in love with these outtakes i cannot

Current sexuality: pics/videos that have been taken/shot in Tom Hiddleston’s flat.

Disclaimer: I can only really guess that these have been taken at his flat (other than the kitchen vid, because he says in the video that it’s his kitchen), and i could very well be wrong. I am just a simple Hiddlestoner, and make no claim at all that I actually know what Tom Hiddleston’s flat looks like. (maybe one day…)

Exhibit A: UNICEF “Potato” video featuring The Very Stripey Oven Mitt

Exhibit B: Intro and End of the “Loki’d Outtakes” video featuring the Christmas Tree of Epic Proportions

Exhibit C: UNICEF “Packing for Guinea Trip” video, featuring “The Headlamp that Flashes”

Also the pic of him and the Three If By Space award:

and the very round Petri Dish-looking Award ( I cannot for the life of me remember what he won it for):

and let’s not forget The Classic Loki T-Shirt Pic:

Reasons why I love these pics/videos: have you ever seen any other celebrity take pictures or have someone take a video or pic of themselves in their own home that wasn’t for a tv show? I didn’t think so. I LOVE that Tom does this - lets his fans see a tiny piece of himself and his life (and quite frankly, a rather private one at that). Even if it’s just him in front of his kitchen cabinets, or one of the non-descript, aged-looking wooden doors or him standing in a corner with all his stuff laid out on the living room floor before going to Africa for a bit.

It’s HIS place. He doesn’t have to show any part of it to us. But he does. And I think that’s pretty damn cool of him.

“I love you, Barnes.” : Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Thank you for all the support on the first part and I do hope you enjoy the second one. There will be a third part. Here is the link to the first part: 

“I love you, Barnes.”

Again, this is my outtake on Civil War. I cannot fully interpret everything exactly like the movie. 

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First two italicized parts = what you’re hearing

Warnings: MAJOR VIOLENCE/GORE (Please do not read if you cannot handle those types of subjects)


Word Count: 3,793


“We’ve placed her into a medically induced coma. This will allow her to fully heal without any disruptions. Thanks to the serum, Y/N has already began the healing process. We can only hope that it won’t take weeks.” You didn’t recognize this voice.

“Can I stay with her?” It was Bucky, he’s okay.

“Of course, I’ll have a nurse bring you extra blankets. If you need anything Mr. Barnes, ring for help.”

Why can’t I open my eyes?

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s been three weeks, Buck. You need to give yourself sometime to heal also. Head back to the living space, everyone is having a meeting.” Steve was there now.

“I’m not leaving her side, and I don’t want to see the people that helped fight against us.” Bucky needs to go, he’s not taking care of himself.

“Tony himself wants to talk to you, at least do that. Believe it or not Bucky, he along side with everyone else feels guilty for what happened. No one wanted her to get hurt. No one thought she was going to either.” He sounded desperate, you needed to wake up now.

Bucky sighed, he sounded so tired. “Fine… But you know I was right, she shouldn’t have fought.”

It was quiet, too quiet. Steve say something, please.

“Without her though, I doubt anyone would have stopped fighting. Y/N stopped the war, but we have to continue fighting for her sake.”


Everything hurt, from your body to all the way to your soul. Beeping sounds were coming from all around the room. You tried to move your arms, you needed to be able to get up. Little by little you squeezed your hands to life, rolled your wrists, and were finally able to lift your forearms slightly. Someone was bound to find you awake.

“Help…” You whispered. You had to find Bucky, to let him know you’re okay. Your frustration towards your body became apparent when the monitor connected to your heart beat started beeping excitedly. A doctor came rushing in, nurses trailed behind her.

“Alert the team, she’s awake.” The doctor walked over to you and placed a cold hand on your forearm. “Please calm down, you’ve just awoken from a medically induced coma. You’re in the medical ward of the Avengers Tower, I am Dr. Helen Cho, I’ve been overseeing your recovery. Do you know who you are?”

“Y/N L/N. I need to see Bucky. Please let me go.” You brought your hands to the I.V.s, ready to pull them out if needed be.

