in love with this scene tbh

I don’t make much of an effort to hide the fact that I’m a book person first and a show watcher (a very, very distant) second. My sense of the characters are almost completely informed by the book series. I’ve started a number of posts this week to lay out my opinions on the premiere but abandoned them all. Frankly, there are people who love the show and do a much better job of analyzing the jonsa/northern scenes better than I can or will. I deliberately avoided adding my thoughts to the mix for a variety of reasons, I don’t think anyone wants to hear them, tbh.

Actually, I will say one thing on Sansa. Wylla Manderly is loved in the fandom for speaking out, even against the orders of her liege lord. Sansa largely received a negative reaction for doing the exact same thing. Hmmmm…maybe it is about Sansa after all?

I have been thinking on the character of Lyanna Mormont quite a bit as I’ve seen a number of posts in my feed talking about her. She bothers me and I think I’ve finally realized why. There is a character who appears in the fifth book for all of a single chapter, Wylla Manderly. She gives a speech that I suspect most readers found to be incredibly moving. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it, it’s a fist pumping moment for sure. But, that’s not what makes what she does so great.

To lay the scene, Davos is appealing to Lord Manderly for aid and he is completely alone, surrounded by Freys and Manderly men-at-arms. He’s failing and he knows it.  All of this occurs in Davos III, aDwD:

Here is Davos:

Davos felt a stab of despair. His Grace should have sent another man, a lord or knight or maester, someone who could speak for him without tripping on his own tongue. “Death,” he heard himself say, “there will be death, aye. Your lordship lost a son at the Red Wedding. I lost four upon the Blackwater. And why? Because the Lannisters stole the throne. Go to King’s Landing and look on Tommen with your own eyes, if you doubt me. A blind man could see it. What does Stannis offer you? Vengeance. Vengeance for my sons and yours, for your husbands and your fathers and your brothers. Vengeance for your murdered lord, your murdered king, your butchered princes. Vengeance!”

Now, it’s important to note what’s happening here. Davos is alone, he is without support or ally. He’s trying to do the right thing and he’s failing but that does not matter. He is still trying. So, who speaks in his favor:

“Yes,” piped a girl’s voice, thin and high.It belonged to the half-grown child with the blond eyebrows and the long green braid. “They killed Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn and King Robb,” she said. “He was our king! He was brave and good, and the Freys murdered him. If Lord Stannis will avenge him, we should join Lord Stannis.”

She speaks and what support does she get:

Manderly pulled her close. “Wylla, every time you open your mouth you make me want to send you to the silent sisters.”

“I only said—”“We heard what you said,” said the older girl, her sister. “A child’s foolishness. Speak no ill of our friends of Frey. One of them will be your lord and husband soon.”“No,” the girl declared, shaking her head. “I won’t. I won’t ever. They killed the king.”

Lord Wyman flushed. “You will. When the appointed day arrives, you will speak your wedding vows, else you will join the silent sisters and never speak again.“The poor girl looked stricken. "Grandfather, please …”

“Hush, child,” said Lady Leona. “You heard your lord grandfather. Hush! You know nothing.”

Wylla Manderly is told to she is foolish, that she should stop talking. She is told that her choice is to marry a Frey or be sent to the silent sisters. But, Wylla Manderly continues on:

“I know about the promise,” insisted the girl. “Maester Theomore, tell them! A thousand years before the Conquest, a promise was made, and oaths were sworn in the Wolf’s Den before the old gods and the new. When we were sore beset and friendless, hounded from our homes and in peril of our lives, the wolves took us in and nourished us and protected us against our enemies. The city is built upon the land they gave us. In return we swore that we should always be their men. Stark men!”

But, Wylla does not get support from the maester:

The maester fingered the chain about his neck. “Solemn oaths were sworn to the Starks of Winterfell, aye. But Winterfell has fallen and House Stark has been extinguished.”

Yet, she continues:

“That’s because they killed them all!”

After this, Rhaegar Frey speaks up and Wylla challenges him too. They have a short back and forth where she calls him out. Her grandfather, Lord Wyman appears to be agreeing with Frey but she calls him out in open court:

“They weren’t.” Wylla Manderly stamped her foot.

