in life we try and we fail

Can't afford the vet, can't afford the pet.

When we in the veterinary industry defiantly cry “If you can’t afford the vet then you can’t afford the pet,” please try to understand what we’re talking about.

We’re not talking about people that have a pet for years, fall on hard times and can’t find the $3000 it needs for surgery or intensive care. Life happens. Goodness knows most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around either.

We’re talking about people who spend $1000’s on a new puppy… But can’t afford vaccines, desexing or heartworm preventative.

We’re talking about people who ‘rescue’ an animal but fail to provide it with basic care.

Or 'rescues’ that aren’t treating the issues of animals they acquire, especially if they delay treatment to beg for donations online.

And the people that haven’t wanted to spend money on preventative care for their senior pet for the last three years because “she’s old and will die soon.”

Or the ones that spend hundreds of dollars on doggy fashion accessories but accuse you of price gouging on antibiotics.

Who can’t borrow $50 from all the people they know, but want a payment plan from you. And a discount because they 'rescued’ it as a puppy.

For whom $20 of take home pain relief is 'just too much’.

Who keep acquiring more and more animals with problems that need extensive treatment that they can’t pay for.

Look, we don’t want to see anything suffer and will help out when we can, and try to tailor things to your budget…

But if you can’t afford BASIC veterinary care, then you cannot afford the pet. Don’t get it.

10 things I learned in 2016

1. Travel, a lot. Buy a ticket, grab a friend, and discover places you’ve never been to.
2. Say goodbye. The friendship you had with someone since Year 1 will change and sometimes you slowly distance yourself from each other.
3. Be kind. We live in a cruel, awful world but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and cold hearted.
4. Write. Take a piece of paper and pour your heart out. Write down everything that comes to your mind, I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwords.
5. Dream. It doesn’t matter whether your goals and wishes seem impossible to reach, just try to follow them.
6. Let go. The past is the past and shouldn’t determine the life you live now.
7. Fail. There is nothing more uplifting than failing and getting up again to succeed. We learn from mistakes and while it’s hard to accept, we grow through them,too.
8. Accept yourself. Barely anyone fits into today’s beauty standards and that’s okay. As long as you feel comfortable and healthy, the opinion of other people with judgement clouded minds shouldn’t matter to you.
9. Get help. It’s okay to ask for help and get the support you need.
10. Be independent. I don’t say that you should break up with your partner or get ride of all your friends but please don’t lose yourself in the process of being in a relationship or friendship for that matters.

The Kiss of Death?

Context: First session of a new game, but most of the players are also in another game, so we all know each other pretty well. We were all in an airship brig being transported to the harsh prison region.

Our Bard(Yaz) managed to get out of her cell after making the guard break down about the state of his life and giving him a kiss, only to see his throat open up(a mysterious detail we collectively forgot 30 seconds later)

After getting the cell key from the dead guard, I, a muzzled silver Dragonborn, got her to let me out out as well…

Yaz, after trying and failing to get my muzzle off: We’ll figure out how to get that off, don’t worry. (Rolls a 23 Athletics to give my Dragonborn a kiss on the forehead)

A few moments later…

Yaz: Y'know, everyone who’s died so far, I’ve kissed!

Me, ooc: I’d like to start wiping my forehead clean now…

“Libraries can help with brain development and early literacy. Very young children are cared for by their teachers, parents, and nannies who are not necessarily trained in how a child’s brain develops. As librarians, we’re in an amazing position to talk about ways to stimulate a child’s brain and how to prepare kids to be better learners. We’re trying to emphasize the importance of talking to children and providing them with sensory experiences when they’re young. Things like rhyming and increasing the number of words when talking to children help them to learn more later in life.
“When children fail to learn new words in their day-to-day interactions, and when they’re not having tactile experiences, their brain synapses don’t stay active. Things that happen to children early in their lives play a big role in why they go in different directions and contribute to many socioeconomic differences.
“Libraries also help people find stories. Stories teach kids empathy. When we tell and share stories, we understand each other on a deeper level and think beyond ourselves. Studies have consistently shown that people who are readers are more empathetic. For example, people who have read Harry Potter are less likely to be racist.”

do you ever enter periods of very dark thoughts and think.. . like. what the fuck is the point?? what is the point of school or working a crap job or like any of this shit if we’re just gonna die in 70 years??? like what were we put on this earth to do. what is my purpose why am I here. why why why I’m so fucking tired of LIFE you know? It’s like there a hidden secret and everyone else knows it and I’m just wandering through life aimlessly trying to please everyone and failing bc I’m the only one who isn’t in on it. I’m so bored of living like what the fuck. I feel like my life has been a very long trip and I just want to go home

