in love w their love etc

watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess

Up to 2 characters in one picture (+ $3-$10 for one additional character)

Hi guys, re-opening my commissions for a bit!

l’ll love forever everyone who would spare some money, also, it’d be much appreciated if you shared this post! :’)

Payment through PayPal only~!

If you are interested you can email me at to order (i’d love if you sent refs, plus don’t hesitate to ask questions!) and i’ll email back for confirmation and payment details

Things I can draw:

  • Fanart
  • OCs ( reference will be needed, this can include photos, info about their personality, backstory etc.)
  • Animals

Things I won’t draw:

  • ships i’m not comfortable with
  • mechanical, detailed stuff / robots / weapons
  • g/ore and n/s/f/w/ in general
  • backgrounds

And remember, prices are ALWAYS negotiable!!

i just realized the darkling literally adds ‘alina’ to every goddamn sentence he makes (”i sought morozova’s amplifiers for you, alina”, “what have you come here for, alina”, “i am ancient, alina”, etc. etc.) and that’s just so extra i can’t even fathom it like we get it, you love alina, you love saying alina’s name, alina’s the light of your miserable emo life, alina is so!!!!!! alina alina alina.  black heretic my ass, all i see is a lovesick emo boy who’s the embodiment of the [thousands of pictures spill out from pockets] meme and just can’t w/ him

QuantumVerse: TimeKid!Cross (Quantumtale X-special)

As seen in my previous Art, I like creating TimeKid versions of other AUs. I like to call this the “QuantumVerse”

Now this one, I made for @jakei95‘s B-day! Since I love love LOVE her animation! though I posted it late….well, it was the thought that counts right? TTwTT;; Anyway, I call this one special cause I won’t be making it more often than the usual AUs( swap,Fell, etc.) Plus, I made it as a gift specially for her. ;;w;;

Cross!Sans © @jakei95

TimeKid version Art © meh!!

Dating Haechan would include

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- Can you pretty please write what dating Haechan would include? Thank you so much haha,i really like your blog and all the admins💞💖💕 all the love xx

-Can i have what jealous Haechan would be like? You know like he is my bf and gets jealous ,what would make him jealous,what he would do then ,how would he act,talk…. is he a jealous type etc etc , love you💕

A/N: this is the first time i’m doing this for nct so i hope this is good enough and i hope u guys enjoy it~

  • k so let’s start shall we
  • i’m putting this under a read more bcs
  • it’s gonna be
  • a long ass ride

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Blizzard--Imagine #8

Anonymous asked: Do you think you could do just a super fluffy imagine? where you and your crush have a movie night, watching cartoon movies, making jokes about them all. Cuddling, playing with eachothers hair. etc etc. Just want something super fluffy eek. love your writing x

fahimah-bbosa asked: Could u do an imagine where ur walking out of ur school + u bump into ur crush + he decides to walk home w u since u both live in the same direction + when u guys get to ur house u invite him in + watch a movie and cuddle + have fluffy stuff happen😊

A/N: So, I decided to combine these because they are pretty much the same. Hope it was fluffy enough. I always tend to make things more heated lmao. Also, this one really got away from me lmao, but I loved it too much to stop. Hope you guys don’t mind, and you enjoy it! Keep dreaming!~Logan

The crisp, cool air hit my face as I walked through the doors of my school. I gripped my thin sweater tighter around me as the cold wind pinched at my nose and cheeks. A sudden gust of wind slammed into my face, and I had to close my eyes against the force of it, pushing my body forward against the invisible force. That’s when my body collided with someone else’s and I let out a shriek. 

“Oh my god! Are you ok?” C/n asked, gripping my shoulders with warm hands to steady me.

I opened my eyes slightly, the wind not letting up. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Sorry about that.”

“Damn wind, am I right?” He chuckled shifting his weight from one foot to the other as his e/c eyes scanned my face. 

