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One of the transitions I never hear anybody talk about (although it is pretty obvious) is how Ryuko’s appearance changes to the final fight.
Regular Senketsu looks like a kinky, almost demonic, stripper outfit.
But when they transform into Kisaragi, which pretty accurately means ‘Metamorphosis’ btw, that all changes.
Now senketsu has an almost angelic, gold and red look, and it’s never looked so pure before (it kinda reminds me of a butterfly, too).
It just goes so well to match how far Ryuko and Senketsu had come by this point. They both had changed so much, and grown so much together, and now (more than ever) they really have become one.
Just like their appearance as Kisaragi, their, their skills, their power, their confidence, and their friendship, transformed from rough around the edges, to pure and sleek.

On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la cruz (part 1/?)

This is my first imagine, I’m sorry if this is bad and if I make too much mistakes send me some feedback please, and please have mercy on me.

Pairing: Montgomery x reader

word count: 1051

It was a typical Friday night for you. Listening to your favourite music while putting on some comfy shorts, an oversized shirt and some soft socks. On your neck still the necklace that your ex-boyfriend gave to you for your 1 year anniversary, it has been 2 weeks since the two of you broke up but in your head the story was far from over. Montgomery was not a typical jock. Of course in school Monty found it important to keep his reputation high, being sometimes a little too aggressive pushing kids against the lockers. But when he was with you he was the sweetest, most caring person you’ve ever met. Monty would never hurt you, you thought.

You were completely zoned out when suddenly your phone lit up. It was a text from your best friend Justin.

“ Hey (Y/N), I’m at Jessica’s party where are you?”

Shit! You completely forgot. You weren’t a party animal but since Jess was Justin’s girlfriend and he was your best friend you promised to go. Just to do him a favour, and maybe for one night, forget about Monty and all the pain you’ve felt for the last couple weeks.

“ I was still showering, I’ll be there in 15 minutes!”

“ (Y/N)..”

“ What? A girl needs her shower ;) ?”

“ Nononooo not about that. He’s here, just so you know..”

So Monty was at the party.., he probably looked mind blowing with a nice button down, he’s perfect brown hair and his cute freckles. He hated them but I thought they made him look perfect. It was his finishing touch. But since he was there you had to look good, no not good you had to look great. You searched the dress he loved the most. It was a red one, thightly hugging your body. Monty always went crazy when you wore it, he said it made your body look even more perfect than it already was. You put on some make up and let your hair dry in some loose beach waves.

Justin offered to pick you up so you could drink a little, he imagined you could use some alcohol tonight. You were waiting in the living room when you heard a car on your driveway. Finally Justin arrived, despite the fact you had to face Monty you began to get excited for this party, just because you could be with your friends and could do somethinf different than cry or study.

You stepped into Justins car, when you looked had his mouth fell on the floor.

“Damn (Y/N) you look hot!”

You gave him a sweet smile, Justin was always the first one to make you smile with all his compliments
“Thanks Justin, I hope I have the ame influence on someone else tonight.” You winked at him and obviously referring to Montgomery

“ I’m sure you will, look at yourself, mindblowing. I’m pretty proud to call you my best friend right now.”

“ Alright Foley enough bluffing now let’s go, I don’t want Jessica to hate me.”

10 mintues later you arrived at the party. Suddenly you felt the chills go down your spine. You were going to face Monty after avoiding him for 2 weeks, after all the crying, going over everything the two of you did together and looking for a mistake you made. Looking at alle the pictures you had together for hours and missing him, missing his touch and his genlte kisses and the way he shouted your name when you scored a goal on the soccerfield.

Justin looked at you “(Y/N) you look stunning, don’t worry it will be fine, and if you want to go home just give me a sign.”

You smiled at Justin, he understood you with just one smile. The two of you went in, he went to Jessica, kissing her. You walked straight to the kitchen fixing yourself a drink. You went for some tequila, or in your case te-kill-a. When you looked up you saw a tall Zach Dempsey looking at you with a grin on his face. “You lost something?” you asked, with a little sass.

“Well I think I lost my heart to you, (Y/N)”

“Too cheesy Zach, now come give me a hug, it’s been 2 weeks”

Zach almost sprinted to you picking you up and spinning you around. You were talking with Zach about his basketball, about how stupid Bryce is, and so one.

