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I really want a girlfriend but I am anxious and I have bad experiences with relationships I had with people I met over the Internet... any advice? I would love to meet girls but I just never know if they like girls or not and also I'm not out to everyone yet but that's the smaller problem. I live in a small town and here are so many cute girls but I'm always too scared and anxious :( also I don't know how to talk to them but I would really like to experience a relationship with a girl, thanks 💕

Hello! Be kind and introduce yourself to girls. They will not eat you. Just do not press them if they do not seem interested.

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Ahh, I'm sorry to bother you...! I was just wondering if I could ask, how did you realize you liked GFD? What is it you like about it? Hope it's okay to ask...!!

You’re no bother at all!!I realized i liked GFD almost 2 years ago and I completely discovered it through the internet haha. I love it bc you can go from tying your boy up and fucking his brains out to cuddling the lil cutie and it’s so intimate and I just think it’s lovely

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How did you learn another language?

Books and internet, mainly, though I’d love to take a class on Japanese or maybe Korean (the latter would likely be more helpful to get a good grounding as all I know is hangul and a handful of words and sentence structures, with most of my attempts at writing in the language being guided by looking up words). However, the vast majority of my studies have come from language learning sites, and textbooks and such. Using an Anki deck has helped a lot as well with remembering new vocabulary.

I still have a lot to learn, but I’m continually making progress in at least Japanese and have passed the JLPT N4 (not the most impressive thing, but I’m happy about that).

Shoutout to internet friends. They are actually so important bc you connect with them through similar interests and even though they live half the world away you put effort into your friendship and talk (almost) every day and care about each other and it’s just so so nice. Unlike some of the school/uni friendships that are based on pure necessity and as soon as you graduate you never talk again because you don’t see each other.
Shout out to all my peeps whose besties live thousands of miles away.
Shout out to all my friends that I’ve never met, you make me happy and ily all dearly💙🌍

Friendly reminder that asexuals are accepted in almost every official LGBT+ organization and there is absolutely nothing ace exclusionists and gatekeepers can do about it 🏳️‍🌈♠️💜🌈

So I actually have a story behind this gif….when I was still new to the fandom side of the internet I saw this exact gif post and I though “why does anyone even care about these so called Internet friends? There is NO WAY you can be close to people you have never met…how can you even trust them?” But now, many months later, I have a close Internet friend who means more to me than many things in life and I don’t know where I’d be without her….I hope someday I will be able to hug her and tell her how much she means to me…