I self consciously brushed my finger over my nose, knowing it was already bright red from the cold. 

“You heading home?” His bright eyes twinkled with some emotion that resembled eagerness.

“I am,” I shivered, beginning my walk away from the school. 

It was a few minutes before I realized that he was walking right along side me and the realization hit me like a brick. Abruptly I stopped, and he swung his head around to look at me, eyes filled with worry.

Raising my eyebrow at him, I asked, “Why are you walking with me?” God, could I get any more awkward.

“My house is not far from here and I thought since we were heading in the same direction I would accompany you,” he said, giving me a sheepish smile.

I shrugged my shoulders, continuing on. The wind was relentless and I cursed under my breath as my fingers froze and my arms quaked with cold. 

“Here,” C/n stopped me by touching my arm gingerly and holding out his jacket. “To keep you warm. You look like you might turn into a frozen ice sculpture any minute.”

The blood that rushed to my face as I took the jacket from his hands and shrugged it on was a welcome feeling against the bitter wind. I sighed in relief, the jacket toasty from his body heat. As the jacket warmed my core, I took a whiff of the scent that radiated off it. It was both sweet and masculine and I wanted to drown in it. He smiled happily at me despite his arms going around his waist, giving away that he was cold without the coverage. 

“Thank you,” I murmured from behind the collar of the coat. 

“My pleasure,” his answer came back, warming me better than any piece of material.

The walk from my school to my house was a short one and all too soon, I stopped in front of my doorway. 

“This is me,” I said, disappointment thick in my voice.  

“Yeah, I guess I’ll see you around?” His reply coming out as a question. 

I didn’t want him to leave and I already felt that horrible sensation coming on that burrowed itself in my stomach determined to make me feel lonely the rest of the day. So, I decided to take a chance.

“You know, you could come inside and have some hot chocolate before you head home,” I ventured, and swelled with pride as the twinkle in his eyes that had dimmed as I was about to leave brightened at my suggestion.

“I mean, if it’s not too much trouble,” he said quickly, and I recognized the look of longing on his face I so often felt on mine when I let an opportunity to talk to him pass by. 

“Not at all,” I smiled.

Having him in my house was weird. Not that I didn’t like it, but it was just something I never imagined would happen in real life. As I stole a glance at him, leaning on the counter, stirring his hot chocolate into warm milk, I realized I still had his jacket on and startled, almost knocking down my mug in the process.

“Hey, you ok?” He asked, eyebrows lifting.

Y-yeah, I jus- I just realized I’m still wearing your coat,” I said, pulling it off.

His warm e/c eyes kept a steady gaze on me, as I shed the layer revealing my blue sweater underneath. Something about the way he was looking at me made me feel like it was a much more intimate gesture than simply handing someone their coat back.

“Hot chocolate good?” I asked, trying to get the conversation rolling again. 

He took a sip, noisily gulping down the hot liquid and I laughed as he let out an obnoxious exhale.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I chuckled, grabbing my own hot cocoa and putting his jacket on a stool in the kitchen. 

I didn’t bother telling him what I planned to do next, but he followed me willingly. Feeling his eyes on my backside, I swished my hips a bit more and heard him clear his throat. Satisfied, I sat down in front of the living room TV, sinking into the plush couch, and changed the channel to Adventure Time.

C/n stood awkwardly in the doorway of the living room, looking like he was debating something. “I should probably head home,” he mumbled. 

My face fell. I stood and walked to the window. The ground had been covered by snow and the wind outside was now howling. I could barely see my neighbor’s house across the street through the thick haze the blowing snowflakes were making. It was basically a full out blizzard.

“You think it’s safe to walk through that?” I asked, hoping, praying he’d say no.

“Mm, nah. Looks like I’ll have to stay here ‘til it lets up. I mean, if that’s fine with you,” he added, looking none too disappointed about having to stay in my house. With me. 