“Be quiet, wretched child,” scolded Lady Leona. “Young girls should be an ornament to the eye, not an ache in the ear.” She seized the girl by her braid and pulled her squealing from the hall. There went my only friend in this hall, thought Davos.

Wylla Manderly does not appear again in the series, this is the one and only time we see her. So why did Martin take the time to put this exchange in here? After all, she doesn’t change the outcome, she doesn’t change any minds. In fact, if she had kept quiet or never appeared at all, the story could have continued on as it does. So why? Well, Brienne tells us:

“Seven, Brienne thought again, despairing. She had no chance against seven, she knew. No chance, and no choice.”

- Brienne VII, aFfC

Five words and Brienne gets at one of the central themes of the entire series. That is what Martin is telling the readers, it’s what he is hammering at us with from Ned’s death all the way to the Ides of Marsh. Do What is Right. Even when it is hard, even when you stand alone, even when you know you are going to fail. Ultimately, that’s what makes Wyllla Manderly and her scene so powerful, it’s why Martin put her in there. Yeah, she’s a total bad-ass who speaks the truth, like Lyanna Mormont. But, she did it when she was alone, she did it when no one agreed, when she had no support. Even though she failed, she still had no choice but to speak. Wylla Manderly mattered because she failed.

So, I compare the two characters, both young girls, both bad ass in their won way. But, only one really gets to the heart of Martin’s message and I’ll take her every time. And that’s my struggle.

I suspect some will come to the conclusion I’m thinking on this way too hard and that’s fine. I’m a book nerd and I pick this series apart, it’s what I do.

Heaven in Hiding || Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez  {PT. 1}

“I can tell you mean it ‘cause you’re shaking.”

Summary of Imagine: Luke gets drunk at Spencer’s party and becomes dependent on Reid, in which things end up going in the complete opposite direction they both expect it to.

Warnings: None in this scene except some swearing!

Length: Long, 1,507 words

A/N: Inspired by the song Heaven in Hiding by Halsey! (I really wanna do a whole Halsey series tbh) I really hope you guys like it and forgive me if this is choppy - I’m so used to my old fanfics where they were always heterosexual relations so I haven’t really worked with same gender relations! (I’m 100% supportive of every relationship though no matter what!) Enjoy! ALSO: FOR THE SECOND PART I WOULD LOVE IF WE COULD GET 50+ NOTES SO I COULD WRITE IT :) (just seeing the interest!) Thank you and I love feedback!!

@reidoneshots / @ssajenniferjareau (for the ship recommendation!) @twelveyearoldchildprodigy @reidbyers @bookofreid @dontshootmespence 

It was Spencer’s 30th birthday, and JJ had surprised him with well, a surprise party that had been casually thrown together in a last minute attempt to make the birthday boy feel special, instead of sitting alone on his birthday snuggled up with a book and a cheap cupcake from Costco. 

Everyone managed to stay sober except for Luke and Emily. Those two went at it with the alcohol Emily provided, and no one stopped them. They both threw in their responsibilities considering both Sergio and Roxy were at the kennel for an overnight visit, so with the parental needs out of the way, they were intoxicated to no end, but those two were having fun, so the team just let them go. 

As the chaotic shouts of the night slowly faded into the desired rest of morning and the team was yawning more than laughing, Spencer decided to call it quits on the bash that had now become well… a crash. Emily and Luke were both giggling, but eventually fell asleep on Spencer’s tainted corduroy sofa adorned with coffee stains. 

JJ agreed to escort Emily home, considering both of their residences were in close proximity to one another, and an hour ago she was itching to get home to see her child and Will. 

Everyone else left except for Luke who refused, promptly hissing at Emily and JJ as they walked out. Emily proceeded to laugh, squirt Luke with a plant spray, and tell him that “momma is gonna punish you”, implying that Emily was so drunk she thought Luke was her cat Sergio.

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ARE WE TALKING ABOUT SM HOCO NOW I loved it so much and definitely got Jeremy and Michael vibes, just picturing the whole party scene with Christine instead of Liz and maybe Rich instead of Flash. And Michael being the Man in the Chair YES. I didn't feel too passionately about Liz either way but I will strongly defend that she didn't deserve anything that happened to her.

