in love with the dark

Remember: despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they have met themselves.

kit headcanons!!! (i’m only posting these so @ohmysolace doesn’t kill me bc they’re crap)

  • kit and tessa bond over their mutual love for books and spend hours in the library of the london institute debating the endings of classics (tid flashbacks anyone?)
  • tessa opens up about her past with will, and kit in turn tells her about ty and how he’s thinking of asking ty to become his parabatai and tessa instantly draws the parallels between them and matthew and james and she’s all HECK NO
  • he somehow ends up in a scenario with a shitload of ducks and everyone around him’s freaking out because they all know the stories but really he’s just sitting there being hella chill and naming all of them
  • he teaches the blackthorns the weirdest mundane slang and eventually they all start accidentally using it unironically
  • when diana’s teaching shadowhunter history she always talks about significant historical lgbtq+ shadowhunters and it’s the moment kit realises that there are other nephilim out there like him who accomplished cool things and he gets all emotional
  • i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. KIT IS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MEME. we all know The Sarcasm runs in the family so just imagine kit using it to make the greatest memes and becoming tumblr famous
Behind the curtain

I tried to conquer the world
scared to death you’ll let go of me
while I was gripping almost painfully
all your quivers in one hand.
Be my partner in crime, baby.

We’re gonna feed on their lust
unfulfilled, forlorn even
at some old-fashioned moral cleft.
They were dead long before us
defeated by eternity and urged to escape
hope that lies on the verge of suicide.

Professing sins on your knees
I am the surrendering one,
but you are sucking from my fingers
all those fears we left behind.
I bet you never swallowed betrayal
sweet as venom, forged in fire.  

I smile at sheer horror in your touch
my heart is as black as this night.
Roaring freedom running down my thighs
you know, begging won’t do you much.
All our sighs are leaking through my eyes,
and if this doesn’t kill you, honey
my love just might.

I guess I’m the luckier one.

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Fic idea free to use

Keith’s father insulted a very powerful witch, who cursed his unborn child as punishment. When he was born the wet nurse fainted, due to the horrific sight. For you see Keith was cursed to have the body of a demon, with non of the added benefit of being a demon. His poor mother died due to the lack of help after the birth. His father, devastated over the loss of his wife and the misfortune of his sons appearance, vowed to never let any harm come to his son. To keep him safe he would homeschool him and never let him leave the house. Fearing what the village would do to him if he was ever found out, he filled his sons mind with the horrors that would befall him if he were to leave. To the villagers, he would tell that the curse placed in his son made it so that he was forever sickly and bedridden.

Keith, unsatisfied with living his life, never to see the outside world would sneak out at night time to play. It doesn’t take long for his father to find out, what with demon sightings late at night that sounds like a certain someone. He relents a little realizing he can’t keep his son locked up for the rest of his life, let’s him leave the house. BUT ONLY AT NIGHT. So he goes out and explores and meets a certain someone else.

Enter shiro. A demon cast out from hell for disobedience and starting a rebellion. Cursed buy the demon queen to forever be the ugliest creature to exist. Human. To demon, to look human is the worst thing to do. They take pride in their appearance, and humans to them are extremely ugly. He lost his mate to be because of this. Wonders the border of the woods in a quiet little village in boredom and frustration. Finds himself a little demon playing about in the dead streets at night. Panicked, he grabs him and drags them into the woods to scold them. It’s dangerous to be so close to humans. They like to hunt you down and kill those that they preseave as evil and bla bla bla, hey are you listening to me? What were you thinking!

And poor Keith is terrified and shook. Who is this man and why did he drag me into the woods to lecture and not kill me? After a bit of confusion and misunderstanding the two find that they are the same curse but reversed! They became fast friends, then lovers, with Keith sneaking off to visit every night. One day he doesn’t come back home. So his father hires some adventures to find and bring him back. But please be warned he doesn’t look human because of a cures! When they find him in a cave/ demon enchanted lair, they mistakenly think Keith is the one to kidnap that guys kid and shiro is their damsel in distress. Confusion and frightened Keith gets cornered and hurt, making shiro extremely angry. How dare you touch my mate! Sending the others flying through the cave and into a wall. Oops! Looks like the human you were protecting was the real demon and the other one their damsel!

On an ordinary day of my ordinary life without dark clouds over my head, full of energy and optimistic feelings I am talking to myself:

“Ha, Kathi, you don´t need likes or reblogs to push your self-confidence ;) you are a good artist and you learned so much in the last year! You are SO COOL GIRL!” *pat´s her own shoulder*

On a depressing, down pushing and emotional unstable feeling day of my ordinary life I am talking to myself:

“T______T please, guys, I need your help to come out of this hole and try to live on! I need your support so that I can say to myself that there is something I am worth living! It´s not because I am a shitty bitch who yearns for attention and likes and followers! It´s so that I can see that the thing that I am doing (drawing) is good enough to get your like and love. So that I can see that I am good in at least ONE THING even if I am hating myself for everything I am. It feels like that little “love” is not only for my drawing, it gets through to myself.” *builds a castle out of blankets and hopes for the day to pass*

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