I grinned at him. “No, I think I’ll throw you out into the snow,” my eyes glinting in the dim glow of the room coming from the lamps as I pushed him back onto the couch, emphasizing my words with actions. “Make you fend for yourself. And I’ll steal your jacket from you so you’ll have no protection from the cold.”

“You sure you’re not an evil snow queen,” c/n’s eyes twinkled up at me, his pupils larger than before as I stood in front of his sitting form.

I grabbed a whole armful of fuzzy, fleece blankets and opened them over us. I burrowed into the blankets and looked at him.

“No, I’m a very kind blanket queen,” I smiled.

He laughed and I savored the sound. He covered his mouth with his hands, as if he was shy to let me see his smile and was embarrassed by the loud sound of it. But I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I wished he’d let me see it, unobstructed. It was a glorious thing to hear. It filled the empty rooms of my house, as well as the empty caverns inside of me that had been covered in dust. Places that had been abandoned over time where once they had been overflowing with love and happiness. I wanted to live in that moment forever.

His laugh subsided and he burrowed himself under the blankets as well, before grabbing his hot chocolate. I did the same and took a sip from my own mug. The chocolate flavor burst on my tongue and I moaned deeply, my eyes fluttering closed, the feeling of it’s warmth spreading through my extremities, making me slump deeper into the couch. C/n choked on his drink and started spluttering. I opened my eyes, and tried not to laugh as a dribble of hot chocolate ran down his chin from his lips and his eyes watered. Patting his back as he tried to regain his breath, I memorized the feel of his back under my hands, how it expanded and retracted as he caught his breath.

“You alright?” 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” he said, a blush rising to his cheeks.

I giggled at the dribble of liquid still on his chin.

“What?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

Instead of answering, I licked my thumb and drew it across his chin, the tip of it just grazing his bottom lip, and cleaned away the drip. Before I knew what I was doing, or could even stop myself, I casually licked the liquid off my thumb and went back to sipping from my mug.

“You had some hot chocolate on your chin,” I said, my eyes going back to the TV, but I took a double take as I saw the expression on his face.

His e/c eyes were glued on my face, piercing into my own. His adorable pink lips hung open in a small “o”, a look of complete mesmerization on his face. He mumbled something extremely low, but from what I could hear it sounded like “fuck”. Eventually, he pulled away his eyes, and began sipping from his mug again, a deep red blush clear on his complexion.

I turned to watch the TV again, when I realized I didn’t know if c/n even liked Adventure Time.

As if he had read my thoughts he smiled, “I love Adventure Time.”

“Oh my gosh, really?” I exclaimed, excited to find we had something in common.

“Yeah! I’m so happy you like it, too. Everyone I know thinks it’s too weird,” he chuckled.

“Same! When I tried to get my mom to watch it she said she wouldn’t ever be drunk enough to enjoy it and left to watch Seinfield in her room,” I laughed.

He let out that hearty laugh again. “Jake’s my favorite character.”

“Marceline’s my favorite,” I grinned.

“Aha!” C/n shouted.


“I knew there was some evil in you,” C/n’s eyes twinkled with mischief.

“She’s not evil, she’s complex, you doofus!” I rolled my eyes, playfully.

“Oh, that was a mistake!” C/n looked at me with a sexy smirk, his one eyebrow raised, and he lunged at me. 

His fingers prodded my skin and I collapsed on the couch, in the bundle of blankets.

“No one calls me doofus, missy!”

 Twisting and turning, I let out shrieks and giggles as he tickled me, and the blankets prevented me from kicking him off as they wrapped around his and my legs. I writhed under his teasing touches, laughing and panting.

“Stop!” I gasped through giggles. 

His fingers were merciless.

“Never! You will feel my wrath, y/n,” he said lowly into my ear, his panting and soft chuckles caressing my neck in hot puffs of air as his body blocked mine from escaping.

