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a tiny work of art


People who’ve met me irl know I love to nag about nerdy t-shirts. As in I never find good ones in my size that fit well (form fitting and not with a collar that strangles me - see the Deadpool shirt). Often I see the ones for women at a higher price to their male counterpart. And some designs I really like are only available for men - especially the funny ones.
Annoyed as I was I decided if the shirts don’t fit me I will make them fit me.
So, I got some cheap men’s shirts at the nearby thrift store to practice on and taught myself how to customize them. 
I’m honestly pleased with the outcome! (The shirts are in order I made them) 

If you wanna give it a go, here’s the video I used as a referenceI don’t have a serger so I simply sewed along the line and then trimmed the edges with regular fabric scissors. For the collar I traced along my reference shirt and just flipped the fabric once inside before sewing. I did the same for the length of the shirt if I wanted to make it shorter.
After 3 shirts I made myself a pattern from parchment paper because it’s easier than always laying out shirt on shirt.

Robin’s Nest: Part 10

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1329

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

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Christmas is a big deal in the Wayne household. It has been ever since Dick was born. In fact, before the kids you and Bruce were more likely to eat a TV dinner and watch Die Hard than do anything all that Christmassy. However, when Dick was born Bruce had decided that he wanted to go all out for Christmas, just like his parents had for him. It was during that year that your Christmas traditions were born.

Dick had only been around a month old at the time, but the two of you had bundled him up and taken him to get a tree. Then the two of you had decorated it while telling Dick Christmas stories. That first tree had been very elegant, filled with Thomas and Martha Wayne’s ornaments. Over the years, however, a mix of more family like ornaments had made it onto the tree. There were ones with each of the kid’s birthdays, or in Cass’s case one with her “gotcha day”. There were homemade ornaments and class made ornaments, and the wonderfully pretty ornaments that had first decorated the tree now sat carefully out of reach rather high up on the tree. Instead of being in the foyer, the tree had been moved to the family room, where there were couches to lounge and snuggle on.

You decorate the rest of the house as well. The kids hand handmade decorations, help set up the garland, the manger, and the wreaths. It’s an all-day activity that Bruce takes off of work for. By the time you’re done everyone is exhausted.

You spend a lot of the kids’ holiday off of school baking in the kitchen. You bake lots of treats and goodies, and then you and the kids take them to Gotham’s police and fire departments. Very early on you and Bruce decided that you’d never spoil the kids. They couldn’t just have something simply because they wanted it. There were chores that had to be done, and you always made sure to take them to volunteer somewhere at least once a month. During December however, you’d take them somewhere to volunteer at least once a week. A soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a food drive, and of course you and Bruce take on a whole angel tree, because kids deserve a nice Christmas. You feel like it’s important to show that donating money doesn’t fix everything, helping out and lending an actual hand is just as valuable.

There’s no big Christmas ball. You save that for New Year’s Eve, because Christmas is about happiness, and the people who come to those things always find a way to suck away the joy. You figure it’s better to end the year with that.

You and Bruce also take the kids to look at Christmas lights. Alfred makes hot cocoa and cider, and packs warm cookies, and he takes you through the neighborhood to look at lights. The kids press their faces against the windows ohhing and ahhing. When all is said and done they’re exhausted and ready for bed.  

You and Bruce tackle Christmas shopping together. You go out in these cheesy disguises, like hats and sunglasses, and make a day of it. You even share one of those giant pretzels.

This year however, you’re not able to do as much, and you’re not able to go as long. Because this year, you’re pregnant again, and your due date is Christmas day. You’re praying that the baby comes late, so you don’t have to spend the day away from the kids. As it is, you’ve already had to miss the Christmas lights, the shopping, and the pretzel, because you can’t go long without peeing. Still you make the best of it, as you watch the kids run around and ask you to taste test things.  

The baby doesn’t come on Christmas; he comes on Christmas Eve. It’s early in the morning, and you’ve been banned from the kitchen because the kids are finishing up wrapping their gifts. You do your best to not make a big fuss about it as Bruce drives you to the hospital. You’re extremely lucky, your labor is fast and easy, and you deliver within three hours of arriving at the hospital. The doctor just grins and makes a comment about how having so many kids makes the process easier. You just kind of stare at him, because he obviously wasn’t there for Dick’s labor and delivery.

The baby is happy and healthy, and he looks so much like Bruce that it’s scary. In fact, Damian and Terry look a good deal alike as well. You name him Terry, and he’s adorable. He has a full head of this black hair that’s sticking up in every direction, and as you look at him you realize that you’re done. This is your last baby. And from the way Bruce is wrapping that arm around your shoulder you know he’s thinking the same thing.

The doctors want to keep you overnight, so Bruce goes home to tuck the kids into bed. He reads them the night before Christmas, and tucks them in. Then he takes care of putting all the presents under the tree.

You’re discharged at five am, and you’re exhausted. But you smile as Bruce takes Terry, so you can go change into your soft pajamas. You come back to find Bruce rocking Terry slowly in front of the now lit fire place, and singing Silent Night. You watch for a moment before you join in. When you’re done you take the baby and Bruce goes to change.

The kids come barreling down the stairs at six in the morning, with cries of joy. But they stop dead at the sight of you and Terry. You just smile and say: “Guys, this is you new brother; Terry.”

They surround you, and Dick, Jason, and Tim take turns holding him. Cass is hesitant, so you pull her into your side, and help her. You show her the proper way to hold him, and she lets out this huge smile. Damian and Helena hold him with Bruce’s help, and once everyone’s had a chance, they dive into the presents like the kids they are. You snuggle into Bruce and just watch as the kids exclaim over what Santa brought them.

Those in the League that have nowhere to go are invited to Christmas dinner. J’onn, Diana, Shayera, and John take up the invitation. Everyone but John is a bit mystified by Terry, and you realize that they haven’t had a lot of interaction with kids. John however is a natural, and he just smiles and says “I have a ton of nieces and nephews.” Each leaguer gets a present, and as the kids pull them away to go play, you watch them go with a smile on your face.

Then Bruce is wrapping his arms around you, careful of Terry. He whispers: “Look up.” and you smile at what you see before turning and kissing your husband under the mistletoe.

“Hey buddy, come here, looks like you need a friend…”


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Happy Christmas to everybody!  

I did this artwork for the Bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa 2016 ( @bittersamgirlclub). 

I am @snowfallamellecki (formely @adorablejared) secret santa/ fellow Bitter Sam Girl. One of her prompts was Sam with puppies. I can’t draw a dog not even for save my life, but looks like I actually can draw the back of the dog’s head!

I used lots of references to compose the final image reference. The sketch was made using a Bamboo tablet and Medibang software.

Sara, I hope you like this little fanart. And I wish you a great Xmas and an awesome 2017 ( and lots of love to all my BSGC friends around the world!).