You knew Zach since you were 5, he made you a sports fan and he was the one pushing you to train harder everyday so you became the best female soccer player on the team.

Just then you saw him, Monty. He looked you straight in the eyes. You froze, why was he looking so sad, was it because of you, was it because of Zach picking you up? How long has he been standing there?

He didn’t know how the behave so he ran off, you following his path.

You found a lonely Monty 3 houses away, sitting alone on a bench with clenched fists

You walk down to him, “Is this seat taken?” he looks up, his eyes were filled with tears.

“Why would you even want to be here, I’ve been so mean to you?”

“ Maybe because I still care?”

“ Just go”

And right on that moment the most impulsive and probably dumb idea comes into your mind and before you know it

“ Do you want to get drunk? We’ll probably regret this tomorrow but I think we can both use this. since you’re sitting here with you fists clenched and I’m still wearing your necklace.”

He looked at you with his sad eyes nodding affirmatively.

Back at the party Monty fixed drinks for the both of you.

You were waiting outside watching a few boys playing beerpong. You were curious, how was a drunk night with monty going to end?

Monty sat next to you giving you your drink, you could smell it had lots of tequila in it, but you didn’t mind at all

“on a night we won’t remember” he said while drinking the whole thing at once.

“on a night we won’t remember” you said and you did the same

Let me know what you guys think and what you think is going to happen! 

+ a little feedback would be nice!

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Well, Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam
  • I was a drab little crab once
  • Now I know I can be happy as a clam
  • Because I'm beautiful, baby
  • Did your granny say listen to your heart
  • Be who you are on the inside
  • I need three words to tear her argument apart
  • Your granny lied!
  • I'd rather be...
  • Shiny
  • Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
  • Scrub the deck and make it look...
  • Shiny
  • I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
  • Just a sec!
  • Don't you know
  • Fish are dumb, dumb, dumb
  • They chase anything that glitters (beginners!)
  • Oh, and here they come, come, come
  • To the brightest thing that glitters
  • Mmm, fish dinners
  • I just love free food
  • And you look like seafood
  • (Like seafood)
  • Well, well, well
  • Little Maui's having trouble with his look
  • You little semi-demi-mini-god
  • Ouch! What a terrible performance
  • Get the hook (get it?)
  • You don't swing it like you used to, man
  • Yet I have to give you credit for my start
  • And your tattoos on the outside
  • For just like you I made myself a work of art
  • I'll never hide; I can't, I'm too...
  • Shiny
  • Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough
  • Strut my stuff; my stuff is so...
  • Shiny
  • Send your armies but they'll never be enough
  • My shell's too tough
  • Maui man, you could try, try, try
  • But you can't expect a demi-god
  • To beat a decapod (give it up)
  • You will die, die, die
  • Now it's time for me to take apart
  • Your aching heart
  • Far from the ones who abandoned you
  • Chasing the love of these humans
  • Who made you feel wanted
  • You tried to be tough
  • But your armour's just not hard enough
  • Maui
  • Now it's time to kick your...
  • Hiney
  • Ever seen someone so...
  • Shiny
  • Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see
  • C'est la vie mon ami
  • I'm so...
  • Shiny
  • Now I'll eat you, so prepare your final plea
  • Just for me
  • You'll never be quite as...
  • Shiny
  • You wish you were nice and...
  • Shiny
  • Psychic: the fuck
Different Kind of Love

@casbabydontgoineedyou - congrats on your 1k, lovely!
This is for your challenge. As discussed, the only supernatural reference is the fact that Jensen Ackles is in this.
Thank you to my brilliant friend @whispersandwhiskerburn for being a marvelous Beta. Angel is a delight to work with, and I say work with because she really puts her all in to making sure you’re delivering the best you can. Hope you like the ending(ish), Angel - it’s for you!

A/N: This is gonna be interesting if you haven’t watched Ten Inch Hero or aren’t familiar with the actors names - but you’ll figure it out, I’m sure… good luck.
Prompt: I can’t believe you’re not in the mood to argue.
Warnings: fluff, confusion, awkwardness…
Summary: While filming on the set of Ten Inch Hero, YN longs to catch the eye of a cast mate… but will another get in the way?

