in love with the idea of love

Why I love watching shep689

1. Their videos always put me in a better mood and help me relax.

2. They’ve helped me to be able to accept myself.

3. They taught me that I’m the only one in charge of my happiness and now I’m a much more positive person.

4. Their relationship is so amazing and I love being able to watch it everyday.

5. They care about their subscribers to the point where when I watch the vlogs I feel like we’re friends even though I’ve never met them.

6. I love the shepsexual family that they’ve created.

7. Dobby is so adorable and I love him like he’s my second dog.

8. I love Will and RJ and I’m just so grateful for them.



My sister made me a “happy fucking birthday” cake
she knows me. She really knows me.

i’m very invested in eggsy making kingsman more accessible for the underprivileged though, like think about him:

  • pressing for the service to evaluate recruits more on their character than on if they went to fancy universities with their daddy’s money
  • along with roxy, advocating for more female agents
  • advocating for more agents of color
  • advocating for more queer agents
  • starting training and education programs in low income neighborhoods to help kids, if not make the service, than at least have valuable tools to survive and thrive in the world
  • discount fridays in the suit shop!
I just had a thought -

(A.K.A., Junia sees stuff at the DMV and is bored so gets inspired)….

So, we all know that the force flows through all living things, and that anyone with enough midichlorians can use the force. 

What about people/aliens/humanoids with mental disabilities? Specifically, Down syndrome. I’m sure that has to exist in the galaxy.. Down syndrome Jedi, Autistic Jedi, and more.

I suppose this is a bit of a play on PJO how certain “weaknesses” actually are strengths with the help of the force; Percy’s ADHD helps in battle, etc. How blind people see the world through their ears and therefore have the best sense of hearing and can tell people’s footsteps apart. How many deaf people can read lips and have eye sight as sharp as that of an eagle. 

Now imagine those abilities, enhanced. I don’t know, maybe this is far fetched but I really would love to see this side of the SW universe. Not everyone is official “perfect”, heck, Anakin and Luke are both missing a limb. However even with disabilities, people continue to function in this world that isn’t made (as of yet) for those who are different; whether to a slight degree or to a much greater one.

ALSO can we get racial diversity up in here as well? Because seriously. Not everyone who has a physical/mental/neurological disability is white :/

(I was kind of inspired because while waiting for an entire for my license at the DMV I have the pleasure of meeting a young black man with Down syndrome. My first time meeting a POC with a disability, and it gave me this idea).

- justjunia


another issue of “Andauril loves flycam”

because obviousy I’m addicted to this scene. 

Future au, mike and kristi reproduced to the horror of everyone. For some weird reason the spawn has a fondness for uncle lucifer. Mike briefly loses his mind/wants some alone time with kristi and agrees to luce and nat babysitting. The kid asks for a sippy cup like Uncle Jophiel’s and Satan being the responsible adult says “not until your liver has matured ”. I hope you’re happy Mori jfc on a cracker.