in like every sinja

ok everyone let’s talk about sinja: the drama CD

can i just mention how expertly sin pulls off getting ja’far to come with him? the generals have already decided ja’far needs a break so they hold a banquet. now u gotta think that sin knows this banquet is to give ja’far a breather, but sin interjects with basically ‘you guys have good intentions but u don’t know ja’far at all- he won’t just drink and be pacifiedhe needs adventure, he needs to go on vacation’. but it isn’t just any kind of vacation- it’s a vacation that expressly involves protecting sin, ja’far’s fave pasttime. anyway sin totally uses the kindness of the generals to get ja’far to come with him- b/c he definitely still would have picked ja’far anyway- and then got ja’far to look past work and pride and acknowledge their efforts despite them failing to cheer him up b/c sin is still the only one that can really cheer him up… && then he lets ja’far take out all of his pent up anger and frustrations out on him without getting mad or dismissing him he’s just like “i’m taking care of u ja’far, just relax” && sin remembered to bring ja’far’s fave child masrur (who he also probably would have picked anyway because masrur is ja’far’s favourite) just in case he couldn’t pacify him- all i’m saying is that sin is an EXPERT ja’far tamer, like ja’far thinks to himself ‘why am i even here, sin has like enchanted me wtf’ because that’s exactly what’s happened. he can read you like a book- he’s got you completely pegged && WHIPPED, ja’far, but u love it so it’s fine.