A shiver ran down my spine, and I was certain he noticed, since the chuckle he released was more of a strangled sigh. God, the things he was doing to me. Not to mention the position we were in was extremely intimate. His body hovered over mine, his head so close to my neck I could feel his breath. My body kept brushing against him as I thrashed under his prodding touches.

“C-C/n, s-stop! Plea-ease!” I let out a shriek as he started tickling around my neck. “I’ll d-do whatever y-you say-y!” I stuttered.

The tickling immediately stopped. My body slumped into the couch, relieved. He moved his face to look into my eyes. I realized what I said might be a mistake.

Whatever I say?” He asked, quirking that damned eyebrow, that cheeky look in his eyes back again.

“Yes,” I panted, trying to regain my normal breathing.

“Well, then,” he said, his eyes flipping from my eyes to my lips. “I say I lay down and you let me tell you how beautiful you are and how much I like you,” he finished, his voice now gentle and cautious. 

“Your wish is my command,” I breathed, my eyes wide at the realization that he actually liked me.

He unexpectedly caressed my cheek, his warm, large hand covering the majority of my cheek. The pad of his thumb stroked the skin below my eyes gently.

“You are so beautiful, y/n,” He whispered, gazing into my eyes as if in a trance. 

Leaning into his palm, I closed my eyes. A peace I hadn’t felt in what seems like forever flooded through me. 

Reluctantly, he pulled away. Instead though, his hands guided me up. I didn’t quite understand what he was doing until he slid his body under mine, his legs on either side of me. Gently, he pulled me back down so my head was resting on his sturdy chest.

I turned my head and continued watching the show. Although, even with the show’s volume on normal, I couldn’t focus on anything except for his heartbeat drumming in my ear. It was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard and I wanted to wrap myself in it. Instead, I pulled the blanket up tighter around us, and wiggled trying to get more comfortable.

C/n let out a grunt. “Hey, y/n, not so much rubbing,” he chuckled and I could hear the blush in his voice.

“Sorry,” I smiled, looking back at him. 

The view was priceless. He was beet red, and he had the cutest sheepish smile on his face as he tried to adjust his position on the couch so as not to rub himself against me, which was impossible considering our bodies were flush against one another. 

“Stop fussing, you’re fine, I’m fine. We’re fine,” I said, caressing his cheek before laying back down. 

I had only just closed my eyes, when I felt his lips on my head. The kiss was tender. Pulling my hair out from under my head, he began running his fingers through it. I sighed in contentment. Braiding and unraveling my hair again, he started humming my favorite love song. I remember me talking about it in class once, and noticing how his full attention was on me. The humming traveled through his core, and with my ear pressed to his chest I could hear it vibrate through his body. His fingers were so gentle and nimble as they worked through my hair, then my scalp. I moaned, and my hands flew to my mouth. 

“It’s okay, y/n. Let me love you,” his voice came out so soft I barely heard it. 

I relaxed into his fingers though as he massaged my scalp. Starting at the nape of my neck, working his way up and to the sides of my head, eventually using his nails to gently scratch. I let out another moan, and I felt his chest stiffen and relax under my head as he chuckled. 

“You always smell like roses and I’ve always wondered whether it’s perfume or what. But now I realize it’s your shampoo. Should’ve been obvious considering anytime you walked into class with wet hair you smelled especially strong of it. God, it’s absolute torture when you walk by and leave that heavenly scent trailing behind you, like it’s teasing me to follow you,” he mumbled, seemingly lost in his own world. His own world that apparently revolved around me.

“Didn’t know I had such an effect on you, c/n,” I giggled. 

“You’re absolutely intoxicating,” he said, his voice pouring into my ear like silk. He had slid down now, so that his mouth was right by my ear. 

Those thick fingers slid under my shirt, making swirling patterns on my soft stomach. I caressed his forearms as they moved, making my own patterns on his skin. I moved my feet to tickle his. I could feel his smile grow bigger against the side of my face. I moved my leg up slightly, deciding I liked this, and stroked his muscled calf with my foot. Up and down. I was rewarded with his breathing becoming uneven. 

