his voice, and fingers sore from playing the strings of his guitar more than he had in awhile, all the while meeting thousands of people that he appreciated, but wanting to be with you. It wasn’t an easy life to be involved with him, and he knew it wasn’t fair to you to ask you to deal with it all.

And don’t be a fool and wait on me darling

I know that you don’t wanna hear this

But I’m always on the move

And don’t be a fool and say that you love me

Cause you’ll find a man

Who will stand by your side

And will be there for you

“You want me to see other people?” you ask in disbelief.

“Want you to?” Harry sighs, looking at the living room ceiling the day before the tour is scheduled to leave. “No, I can’t say that I want you to.”

“Harry,” you say, shaking your head in shock. “I thought you liked what we have? I know I do.”

“I do, love,” he replies, looking at you sadly. “It’s not that. But, we’ve only been seeing each other a few weeks, and I’m leaving tomorrow for months. With your job here and my job, we’ll never see each other. It’s hard, physically and emotionally, and I can’t ask you to go through that.”

“You don’t have to ask. Shouldn’t that be my choice?” you begin to argue, hearing the shaking in your own voice. You knew you were falling in love with Harry. You’d felt it for awhile, and you thought you sensed that he felt the same, but maybe you were wrong. You see by the look on his face that this is something he has thought a lot about. It’s not like he had ever asked you to be his girlfriend. Several dates, and an amazing chemistry with many shared nights together…you thought it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but you now realize it hadn’t meant the same to him as it had to you. “Okay.”

“Okay?” he says, surprised by your agreement.

“Harry, I’m not going to beg you,” you say, bluntly. “If this is what you want, I’m not going to beg you to change your mind. I just want you to know…” you say, attempting but failing to clear the tight lump from your throat, “What we have…had…together, it meant more to me than you can know. I’m sorry you don’t want it anymore, but I’ll respect your decision.”

And just know that I do

Oh I really like you babe

And I wanna be there for you

For the rest of your days

But I know that you’ll hurt

If we keep on doing this

So I’m sorry to end this now

But I know that it’s for the best

Being away from you had been more difficult for Harry than he ever thought it would be. He missed you. He missed your smile and your uncanny ability to always be able to make him laugh, the smell of your skin…scent of your hair…every part of you that he had grown to love, and just the comfort and peace he felt being around you. He missed that. He missed you.

As Harry finished one song and was about to begin another, he looked around the room, seeing the faces of so many of his fans. As the music started and he was waiting on his cue to sing, Harry glanced toward his right, peering through the crowd of people, to the person standing just inside a doorway. In an instant he had no idea where his mind had gone, but it wasn’t in the little, intimate venue where he had been only a moment before.

You looked beautiful to him. It had been weeks since he had seen you, weeks since he had left after telling you goodbye. As he stared at you, he saw you smile weakly, your eyes appearing to glisten a bit. As the music stopped, Harry was shaken from his vision when he realized he had missed his cue and the band had stopped playing. Harry looked around at them, apologizing to them and to the crowd. When he glanced your direction again, you were gone. Had he imagined you standing there? He knew he hadn’t, which meant you had taken a plane for hours to come see him perform, leaving without saying a word to him.

The second his song finished, Harry turned to take a drink from his water bottle, and quickly grabbed his phone, sending you a text.

If you’re still here, please don’t leave. I’d like to see you after. xo

But with no reply to his text, and nowhere to be seen after the show, Harry tried calling you with no response, assuming you were either on a plane and unable to text, or you were intentionally not replying. He hadn’t realized how badly he missed you until he saw you again, and the physical and emotional feelings he had warned you of previously were all he was now feeling.

I don’t think you’ll ever understand

I don’t think you’ll ever understand

I know that you don’t wanna hear this but darling please don’t be a fool

Oh, don’t be a fool, yeah

And wait on me darling

I know that you don’t wanna hear this

But I’m always on the move

You sit in your little house, staring out the picture window at the rain hitting the glass, watching the birds in the back garden playing in a growing puddle, shaking the water from their wings. It had felt good and not so good seeing Harry again, even if only for a moment. The cost and time it took flying to see him was all worth it. You hadn’t, however, banked on him seeing you, sending a panic through you and quickly dashing to leave the building, especially after it stalled the show. You received his text in the cab on the way back to the airport, but you didn’t reply, already embarrassed, feeling like a bit of a stalker.

You took a deep breath, reflecting on your feelings for Harry. Falling out of love with him wasn’t going to be easy or fun. The day before he left, the last day you had spoken with him, you had thought Harry was going to officially ask you to be his girlfriend. How foolish you felt when you heard his true intentions with that conversation. How could you have been so stupid to think he had the same feelings for you? Everything had felt so right between the two of you up until that point. How could everything go so wrong so quickly?

As you hear a soft knock at your door, you set your cup of tea on the table next to you and sigh deeply, slightly offended that someone would dare to interrupt your dreary, rainy day pity party. You open the door to a rain-drenched Harry standing in front of you, water dripping from the only hairs popping outside of the top of his hoodie.

“Harry?” you say, confused.

“I’m askin’,” he says bluntly. “Askin’ you to go through it with me. All of it. I miss you so fuckin’ much, love. Didn’t realize how badly until I saw you at the show. I’m askin’. Be with me? Be mine?”

Just don’t be a fool, yeah

And say that you love me, girl

Cause you’ll find a man

Who’ll stand by your side

And will be there for you

And don’t be a fool

And wait on me darling

I know that you don’t wanna hear this

But don’t be a fool


This one’s near and dear to my heart. A second part will possibly be posted if there’s interest. :)

“We’re gonna get you a DFMO!”

You took a sip of your wine cooler as you raised an eyebrow, gaze flickering to your best friend who was sitting on his spacious couch. You were already a little buzzed from the drinks you’d had, and you couldn’t help but giggle at his words.

“Harry, what the fuck is a DFMO?” You asked, an amused smile coloring your lips as plopped yourself down on the couch beside him. He rolled his eyes playfully, mischief glimmering in his eyes.

“Dance floor make out. Because you, m’dear, are desperately in need of one!”

“Am not!” You argued, delivering a swift punch to his bicep. He pretended to cringe, but only laughed.

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