in love with this car

so i saw a post that talked about a theory which claimed that the polygon crew is trying to create an entire pantheon of gods, all original deities (because of the lore surrounding most of their popular characters), and i think this is true, and i think that busto 2 is the god of destruction and manipulation, the final pam is the queen of the gods, susan crushbone is the goddess of sex/desire, the blob is their “satan”, and nick griffinbone is too mysterious to be completely analyzed just yet, hes just too powerful
and busto 1 is their prometheus, who tries to be in peaceful contact with humans

if anyone has any opinions/ideas about this i want to hear them all, because its just the best theory, its so great

hello friends. it’s currently midnight thirty (saturday technically) and i wanted to let you all know that until about 4am on sunday technically i’ll be mia because i will be graduating into the wee hours of the morning. I have the usual queue so don’t miss me too much and i’ll be back for the race sunday morning which is 6am my time rip. anyways to hold you over here’s a glamour shot of me and my honda accord