in like 25 days


17th April ~ 12:15

English essay planning & finishing off holiday homework this morning. I’ve started doing that thing where you plan each day on post-its? We’ll see how it goes. Also I’m running low on post-its.

anyway, I’m kinda late to say this this but I’ve been planning a trip to the USA and it’s finally happeninG it was a very last minute decision, I’m leaving in like 3 days (on the 25) gonna be there for 2 weeks or so, gonna meet some friends, go to chicago and I’ll be at colossalcon in cosplay :^)

I hope it’s gonna be fun, I’ve never been on a plane, to the usa, at a proper con, or a rollercoaster park, or cosplayed, or met (most of) my friends irl lmao it’s gonna be a lot of things but yE

(anyway I’ll have my laptop and wifi so I’ll probably still be online at some points and might even post some stuff if I can)

Hey so April’s coming up so I thought it’d be good to have some activities to do! I’ve seen other people do these (most notably for me @uniqueaspergirl​ had one that I did a few of last year!) and thought I’d set one up!

Under the cut is a list of the days (also listed in the picture) and descriptions of what each one is because a few words aren’t always the easiest to understand even when you wrote them.

I would like to say first though that - despite me keeping the descriptions of each day mostly positive, negative submissions and additions are absolutely accepted. Everything isn’t sunshine and daisies. Most of the things are general enough that they’ll apply to anyone, but if one doesn’t work for you feel free to treat it as a freebie!

Submit by submitting to the blog directly, tagging us ( in the @ kind of a way) or by tagging it #walkinredinstead (which I checked, it’s empty) and I’ll post and reblog as many as I can!

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“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

This is a recovery challenge for anyone dealing with trauma / PTSD. Feel free to do in your own time or every day, in a journal or on your blog, using writing, photos, or a mixture. Feel free to tag “ptsdconfessions” in any entries you put on your blog!

  • Day 1: What kinds of symptoms do you experience?
  • Day 2: What are some good things that have happened in your life?
  • Day 3: Is there anything your trauma stops you from doing?
  • Day 4: Does anyone else know about the trauma you experienced?
  • Day 5: Are there any books, movies, games, etc. that have changed how you view yourself / your trauma?
  • Day 6: Do you have trouble remembering aspects of the traumatic event(s)?
  • Day 7: If you could change the past so that the event(s) never happened, would you?
  • Day 8: What song best summarises your experience with trauma / PTSD?
  • Day 9: Do you feel that experiencing trauma has changed you?
  • Day 10: Write a letter to the cause of your PTSD.
  • Day 11: Are there any quotes that inspire you?
  • Day 12: Pay it forward. Do a random act of kindness.
  • Day 13: What kinds of therapy or self-help have you done?
  • Day 14: What’s the hardest thing about recovering from trauma?
  • Day 15: How does the event impact on your day-to-day life?
  • Day 16: Do you like to use fidget toys?
  • Day 17: What motivates you?
  • Day 18: Do you have any unhealthy coping mechanisms?
  • Day 19: What helps you get through the hardest days?
  • Day 20: Do you know anyone who has experienced something similar? If so, how do they cope with it?
  • Day 21: What things trigger your symptoms?
  • Day 22: Is there anything you’d like to tell anyone about your trauma?
  • Day 23: What things help you feel safe?
  • Day 24: What does a good day look like for you?
  • Day 25: Is there anything positive you’ve experienced in recovering from trauma?
  • Day 26: How have your symptoms changed over time?
  • Day 27: Do you feel that experiencing trauma has affected your relationships with others?
  • Day 28: What goals do you have?
  • Day 29: What’s your best method for getting through bad days?
  • Day 30: What do you want to get out of recovery?

In honor of March 25 and the last few days of ot5, i’d like to remind everyone of how much nourriam loves Zayn. 