His warm arms wrapped around my stomach, trapping me to him and he whispered, with a smirk, “You’d better stop being such a tease unless you want me to have a heart attack.”

“We wouldn’t want that now, would we?” I chuckled, continuing my massaging on his leg. 

I looked back at him and grinned, wickedly. He raised his eyebrows in question, and I grinded my ass into him.

His eyes rolled back and his head thumped against the arm of the couch, a strangled moan escaping his lips. The sound was music to my ears. 

“Fuck,” he breathed. “Y/n stop, please.”

But I didn’t. I kept grinding and I felt my actions having the expected effect on his body.

“I thought you said my wish was your command,” he gasped, trying to contain himself from moving against me. 

“It is,” I giggled. “What do you wish for, c/n?”

“I wish for you to stop doing that, because I know you’re just teasing me,” he panted. 

I immediately stopped, turning around and straddling him instead. I quirked my eyebrow.  “And?”

“And I wish you were my girlfriend,” He breathed, brushing a stray lock of hair that had fallen across my face.

Immediately, I fell into his arms, laughing, feeling giddy. Hovering over him with my elbows resting on either side of his face on the arm of the couch, I brushed my fingers through his hair.

“God, yes,” I grinned. 

He crushed me in a suffocating hug and kissed my neck repeatedly.

“Thank god for blizzards,” he chuckled.

I looked into his shining eyes and nuzzled my nose against his.

“Thank god for you,” I said, before his lips captured mine in a sweet kiss filled with giggles and passion.

anonymous asked:

jamilton au where Alexander is a demon whose purpose is to torment and convince Thomas to kill himself, and yet Thomas still falls head over heels for him and will do anything Alexander tells him to. Alexander actually had to stop him a few times to make the suicide less anticlimactic. He knew Thomas was depressed, but it shouldn't have been that easy to get him to the edge of a bridge looking down on stormy waters


thomas would still have depression and alex makes him do shitty ass things (drugs, etc) but alex wants to fucking stop being a demon bc hes in fucking love w thomas but he can’t stop

Bath & Bubble

Request: “ahh hello, I love your writing could I request something? like newt or credence x reader and she is like super self conscious about her body cos she is like overweight / chubby? and like is super self conscious of her breasts and like vagina and stuff? I am sorry if this is super weird!” + “credence smut please? i don’t care what the situation is tbh, anything you write i’m going to love, thank you”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: self-loathing, weight issues, etc.

A/n: this is so horrible and not that smutty I’m so sorry idk why this was so hard to write (maybe bc i’ve had problems w my body in the past??) anyway, if any of u reading this are self-conscious about ur weight or how your body looks I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU and keep doing you, because you are a star and a valuable part of of the universe <3

Your face twisted in disgust as you gazed regretfully at the figure in the mirror. Bringing a hand to pinch at your sides, you sighed at the amount of fat you could pull from your body. You were dressed in a racy set of red lingerie, but you felt anything except sexy.

“(Y/n)? Are you home?” You heard Credence call as you could hear the front door close.

The jingling of keys coming closer to your bedroom made you lunge towards the wardrobe, sinking down behind the hanging clothing and closing the mirror door quickly. Your breathing was muffled by the closed space, but you could hear your heart beating rapidly in your tight chest. You grimaced at the thought of your boyfriend seeing you in your state, even though earlier today when you had bought the new underwear you had been far more confident. Once the reality set in, you were just not ready for Credence to see you like this.

Today marked 6 months of being together, and you had wanted to do something special for him. He had been so kind, understanding, and loving, but you were afraid that he was unsatisfied with your sex life. Every time his breath would hitch, or his pants would tighten, you were quick to recoil. It wasn’t because you weren’t ready; you had actually had many sexual encounters with him. You did your best to please him, but refused to let him touch you. You were just too scared that he would want to break up if he saw the lousy state of your body in its naked form.