Do not stop. Do not stop believing in yourself, in your dreams. Believe in everything you want even in times when you are uncertain of yourself. When you’re not sure if you can make it through but you know you still want it, whatever it may be, you need it. You need it so bad that suffering won’t even deter you. You are craving it, your goals, your dreams, your future. Don’t stop pulling through. We all fail, we all slip up, we all lay in the mud sometimes, we all think we’re are giving up by laying down and wishing we didn’t want it. But, no matter how hard we try, we still want it. That, that alone is what will give you it. The never ending image of that success and of that life that you could have. It is all you need. Do not stop. Do not let yourself down. If you can’t stop thinking about it, you will get up and you will try again. Just keep going.

Don’t stop believing in yourself - by Amy Kennedy


Healing takes a lot of courage. It isn’t only asking you to forgive those who have hurt you but it also requires you to accept yourself completely and unconditionally. There are days that are still hard and frustrating. We just wanted to be left alone, to sit down with the pain and cry it all out. But for some reason or another, we just can’t do it yet. There are also days that we feel like we’re about to give up and just walk away completely with nothing but our broken pieces and wait until emptiness soothes the soul. It’s not really that easy. It does take time to heal, to accept that some things are meant to be temporary no matter how hard you try, and how badly we want it in our life. We often fail, sometimes we stumble, we have our limitations and it takes a lot of guts to accept the truth that no matter how strong we think we are, we also need some rescuing.
—  (d.g)
You can’t fly too close to the sun but you can’t be too far either. You have to keep trying but you can’t fail. We have all these crazy goals imposed on us and we can’t seem to live peacefully until we reach them. And once we reach them, we find new ones and the loop never ends; we keep on running until we are left breathless and we cannot run anymore. Just stop running for a while and take some time to think if you are running in the right direction.
—  giulswrites
Viktor's 'Stay close to me' performance theory

So, I’ve always thought Viktor had some kind of interest in Yuuri since I saw episode one and now I know I’m right.
I’ll try to explain my thoughts about Viktor’s performance to ‘Stay close to me’ after seeing the newest episode.

Episode 10 spoilers ahead!

So as we know, Yuuri got really drunk after his failed Grand prix and had many dance-offs with the other skaters including Viktor. After seeing photos we get to a scene where Yuuri asks Viktor to be his coach may Yuuri win the dancing.
Viktor looks absolutely SMITTEN by Yuuri at that moment. Probably because Yuuri wanted him, him to stay by his side and lead him through his career and life. Yet, Yuuri quit skating and forgot about the whole night, about ever interacting with Viktor and that’s why Viktor skated ‘Stay close to me’ the next season.
He felt like Yuuri left him, hurt him and he wanted Yuuri to stay with him as Yuuri asked of Viktor.

After seeing him imitating his performance he decided to be Yuuri’s coach after all, since Yuuri did win the dance-offs but also showed Viktor that he still cared for him.

Healing takes a lot of courage. It isn’t only asking you to forgive those who have hurt you but it also requires you to accept yourself completely and unconditionally. There are days that are still hard and frustrating. We just want to be left alone, to sit down with the pain and cry it all out. But for some reason or another, we just can’t do it yet. There are also days that we feel like we’re about to give up and just walk away completely with nothing but our broken pieces and wait until emptiness soothes the soul. It’s not really that easy. It does take time to heal, to accept that some things are meant to be temporary no matter how hard you try, and how badly we want it in our life. We often fail, sometimes we stumble, we have our limitations and it takes a lot of guts to accept the truth that no matter how strong we think we are, we also need some rescuing.
—  d.g. via Tumblr (dakilanggerlpren)

‘Hamilton’ Star: “If You Don’t Recognize Your Power, You Don’t Have It” (Time):

On how she stays healthy

“I take naps. I get home really late at night, and sometimes the only quality time I get with my children is when they get up in the morning. I was never a napper, but napping has saved me through the show.”


On what she does if she fails

“I get back onstage. The beautiful thing about doing eight shows a week and [sometimes] several shows a day is that we don’t really have the opportunity to stew on whatever we didn’t get right, because there’s always another audience coming in here in a couple of hours and we can try again. That’s a blessing.”


On the best advice she’s ever received

“From a friend in the industry, who said, ‘Power is not power if you don’t know you have it.’ She lives her life encouraging people she knows to recognize their power. Because if you don’t recognize it, you don’t have it.”

On what being onstage is like

“Sharing the magic.”