((YEAH!! I don’t even know how this happened lol but yeah I’m so glad you–you guys got those vibes too this is so great

Omg…Rich would be perfect as Flash tbh but it’s also sad too hnghhh
And Christine would be a much more interesting and dynamic Liz in my opinion! She’s such a lovable character overall and to see her in Liz’s place would almost be gratifying you know

And omg no of course not! Liz isn’t a bad person at all–she’s just a bland character, is all I’m saying. And maybe she deserved to get ditched at the dance because she indirectly almost got Peter killed by revealing his identity (I know that wasn’t her fault but like. Couldn’t she pick up on Peter’s utterly panic-stricken face and the way he was trying to argue with her and get her to stop talking?) Like. Also when Peter called Ned and was desperately trying to explain the whole bomb situation Liz took his phone and basically yelled at him? Like she didn’t even listen to him and how he was begging her to put Ned on–it was pretty obvious the situation was really important but nope! She was just complaining to him and I’m like. Liz. Please give the phone back to Ned you’re causing Peter to have a mini stroke come on

Just. She has her flaws. And yeah she definitely didn’t deserve what happened with her dad and stuff, and almost dying. But the smaller things? Lol idk…))

Anon: It gave so much bmc vibes for me that I was just dying. And I thought that at first but then who could be the bad guy? And yeah, if Liz was Christine it would have been a hell lot more interesting. Sadly it wasn’t. And yes that scene was like awwww!! And I totally imagined Michael at the end when Ned is caught in the computer lab! I just wished they at least would have shown what happened to Ned afterwards -SA anon

((MHMM!! Yeah that’s true honestly there aren’t enough adult characters in BMC to put into the other roles here;; lol. But the squip could honestly fit any of the adult roles. Imagine him as Aunt May. It would be hilarious lol, him getting flirted with in that restaurant scene //sniggers
Or even Karen!! That would make the most sense obviously, having him be the voice inside of Jeremy’s Spider-Man suit and encouraging him to confess his feelings for Michael
LOL YEAH that was so funny like? Did he get detention for that?? I wish I could have seen the teacher’s reaction to him saying that “I’m looking up…porn?” Honestly it’s probably the most viable excuse tho pfft))


((SWEET…I actually went to see it again the day after with my sister I had to get her in on all the great action. We’ve been watching Marvel movies all week since then, we’re in the middle of Age of Ultron (AKA Tony Stark Fucks Up: The Movie) right now :3c))

Anon: Hello I heard ya been getting asks about Spider-Man!Jer ;3c huehuehue and I just came to say, what if the voice in his suit keeps telling him to confess to Michael?? Or like Jeremy likes to brag about Michael to the voice in his suit?? Sorry if you already got this kind of ask but I just wanted to give the queen of bmc au’s a lil’ idea! whoop (and keep up the good work!! I’ll support you for as long as I can!)

((Yup I sure have and I’m having a fantastic time

YEAH FOR SURE!! Like, “I can tell you have deep feelings for this companion of yours. You are well-likeable and a superhero, why not confess? You need to have more of a balance in your life, adding a healthy relationship to that list will ease things.” GET IT ON JEREMY

But yes I can totally imagine Jeremy bragging about Michael like, “So I have this best friend, his name’s Michael and–and gosh, he’s like, perfect? He’s so sweet and nerdy and he always helps me out and gives me encouragement and lets me sneak into his basement when I’m out late and we play video games together and he’s. Really great and funny and cute and I like his glasses and his hoodie and just his face in general? Yeah? Yeah.”

OMG;; You have no idea how flattered I am to be called that I…//wheezes The Queen of BMC AUs…I’m so happy to be called that I know it’s lame but like;; THANK YOU
Anyway thank you so so so much!! That means a lot ^^))

One Piece Titanic!AU (snippet)

Okay, so I’m not even going to pretend this is this is anywhere near complete, but because I’ve been dying to show people some of what I’ve written so far (and because I know the wonderful and amazing @sableu shares the same love I do for the blond dork of the ASL trio (tbh though I love all three of them so much I legit shed tears when I think about them) I decided I’d post a snippet of a chapter I’m quite proud of. So, without further ado - enjoy!

