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favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???


when u wanna take a cute selfie but ur kinda ugly n ur face just won’t cooperate so u settle for becoming a squish and pretending that was the look u were goin for all along // alternate title: look @ this bi(tch) 💖💜💙

happy birthday boo♡
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Request: @leellajk said: hello! can u do a writing of boyfriend chenle? thank u. (:

  • oh goodness 
  • agshsj chenle is honestly such a cute bf 
  • he pretends to know what he’s doing tho 
  • but tbh most of the time he has no idea lmao 
  • he’d cuddle u everywhere he can 
  • i dont think he’d be shy about cuddling u in front of others bc like,,it’s chenle 
  • random back hugs?¿ hell ye 
  • when he hugs u from behind he likes to hide his face in ur hair and whining about wanting to cuddle 
  • tbh he’d probs squeeze u if ur not listening to him 
  • and he’s just gonna laugh his dolphin laugh when u scream 
  • smh 
  • goodness sometimes he’d scream in ur ear and it’s Deafening™ 
  •  is okay bc he’ll just kiss u all over ur face when u pout at him bc he screamed a bit too loud * like i said tho in the beginning 
  • chenle doesnt kno what he’s doing *
  • ‘how to kiss properly' 
  • his kisses r mostly pecks tbh bc he’s a bit shy to do more than that ahsjkd 
  • like rlly quick pecks on ur lips 
  • followed by him screaming 
  • or his dolphin sounds 
  • chenle is a big fan of couple stuff 
  • matching outfits?¿yes 
  • matching backpacks?¿yes 
  • matCHING PHONE CASES?¿double yes 
  • dates w chenle is most of the time eating ramyun 
  • like srsly u guys probably have sm ramyun in a week 
  • which is not rlly healthy b u t 
  • shkldldllf taeyong just sighs when he sees u two feeding each other ramyun again 
  • this kid is too much tbh 
  • ur dates tho
  • sometimes it’s at an amusement park or at the fair
  • would drag u to every rollercoaster he sees 
  • and scream like crazy
  • alzfkhejh he’s the type to film u both w his phone while ur on the rollercoaster
  • bye around halloween tho he’d bring u to abandond places 
  • and when he brings u there bye u both just end up screaming the whole time and tbh if there were ghosts in the house they’d already be scared away bc of ur screams 
  • whenever ur sad he alwayd has chocolate w him 
  • would cuddle u to him and feed u chocolate and probably sing for u 
  • sometimes chenle is super duper sweet 
  • and sometimes he’s just so r00d 
  • not that r00d but still r00d enough 
  • would honestly make u smell his feet and laugh when u start coughing bc of the smell 
  • but he’d quickly pull u in a hug and kiss u all over ur face after that 
  • chenle would love to cook w u 
  • cooking ramyun w chenle ajkdldldl 
  • lele’s focused face is so cute
  • he’d let u taste everything
  • tbh i can see chenle bringing u to china to see his family during the holidays
  • he rlly likes u a lot, he might even love u so ofc he wants u to see his family and he’s like 100% sure that they’ll love u like he does
  • srsly he’s still so young but he feels so happy and comfortable around u and he just ??is this love??
  • he also likes to play piano for u 
  • if u cant play piano he would probably teach u how to play a little bit 
  • and he’d place his hand on yours and show u where to put ur fingers
  • ajrhjgrhgj it’s so cute 
  • also this boi loves giving u gifts 
  • s o many gifts 
  • and he’s also the type to send u memes at 3am in the morning and be like “tis u" 
  • those r times where you’d wonder why ur still dating him tbh 
  • but then u get reminded by his cute smile and his dolphin laugh that makes u so happy and u just :”)))))
  • chenle never rlly shows it when he’s sad so like u would never rlly notice if he’s having a bad day???
  • so it’d be kind of weird to see him sad
  • but pls just give him some love when he’s sad
  • and he’ll cheer up in a bit 
  • aejfhjghrg chenle is the cutest but also weirdest bf but pls love him loads and take care of him!!
  • <3

jimin? more like definition of beauty

thank u ibeth @taemiamor for tagging me in this bias selfie thingy 💖💞💝💓💘💖

im tagging u guys but in reality everyone should do it and @ me bc I wanna see ur faces n shower u w love 😩

