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Did You Tell Them About The Wedding?

After another success, international bestseller is back on a book tour around Europe to promote the latest book in his award winning series, The Idris Chronicles. Alec’s just glad the rest of the world can appreciate Magnus’ brilliance, but he’d also love a moment alone with his boyfriend, even if it is in a tourist attraction in London.

After all, he has his own love story to write.

Alec leaned against the railing, watching the sun disappear on the horizon. It was an unseasonably bright and warm day, as far as he could gather from the locals, and he intended to enjoy every single second of it. It wasn’t often you got to watch the sun go down in a foreign country, roughly a thousand feet above ground level. These were the moments you had to treasure, to remember forever.

Although Alec might treasure it a little more if his boyfriend got his hands back where they belonged.

Glancing over discreetly, he noticed Magnus was just finishing up with the women that had approached them a few minutes earlier. Alec had foolishly thought things would be quieter for them in London. It was a foreign country, a totally different part of the planet to the parts of downtown New York Alec called home. There was no reason Magnus should be half as famous here, or so his brain had decided.

His brain, however, seemed to have forgotten his boyfriend was a multiple time New York Times Bestseller, and that also extended to the British equivalent, and that pop culture was not a bubble that only existed in urban America. Although Alec never failed to be surprised how many people recognised Magnus’ face. He was an author, not an actor. But it seemed Magnus’ fans had a deep dedication to his work. It was lovely to see, in a way.

Alec was glad to see there were plenty of other people in the world who’d realised just how brilliant Magnus Bane was.

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…. I love knowing last minute that some members of the step family will be coming at home tonight when my parents are away so /I/ will have to take care of them

… Between that and the election, if you hear me yell tonight please don’t mind me

me: the writers didnt always know smithers was gay. after the first couple of seasons they wondered why he would put up with being constantly mistreated and one of them asked “what if he was in love with him” and it stuck. the more the show went on the more they made it apparent that he doesnt only love him but he likes men in general . i think thats good character development and that it could be seen as him coming to terms with who he is

everyone: please go to bed it’s 3am

alexandot replied to your post: i love that a homophobic organization announcing…

my favorite part is this is apparently backlash against the second long gay kiss in the background of a crowd shot in a disney cartoon that you have to be looking for to notice. corruption of the media right there


I deleted our old messages out of anger and heart break, but I remember our last serious conversation.
We stood on the dock outside of his house. We talked about how he was seeing someone else after 8 months of the same girl hating him and not speaking to him. She finally went on a date with him for no apparent reason. He told me he still loved our friendship and even joked that I’d be the best man at their wedding.
They’re getting married in two months.
I wish he knew that I want the best for him. I was so angry at him for not loving me and for leading me on for nearly a year. I saw him across a large room in January, but that was the first and last time I’ve seen him for months.
I don’t know. I was bitter for a while because of the way everything went down, but ultimately I loved him in some way or another and I genuinely want him to do well and be happy. Even if I wasn’t part of that equation. I still want him to have the best, even if the best isn’t me.

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So what's your most favorite thing about the condesce? For me it's her perfect Hair

Dude. I freaking love everything about her, there is no most favorite thing

Awesome hair
Freaking KILLER style (cool and stylish skin tight body suit on a figure that can only be described as amazonian, plus tons of sweet jewelry)
Boss ass fish (literally an empress)
Apparently loves baking
Freaking badass (doesn’t take SHIT and has an awesome double-trident)
Gangsta as fuck

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Girl you're on Tumblr rebloging porn and you're going to get butt hurt because someone asks if you're a top or a bottom? Chill the fuck out. You're probably a bottom that hates to admit it because of all the negative stigma that being a bottom has. Instead of acting self righteous, own it, normalize it, and enlighten others. Not all bottoms are fems. You're not. So be one of the few that admits it.

lol clearly you misunderstood. No ones re blogging porn you dumb fuck. And no ones ashamed you dumb cunt. It’s people like you who remain anonymous who are ashamed to show yourself because you’re a pussy ass bitch who loves to talk shit for apparently no reason because you failed to understand what I’m trying to say. Now go on. Move along with your pathetic response and shove it up your ass … it probably feels better than an actual cock. 😘💅🏽

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SMILE!! (We haven't seen your wonderful face in a while!!)

