in love with the dark

❄️ it was just a dream ❄️

there are only a few days left until Episode Prompto gets here! my heart isn’t ready! all i can think about is how much i wish that Prompto and Noct were safe and warm together somewhere (T   3 T) … no more tears… only nice dreams…


- worked for years to find out the truth of what happened to her parents.
- avenged her parents by killing the person who killed them.
- her sass and sarcasm.
- helps julian with his siblings.
- took the whipping from julian because she couldn’t stand to see him in pain.
- tried to make julian hate her so he wouldn’t have to find out the truth about/ endure the parabatai curse.
- she didn’t want to invade the blackthorn’s privacy so she chose a different room in a different corridor.
- is one of the best shadowhunters of her generation.
- loves all the blackthorns like they’re her own family. (they basically are but still.)
- killed one of the seven riders which has never been done before.
- has and will continue to risk her life for all the people she loves.
- she’s so physically and mentally strong.
- loves julian with her whole heart.
- she’s always there for those she loves.
- literally shattered the mortal sword.

Sometimes I feel like my heart is just like New York City’s night sky. Dark blue and starless.
We’re lying on the bed like crossroads, your head on my stomach. You’re reading a book whose name I’ve never heard of, I’m playing with your chestnut hair.
You’re all of the lights across the city, with your own dark alleys and the soft, warm glow of the streetlights spilled over the dark grey roads.
Your hands in mine are the intersections in this new city we’re building.
Too close, and we’re radioactive.
Too far, and the city cracks and the debris scatters itself over the emptiness of our ribcages.
Sometimes I feel like my heart is just like New York City’s night sky. Dark blue and starless.
And I don’t think I’d ever be as bright as I am, if it weren’t for you.
—  Tamarind Fall
Based off of @maxwelldpoetry’s quote.

Random Dark Magician doodle from last night - something with a reduced colour palette - I actually wanted to make a pic with a premade palette called ‘Illusion’, but than I changed a lot to it because it looked a lot cooler this way.