This scene takes place after Ace and Luffy take Sabo to the third class decks to show him what a ‘real party’ looks like. Sabo sits at a table with three of Ace’s new friends and they talk about goals and dreams…

“So, you’re the Sabo kid we’ve heard so much about, yoi?” asked the guy on Sabo’s immediate left; he was strange looking fellow too, with a head of blond hair that reminded the noble more of a fruit’s leaves than actual hair and half-lidded eyes that were a far contrast to the wide smile he wore across his narrow face. Ace had introduced him as Marco, and he certainly seemed nice enough if not the slightest bit intimidating.

“Yes, that’d be me,” Sabo almost yelled over the music and dancing still going strong. “I take it you’ve heard quite a bit about me, then?”

“Indeed we have. Unless you haven’t already noticed, they’re really fond of you.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” the guy on Sabo’s other side – a tall man with hair that seemed to defy gravity and a slight blush coating his cheeks that suggested intoxication – scooted even closer as he chugged down his own drink. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you guys were childhood friends or something, or long lost brothers or whatever! I’m Thatch, by the way!” He extended his hand for Sabo to shake, and boy did the guy have a firm grip. “Pineapple head over there is my brother –“


“And this pretty little thing over here is my brother, Izo!”

“I’ll happily shoot that pompadour right off that block head of yours if you carry on, Thatch,” said Izo – definitely a man, then – and then he smiled over at Sabo like he hadn’t just threatened to shoot somebody. “What they say is true, though. I heard they saved your life last night, and that the three of you spent nearly the entire day together.”

Smiling, Sabo nodded and stared down into his glass and the alcoholic liquid swishing within. “Yeah, that’s right. I owe them a lot, just for that.”

“Have they asked you to go with them yet?”

Sabo blinked. “P-pardon?”

Izo chuckled at the stutter. “I said have they asked you to go with them once the ship docks? They really do like you, you know; we’ve barely known them ourselves for a few days and we can tell right off the bat.”

“You’re something special to them, kid,” said Thatch, throwing an arm around Sabo’s shoulders with a soft, knowing smile. “Even if they haven’t asked you, you should really think it over. And if not them – which, really, would be dumbass of you – you’re more than free to come along with us! You ever heard of the Whitebeards?”

Sabo nearly choked on his drink, and he spluttered as Marco patted his back. “T-The, The Whitebeards?!” he croaked. “I’ve come across a few of your guys back in Southampton; you’re one of the largest bands with members spanning the most of the world!”

The three men grinned brightly. “Ah, so you have heard of us! Good to know!” Thatch squeezed Sabo’s shoulder once more before letting him go. “We offered Ace and Luffy to join, too; Luffy seemed okay with the idea but Ace hasn’t decided yet. We hope he does. He’s a good kid. Hell, all of you are.”

“We don’t mean to pressure you into making decisions, yoi,” Marco appeased just as Sabo was ready to keel over with the amount of offers being thrown out in the open (or maybe he was starting to get tipsy). “You do whatever the hell you wanna do, kid. We just hope that whatever you decide to do in the end that you’ll be happy, and live without any regrets.”

There it was again; living without regrets. Is this sort of thing passed around a lot or…?

Still, Sabo offered the men a smile. “Thank you. I’ll definitely think it over. Though I’m not entirely sure a big family such as yours is what I’m after – no offense!”

Izo chuckled, Thatch laughed, and Marco smiled and shook his head. “None taken, don’t worry. Not everyone wants to be a Whitebeard and that’s fine, yoi. But out of curiosity, what is it that you really want to do? I figured ‘freedom’ was pretty obvious, but…is there anything else?”

Sabo mulled the question over and over in his head, absently swirling his drink in his glass. He looked over at the dance floor, where Ace and Luffy had finished their jig and were bowing to their audience, drenched in sweat and grinning wider than the Titanic itself. He looked around at the other clapping and cheering people…and then he remembered what it was like above deck with the nobles, sipping expensive drinks, flaunting their wealth and status.

The people down here were happy, but it didn’t change the fact that they had almost nothing whilst the nobles had everything. It didn’t change the fact that these people were oppressed day by day simply because they were born in the lesser classes, that they had to work tirelessly whilst the nobles had everything handed to them on a platter.

The world was beautiful, and it held wonders beyond even Sabo’s wildest dreams, wonders he yearned to see for himself. But it was also corrupt, cruel and ugly, and held secrets that many fought to cover up simply to better their image.