She gasped and carefully lead your hands away from your arms. “I need you to remain calm, Mr. Barnes will be coming shortly.” You sighed, there was no use in arguing with the doctor. The only thing worrying you was on how Bucky was going to react. There was no time for you to dawdle on the subject when Bucky ran into the room, along with Steve and a huffing Tony.

“Doll!” He raced to your side, careful to not trip or unplug any wires. “Oh my god, you’re awake, fuck, Steve I told you I should have stayed today!” Bucky was torn between being happy and angry. But the joy of having you awake won him over.

Ecstatic tears ran down Bucky’s face, he couldn’t believe that you were actually awake. “How long have I been out…?”

“Five weeks, two days ago. You’re injuries were more extensive than what we thought. You fully healed three and a half weeks ago, the waking up process was all on your own.” Dr. Cho explained. “You’re going to have to stay for another three days so I can monitor you. Then after that, you can be discharged with outpatient physical therapy. But I can discuss more on the matter later, I’ll let you all have a moment.” She quietly exited herself, leaving you with the three heroes.

As much as you wanted the reunion to be a happy one, there was the matter of how your injuries transpired. Tony felt even more guilt than what happened with Ultron. Bucky was torn from being the one to inflect the gash on your head. And Steve, he should have listened to Bucky and not let you fight. All men were still innocent in your eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Tony had his head bowed. “You’re in here because of me and my recklessness and I never imagined that this would happen.”

“You’re not the only one,” Bucky gripped onto your hand, his thumb caressing your knuckles. “I should have been paying attention, if I heard you in time, this would have never happened.”

“I shouldn’t have let you fight, I knew your wellbeing was too important to Bucky and myself and I became selfish. I’m truly sorry Y/N.”

You hadn’t realized you were crying. They all looked so worn and scarred from the fight. “Families fight,” you began, “it just so happens that this family is a bunch of superheroes with powers and heavy weapons. None of you should be sorry towards me. I chose to fight, I chose to intervene, and the universe chose me to get injured. That’s all fine and dandy as long as it made you two, Steve and Mr. Stark-“

“Please Y/N, call my Tony.” He interrupted.

You nodded your head, “It’s all dandy when you two, Steve and Tony,” Tony bowed his head, “realize that this ‘Superhero Registration Act’ is not worth fighting over. And in all honestly Tony, I agree with Steve, people with powers shouldn’t have to out themselves to the same government that tried to wipe out millions because some fucking Hydra scum made it into our government. They will come out when they are ready, and if it turns out that they aren’t all good.” You waved your hand towards the three, “Then the family you have here, will be ready to fight.”

The speech made your body tired, you weren’t ready to have that rant.

“I know, during the time you were ‘asleep’, I was able to reflect on everything that had happened. And you’re right, I mean what woman wouldn’t be right when against me, I pulled away my support for the act and I’m siding with Cap. I was wrong, and I am still sorry.”

You waved your hand dismissively towards him. “I told you to not be sorry. But I am glad to hear for your support against the act.” Tony smiled, he was glad too.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like watching Mulder and Scully kiss today. Which one do you think is their best one and why? (Hope there's more in the revival! And at least an implied sex scene in my very wishful thinking!)

Anon, there’s not too much of “today” left, sorry – but every day is a good day to watch Mulder and Scully kiss. 

What’s that you say – rank every time Mulder and Scully kissed, and explain my reasoning? OK, if you insist.

From worst to best:

Millennium kiss. It had a lot of hype, and I’m not saying that I didn’t watch it approximately seven hundred thousand times in the 24 hours after it aired. Especially that moment where he looks at the TV and then he looks at her, and she looks at HIM, and then he’s MOVING, and AAAAHHH IT’S HAPPENING. It’s uh, it’s great. It’s just a little sterile, and then she doesn’t put her arm around him when they walk out, and it’s kind of melancholy, and, stop ruining things, Chris Carter. 

End of IWTB kiss. It’s well-lit and everything…but…guys…it’s weird. It is just…it’s too much or something. But not in a good way. It’s just…it’s very stagy, and the camera spins around or whatever, and, I don’t know. I always get embarrassed watching it. 