Originally posted by jensengifsdaily

“You know he has his eye on Danneel, right?” Clea whispered, nudging my shoulder and following my gaze towards the two actors who were currently flirting. I gave a short hmph and turned my attention to Clea, glaring.
“YN.” Johnny called, probably looking to go over lines or something. I raised an eyebrow at Clea and left her looking confused.
“What’s up?” He pulled me under his arm as I approached, trapping me in a headlock. I wrapped my arms around his waist, complying and going with it so he couldn’t throw me off balance.
“Thought I’d save you.” He said, ruffling my hair and laughing as I tightened my grip around him in a tight retaliatory bear hug that made him grunt.
“Save me? Is that what you call this?” I asked, pushing against him, wrestling to get him off me.
“I see you’re staring again.” He muttered, loosening his grip, stumbling forward when I pushed him in the back, freeing my head.
“And? A girl can look!” I defended, flattening my hair and glancing back at my cast mates, Jensen and Danneel.
“You’re gonna get caught looking one day, kid.” He warned quietly. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm.
“And maybe that’s when we fall madly in love!” I gave him the cheesiest smile I could.
“I can’t believe you’re not in the mood to argue!” Johnny teased, trying to poke my side as I swatted at him, the smile still in place.
“Lines?” I asked, not-so-subtly changing the topic and pulling him toward the table in the small cafe set.

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Coffee on me -chapter one

A Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon Fanfiction

Description: You moved to Seoul in search of stardom, but after one year all you have is a douche for a boyfriend and a job at a cafe that pays minimum wage. After a particularly bad day you start to wonder if you should pack your bags and head home, but when Kwon Jiyong strolls into your cafe you begin to think things might start going your way… that is until you spill his coffee on him.

Word Count: 2.6K

Warning: mentions of alcohol abuse, fluffy introductions

A/N: AAAAAHHHHH my  first fanfic is here! Can you believe it!!! I hope you all enjoy this ride with me !

Waking up with twenty minutes until my shift starts, and living sixteen minutes away from the cafe, there’s only one chance I have at success: If I take the bus, and run at superhuman speed, I can probably make it with three minutes to spare. But that’s not counting the fact that when I look in the mirror: I see a complete mess. If I come in looking like I got hit by a damn train the other baristas will cackle at me like the witches they are.

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Scott Caan Rides The Hollywood Wave His Own Way

There are few actors left in the world today who you could rightly refer to as ‘legend’. James Caan is one of them. Rather than let the weight of that name drag him down Scott Caan reveals how he carved out his own piece of the entertainment world and beyond.

“I’m a high-school drop-out,” Scott Caan says, laughing all the way from Oahu, Hawaii. The 40-year-old actor and LA native is taking time out of shooting the hit CBS show, Hawaii Five-O.  Earlier in the day he visited the beach and squeezed in a session with his jujitsu instructor – as far a high school drop-outs go, he’s not doing too badly. He goes on, “I knew school wasn’t for me. Everybody in high school was thinking about what college they could go to or where to apply…and I was thinking about how not to go to the 11th grade.”

He is of course joking – in reality, Caan grew up in California as the son of the legendary actor James Caan and spent his childhood being immersed in the business of Hollywood. You might recognise him as the brash, blonde quiffed quick talker in Entourage, the crisp Turk Malloy in the Ocean’s 11 series or the slick detective Danny ‘Danno’ Williams in the long running hit Hawaii Five-O. It’s perhaps unsurprising then that he realised at an early age that academia wasn’t for him and there was an option to pursue his passion to be creative.

“My dad didn’t want me to get into the business,” laughs Caan. ”He knew it would be hard to do this job over and over again and it’s creatively hard to get excited about playing the same dude for seven years.  My dad is probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.  When you’re young you don’t see your father as a legend, you just know that he’s an interesting, colourful, wild kinda cat and you think, ‘I want to be like that guy’. If you come from creative people it’s just in you.”

The creative impulse is something, it seems, that was in his blood from the very beginning. Caan has done almost everything – music, surfing, photography, acting, directing. As a teenager in the early 90s he co-founded the hip hop collective The Whooliganz with his long time producer friend, The Alchemist, after gorging on artists like Nas, A Tribe Called Quest and Eric B & Rakim.  At the time when B-Boy culture was making its way to LA from New York, Caan was beginning his love of counter-cultural art forms. “Hip hop was our punk,” he says. “It became the biggest culture in the world but at the time it was us being misfits. Graffiti, B-Boying, MCing and breakdancing was a way for us to be like, ‘we don’t wanna be on the football team, we don’t want to be on the baseball team, we wanna do this’.”