Anti Headcanon

Next year just around Halloween, Jack’s webcam starts to glitch again. We notice, just like always and the fandom proceeds to go into full-on hype mode.

It progresses, this time the imagery is much darker. Jack is tormented by Anti. He’s crying in the glitches, hiding from us. Scared for his life, scared of what Anti will do to him.

 He’s trying to send us a message. We need to ignore Anti this time. Do what we failed to last year. But we don’t pick up on Jack’s signals and Anti gets the foothold he needs to take over for good this time.

It’s quiet this time. Jack’s crying in a corner, trembling. We can only watch as Anti does his worst. 
“Happy Halloween!” Jack reassures us he’s fine, same as always. But there’s something dark behind his eyes. He’s on edge

The fans are vigilant. We pick up on “Jack’s” mood swings, he’s easily angered, isn’t nearly as bouncy and lively and misses his signature ‘haha’s’ and :D :P faces. Something’s off and we know it. 

Anti’s in control.

His words are dark but what can we do? Two videos a day.

He’s angry. What’s he planning? Two videos a day.

He’s mocking us. We have no control. Two videos a day.

He seems to have come off his power high. Two videos a day.

He’s realizing he can’t keep this up. He’s slipping. Two videos a day.

Jack’s in there. Anti’s losing his grip. Every once in a while, we hear Jack giggle… One video a day.

Anti understands his mistake. He needed Jack to keep him alive. His fight. His love for us. Anti was feeding off that. One video a day.


It’s Jack?

He’s back to giggling like a little kid, making dick jokes and reminding us to stay positive. Two videos a day.

i think i have a problem with communicating things clearly … like when i have a strong stance on something and someone else says/does something i don’t agree with, i don’t want to tell them that directly, i just kind of … send bad vibes? x.x it’s because i don’t like confrontation. but that ends up making it worse than just having a conversation about it.

Open yourself. Open your mind. Your soul. Your being. If you want a better life, a sense of freedom you have failed to ever have before, try it. See what happens when you allow yourself to just be open. Open to new people, open to past, their mistakes, their triumphs and your own mistakes and triumphs. Openness and willingness to accept is the only thing we have left now, we have each other and our ability to love, please don’t let this special ability go to waste.

Open yourself by Amy Kennedy 


Say you’re watching a movie where someone is taken prisoner. That person is taken to a dark dungeon somewhere. 

What is usually the first things we see these people do in these situations? They fight. They bang on the door. They try to break free from their restraints. They scream at their kidnapper. Sometimes we even see a (failed) escape attempt. How much these characters fight depend on what kind of character they are. 

Kicking, screaming, biting, punching and overall fighting are normal responses. Very few people are resigned to their fate right away. At best, they act resigned in order to bide their time before escaping. We see this in both films and hear it from real life accounts.

With the Steven Universe fandoms…..oh, let’s be generous and call it “logic”…..these prisoners are just as abusive as their kidnappers. Because they fought. Because they possibly yelled obscenities at their kidnapper. Because they might’ve bit their kidnappers hand when trying to escape. 

That’s the defense the fandom tries to use against Jasper. She was abusive towards Lapis, because she……tried to escape….And its not a surprising opinion to have. Annyoing as fuck, but not surprising. 

The show itself has given us that same fucked up logic: 

Steven“….But Lapis must be getting tired from fighting Jasper for so long.”

This is presented as some thing heroic. Something we should feel sympathy for. Poor Lapis, she must be getting so tired from fighting Jasper. 

Steven’s opinion is, like the fandom, flawed as fuck. He likes Lapis, therefore she must be the one we sympathize with. 

Its actually a really clever storytelling. Because we see both how Steven view the Malachite situation and how it actually is. Lapis rejects Steven’s idea of her. Alone At Sea showed us how she refused to let him baby her. To let him act like it was all Jasper. 

Steven: “But… she’s terrible.”
Lapis“I’m terrible! I did horrible things! I-I broke your dad’s leg. I stole Earth’s ocean! Go on! Tell me I’m wrong!”

This is not a traumatized little woobie beating herself up. This is someone who is mature enough to understand what she did wrong and refusing to let others baby her. Past trauma is not an excuse. Yes, Lapis has gone through awful things, the mirror alone is an awful experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but that doesn’t give her the right to lash out at others. To inflict abuse on others. To attempt to drown two children. 

Believe it or not - that’s actually a good message to show in a children’s show. Sometimes you will do something wrong and instead of trying to find faults with other people or blame it on your past, you should just own up that YOU were the one in the wrong. No one else, but YOU. 