Leaving a space for Zayn and his mic set when singing 

Liam and Louis making sure nobody takes Zayn’s spot

Liam hinting at what’s to come or just missing Zayn…

Harry’s double ponytail resembling Zayn’s 

Liam making sure everyone knows that ot5 is fine, Liam taking a picture of a Zayn fan sign and Harry reacting to a picture of Zayn

Lilo discussing how much Liam loves his Yorkshire boys [Louis and Zayn]

Louis autograph to a fan regarding Zayn on March 22, 2015

Leaving a space for Zayn for their first music video without him

Finally, Zayn’s smile during otra…

Inktober 014: Grumpy, confused, possibly embarrassed Keith 

Lance is probably doing something adorable and he feels conflicted

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board

25 May 1895: Lest we forget

On a day like this, 122 years ago, Oscar Wilde was convicted for gross indecency. He was sentenced to two years of hard labour in prison. He left his imprisonment a broken man, and went to exile. He never recovered from his stay in prison and died in Paris in 30 November 1900.

I’ve been thinking about FAHC again lately and got thinking about Immortal FAHC in particular and like…. I love those headcanons about how old everyone in the crew is, and how Ryan is always presented as the oldest/one of the oldest, like he was around to see the actual Ides of March and all that, but then I got thinking what if he was actually the youngest of the crew?? Like obviously he doesn’t look it, but then, none of them look their age. Gavin is going on 600 and he doesn’t look a day over 25. And the whole crew is like that - they’ve got decades upon decades under their belts, they’ve died more times than they care to count (Michael jokes that he’s probably died so much that he actually can’t count that high). And Ryan realizes this and just…. plays along.

Listen, he’s always enjoyed history, both in school and just in his own reading, and it’s almost ridiculously easy to get them to believe that he’s over 1,000 years old. Jeremy is half-convinced that Ryan is actually closer to 2,000 years old for the longest time.

and then one day, somehow, they get talking about the first time they all died - because, while the years and the deaths might fade together after a while, you can never, ever, forget that first time - and Geoff is going on and on about how fucking awful it is to get trampled to death in a fucking stampede oh my god guys you have no idea - and Jack cuts him off and asks Ryan, and everyone is half-expecting to hear that he got crucified by the Romans or something, but instead what comes out is “oh, I got stabbed by this prick with a switchblade -” “SWITCHBLADE????¿¿?” “yeah, it was the 40s, everyone had a switchblade” “WHAT??¿?????!!¿?!?”

and that’s how the crew finds out that Ryan is only like 80-some years old and honestly that’s ridiculous, Jeremy thought that he’d been the youngest for ages, and he’s at least passed a century now, oh my god Ryan, are you serious?????

they tease him about it for the next 50 years, at LEAST

25 things I'd like to see in 19 Days.

What I hope to see in 19 days:

1. mo guan shan as a kid

2. xiyi talking their shit out

3. info on he tian’s brother

4. more she li (yes he’s a dick but i want his dick)

5. mo guan shan smiling happily!!!!

6. zhan xixi crying (what the fuck is wrong with me)

7. he tian crying (again what the fuck tess)

8. a shit ton of angst

9. more about the maffia shit involving jian yi’s and he tian’s families

10. he tian’s parents & more of jian yi’s mom & zhan xixi’s dad (maybe next chapter??)

11. mo’s father info (the only thing we know is that he’s in prison)

12. for zhan xixi to realize that maybe, mAYBE HIS FRIEND IS GAY FOR ONLY HIM

13. for a friendship to form between guan shan & zhan zhengxi

14. for he tian & jian yi to scheme shit together

15. xixi & mo initiating a kiss

16. a love rival for the xiyi ship, i usually hate love triangles but i think it would help developing their relationship (and i’m kind of hoping it’ll be she li but we all know old xian has her moves) i wouldn’t want this for tianshan anytime soon


18. for zixi to like jian yi and maybe talk about the kiss with zhan zhengxi? i mean i wouldn’t ignore it but…


20. future tianshan info we don’t know shit they might be dead then we don’t KNOW!!!!

21. for xiao idk anymore to help xiyi relationship!!! OX didn’t bring her back for nothing right

22. squad as maffia bosses fucking shit up

23. smut (i mean come on you know you want it)

24. for zhan zhengxi to burst out in laughter all of a sudden and everyone looking at him like tf you can laugh,,, LOL


i’d like to see even more but then this list would have 1000 things and nobody would read that (i’m not sure you’ll even read this tbh)

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #8
  • I try my best to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and family... But then I see something and think, "You know who would like that? Me."