“(Y/n)?” His voice sounded from inside the bedroom. You squeezed your knees to your chest, feeling your belly roll up as it was constricted against your thighs. Credence pulled back the door, finding you cowering in the dark. “What are you doing?” He asked concernedly, crouching down and placing a hand on your knee.

“Just… looking for something to wear.” You croaked. Tears had started to well in your eyes as embarrassment gripped your insides. The waterfall of emotion came crashing down, and you ducked your head into your knees. “Can you please close your eyes.”

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I know I'm odd one out but I absolutely love Cait's dress (in fact I "Pinned" it a few weeks ago!) However, what I love more about her choice of dress is that Cait is not a run-of-the-mill actress. She doesnt dress to please the masses & win "best dressed", she dresses in stuff she loves, stuff she finds fun, pretty, dramatic etc. She's def no fashion victim like most of Hollywood. I admire her so very much for edginess w fashion, it says a great deal about personality & makes me love her more.

same!! I didn’t like the dress tonight but she made a statement, like she usually does, with her outfits and I can definitely admire that. I couldn’t wear like 90% of the stuff she wears and 90% of the time she looks incredible in the clothes. I’ll say it till I die: the woman could wear a paper bag and look amazing. I love, LOVE her makeup, hair and jewelry from tonight. And the top half of the dress has definitely grown on me, I will say that. 

masterlist - request

requested by anonymous:Hi lovely!!! could u do sonny x reader where the reader gives him a lap dance n he’s VERY sexually frustrated n then one thing leads to another, etc etc… Love your blog btw X

thank you, friend! -e

requested by anonymous: sweet dirty talk w/ carisi pls

word count: 743

warnings: sex, lap dance

To start things off, you tied Sonny to a desk chair with two of his ties, only stopping to make sure he knew the safe word.

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Ahhhh I love soo much this game!
This is like Gravity Falls or Life is Strange!
I love these kind of games! Sci-fi, Mystery etc…
By the way this is Alex (she’s bit like Coraline w/ long hair) from the video game “Oxenfree”
If you want to watch, you can watch from Jacksepticeye but he hasn’t finished the game (you have to wait…) but… If you want to watch all! Go to Wade, our LordMinion777
Or play yourself! <3
When Jack will finish the game I’ll go to watch Wade =3
I loovee Alexandra!!
Hope you like it! 😊❤

I Love It When You Moan Like That

Prompt: Can you do a mgg one about him being your best friend and you guys end up having sex. Kinda rough w dirty talk, but not rude (slut,whore,etc) I don’t know if that makes any sense haha. I love your writing :)

Word count: 2930 words

Rating: M

Warnings: Dirty talk, kind of rough

Pairing: MGG x reader

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Safe Blog for my lovely followers 💖

Just a moment ago I had a horrible anxiety attack watching these protests and hearing some of the people who’s families could be deported or to all others in fear in the LGBT community 🏳️‍🌈 like me, POC’s like me also, women, etc. I realize that all of Tumblr is ablaze w/ anxiety producing content and like me a minute ago I need a safe place which is this blog. And for all of you who find safety or comfort in SU I shall post my entire queue for all my lovely followers. I love you and I we will get through this together💖

