in light of recent events u feel me

an open letter 2 halsey

1st off, let me start by saying that im not coming at ur throat or anything. im explaining why most of us feel the way we do in light of recent events. 2nd off, ill give u a little background on myself. im 16. im a young girl and im already paying bills bc my mom cant afford to by herself since my dad left. i am a cashier @ a local restaurant. i work w some of the most passionate, inspiring women ive ever met, most of whom are single mothers struggling to make ends meet. so when i read ur comment coming at someone for their job position, it hit me hard.

ur fans arent upset for nothing. we are disappointed bc we know u are capable of more. we know u stand for better things. at least u used to. what u said to begin with was a problem. but the way u made an excuse, even attempted to justify it, was what tipped many over the edge. no ones saying u HAVE to apologize. we’re just saying u should.

when i listen to ur music i used to envision a woman of character and substance. now all i can think about is a woman who looks down upon ppl simply bc of their financial class. and this isnt the first time uve said something to make many of ur fans second guess why they began to love u in the first place. the ratio of shitty things u have said to the amount of apologies given is about 192003817161627:0.

and while im at it i might as well talk abt the elitist aura of superiority uve had for like the past year. we get it. ur not like other artists!!!!! u sing abt drugs and sex and old men sitting on thrones. u are better than allllll those pathetic women who write abt heartbreak n love. but guess what? ur not the first “feminist” songwriter to come along, and u definitely wont be the last. this isnt ur revolution.