Perhaps seeking freedom didn’t just mean escaping the clutches of his parents and gallivanting into the sunset. Perhaps…he could use his freedom to help others achieve it, too. He could expose those who stepped on others for their own personal gain, do some good, and shove his own heritage where it belonged.

That would work. That would be my freedom…

Sabo smiled. “I may have some ideas,” he replied, but said nothing more as he took another sip of his drink. Thatch whined about ‘kids keepin’ secrets, that’s no fun!’ whilst Izo and Marco exchanged their own secretive smiles. Maybe they had an inkling of what the blond was thinking…

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OML if you aren't dating James (I broke up with him and am dating Zig) after the diamonds scene where you interview people, and you say the girl is cute to James it says his relationship with her is boosted. I love James. TBH I don't want him with anyone else even tho I'm with Zig in this first play through.

He deserves love too! 😄

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(1/2) what gets me about the choice of using the nightgown scene is that the writers CLEARLY knew that it would be completely ooc for clarke to fall for L after constantly trying to kill everyone she knows and loves so they threw in a scene where they clean the raccoon makeup off of L and make abc push her expression a hair past "completely fucking blank" into kind of a smile and suddenly it's been two weeks(longer if we include the 'mourning' lbr), clarke's in love, and for whatever reason a

(2/2)nightgown gets a free pass for continually trying to kill every one she knows????? what were the writers on while planning s3, i will truly never know (i sent it in again cuz i love SHARING amy salt tbh)

it’s not even a case of ‘stupid homophobic blarkes!!’ tbh it’s just like last time they saw each other 3 months ago she had betrayed them and left them for dead. then after that she sends someone to kidnap her and bring her to ‘safety’ and clarke spits in her face and calls her a bitch and says she wants to kill her. then a week later after no one apologises she makes her bow to her in front of everyone but then she bows in private which means that technically no one can implicate her if she breaks her promise again like. no offence i get that they’re supposed to be in love but that timeline is… yikes. but whatever, it’s done it’s over it’s in the past ship and let ship and all that jazz

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What's your opinion on the way they've been writing the show after s2?? because although I think s4 was better I still feel that they lost the point. It's like they just want to shook the audience, they always tweet things like: get ready, deaths are coming, a lot of blood.... and that's part of the show but not what makes or made people fall in love with it.

TBH, I’ve liked every Season except S3 and even S3 would have been OK if they had fleshed out the Arkadia plot line a bit more (helping to humanize Pike-who had good reasons for his actions) and keeping a certain deleted scene that helped explain Bellamy’s reason for siding with Pike, I also think that the Grounder Civil War wasn’t actually relevant to the overall plot of the Season-ALIE trying to force all of humanity into the City of Light.

I also think that JRoth is trying to hard to emulate a certain…show that involves Thrones and Games a bit too hard. He’s hired the creator of the Dothraki language to create Trigdeslang, the Grounders actually bear a resemblance to the Dothraki, he compared Gina’s death to the Red Wedding, he compared L/xa and Roan’s fight to the fight between the Viper and the Mountain. He wants to be a big budget HBO show so bad and yet. 

However, like you sad S4 was an obvious step up from S3 and I have pretty high hopes for what they could do with the show in S5, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed, Nonny!

one of my favorite gt tropes is “tiny wearing a doll’s clothes bc its all that fits”

and most of the time it’s just used with practical clothes, shirts and jackets and jeans, maybe dresses sometimes for cutesy scenes

but i was thinking about it and like
there’s basically no restriction when it comes to doll clothes? like they make dolls based in so many eras and influenced by so many cultures, the options are ENDLESS. sure some of it might be impractical, but ?? who’d pass up on all of the possibilities

victorian dresses or greek robes or egyptian clothing or 20’s flapper dresses or 18th century suits
or even superhero costumes or steampunk clothes and so on

theres so many kinds of dolls so the outfit possibilities are endless

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I think the ending was before the whole thing if you know what I mean like went after her and then *BUMM* they were closer than ever (tbh this sounded way more realistic in my head)

So like, the last scene was before her taking the photograph of “WHY”, and then he follows her and finds her taking the photo “WHY”, and then they go back to the diner and have that conversation? Kind of like an “on a loop” situation? Just trying to understand why you’d leave Casey Cott alone in a diner after he just said you two belong together like salt and pepper. I mean I love my horror movies but…

So, as promised, here’s my list of lesbian movies for all of our lovely followers and the people you want to share it with. I hope I haven’t forgotten any good ones, but if you feel like that is the case, feel free to add movies to the list! 