Triangle kiss. IT IS HOT OKAY, BUT ALSO, it isn’t really Scully AND, it is VERY DARK. The way he GRABS her though. Oh baby. (“How would you describe that kiss?” “Wet?” “Wasn’t wet!” Oh, you two. Also, let us witness David: *is asked question about something the answer to which would be embarrassing for him* *makes Gillian answer the question instead* *tells her her answer is wrong* Classic Peg. And that was a good day. I digress.)

Existence kiss. I still remember my stomach flopping over when that happened. I did NOT think we were getting anything good in that stupid boring two-parter, and it was SO FRUSTRATING after a half-season of Mulder that was SO DISAPPOINTING, and we knew he was leaving after that, and then he goes over there and they’re talking and TALKING and time is ticking AWAY and she says “William…after your father” which is wonderful but THE SEASON IS ALMOST OVER AND MAYBE DAVID FOREVER ARRGGHH and then “the truth we both know” “…which is what?” and then…ahhhhh. FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY YOU ASSHOLES. And she grabs his elbow and basically the baby falls on the floor, and there was a rumor that the UK airing had like an extra half-second of footage or something…yeah. Good stuff. And Mulder and Scully were happy forever, and Jerry Shiban was their baby, the end.

IWTB scratchy beard kiss. This one is SOOOOOOOO much better for me than the big kiss at the end of IWTB. Because they’re in bed and it’s so COZY and SLEEPY and CASUAL and PAJAMAS and SNUGGLY and DOMESTIC and I love it so much and then he also kisses her neck (scripted or Duchovny?) (*laughs uproariously*) and I can ignore the fact that she’s wearing a bathrobe in bed. Like, is Chris Carter human? How does he think that’s a thing?

And my number one Mulder/Scully kiss is…

The kiss in The Truth. OK, the whole “Clarice”/faking like he doesn’t know her thing is DUMBBBBBBBB but, it’s all worth it because he comes over and GRABS HER FACE and then it just keeps going and GOINGGGG, it lasts forever and I still remember watching it with my friends and we just all held our breaths and it felt like a small eternity (in a good way). Then he holds her hand and KISSES it because he cannot get ENOUGH and there’s so much EYE CONTACT. AHHHHH. And Skinner is there and he doesn’t even CARE because he GOTS TO HAVE IT. *heavy breathing cat*


The Memento Mori kiss. Man, I remember when those dailies came out. We were like WHAAAAAAAT HOW MANY OF THESE ARE THERE??!?!? Certainly it wouldn’t have been right in that moment, but it is certainly lovely and sweet. 

And the obvious winner in this category is:


I feel like you can almost count them as canon – they were VERY insistent about getting it on camera, after all, surely for no reason other than they felt it was true to their characters. 

(Joking aside, I think they DID feel it was true to their characters in a way; like I think they actually really wanted Mulder and Scully to kiss. Because that was the only way they knew how to interact sometimes. My poor emotionally stunted babies.)

I was going to put gifs in this, but I know myself and, if I try and do that I’ll never post this. So here you go.

(Did I forget any? I am going to be so mad at myself if I did.)

nerdynaturalbelle  asked:

Hi there! I'm an aspiring blogger and you're such an inspiration for me! How are you able to take such pretty, full-body pictures? I would love to start posting pictures of myself wearing fashionable clothes, but I just don't know how to do it. Did you hire someone to take pictures of you?

Nooope. Homegirl don’t have money for that! Sometimes it’s my mom taking pics or it’s my self timer on the computer, lol.
OUTTAKES. OUTTAKES OUTTAKES OUTTAKES! I cannot stress this enough!


I go through about 20-30 pics for one outfit, just to find 3 solid pictures. I don’t want you to feel like all I have to do is snap like a picture or two and it be perfect because not every pose will be. They will, however, be memorable and tell a story. I wanted to incorporate humor and laughter into my blog, so I don’t mind if my face is contorted. I have fun taking pictures and that’s what it should be about. Don’t worry too much about the poses. With time and practice, I’m sure you’ll find you signature power stance!
You’re gonna do great! I have faith in you! WERK IT, GURL! WERK *snap* IT! XDD