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• his positivity and smile pretty much was like a magnet and you were drawn to it hella fast
• when he first met you his already big smile got even bigger and even brighter that the members had to wear sunglasses bc he WaS SO HAPPY THAT HE SAW U AND U LOOKED REALLY NICE N LOVELY
• when it came to asking you out, he was the most extra he could ever be like everything about him just all went up 100 entire levels like his aegyo was overflowing and his teeth were like extra white and his smile was huge and he had 10,000 things to give u, flowers, chocolate, clothes, books, cards eVERYTHING BC HE NEEDED TO CONVINCE U TO B W HIM COZ HE LIKES U LOTS
• but you honestly kept thinking he didn’t need to go over the top w it all bc you liked him back all the same aw
• and when u said yes his smile grew sosososo big and his mood just increased 100x and he like shoves all his presents in ur hands and gives u the biggest bear hug in the world bc he’s so hapPY
• your first date with seokmin consisted of playing laser tag and eating food. you two were in opposing team for laser tag and pretty much ignored your other team members and just missioned yourselves to shoot each other lol it was really easy to find him bc he couldn’t stop laughing so u sneak up to him and shoot him and he’s all like aW DAMN IT
• then after the game u two went out for pizza but couldn’t decide what topping to have to you just had everything lol and u washed it down with Coke yas and had burping competitions as to who could burp the loudest and all the other customers that were eating there just gave yalls the stank eye and left the store but whO CARES U HAD THE TIME OF UR LIFE
• but you two ate too much that you both felt sick aw how cute
• as for nicknames, he likes to call you the worst things in the world.
• “hey my little cutie patootie”
• “honey snuggles!!! yooHOO!!”
• “darling o’ mineeeee”
• your first kiss with him wasn’t as romantic as others but it was rlly cute all the same, I guess he got real impatient that it had been like ages and u haven’t had ur first kiss yet so like one day he just yells out of the blue “jAGIYA WHEN ARE WE GONNA KISS????!!1!1!” and ur sooo thrown off guard and start to stutter bc ?? but u still find urself nodding bc idk and he’s like actUAL and ur like yeAH and then he just takes ur face in his hands and kisses u and uR A FLISTERED MESS ON THE FLOOR CRY
• public skinship? yessss, he likes to hug u all d time and hold ur hand and kiss u because he doesn’t see u a lot so when u two are together he wants to spend it being close as f to you, even public.
• “get a room.”
• he has a habit of being greedy towards things that he likes aka wenchang chicken (he doesn’t like to share that) and more importantly, you (he def doesn’t want to share you and wants u all to himself) but he knows he should but whY??
• lee seokmin lives for kisses all over ur face he lOVES TO SMOTHER U EsPEICALLY W KISSES like you’d just be standing somewhere and when he sees you he’d yell your name and come charging at u and u think your gonna get run over but noP he’ll stop to kiss you all over the face bc hE MISSED U
• his favourite kind of hug is the kind where he goes up from behind and wraps his arms around your waist… really tight, with a big smile, and he lifts u up and ur just dangling in the air while he holds u there and starts swinging from side to side and ur like a little doll while he cooes at you
• will whine like a baby when in need of affection “JAGIYA STOP TALKING TO HIM AND COME LOVE MEEEEE” and you’d like run to him bc lee seokmin stooop
• tends to tickle you a lot to get you to do stuff for/with him. like he’d want you to say that you love him but you won’t just to tease him so he begins to tickle you mercilessly until you say it
• also likes it when you show him your aegyo bc he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world
• he ALSO likes it when you take care of him bc it makes him feel special when you do it COZ u don’t do it to anyone else but him anD OH GOODNESS WHATTA PRIVILEGE like sometimes he’d pull a fake sick just so you could spend the entire day feeding him and cuddling w him but sHHH YOU DONT NEED TO KNO THAT
• dislikes it when people don’t take him seriously at the times where he is serious, which is why he loves you so much bc you understand that he can’t be happy all the time and treat him right whenever he needs you aw
• he secretly leaves little positivity notes around the house for you to find to make your day like he’ll wake up at 2 in the morning as many mornings as he can so that he can grab 5,000 post it notes and scribble down 5,000 reason why he loves you and confidence boosters just to make you happy :)))) you always ask if it’s him leaving these notes and he’s just like whAAA NO
• has an addiction to his bfffffff kwon soonyoung like those two are inseparable he’s pretty much in a whole other entire relationship with him, when he’s not practicing or spending time with you, he’s with him and it doesn’t help when soonyoung keeps teasing you and saying seokmin loves him more ::(:(:(:(:((
• “he loves ME”
• constantly pesters you to buy some more bc your ‘in need of spares’ and you need to be couple goals and you need to look kwl in front of the members… seokmin what’s ur defintion of kwl
• you don’t want lee seokmin to ever get jealous, and it’s not because he’s scary, and it’s not because he’ll get offended… no, he’ll just WHINE. “YAH JAGI WHY WERE U TALKING TO THEM?? WHY WOULD U EVEN LOOK AT SOMEONE LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE LIKE ME?? IS IT BC OF MY SHOES COME ON JAGIYA TELL ME”
• and ur like chill bab ily
• his phone background is a collage of pictures of you that he took in the most inappropriate times, like you in the middle of yawning, sneezing, sleeping and you literally started to cry when you opened his phone and that photo came up. LIKE DELETE THISSS
• your phone background is a photo that he personally made, it was a photo of a sun with his bright, smiling face photoshopped onto it, this was because he was the light of your world, off your life and everyone needed to know that lmao
• competitions on who can sing higher yas
• his role as a main vocalist for seventeen does tend to stress him out bc he always needs to be the best he can be, it’s usually him with the high notes so one single voice crack could ruin the whole performance, that sort of burden always rests on his shoulders but you always make sure your there for him in the times he needs you.
• because seokmin is usually happy, you find it hard for him to express some of his feelings to you. like if he’s upset, he won’t tell you, because his job is the 'mood maker’ so if he’s upset, everyone else will be too. which brings me to your first fight, you got a little mad and upset about the fact that he’s always keeping his upset feelings bottled in, you two bickered, yelled back and forth and eventually he cracked and started to cry bc someone cared about him, nobody took the time to ask if he was ok like you did and God he loves u
• and you ended up apologising to him for yelling like that and he promised to be more open about his feelings
• “sometimes, you don’t have to be okay”
• he sends you to sleep by singing the most softest sweetest lullaby in the world then proceeds to whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you fall asleep aw
• wakes you up by yanking the curtains open and letting the sun blaze down on you and when you open your eyes to yell at him your blinded yet again by his smile.
• lee seokmin trusts you with his life, he would do absolutely anything to see you smile and loves you with all his heart. you are so lucky to have him, and he sure as hell is lucky to have you
• “jagiya, I loVE U” - seokmin, said with the best English

