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Dood, DEH at prom! Your Hcs! For characters! With their s/os! Please!

this is cute omg thank u

since i’m probs not gonna post tomorrow unless something just hits me, i’ll post this tonight <3

((everything is short and its 4 am and i just wanted to write somethin happy n cute n small))

haha fun fact i didnt go to prom last year and i regret it

evan hansen

  • probably asked you to prom after a loooot of pep talk from his friends. ev’s not the big “promposal” sort of guy, so if he did anything special, it’s probably something small. jared probably talked him into giving you a lil dessert that had a little sign that said ‘will you grow to prom with me?’ and looked like a sapling. it was adorable. evan was v nervous about it.
  • evan gets rly starry-eyed when he sees you. he compliments you a lot and gives u a quick peck on the lips
  • heidi takes a few pics of u and evan and she’s like ‘u both look adorable stay safe!!!!’ and shes just nice n i love her
  • v nice dinner. evan is sweet. you two actually go out with friends n it’s nice
  • the two of u dont rly dance? like, you do dance a lil - mostly to slow songs but apart from that?? not much dancing
  • the two of u also sneak away at some point and just kinda stay outside for a bit, sneakin lil smooches
  • the two of u probably also leave a bit earlier than the rest of the group?? you head over to evan’s house n change into comfortable stuff n cuddle
  • ice cream + tv post-prom cuddle session. good time, v warm

jared kleinman

  • im not saying he might have asked you to prom with a meme, but he might have asked you to prom with a meme.
  • you told him no. he was sad. connor laughed in the distance.
  • a few days later he pops up with a pizza and he’s like ‘prom???’
  • ‘pizza?’
  • ’… they were out of donuts.’
  • ‘oh my god jared’
  • dances with u all night long and smooches u a lot, tells u that u look amazing at least 1000 times
  • u two probably wander into the BEST party after prom
  • probably some drunk dancing
  • mORe sMONCHE S 
  • smonch
  • “can u two not” - everyone, probably
  • i shoudl sleep hhhhonestly u two probs end up having sex if ur cool with that
  • lil smooches.
  • s MO O CH E S 

connor murphy

  • “babe are we going to prom” 
  • connor just shrugs “do u want to”
  • “yeah”
  • it’s decided. u two will go to prom.
  • zoe texts u and says connor is hopeless when it comes to tuxes n shit and ur like ??? and she’s like ‘you’ll see.’
  • you do see. he pulls it off and he looks cute and u smooch him and tell him he looks great
  • oh my god cynthia takes a lot of pictures of u two because CONNORS ACTUALLY GOING TO PROM HOLY F U CK 
  • probably a v nice dinner and it’s just the two of u 
  • do the two of u dance??? maybe to a slow song and u basically have to pull connor out and guide him n it’s basically just the two of u swaying
  • no after party. not rly connor’s scene.
  • u two probably go to ur house n maybe makeout or something idk
  • u have a selfie of u and connor from prom and its ur background for a bit
  • sometimes zoe’s still surprised that connor even went to prom tbh

zoe murphy

  • my love. probably got ppl from jazz band to serenade u with ur fave song and then asked u to prom and it was s u p er c ut e 
  • zoe probably dances with u a lot ngl
  • she complains about her heels and eventually kicks em off and she’s like “fuck that”
  • all
  • the
  • prom
  • photos
  • uh. probably went to prom after party where a lot of ppl from jazz band were. probably got a lil drunk at the very least. probably fell asleep together somewhere
  • cynthia also took a lot of pictures of u two because p r o m
  • thats all i got rn for zoe but ill probably properly write these headcanons later maybe idk
  • if they suck then send me the thing and be like ‘pls tell me u slept’

alana beck

  • she probably bought u flowers or candy n stuff and asked u that way
  • honestly she’s definitely on prom committee and if u are too, u two flirt the entire time and other ppl are like ‘oh my god st o p’
  • alana looks amazing. everyone looks amazing. she’s wearing contacts??? it’s rare, man
  • very nice dinner. very nice pics. everything’s rly nice and she seems rly happy so the night is going well
  • prom itself goes pretty great
  • she probably noticed some shit might have gotten broken and was like ‘n o’ and ur just like ‘nonono its fine babe!!! i promise it’s fine, someone probably wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing’ and she calms down
  • also probably went to a nice after party for a bit before going back to ur place or her place n cuddling n whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • good times

