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The Handmaid’s Tale
THIS IS A MUST WATCH. Sign up for a free month of hulu if you need to see it.

For today’s womanist & SJW you need to watch this show although very triggering, so that when you talk about concepts in your advocacy you can reference this.

People understand through common experiences.  Millions will be talking about this show for the next six months.  Use that common experience to help explain womanist concepts. 


It’s been a while since I finished this project for my class, but I realised I never uploaded my work. So for my designy followers, say hi to,

The Honey Factory

Clear English Lavender Honey - the concept being that customers buy from local English beekeepers, supporting their work and therefore helping the issue of bees facing extinction. Each purchase comes with a packet of free lavender seeds so that customers can continue to keep bees busy!

I really liked working on this, even if it did take 9 months of development and a lot of stress at times, but I’m happy with my outcomes.

Concept: Lavender, after the war, opens a shop in Diagon Alley called Lavender’s and she sells bras. But not just any bras, the perfect bra for you. She remembers every bra she’s ever sold and she understands that it’s not the witch who chooses the bra rather the bra that chooses the witch. Ollivander’s is next door and they occasionally have tea and gossip about the future because they totally know who’s gonna end up with who.

Bunny got me a souvenir on her trip to South Carolina. She also buys more honey than any other human in existence. Angel honey, bear honey, Holy Hill honey - if it’s a honey, we own it.

That said, lavender is the color of domestic violence, so we had been trying to incorporate it into our lemonaid stand to stop gender-based violence in our communities. A day late, and a dollar short, but “Lavender Honey Lemonaid” sounds good to me! (Our friend Patti was also involved in the lavender honey lemonade idea, concepted at her country club by the pool).