Its a good message. But sadly one the fandom doesn’t see because they keep thinking of Jasper as the abuser and Lapis as the victim. 

Lapis was the sole abuser in the Malachite situation. Did Jasper fight her? Yes, she did. Because that’s a normal fucking reaction to being trapped. That in no way means Jasper was abusive. Because if you think fighting against your abductor is equally as abusive as what they did to you, then you have a really fucked up world view. 

Hook's helping the only way he can right now

Let’s be clear on something here - NOBODY that cares about Emma is cool with her decision to let herself die.

Snowing and Henry choose to say “we have faith we can beat this!”.

They turn to HOPE.

Regina gets to work with trying to find a solution in her vault.

She turns to MAGIC.

And Hook, he creates a back up plan in case all else fails and in case Emma changes her mind.

He turns to COMMON SENSE.

As a team they’ve defeated many a foe - saved many a life, but it was never ONE method that allowed them to do so. It’s always been a combination of ALL three strategies that has helped them to succeed. Hook doesn’t have much in the way of hope or magic - but practicality and cunning - he’s got those in spades.

He is helping save Emma the only way he knows how to right now - by using common sense. By not throwing away the only life boat on a sinking ship.

Should he have said something? Maybe. But doing so would have undermined Snowing and Henry - they expressed they can beat this. Him arguing they might not be able to is NOT what Emma needs to hear right now.

He doesn’t want to take away their Hope. Saying they need to hang on to the shears would do that.

And he doesn’t want to take away Emma’s Magic. Using the shears would do that.

But If Hope and Magic fail he’s got a back up plan. And he’s not planning to mention it to Emma unless she comes to the conclusion she wants it herself. He wants her to maintain her HOPE. He wants her to keep her MAGIC.

He’s putting everyone else’s feelings before his own to ensure the greatest chance that they can beat this without Emma losing a part of herself she values. I admire that so much.

Imagine Jared accidentally sending you a dirty text

We ask the waiter for another cup of coffee, never failing to find new topics to cover. Emma talks about work and endless trips, I fill her up with my love life and a bit of work. We laugh and talk for a good couple of hours, forgetting that we are in a public space and we shouldn’t be laughing so loudly.

“You should have seen his face” Emma continues laughing, “We were all trying not to crack up, and there he was, with his face red as a tomato”

“What the hell was he doing naked in the woods?!” I ask, not being able to breathe properly due to my laugh.

“Oh, God, I don’t know. None of us wanted to ask”

My phone rings one time, letting me know of a new text. Jared’s name appears on my screen and I show it to Emma.

“Speak of the devil!”

I open the text, feeling my jaw drop as I read through the lines.

“Jesus…” I mutter, feeling my cheeks blush.

“What’s going on?” Emma asks, and I just react by handing her my phone.

Emma reads once, letting a loud laugh out when she finishes. I reach for my phone, but she moves away, holding one finger up, asking me to wait.

“Ok, just one more time” She says.

The laugh continues, and I want to laugh too, but I’m not really sure how to feel about this.

“‘My enormous manhood’” Emma starts reading out loud, “'On your perky…’”

“Emma!” I shut her up, reaching quickly for my phone, “I’m sure it’s not for me”

“Obviously” She tries to stop laughing, but failing to, “Oh, God, Jared really needs sexting classes, that was the worst sext I’ve ever read”

“What do you know about sexting?” I ask her, noticing how her cheeks start to blush.

“Not much” She says, as we hear a new incoming text, “READ IT!”

I open the new text, feeling a smile appear on my lips.

“It’s full of apologies” I say, as I get a new text, “This one too, poor Jared”

“You should go see him” Emma suggests.

“What? No, he’s probably freaking out right now” I mutter, “I would be freaking out too”

We try to continue with our evening, but Jared’s text changes the mood and Emma just couldn’t recover from it. By the time I leave her home she’s still laughing about what happened.

“You should at least text him back” Emma says trough the passenger window.

“What the fuck, Emma?!”

“Not the dirty text, the apologies” She corrects herself, starting to laugh again.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I’ll see you next week”

“Call me!” She shouts as I start to drive away.

As I drive home, I receive a couple of text from Jared. At first just one, and then three in less than a minute. I park in the middle of nowhere to read the texts.

“I can’t believe I just sent that” The first one starts, “I’m so sorry, I know I’ve said it like three times already, but I really am. Maybe it was my unconscious trying to tell you how I felt about you?”

Wait, what?

“Oh, shit”, Is all the second and third one say.