hhhh feel free to send these to me again if this sucks

but thank u anon

sEnD mE sOmE aSkS
  • 1. full name
  • 2. zodiac sign
  • 3. three fears
  • 4. three things i love
  • 5. my best friend
  • 6. last song i listened to
  • 7. four turn ons
  • 8. four turn offs
  • 9. what color underwear i'm wearing rn
  • 10. how many tattoos/piercings i have
  • 11. the reason why i joined tumblr
  • 12. how i feel rn
  • 13. something i rlly want
  • 14. my current relationship status
  • 15. meaning behind my url
  • 16. my favorite movies
  • 17. my favorite songs
  • 18. my favorite bands
  • 19. three things that upset me
  • 20. three things that make me happy
  • 21. what i find attractive in other people
  • 22. someone i miss
  • 23. someone i love
  • 24. my relationship with my parents
  • 25. my favorite holiday
  • 26. my closest tumblr friend
  • 27. someone from tumblr that i'd date
  • 28. a confession
  • 29. three things that annoy me easily
  • 30. my fave animals
  • 31. my pets
  • 32. one thing i've lied abt
  • 33. something that's currently worrying me
  • 34. an embarrassing moment
  • 35. where i work
  • 36. something that is constantly on my mind
  • 37. three habits i have
  • 38. my future goals
  • 39. something i fantasize abt
  • 40. my favorite stores
  • 41. favorite food
  • 42. what i did yesterday
  • 43. something i'm talented at
  • 44. my idea of a perfect date
  • 45. my celebrity crushes
  • 46. a photo of myself
  • 47. my favorite blogs
  • 48. number of kids i want
  • 49. do i smoke/drink
  • 50. any question you want
Reasons You Need to Watch the Bratz Movie Right Now
  • Passes the Bechdel
  • It’s a highschool clique movie with such cliques as ‘The kids who dress up as dinosaurs.’
  • The opening credits are in comic sans
  • It came out in 2007 so the costuming is suitably ridiculous
  • Awful song and dance numbers at the end
  • Male love interest is deaf and the four female protags are racially diverse (Although the representation is extremely stereotypical. Do you really need to put an unexplaiend mariachi band in to the latina girl’s house? ?)
  • Main plotline is female friendship, not getting with hot guy
  • It’s so terrible that you will love it
  • It’s on Netflix rn

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who are ur fav turkish music artists/songs?

i love ekin fil, she’s someone i loved consistently for the last 8-10 years, even back when proudpilot was still active, that was her band w her sister biblo + drummer, disbanded after one album (shame, bc they were rly good). 

haossaa and poster-iti are super fun to watch live. also poster-iti’s the only anarcho-punk band in turkey rn i think. balina is also ok. 

i guess cemiyette pişiyorum, nekropsi and replikas should also be mentioned, but i don’t care much for them.

a lot of the stuff that come out of the collective m4nm is interesting, especially ağaçkakan.

as for songs, there’re a lot but i’ll give you 5;

1. seni yerler - a song abt cannibalizing a beautiful bisexual man (he can be seen here throwing cards and eating roses)

2. katina - a song by my actual biological mother, huysuz virjin

3. kara gözlüm - 95 turkish trip hop

4. hovarda - first turkish video abt being a lesbian

5. adam - every child in the 90s was traumatized from watching this, now it’s your turn


hey there (: what do you mean by “wait so ao3 actualy became a thing?” ? sorry, i don’t get it -.-

hi there! not Ao3, A3. 

before Riz Ahmed was the star of, you know, Star Wars, he was also a man a meme a hero. Later someone drew a fanart of it, calling the band A3 (can’t find the art rn but it’s somewhere among the viral tumblr posts so i’m sure you’ll see it eventually). 

And now they’ve actually made a song about it — AMAZING. A man of his word!!