This is my gift for all of you, I hope you’ll like it ♥

/ Mod W

Tipping the Velvet 

  • based on the book by sarah waters (she has written many lesbian books!)
  • it’s a bbc adapatation
  • technically a mini series but i like to see it as three hours of lesbian content heaven
  • it’s about this girl who falls in love with an actress and she goes to see her at the theatre five billion times until the actress notices her (that’s just the first part, other things happen to the main so watch the rest for more lesbian content~)
  • the main character (nan astley/king) is like… my fave. i love her.
  • the book is very good too!!!
  • honestly i have so much love for this movie/book i get all giddy just thinking of it


  • lesbian gangster/mob movie do i need to say more???
  • the main actresses are cute af (one of them is a butch lesbian!)
  • it’s awesome and very cool
  • (gonna trigger warn for use of lesbophobic slurs used by some characters/some lesbophobic violence)

Below Her Mouth

  • meh plot with amazing sex scenes basically?
  • a lot of sex scenes
  • i mean it like half the movie is graphic sex so if ur uncomfortable with that you probably shouldn’t watch it lol
  • all female cast
  • willa from wynonna earp!

The Handmaiden

  • also based on a book by sarah waters (called Fingersmith, there’s a bbc adaptation of it too which you should totally check out as well)
  • good quality movie right there
  • (putting a trigger warning here for sexual and psychological abuse and abuse in general)

Kyss Mig

  • one of few good swedish movies
  • basically about two step-sisters who fall in love (they’re not actually related i promise)

But I’m a Cheerleader

  • baby natasha lyonne is in this one! also i have a crush on clea duvall in this movie lol
  • a very cute love story tbh
  • good aesthetic
  • you’ve probably heard of it before but idc cause it’s great
  • (it’s like a satire of conversion therapy so if that’s something you can’t watch i don’t recommend this movie for you in particular)

If These Walls Could Talk 2 

  • a bunch of famous actresses (like chloë sevigny, michelle williams, natasha lyonne, ellen degeneres, etc. etc.)
  • divided in three segments from three different periods in time
  • one segment is set during the feminist movement in the 70s and features chloë sevigny as a butch lesbian with a motorcycle do i even need to say more??

Anatomy of a Love Seen

  • this is about two actresses who were a couple when they shot a movie together and now they have to go back and re-shoot some love scenes but they’re not a couple anymore and it’s sad af
  • i have basically never seen this movie in any rec lists but it’s actually one of my faves and i cry so much to this movie tbh

Saving Face

  • this is a good one
  • also pretty funny tbh!
  • it’s about a doctor who falls in love with a dancer and the doctor’s relationship with her conservative mom
  • it’s kind of rom-comish

Lost and Delirious

  • warning: very sad like super sad?
  • it’s about a girl who goes to a boarding school and so happens to become roommates with a lesbian couple
  • teen angst squared and multiplied with gay panic

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love

  • you may have heard of this one but if you haven’t it’s time you watch it
  • that woman who plays tina on the l word is a butch-ish girl in this one
  • VERY CUTE and chill
  • every time i watch this it feels like this movie is the director’s BABY like it seems like she cares about this story so much and it makes the movie feel so genuine and lovely
  • i want every baby lesbian to watch this, please, it’s my gift to you.


  • you may have heard of this one too but if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth a watch!
  • lesbian spies!
  • the heroine falls in love with the villain (that enemies to lovers trope tho!!)

Desert Hearts

  • old but good!
  • i feel like this movie is on most of these long rec lists but people probably don’t watch it cause it’s old but it is actually pretty good!
  • your classic “oops i thought i was straight but that woman is hot” story

Margarita With a Straw

  • indian girl figures out she’s bi when she goes to uni in new york and meets a lesbian girl
  • cute, funny, sad, it has everything tbh
  • The Hours (actually one of my all-time favorite movies/books!)
  • The Intervention
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • The Children’s Hour
  • Elena Undone
  • Fucking Åmål 

“Go, be free, be free, be free!