“At 15, I didn’t look up to the captain of the football team, I didn’t look up to the guys getting the best grades, I looked up to the guys in Venice [Beach], the guys smoking weed and surfing at the breakwater.”

Wanting to navigate his way through the world away from the preoccupations of the mainstream is a theme of Caan’s creative life away from acting. Now, the slick aesthetic of designer surf wear and slick surfers being captured on Instagram looks aspirational but, for Caan, it was the countercultural aspect of the culture that appealed to him as a teenager back in the 80s. “Surfing and skateboarding was our way of saying ‘fuck you’,” he says. “At 15, I didn’t look up to the captain of the football team, I didn’t look up to the guys getting the best grades, I looked up to the guys in Venice [Beach], the guys smoking weed and surfing at the breakwater.

“Now you have 13-year-old girls getting boards for their birthday. You go surfing and there’s guys pulling up with Range Rovers and long boards sticking out of their cars. All that stuff used to be underground and punk and now it’s mainstream. For us, it was our world, our version of being outcasts.”

He cites the infamous 2001 skating documentary Dogtown and Z -Boys as a good representation of what the culture felt like at the time – “skating is what we did when there were no waves” – and, for him, it was the freedom of being in open water that spoke to him. Today he still surfs as a way to force himself to reflect on ‘the moments.’ Its power might be why he now also works with A Walk On Water, a charitable organisation that seeks to use surfing as a tool to support children with special needs.

“I surf today because there’s something about being in the water – when you’re surfing a wave there’s really nothing to trip on. There’s really nothing else but the moment. It’s just something I don’t know how to explain.” For someone who lives in the highly structured world of Hollywood, the option to shrug off the tight structure of work life is understandable.

Article by Jolyon Webber

The Perfect Storm Chapter 1 (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by supernaturally-collected

Title: The Perfect Storm Chapter 1-She’s Here

Pairings: Jensen x Reader; Jensen x Danneel

Summary: Jensen just wanted his ex wife to sign the papers so he could marry Danneel. He never expected to be dragged back into the life of a storm chaser. But once a storm chaser, always a storm chaser. Based on the movie Twister (RIP Bill Paxton)

A/N: This story is dedicated to the beautiful, talented, amazing, all over fantastic @petrovadixon! The lyrics in this chapter are “Give it Away” by George Strait. I hope to be able to get this posted to AO3 soon, if it will work with me. Anyway, here it is. Feedback is welcome!

Edited because I didn’t realize (y/n) was changing to my name


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Perfect Timing


Warning: Nothing but love and feels. 

Summary: Y/N has a scholarship to study abroad in France, and very little time to admit her feelings to the boy who has her love. 

I stared hopelessly at the letter, a flurry of emotions pricked at my body. Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, excited.. all of it. I was feeling all of it. But most of all, I felt uneasy. A year. I was going to be gone for a year. Sure, technology would create the thin bridge in hopes to keep me connected to my friends and family, but I couldn’t shake the thought, that seeing them all through a screen would just make it so much worse. I was avoiding the obvious. I can’t leave him. 

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Co Workers (Part Two)

Chapter Summary: You an Andrew get into a disagreement about you moving to Vancouver, you leave anyway.

A/N: There’s still plenty of room on my tag lists so shoot me an ask or a message if you’d like to be tagged in anything!

Warnings: None for now

Pairing: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.3k

Read Part One HERE

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

The few weeks that you had spent on set were the best weeks of your life. You had been back home with Andrew for a couple of weeks. It was almost Christmas time. You had been hoping and praying since you got home that you would get to go back on the show. You loved everything about it. Besides the fact that you were a guest star on your favorite tv show, you loved Vancouver, it was a wonderful city. You also loved everyone that you had the pleasure of working with while filming, especially Misha. You and Misha became friends quickly. He was kind, and helped you a lot with your acting skills, he even helped you practice scenes that you were unsure of.