My Go-To Songs RN

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This is a list of my current go-to songs meaning that if I’m going to listen to music and I see it on my playlist then I’ll listen to it immediately because it’s so good. First choices when starting music up (No particular order):

1. Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy

2. Northern Wind by Liza Anne

3. Troublemaker by Weezer

4. Be Your Love by Bishop Briggs

5. Centerfold by The J. Geils Band

6. Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder

7. Riot Going On by Teddybears

8. God’s Whisper by Raury

9. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

10. Someone New by Hozier

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So my crush had a dream two nights ago and she was at the part of the dream where you know you're in a dream and you can do anything you want so she wished I was there and we hung out in her dream. After she told me that, I said "if we are being honest... I have a pillow and whenever I'm sad I imagine you as that pillow and I cuddle with it so I can calm down" and for the last couple if days it's just been a flirt fest between us. I can't wait until I get to see her again. (1/2)

And she got new glasses (you know the ones grandpa’s wear) and she look so hot?!?! I mentioned it on my instagram story and she screenshitted it and added “I love this person, I want to see thus person rn” and i almost cried. She also sent me a lobe song by Waterparks (thats her fav band rn) and I cried. My little lesbian heart can’t take this. She’s literally the light of my life even thought she’s a little dim. (2/2)
This ask is so wholesome I cried

Hey Thots

i am trying to get some new music!

please tell me what you’re digging rn bands/songs/artists

i like: non-white artists, funky music, retro sounding music, chill music and i also love underground artists because im a HIPSTER 

thank you! 

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31 with cal please! xx

31. “Why are you crying?”

You heard the door to your apartment open, but had no strength to call out a greeting to the boy who had just entered. You were in the bedroom curled up in bed with one of Calum’s hoodies on, wrapped snugly in the duvet on top of the mattress. 

“(y/n)?” he called from outside of the half opened door. He knew that you were home, so he was just trying to find your location. 

Quickly after he didn’t earn a response, his body appeared in the doorway. His eyes immediately scanned over your body, taking in your disheveled appearance. 

“(y/n)? What’s wrong?” he asked, immediately coming to your side to sit on the edge of the bed. 

“Don’t know, bad day,” you whispered, voice cracking from the little use of it today. 

“Baby, why are you crying?” he cooed, reaching out to wipe a fallen tear from your cheek. 

“It’s just one of those days, I guess,” you said, shifting position to face your boyfriend. Your sad eyes met his, which looked concerned. 

He pushed back a piece of hair from your eyes and leaned down to place a soft kiss on your lips. He broke away for a moment to look into your eyes before meeting your lips with his again. 

“Cal?” you said, your voice coming off as more of a question than a statement. “Can you sing me a song?” you asked, knowing his weakness. 

Calum would always offer to play you songs or sing you to sleep. His favorite thing in the world was the smile that would follow your lips as he plucked at his acoustic guitar. Yeah, he played bass in his band, but little to no one knew that he was actually really talented with a guitar. 

“I’d love to,” he replied, placing one last kiss on your swollen lips. 

some great things about Schizophrenia ™

  1. Not showering for literally weeks
  2. Actually, struggling with all aspects of self care
  3. Imagine if someone just walked into my room rn and slit my throat how fucked up would that be- STOP
  4. Imagine if I just walked into someone’s room and slit their throat, how fucked up would that be- STOP
  5. My band posters are sentient and can see me, what’s up Kurt?
  6. Oh there wasn’t actually anyone there? I was just talking to myself the whole time? Great. Lovely.
  7. I know this song was written 20 years before I was born but THEYRE REFERENCING ME SPECIFICALLY
  8. I will hunt you down until you realize you love me dumb ass that doesn’t even know me LOVE ME

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oh dear ok
2: Ever been in love? yes
4: How tall are you? 5'6"
6: Any tattoos do you want? i want some but idk what of yet
8: OTP? clexa ofc
10: Favorite bands? i don’t really have favorites
12: Favorite song? rn it’s Like me better by lauv (the spotify studio version)
14: Zodiac sign? aries
16: Favorite Quote? don’t really have one
18: Favorite color? green is pretty cool right now
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? to my dog
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? not very long maybe half hour
24: Turn on? neck kisses
26: The reason I joined Tumblr? gays
28: Last thing that made you cry? i don’t remember
30: Meaning behind your url: it’s a love chemical idk
32: Last song you listened to? the other- lauv(stripped)
34: Last person you talked to? Madison
36: Favorite food? pastaa
38: Last place you were? the shower
40: Last time you kissed someone? while ago
42: What color underwear are you wearing? black
44: What color bottoms are you wearing? turquoise
46: Last sport you played? soccer
48: Last prank call you remember doing? last time i prank called was in middle school so idk
50: Favorite movie? moulin rouge