Is this okay?

Revision hasn’t been very kind to me. I’m taking James’ advice but that involves staying up quite late, somewhat even later than I did last time around. Albus is doing strangely well so far. I think he’s stayed up late so often he’s become a sort of learned-insomniac. 

Oh well. It’s all for the sake of good grades, isn’t it? And you know what women love (besides good looks, which I apparently already have according to only the GREATEST MAGIZOOLOGIST IN THE WORLD)? Intelligence. See, it’s all coming together now. First she realises how ~ handsome ~ I am (well, usually am, I’m sure these bags will clear up after I finish my exams), then she sees my twelve– mmm perhaps a little ambitious, let’s say ten OWLs, and then she sees the true, caring, passionate person I am under all that. Foolproof. 

Happy Happy (belated) Birthday to the lovely @optomisticgirl! Sorry I missed your birthday, love. I can think of no better way to make it up to you than to bequeath unto you the Drunken Smutty Sketches I did a while ago (under the cut for reasons). It makes sense, given that you were one of the Bad Good Influences who encouraged me to draw them. :-)

Hope you had a lovely day! *mmmmmwwwwaaaahh*

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i'm not a fan of the emma's dress/veil/hair, and I don't care if others love it. what i hate is being told that I apparently don't respect women, don't respect Emma, don't respect Jen, and am a Bad Person because I'm not a fan of the dress! It's okay to hate a wardrobe/hair choice and still love a character!

AMEN, anon!

After the picture was posted, I stopped by the OUAT Facebook page. And guess what? Most of the people there hate the dress. These aren’t bitter $Qers or anything like that. These were just general audience members. They just don’t like the way it looks. Giving you premiere couple a generic wedding to fit in a gimmick is messed up.

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okay so haven't been on ur blog in a while bc wanted to avoid spoilers but after finishing the game I have returned with questions: have you completed the game/where are you if not? Who have you romanced/which has been the best so far? Thoughts overall? Commentary? (I'm addicted, can you tell? Also sorry for bombarding you with questions)

Have I completed the game? 

No I am 80 hours in and am in the Spaceship. I’ve been “taking my time” and I haven’t had much time haha

Who have I romanced?

ANNNNNN was the first girl I romanced… :3 it was absolutely magical in English because she was my true love.  I apparently tried to romance Tae and failed. I am so confused why. I told her I loved her and everything! Maybe it was a dialogue option I missed…. but that’s what I get for cheating on best girl. However, I am trying to date Kawakami, Haru, and Makoto right now,,,,at the same time. dskfdsjkf I am an awful person. 

Personally, I can’t choose a best girl (besides Ann of course) until playthrough 2. But….Makoto uh totally won me over xD Tae’s was fantastic and Kawakami is just YOOOo

Thoughts overall?

This is beyond the best game I ever played in my life. Having it in English compared to Japanese is an overall new experience and gah it’s fantastic. I’m in the process of writing a review for it!

i love how i make my aloneness and introvertedness so apparent. at work, for lunch i don’t go to the break room or right around outside, instead i go in the complete opposite direction outside where there is no one and spend time there all by myself lol


got tagged by my lovely friends @sehuntiful and @baeksbutt to post selfies.
Apparently I found some (the first one is over a year old and the others are like 1 - 3 months old) and I don’t look like that irl 🥀

I don’t know who to tag but feel free to show your pretty face ! 🌹

i was browsing through some runway photos and thought this outfit from saint laurent fall ‘15 collection looked a bit too familiar??

most of the clothing was sold out ages ago but these are the average prices i managed to find, which means victor’s ep10 outfit is worth around 3300€ / $3500! the boy is loaded and i am not even surprised anymore

//EDIT: the sweater discourse inspired me to give video editing a try (x)