The mid-season finale was tonight, and you were excited to watch it, yet slightly nervous. Your character, Blair, kissed Castiel in this episode, and you hadn’t warned Andrew. He had been seemingly standoffish since you got home, you didn’t really understand why, but it wasn’t like you to push the issue, you thought maybe the fact that you were gone for a month was a little bit hard on him, he had more of a dependant personality than you did.

Just before Andrew was due to be home from work, you got the phone call you had been longing for. The producers wanted you to come back. Not only did they want you to come back, they wanted you to sign a contract with them. You would be living in Canada during filming season. Without a second thought you said yes. You thought of course that Andrew would come with you. He would love it in Vancouver and he could finish his schooling there as well.

You ordered pizza for dinner, and Andrew got home right after the pizza arrived. You had a few minutes before the show started, so you decided to tell Andrew the good news. You both got settled on the couch with your food and some wine.

“So,” you began, turning to Andrew. “The producers from the show called me today,”

“And?” Andrew answered

“They want me to come back.”

“For how many episodes?” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“They uh, they actually want me to sign a contract with them, which means they want to keep me.” You couldn’t contain the excitement in your voice. This was everything you never knew you wanted.

“I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t go back.” This came as a slight shock to you. You noticing that Andrew was slightly distant, but you really didn’t think he would have a problem with you going back, considering he would be able to come with you.

“I never agreed to that babe, I said I wouldn’t go back without you, and with a contract, you’d be able to move up there with me, finish school there, even.” He just looked at you, almost as if you had just broken his heart. You didn’t know why, your relationship was and always had been stronger than this.

“Look, Y/N, I love you. I always have. But I want to finish school here in LA.”

“What’s the big deal about finishing school here? I’ve heard that they have good schools there too”

“No, I-it’s not just that Y/N.”

“Well then what is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s just too far away from home I guess.” He sounded unsure of himself.

“You know we could come home whenever we want. It’s not like we wouldn’t have the money, the show pays well..” You were trying to make your case as best as you could, but you could sense that this wasn’t going to have the outcome that you wanted.

“Can you turn down the contract?” He seemed confident in asking you this. Like he had been practicing it if it were to happen.

“Andrew I…I already said yes. I’m going.”

He just looked at you and shook his head. As if he were disappointed.  

You mumbled a, ‘whatever’ and turned the tv, THE argument causing you to miss the first couple of minutes of the show, which meant the first thing you saw was the kiss that you had been so nervous about Andrew seeing. Honestly, you shouldn’t have been nervous. It was just acting.

“Is this why you want to go back so bad? Finally get to make out with your celebrity crush?” Andrew snapped.

“Seriously? You do know that it’s just acting right?”

“Yeah, I get it.” What? You thought. He really wasn’t making much sense. As you just sat there sort of dumbfounded, he got up and went to your guys’ bedroom. You heard the door lock. This was not your Andrew. You didn’t even want to try to talk to him. So you decided to just enjoy the rest of your wine, and watch the show that you were incredibly proud of.

When the show was over you just decided to shut the tv off and lay on the couch so that you could enjoy your buzz. You finishing off the last of your wine when your phone dinged. You got a text from Misha.

Misha: You did a great job on that tonight’s episode. I hope you get to come back!

Y/N: Thanks Mish, I think I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back tho :)

Misha: What makes you say that?

Y/N: I got a call today offering me a contract.

Misha: That’s awesome! I wonder what this means for Cas and Blair ;)

That last text was a bit of a surprise. That was definitely a flirty text. He had a girlfriend. Either way, you were buzzed and not on good terms with Andrew, and a little flirting never hurt anyone. Besides, you were both in relationships. Where could it possibly go?

Y/N: I hope it means something good :)

Maybe that wasn’t the best response, but hey, you were pretty buzzed.

Misha: What kind of good?

Y/N: I’m not sure lol

You just laid there as you waited for him to text you back. You then made the decision to go back to Vancouver in the morning. You didn’t care if you didn’t need to be back on set for a few weeks. You could just enjoy the city and find an apartment. If Andrew wasn’t willing to accept your decision to go back, then maybe the two of you should rethink your relationship.

You fell asleep before you got the chance to read Misha’s last text.

When you woke up the next morning Andrew had already left for his morning class. It was his last day of classes before Christmas. So you took this time to book a plane ticket and pack your bags. You took one last look around your small apartment. You left a note for Andrew explaining that being on the show was what made you happy, and that you weren’t leaving him. On the note you encouraged to him to call you later and told him that you loved him.