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uh not to be gay but i love u w all my heart?????? ur honestly so sweet and kind and adorable??? i will protect u forever??? and goddamn, i adore the way u write sm like what the /fuck/ man. ur absolutely lovely, i'm glad i follow ur lame ass and interact w u?????? bc i love every minute of it???????? paps ur face and smooches u lots ur the best!!!!!!!! okay okay thts all <333



          oh my god???  to think that over five hundred and fifty people actually like(??) my blog really does make me so,  so happy.  when i first started role - playing in this community,  i was super hesitant  –  i didn’t think that i would stay for long as i have had terrible experiences before,  and i was anxious™™ about writing a canon character in a really divergent way  –  but honestly?  people actually accepted this child and??  i am so,  so glad i’ve joined this fandom.  to know that there are people out there who love(?????) my portrayal(??????????) of zen really makes my day.  everyday.  anyways,  thank you all so much for being so amazing and wonderful people and even though some of you guys may not know me or like me,  thank you.

          under the cut is a long assed post of me rambling about people i truly hold dear to my heart + people i want to ramble about but i am SO lazy forgive me + people i really admire from afar!  once again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUAL SUPPORT.  i don’t think i can stress this enough;;  

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hihi this is 4932 years late oop but i found some pics from a while back 💗🌷 thank u snow for making me look decent & @soysuga @kissseokjin @nut127 @aguxstd @minseok-tea @baepsaeved 4 tagging me (a v long time ago lmaodlskfds) and blessin me w ur lovely faces ♡ anyways send these 2 namjin