You have your father’s hands.

so often
that rough became smooth.

thick and thin wrinkled
rivers mapped down
knobby knuckles.

You have your mother’s face.

the tapestry you weave
with that wicked tongue.

Your eyes are my demise,
your eyes are my salvation.

How many lies have spilled
from those honey-laced lips?
she taught you well.

How often have you laid
a heavy hand
on your softest cheek?

We are not your parents

and you are more
than their mistakes.

—  Michelle K., A Letter to In-Laws
Sasuke: Monster-in-law
  • Kizashi:Sakura my baby you're home!
  • Sakura:haha yeah papa I'm home! Also uh...
  • Sasuke:hello..
  • Kizashi:..? So you're sasuke huh?
  • Sasuke:uh yes sir.. I-
  • Kizashi:& Why are you here?
  • Sasuke:well..I ...I plan to marry your daughter and I want your permission. *bows*
  • Kizashi:what.
  • Sakura:huh--?!
  • Sasuke:I admit I don't deserve her..but the fact how wonderful she is is what I admire. I never truly appreciated her in the past but I am changing as a person and want to make it up to her.. I want to show her I am a better person and that I'll treat her right..and she's been by my side all along..I want to be by her side from now on..
  • Sakura:papa-!?
  • Kizashi:Sakura please I have heard you cry at night over this guy and I will not let you marry him. Unless..he lets me live with him.
  • Sakura:huh???!
  • Kizashi:if sasuke can survive one month with me living with him. I'll let him marry you.
  • Sakura:what? Wait a minute? I get to decide when to marry him? And if I want to anyway??
  • Mebuki:I think that's a perfect idea.
  • Sakura:Mother?!
  • Sasuke:I accept.
  • Kizashi:we're sleeping in the same bed I hope you know that. I hate sleeping alone and I get night terrors. I also fart.
  • Sasuke:......I..accept.
  • Kizashi:good cause I got my bags ready.
  • Naruto:Hey sasuke! Is your future in law sleeping over with you too?? Hinata's dad is-!
  • Hiashi:*smacks his head* quiet. You're so loud.
  • Hinata:papa!
  • Hiashi:Hinata please. Just because he's the town hero doesn't mean this boy can make me a grandson.
  • Naruto:well!? you never know till I try! And I'll try lots of times!
  • Hiashi:what!?
  • Naruto:eii! That hurts dattebayo! I was kidding! You're daughter is very pretty dattebayo!

anonymous asked:

So if Ashton and Gemma are dating, how often do you think Louis texts Gemma and reminds her quite smugly that it is all thanks to him since he discovered 5sos?

At least several times a week!

Louis: Hey Gems. Ashton told me you really enjoyed your date today. Glad to see you two are getting on well. Just wanted to say you’re welcome. No thanks necessary…you know, for basically introducing you guys ;)

Gemma: Oh shut up. How could I forget? You never stop reminding me. We can’t all meet our boyfriends by chance on some reality TV show.

Louis: What can I say? I’m just so proud to be a little matchmaker. Proper romantic that I am and all that.

Gemma: Yea yea. How about we all get together for a double date sometime? Me and Ash. You and H. How does next Tuesday sound?

Louis: Sure thing. I’ll ask Haz as soon as he…erm…comes up for air

Gemma: You two are disgusting 

Louis: xx :)