It was after the new year now, and you were settled into your new one bedroom apartment. Most of the cast was back in Vancouver now as well, and filming was beginning next week. You and Andrew had worked through what problems you had from before. You got to know as much of the city as you could, and were now working on filling your apartment with paintings, pictures of your family, candles, nic nacs, whatever you could find. It already felt like home.

It was early evening and you were getting ready to make dinner for yourself when you heard at at knock at the door. Which was weird, you hadn’t told anyone where you lived yet. You set down the hammer and nail you were using to hang one last painting before you cooked and opened the door.

“Hey Y/N, looks like we’re neighbors.”

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Hurts So Good (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 8~

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

I held onto Scott’s torso as he pushed on his bike gear to speed faster, attempting to catch up to the sheriff’s car. My eyes narrowed behind the helmet as the memories from the night before began to replay in my head.

“He has a sort of hold on you,” Deaton began explaining as he and Scott helped me sit up. “He’s using you as his puppet or even as a shield to his host.” I kept my eyes on Stiles as he laid there almost helplessly.

“Why?” I asked softly before lifting my gaze up to the emissary.

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my opinions on the boruto kids I've seen in the anime so far in no particular order::

chocho- I feel like I can trust her with my life. 10/10. a good kid

mitsuki- too smart. creepy eyes. nice enough, but as of yet I am wary

boruto- name sounds like burrito. 4/10. would be better if he didn’t have like 15 different gifts that are super powerful. overpowered for a little kid.

shikadai- has his momma’s eyes. a little too blunt for his own good. what a drag.

sarada- will forever be salad to me. not calling her by her real name. ever. salad.

inojin- i’m liking the overall look. very nice. kinda bratty, but so far p good. 5/10

iwabe- who is this strange boy and why does he have the Voldemort towel head thing going on. very concerned. 4/10

denki- that ponytail looks so weird. the fuck. thought he was a girl at first. not too bad. kinda stereotypical nerd. 6/10.

sumire- class rep. trying too hard to be like part 1 hinata. no. looks like the purple haired lady from kill la kill. 2/10. do not like yet.

wasabi- she looks like a frog, but I feel like I can trust her. nice hair.

himawari- CUTE. so cute. she’s more interesting than Boruto is! I love her! give me more of her!

metal- the BEST BOY. the best. hands down. 100/10. so great. my anxious son. I love him already. give me more of him. immediately.


AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for Elissa as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

The night was perfect. Gilbert was there helping you decorate the apartment. Your favorite holiday music had been playing softly in the background all day, much to his enjoyment- he spent more time dancing and singing than helping, but you didn’t mind. You just loved having him around and it didn’t matter what you were doing. But today he just seemed particularly perfect. The way his curls bounced as he leaped around the house, the way he smiled ear to ear when he caught you rolling your eyes- God, his smile was the most beautiful you had ever seen. You were jolted from your thoughts when he rested his hand on the small of your back, laughing melodically. 

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quiddid  asked:

For the salty ask meme, and please, if this is too many pick and choose but: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 20 and 26?

i’ll do the ones i havent answered yet :)

  1. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? ofc! when i first made this blog i was just excitedly following everyone without looking at their descriptions of something like ‘im anti-sh/a/la/din’. but i mean its my fault too, i didnt look.
  2. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now? the fandom. lmao
  3. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? well from what ive seen so far, most of the fandom hates Lotor. i feel like he will be portrayed differently in this version rather than the same asshole in old voltron. but who knows. im excited tho.
  4. What is the purest ship in the fandom? HANCE HANCE HANCE HANCE NO ONE FIGHT ME ON THIS
  5. Most shippable character? Lance!

tagged by @99peraltas​ thank you - i love doing these!!!

relationship status: single and in hopeless crush with a guy who’s way too cute for me
favourite color: aqua
lipstick or chapstick: tinted chapstick - low maintenance but it looks like i put in some effort, which is my Aesthetic. 
last song i listened to: c’est la vie, by b*witched (literally playing right now)
last movie i watched: pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl 
top 3 fictional characters: oh fuck this is horrific. most every character ever?? um..
1. Hermione Granger
2. Leslie Knope
3. Elizabeth Bennett
(let it be noted that that is so far from a complete list that i can’t even begin to express it)
top 3 ships: 
1. jake x amy
2. april x andy
3. hermione x ron
books i’m currently reading: i just finished It Can’t Happen Here, Brave New World, and The Handmaid’s Tale for a class, and those were lit. for fun, i read Room over spring break and LOVED IT. 