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by the lovely @deadlychim and amazing @s0ftyoongi ! Thank you so much <3

Rules: Answer questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1.Nickname: Emmsy or Welshcake
2.Gender: Female
3.Star Sign: Taurus
4.Height: 160cm or 5″3
5.Time: 18:51
6.Birthday: 12th May
7.Favourite Bands: Florence and the Machine, BTS, Clean Bandit, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, American Authors, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Twice, Walk the Moon
8.Favourite Solo Artist: Bruno Mars, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Adele, a load more but i literally cannot remember rn
9.Song Stuck In My Head: fortunately don’t have one atm 
10.Last movie watched: How to Train Your Dragon 2
11.Last show watched: Stranger Things
12.When did I create my blog: 11th April this year
13.What do I post: Kpop, cute stuff, flowers and memes
14.Last thing I googled: jin run outfit bts (drawing reference lol)
15.Do you have other blogs: @qveenpeggy is my marvel and dc blog tho i’ve been v inactive since i started this one (i’m gonna go back eventually)
16.Do you get asks: no lol
17.Why did you choose your url: because i hope to post fan art and jimin is one of my biases :3
18.Following: 772
19.Followers: 354
20.Favourite colors: Pale pink and deep red
21.Average hours of sleep: about 8 recently
22.Lucky number: 4
23.Instruments: piano
24.What are you wearing: white laced neckline vest and black skater skirt
25.How many blankets I sleep with: one duvet
26.Dream Job: doctor (in dream dreams a dancer)
27.Dream trip: backpacking around europe or asia 
28.Favourite food: anything with rice
29.Nationality: British
30.Favourite song now: As If It’s Your Last - BP
31.Favourite fruit: mango and raspberries
32.Favourite season: spring
33.Favourite flower: cherry blossom
34.Favourite animal: tigers
35.Favourite fictional character: bucky barnes, peter parker, the main six from six of crows, rhysand, percy and annabeth, kim bok-joo and jung joon-hyung (ik i have more but they’re the only one off of the top of my head rn)

I now tag @darlingchimchim, @vhobiz, @protectaetae, @2jungkook, @rapmn, @hyyh-pt2, @cinnamonsuga, @gayhoseoks, @minyoongihoseok, @awkwardnamjoon, @syubdaegu, @parkjiminer and @dolcetae (of course don’t feel pressured to do this <3)

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rules: answer 30 questions then tag blogs you would like to know better.

1. nickname: jazzy

2. gender: female

3. star sign: capricorn

4. height: 5″

5. time: 7:09 pm

6. birthday: january 12

7. favourite band(s): outside of kpop, ??? fall out boy

8. favourite solo artist: i have so many, a bunch of hip hop and r&b artists but i love kendrick, frank ocean, and kevin abstract the most right now

9. song stuck in my head: im listening to chill chinese ver. rn 😋 

10. last movie watched: american beauty

11. last show watched: house of cards

12. when did i create my blog: 8th of july 2016

13. what do i post: just fics

14. last thing i googled: sharon needles lol

15. do you have other blogs: i have an aesthetic blog @societylust

16. do you get asks: 💖💖bfa💖💖 and so many other cuties :)

17. why did you choose your url: peaches are cute

18. following: 450 ish

19. followers: close to my next hundred ;)

20. favourite colours: white, red, and blue

21. average hours of sleep: 6~7

22. lucky number: 94 ;0

23. instruments: piano, a little bit of flute

24. what am i wearing: pj’s

25. how many blankets i sleep with: just two

26. dream job: screenplay writer bc i love writing and media

27. dream trip: anywhere with my two best friends, but probably to japan. i also wanna visit best friend #3 who moved to amsterdam a year ago. it would be so dreamy for all four of us to reunite again :’)

