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Name: Shamz
Age: 22
Country: UK

Hey~ I’m just looking for someone to talk to that matches me as a person and my interests. Yes I am a Kpop fan and I also am currently learning Korean. So I am looking for someone who shares these two interests as I would love to have a study buddy for Korean and talk about Kpop together :) (Although I’m not a hardcore fan but I have been in the game for a while haha) Other than Kpop etc. I love having deep talks, watching Kdramas, writing, going a bit crazy after a can of coca cola vanilla (yes it is the best flavour) and just getting to know people. I’m open to most people but I’m not gonna deny that I am preferably going to keep up with someone who’s similar to me or has opinions that make me think. :D

Preferences: Email or snail mail is fine by me :) Although email is probably quicker and preferably above the age of 20. If you live in the U.K. then bonus!

Lighthearted kdrama's

Do not be fooled. If a kdrama looks all nice and cute and fluffy I can garentee that there is a massive shit storm on the way to make you cry until your a sobbing mess.

More Like… But First Let Me Finish This Series…

Okay so, basically, here’s me running after kpop for stealing my soul

Here’s kpop trying to convince me that they didn’t do anything wrong

And here’s me hitting kpop for lying