tagging: @amysartiago and @jokeperatla bc y’all are both awesome af

“Shiny” performed by Guy Diamond from Dreamworks Trolls

*background- It’s a typical day in Troll village before the attack of Chef and Poppy’s great quest to the Bergen village. Guy Diamond has challenged Princess Poppy to a song battle, the one savage event the Trolls participate in. Branch attends these only because the Trolls are allowed to have some sarcasm and savagery in their song, but Branch forfeits every challenge he receives.* 

Guy Diamond approaches the stage. “You ready to lose, Poppy?” He grinned, his body shinning from the flower’s glow.

“Do your worst, Diamond.” Poppy responded, her pink eyes ablaze. Branch, who stood by her side, rolled his eyes.

GD stepped into the spotlight sending the entire village into a shining paradise. “My song will be “Shiny”, written for me!” The music starts.

He immediately begins to dance. 

He sings:

“Well, Mista’ Diamond hasn’t always been this razzle 

I was a whoa-little troll once

Now I know I can be happy as I dazzle

‘Cuz I’m beautiful, baby!”

*He jumps off the stage and approaches Branch with the next few lines of song*

“Did your granny say listen to your heart?

Be who you are on the inside?

I need three words to tear your argument apart-

YOUR GRANNY LIED.” *Branch glares, hurt*

*GD jumps back into the spotlight*

“I’d rather be shiny!

Like the flowers as they glitter through the night,

give ‘em light and make it look shiny!

I will sparkle like a firework so bright-

just ignite!

Don’t you know- trolls are fun, fun, fun

We chase anything that glitters (go figure)

Oh, and here they come, come, come to the brightest thing that glitters

Ooo, they’re winners!

I just love a good time,”” *and to Branch* and you look like faded slime…

Poppy has had enough. “Hey Diamond! I thought this challenge was for me, not Branch!” She approaches the stage, but trips on her own dress.

GD looks over at the pink princess and grins. He uses his hair to slide off the stage smoothly. He lands next to Poppy and helps her to her feet but continues singing.

“Well, well, well..little Poppy’s having trouble with her gown,

you little pink-pretty-princess!” *He twirls her into Branch’s unsuspecting arms and her flower crown falls off*

“Whoa! What a “colorful* performance- grab your crown (get it?) 

You don’t wear it like you used to, babe.” *GD winks at her as he hands her crown back. Poppy snatches it*

“Yet I have to give you credit for my start

and your scrapbooks on the outside

For just like them I make myself a work of art

I’ll never hide, I can’t! I’m too shiny!

Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough

Strut my stuff, my stuff is too shiny!

Hit the bass drop but it’ll never be enough

my soul’s too tough!

Poppy, girl, they can choose, choose, choose

But you can’t expect the queen-to-be

to beat a troll-like-me!

You will lose, lose, lose

Now it’s time I break apart your beaten heart.” *Poppy is truly feeling defeated.”

“Far from the home that abandoned us 

chasing the fear from those Bergens

who wanted us eaten

You tried to be tough, but your “positive”’s not strong enough!

Poppy! Now it’s time to kick your hiney!! 

Ever seen someone so shiny? 

Soak it in because defeat is all you’ll see

C’est la vie mon ami - Shiny!!!

Now I’ll beat you, so prepare your final plea…. just for me!

You’ll never be quite as shiny….

You wish you were nice and SHINY!” 

GD slides onto his knees for the final note and the Trolls roar into applause. Poppy, with a heavy heart, applauds as well. Branch claps once, but is still glaring at GD.

GD struts over to Poppy, his glittering chest high. “Have fun beating that Princess!” He laughed, patting her on the shoulder. He winked, and Poppy knew it was all fun in games. She approached the stage and positioned her crown on her head, her eyes even more ablaze than before.

“My song will be…..”









Y’know, I think this is actually a really, really good Peedee episode!

Or, uh… the only Peedee episode? I can’t actually think of another episode with him really in it a lot.