Originally posted by veroar

lowkey in love w myself cause i wake up every morning in a big t shirt and messy hair, regardless of how bad the night was before. because somehow, despite all the pain, i still manage to find myself smiling over the small things like; the smell of rain, sunshine, handholding, the stars, sunsets, music, poetry, etc. because somehow i manage to pick myself up off the floor i sobbed on yesterday, because i carry myself through this darkness and hug myself when im cold, and accept the hands that are reaching out to me. because i love everyone around me, including myself. because if you can’t love your very own foundation, how do you expect anyone else to love all that you are? you’ve gotta fall in love with yourself, messy hair, teary eyes, big smile, broken bones and all. i think finding and loving the right people helps you do so. fall in love with the way your hair falls, the way your eyes sparkle when you see the rain drops hitting your window or your favorite book on display in your local bookstore or when you see the person you love. fall in love with the way your tears fall, damn, i know it’s painful sitting in bed at night crying but you’ve carried yourself this far and that makes you brave. love your very own bravery. love the way you get excited over friday’s, or wednesday’s, or mint ice cream or the smell of your favorite perfume. you have to. because when all you’re doing is running off of the way your bones carry you and not fueling yourself with love, you’re gonna run out of steam and collapse and break every single home and wonder where you went wrong. and baby, you went wrong the day you stopped loving yourself and started loving the things that hurt you.

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why do you keep watching and making content for arr*w if you don't enjoy it anymore? (not trying to attack i'm just genuinely curious, i don't like how it's going these past two and half seasons either but i just stopped watching completely)

Like almost everything in my life, there are parts of it that I enjoy and parts of it that I hate. I don’t believe in black and white, there are areas in between in almost everything. (Except for the real deal, like, facism, racism, etc. etc.) And I don’t believe in completely hating something or completely loving.

If you hate or love every part of the shows you watch, you are most likely being biased, whether that is in a positive, negative way. 


I’ve done this once before but I’ve made so many friends and I’d love to make some more :)

My name is Kelsie, I’m 16 yrs old, and from Washington.

I love poetry, aesthetic photos, twenty one pilots, childish gambino, panic! at the disco, cute animals, tea, tie dye, coffee, self depricating humor, etc.

Hit me up if u wanna chat! I’m down w/ snail mail or just text



D̗͕̞̦̙̫͖ͧ̓̍̏͂̑̂͋ ̗͖̱̗̥ͪͥŭ̠̗̖͂͑̋͊̂ͅ ̖̂ͧ͆ͮ̂á̬̫͈̹̣͂̀ͣ̂ ͉̫̖͕͙̲̊ͭ͛͛̓ͯ̆l͉̰̱̯͍͎̤̺ͯ̿ͧ͑ ̱̘̦̫̘͙̎ḯ̤̜̃̐͋̌ ͖͇̥̯̎̔̐͗̔ͭt̙͈͓͔͔̹̼ͧ̽̏̂̋ͪ̔ ̰̗̜͗ͨ̿͐̓̽ͅy̬͖ͦ̏̄ͩͩ


Hi guys! We are glad to announce that we are now accepting MatchUp asks! HOWEVER, there are some rules you need abide by! This is to ensure that we have useful information to accurately partner you with someone :)

Matchups should include ONLY the following:

  • Height 
  • Star sign 
  • Main facial features (sharp eyes, rounded chin, green eyes, short wavy hair w/full bangs, etc.)
  • How you dress (casual; semi baggy; I don’t really care to LOOK good, as long as I’m okay looking; etc.) 
  • One to three hobbies
  • What makes you feel loved by your partner(”I like physical touch”; “I enjoy kisses in public”, etc)
  • How you show love to your partner (”I always look out for my lover”; “I care about their safety”; “I make food for those I love”, etc)
  • How you act around others [nonpartner/friends]
  • Something Unique about yourself AND/OR Something about yourself that you are Proud Of

Here’s a couple small examples done by team, but it can have as much detail as you want!:

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as well!

  • Do try to keep it to one ask, but it’s totally fine if you need two! Just try to send the bottom/(2/2)/Second half first! But, if we want the amount of detail that we’re asking for… we highly recommend using our new option below!
  • Since we got so many requests about it, you can also submit your Match-Up requests through our submission box! However, please do try to keep it to a reasonable length. We just ask that you PLEASE do not send MatchUps! through fanmail. 
  • These posts will also be queued along the usual requests, fics, and art reblogs!