28. favourite food: anything japanese, espicially mochi 🐥

29. nationality: kazakh

30. favourite song now: the war discography

ima tag @ohsehunpai, @haneulismykoreanname, @lizardsoo, @specialllllk, @park-thatasshere, and @jpghope :)

Rules: Answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

Tagged by @lucasdigrassis thank you Sarah! xx 

1. Nicknames: aml, lissy, amelie etc. 

2. Gender: female                                                                                     

3. Star sign: sagittarius                                                   

4. Height: 168cm 

5. Time: 8:24pm                                                                                            

6. Birthday: 12th of December 

7. Favourite bands: the 1975, nirvana, the chainsmokers, there are probably more I just can´t think of rn  

8. Favourite solo artists: Zara Larsson,Ed Sheeran, Olson, Namika, Halsey, Allie X, Gabrielle Aplin, Shawn Mendes, etc. 

9. Song stuck in my head: paper love by Allie x for like three days straight now 

10. Last movie watched: omg puh idk actually 

11. Last show watched: izombie or suits I think 

12. When did I create my blog: in 2013 I think 

13. What do I post: formula 1 (and other motorsports), football, music I enjoy,  several tv shows, my life and things that I like (also all the selfies @hulkieswonderland posts obviously^^)

14. Last thing googled: how to eat a grapefruit         

15. Do you have other blogs: yes @makeitlookeffortless my skijumping blog but I am currently on hiatus 

16. Do you get asks: sometimes and I am always very happy about them, pls send more you cuties                              

17. Why did you choose your url: because I am a dramatic hoe and tried to be deep lmao no but seriously it´s from a time were I felt very inhuman 

18. Following:  878               

19. Followers: 602 

20. Favourite colours: gold, lilac, black, grey 

21. Average hours of sleep: currently 8, when I was still in school it was probably 5 

22. Lucky number: I don´t have one I guess?                                            

23. Instruments: i´m very untalented 

24. What am I wearing: a dress from h&m 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: one

26. Dream job: journalist, pr manager or lawyer 

27. Dream trip: Norway 

28. Favourite Food: pasta or french fries haha

29. Nationality: Austrian

30. Favourite song now: Lieblingssongs - Olson 

i´m tagging @k-raftboeck @danyababy @formulatrash @jabbubabbu @glitterbombingandcondoming @thedavanity @shivero @bob-murphy 

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Nicknames: Don’t really have any rn since I’m in the process of changing my name, but I guess Crow.

Gender: Non-binary, somewhere in the middle of it all.

Star sign: Cancer.


Height: 1.66m

Nationsality: Swedish

Time: 13:06

Birthday: July 5th

Fav bands: Skillet, Twenty One Pilots, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, Starset, Set it Off, The Dear Hunter(there are more I just can’t remember them)

Fav Solo artists: Hayley Kiyoko, Woodkid, Susumu Hirasawa

Song stuck in my head: Freeze Your Brain(Heathers The Musical)

Last Movie I watched: Howl’s Moving Castle. I really enjoyed it.

Last Show watched: The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caled Gallo

When did I create my blog: End of 2013

What do I post about: anime, manga, videogames(primarily Overwatch atm), things I like, things I find important.

Last thing I googled: Chill outfit, Ann Takamaki reference

Do you have any other blogs: An artblog. @dead-eyes-and-rotting-soul

Why did you choose your URL: I like crows, but just “crow” was taken so I added night because I like the night.

Following: 236

Followers: 805

Fav color: Red. I also like pale purple.

Average hours of sleep: 10, minus the times I wake up from nightmares and can’t fall back asleep.

Lucky number: Idk

Instruments: Don’t play any, but I’d love to learn something with strings.

What I’m wearing: Gray tanktop, gray shorts, black sweater.

How many blankets do I sleep with: One, but two in the winter.

Dream Job: I don’t have one, but I guess working with comics wouldn’t be too bad. Concept artist for videogames sounds managable as well.

Dream Trip: R’lyeh. My dad lives there

Fav food: Sushi and thai food. 

I don’t have the brain power to tag anybody right now.