“UNREAD THAT, IMMEDIATELY”, the last one says.

I read the first text again, and again.

How he feels about me? Jared has feelings for me? Oh, no.

I let the phone on the seat next to me, trying to erase the words from my mind. I thought the dirty text was traumatic enough, but… feelings?

Once I get home, I notice Josh’s car parked outside. Great, my boyfriend is home when I have my mind made a mess thanks to Jared. Before getting out of the car I grab my phone, scared of finding another text from Jared, but I find nothing.

I breath calmed, taking my bag and jacket. But all my calmness ends up in the trash when I see Jared sitting on the porch stairs.

“Hey”, he says, standing up.

My bag, phone and jacket end up on the floor, and I lead my hands to my hair, running my fingers through it, trying to calm myself again.

Jared walks towards me, taking all my stuff and handing them to me. I receive them, keeping my distance from him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wrote something, this way I can’t fuck it up again” He mumbles, giving a quick look to the house, “I’ll be quick, I promise”

I nod, grabbing all my things tighter, as if somehow that would help me in any way.

“Ok, here I go” He says, taking a deep breath, “I fucked up”

“That’s it?” I ask him, when I notice he’s not continuing with his letter.

“I was just taking a break” He mutters, “This is hard… Ok, bad use of words”

“Just… go on, Jared”

“Ok. I fucked up” He reads again, “I’m not going to say I’m sorry again, because I’ve done it too much already and you’re probably bored of it. I also said I had feelings for you, and that’s true, but we better forget about that because you have a boyfriend and I’m a weirdo who doesn’t know how to send dirty texts”

He ends with an awkward smile and I can’t help but laugh.

“You done?” I ask, laughing still.

“No” He says, and I can notice his hands shaking a bit, the awkward smile still on his face, “Please don’t tell Josh that I said I have feelings for  you, or he’s going to break my jaw. I’m sorry, for the 100th time, and let’s forget about all this. Please”


“Yes, I’m done”

“I’m gonna forget about the dirty text, don’t worry about that” I laugh, getting closer to him, “And about the other thing… Josh and I have been together for a while, you know that”

“I do” He whispers, folding the note to put it in his pocket.

“Things may change, we don’t know what could happen tomorrow”

“Wait…” He interrupts me, holding his index finger near to my face, “You’re giving me hope or leaving me in the friendzone?”

“Neither” I laugh, “I have a boyfriend now, but things may change. I just hope that if something happens, you’ll still have me in your heart”

The silly smile comes back to his lips, and I end up smiling too.


We both look to the house, Josh is standing on the stairs, holding a cup of coffee on his hands.

“Oh, hey Jared” Josh greets him with a smile, “Wanna come inside?”

“Nah, I’m good” Jared says, with the smile getting wider by the second, “Good seeing you, buddy”

“You too” My boyfriend says, changing his sight to me, “Come inside, it’s getting cold in here”

“I’m coming” I say, letting Josh go inside first, leaving me alone with Jared, “I’m not giving you hope, ok?”

“I know” He laughs, “And don’t worry, you’ve been in my heart for a while, I doubt you’ll get out of there any time soon”

Jared leaves, with the smile still on his face. I watch him go, only entering my house when I’m not able to see him anymore. Josh is waiting for me, another cup of coffee on his hand. I receive the cup, facing my reality after that confession.

I realized why I feel so compelled to Hillary

I’m watching this wonderful kind woman who is smart and works hard struggle. She’s not perfect, her life has had failures for the world to see. We watched her try to get healthcare in the early 90s only to settle for the 8 million kids. We watched her try to become president only to get Secretary of State. This sounds funny though because even when she fails she still makes something from the rubble.

I know how it feels to not have people like me. I know how it feels to be smarter than my completion. I know how confusing and frustrating it is to not get what you want just because other people don’t understand you. I know it makes you feel deficient in a profound and sad way. That you’re not good enough despite how hard you try.

“You’re likable enough” -Obama
“Hillary is the girl who gets straight As and doesn’t get why people don’t like her” -Colbert

I want her to finally win it big. I want her story to go from a series of silver medals to a gold. I want her persistence to pay off. I want her to finally feel good enough.

somebody reblogged one of my posts about how avpd affects your entire life, how you avoid everything and believe that you’re going to fail at anything you attempt and so you don’t even try and you stay stagnant in your life because of it

and this person tagged the post “this is a really pessimistic view”


sorry i struggle with a pervasive mental illness which affects the way i think, feel, and function??

like, legit, stop fucking telling mentally ill people that we’re being “pessimistic” when we talk about our symptoms