No offense, Ronaldo, but Peedee is the superior Fryman.

Honestly, as far as the Townies go, I really like the Frymans! I mean. Ronald is… Objectively, like, uh… Bad… But he wasn’t to start with! When he was just sort of like, an awkward but sweet, misunderstood technology centered kid, I really liked him!

I really, really hate conspiracy theoriest Ronaldo. I think he would’ve been good as an enthusiastic, awkward but well meaning Paranormal-interested kid, a la Beach City Horror Club. Not like KBCW or Rising Tides, Crashing Skies. 

I think they’ve made him too annoying for me to care about aside from in Beach City Horror Club. I think he’s best as a background character, thought - like in Beach City Drift.

Also, Dad Fryman (I don’t remember his name!!!) is always… funny to me. I think he’s a really fun character.

drew-tanaka-is-my-wife  asked:

Seasons of love from Rent, basically for everyone All that Jazz and Roxie from Chicago, Drew How far I go from Moana, Annabeth Once upon a December from Anastasia, for Jason or Percy La vie boheme from Rent, floor 19 crew One song glory from Rent, Lee or Michael Life Support from Rent, the big three kids Take me baby or leave me from Rent, this could be a Dreyna, Reynachel, Ladie or Pipabeth song

The format makes this one a little hard to read, but Take Me or Leave Me is great for pretty much all Drew Tanaka ships!! How Far I’ll Go has really fitting themes for Annabeth too, and opens up some great au opportunities. I actually think One Song Glory would fit really well with Apollo in toa, especially since the song has a sun/fire motif 

I also love There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease for Drew, and if Heather Chandler had a fucking solo in Heathers I’m sure it would’ve been great for Drew. Also Drew singing popular with your Drew ship of choice is pretty fun

ok but hear me out here:
- abandoned mines and ghost towns
- bizarre and aging ~miner aesthetic~
- radio stations are nothing but static, only distant and far-off voices come through
- faded signs advertising las vegas, a brightly colored and bizarre oasis in nevada, far removed from the expansive desert you’re in
- no seagulls anywhere… nothing but the circling ravens
- the only other sign of life you see are the brief glimpses of coyotes, rail thin creatures with too-long legs and gleaming eyes
- worn down gift shops hundreds of miles from any signs of life, whose eccentric shop owners seem to know something you don’t
- the creeping feeling you’ve passed that joshua tree before….
- stark-white, alien, slow-moving windmills in groups of hundreds
- the loud and ever-present howling wind, hotter than hell and blowing tumbleweeds hauntingly across long stretches of highways

if you don’t think southern california is creepy you haven’t spent enough time here

Honeymoon Season

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JHope x Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 1.5k

A/N: This was totally supposed to be angry smut but the weekend drained the life out of me and I ended up with this angsty mess. Whoops.

It’s about us right now girl, where you going?

He doesn’t move an inch, not even at the sound of your bare feet slapping against the wood flooring of the practice room, echoing off the walls. He sits on the far end of the room, leaning back on his hands as he fights to catch his breath, panting. Although his head never turns to look at you directly, you can feel his eyes on you through the mirror, following your slow progression across the floor.

It’s late; everyone has long gone home, returning to the comfort of their warm beds with bleary eyes and lingering smiles, the joyful mood of tonight’s celebration still thrumming in their veins. Everyone except you, cold and soaking wet from the rain, and Hoseok.


The word sounds anything but congratulatory coming out of your mouth, lips pursed in a thin line as you stare hard at the back of his head. He scans over your blank expression before wordlessly dropping his chin to his chest, fringe hiding the grimace on his face.

“What do you want?”

You hear more exhaustion seep through his voice than accusation, from staying up, from dancing, from you. Irritation itches at the back of your throat and you frown; he doesn’t get to be tired, not after all that you’ve done for him. If anything, you should be the exhausted one; after working extra hours to get yourself enough vacation days and money to buy a flight back to Korea, only to attend the celebration of his ninth album directly after you landed, smiling and socializing with people you barely knew, all while your boyfriend seemed intent on avoiding you through the whole thing. You should be snuggled up in your hotel room under a thick comforter, in dry clothes, wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms as you enjoyed each other’s company for what felt like the first time in ages. Not rained out, bare foot and receiving the cold shoulder by the exact person you came all this way to visit. Not this.

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