in love with this picture

okay side note i really love @incendavery’s art (for so many reasons and bc they seem like a cool af person) but also because i flip through their comics at the end of both ballet rehearsal and muay thai class and it is like this little bonding moment that makes me laugh every time

bc today i packed up all my shit and was headed to my car after sparring practice and the huge buff 6'5" tatted up dude is like “wait! aren’t you gonna show us the new crow stuff” and then I got surrounded by like a dozen people who wanted to see


                                 With my undying, death defying
                                                Love for you
                                           Envy will hurt itself
                                      Let yourself be beautiful.

                                         I’m so in love with you.

she lingers with me

Just a quick scene I thought was missing from 5x22. Enjoy!

Killian feels the photograph in his pocket as heavy as if he were lugging around the entire galaxy within his leather jacket, close enough to grasp if he just reached for it. 

Mary Margaret seems to notice the way his hand twitches, but if she’s thinking of making any comments, she decides against it. They’re all feeling a little helpless, but Killian feels like if he doesn’t flex his fingers wide, he may just take his anger out on the floor beneath him. It does little to soothe his frustration.

The picture in his pocket does not make it any easier. The picture of Emma Swan. 

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happy belated birthday @thehypestidols !!!!!

……. is….. is this gay enough????


Life in the After Today world (139): Ste buying some new underwear. Mitzeee going on the radio to promote her book. Ste sending Brendan selfies. Brendan finding out about Ste’s life when he was away. Amy making Brendan a cup of tea when he and Ste visit after the holiday. Ste and Brendan going back to Dublin for their twentieth anniversary. Ste rubbing cream into Brendan’s sunburnt skin in Brighton.

Literally the cutest video ever. But can we also appreciate the fact that Tyler is in the White House playing with the dogs. THE WHITE HOUSE! He has come so far and he totally deserves it. He is amazing and lovely, but mot importantly such a giver to his fans. He is mine and so many other people inspirations and I am just so pleased he is getting the recognition he deserves for all his work. Way to go Tyler!

How to get adopted in 3 easy steps (by Bucky)

step 1.

throw your potential new parent figure through a window and across town

step 2.

Find him across town after throwing him, apologize and start crying.

step 3

You’re adopted!

Congratulations you now have an ex criminal crime fighting hunk daddy who takes better care of you then the so called “good guys.”