in korra they are good guys

While I’m on the subject of bad Legend of Korra writing why did they keep trying to make us feel like Varrick was a good guy when he was much more entertaining as a despicable callous capitalist



I should really rename this comic “Keith’s suffering” because I just feel like I’ve been taunting him for the past few pages.

Also are you guys ready for it to get…. REALLY GLITTERY? BECAUSE I DON’T THINK YOU ARE. 

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Some thoughts on the Shallura Plot thread in this comic under the cut.

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just a few of the many korrasami moments from episodes in the legend of korra that the writers of voltron: legendary defender wrote themselves (x). hopefully this is a good enough reason to give you guys some more hope for lgbt representation. these two girls were main characters and fell in love! that happened! it’s okay to hold on hope! just bring it on dreamworks!

bonus: asami going to avatar korra park when she’s upset

Epic Korra Fanfic Plug Time!

I can’t believe i didn’t know about this story till now!! first chapter and i’m already hooked :D

I suppose it’s time to plug my Korrasami fic—but this time, with reader quotes!

Now… as for that last scene… I must admit that I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of korrasami fics, and by far, yours is the one with the most fidelity to each character’s personality. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing when writers write characters OOC, but it’s a wonderful thing to read the characters in their element, especially since we still don’t have comics… ugh, the wait is killing me! So this is a very nice breath of fresh air.

I love these characters! My fundamental goal is to continue the characters and world we love from the show as smoothly as possible, while getting to explore them deeply. I don’t have a 13 episode time-limit, so I can dwell and linger and explore all those many, many open threads the show left us!

And wow. That Korrasami ending was just wow. It was raw, touching and moving. Exactly what I look for in Korrasami fics. You’ve got yourself a fan.

Have to admit, I enjoy the gushing. Here’s more!

Ahhhhh! I love this! It has what I want from a Legend of Korra story! Korra/Asami, Korra *and* Asami being awesome together and apart, with their own storylines.

Our two leading gals are front and center, and they deserve nothing less! Their relationship hits the ground running—they have a lot of emotional baggage to catch each other up on. Still, they are very in love and very dorky and that’s just wonderful.

Admittedly, I read this chapter a few times. Or at least the korrasami parts, because I’m a huge sap. I know. Sue me. It’s your fault for writing fluff so damn well.

And apparently others agree! Not that it’s a fluff-centric fic… far from it.

Ugh. Why don’t you rip my heart out and throw it in a shredder, why don'cha?! All whining aside, one of the things I love the most about this story is that you’re taking the time to ask all the hard questions that were left open-ended when the show ended. In a way, that was good because–aaah ma guudness, look at all the lovely fanfics! But on the other hand, they were NAGGING questions, and not every fanfic has covered them! Jeesh! But we’re so lucky you decided to write this!

I’ve been writing for years, but never ventured into fanfic before. Korra is something special to me—in my personal life, certainly. But also, so few shows end so openly—the series resolved well, but there’s still so many questions up in the air!

(Plus, more than a few nagging little plot holes that are easily fixed by filling them with angst.)

Wow (as the little Asami’s would say) this is one of the best fanfics I’ve read in a while; I really like the way you are handling all of the arcs and base part of the story on plot holes left by te series. Something tells that the Avatarvetse is going through the a series of revolutions similar to those of the end of the 19th century + some more modern movements, I really like the parallels, specially with what is going on with the red lotus and fire nation.
I generally don’t like OCs in fanfics, but yours are really interesting, I specially like Nuktik. He has so many things to deal with! Can’t wait till Korra gets to the fire nation to Deal With everything, give the poor kid a break (and some more loving!). I’ll be waiting for the update, I bet it’s gonna be great (but take your time!)

Revolutions? Isn’t this a Korrasami fic? Well, yes, it very much is, but the scope is way broader than our two favorite gals. They’re both major world leaders and the world is still in flux. The decisions Asami and Korra make will impact how all that turns out. No pressure!

As for original characters—there’s a few. Just as every season introduced a few new faces to the cast, to compliment the plot and expand the world. But if there’s anybody in the show you’re looking for, odds are that they’re in here. I think right now Tahno and Gommu are the only characters ‘of note’ that haven’t been included to some degree? Did you even remember who Gommu was?

I have to compliment to you, because you’re expanding this fiction to a lot of Avatar’s world we didn’t see, at least in Korra’s days. It seems kinda difficult to manage all this mess, but you’re doing it extremely well.

I’m honestly surprised myself how well I’m pulling some of it off! Come for the Korrasami fluff—and there’s a LOT of fluff, especially early—stay to watch me juggle.

As you can tell, I’m rather well… invested in your fic. It’s been a great ride so far and your writing is superb! Especially considering the many threads you are weaving. Yours is a thoroughly engaging tale and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long—other than a brief hiatus during winter break, I’ve been updating this fic consistently every two weeks. I’ve got chapters pre-written nearly through the finale, and I know how this all ends… it is gonna be great. Also, lengthy.

The writing is so smooth and nearly flawless that it’s not a hard read, which is always a plus especially when reading fics. The characters behave so closely to canon that it just feels natural. Basically, things that are normally hard for fic writers to accomplish seem so effortless here, which is one of the main reasons I’ll keep reading. Also, the concept of guns in the avatar universe is a really interesting idea and I really want to see how that plays out and how Korra and Asami’s views will clash. I feel it’s a very good conflict to bring up and in some ways it might even end up as a commentary on how guns are treated in our world, I’ll just have to keep reading and see. Lovely chapter!

Of course I point out compliments to my writing, but… guns?

They’re not the central focus of the story—that’s the characters, and Korrasami in particular—but they are the aspect that sets it apart from other fics. It’s not exactly a spoiler—they get brought up in chapter 1—but I was way more interested in how the various characters react to them than the guns themselves. I love this world and I love it’s characters… but as a writer, I’m interested in action, and consequence. There’s not much more direct a metaphor for that than pulling a trigger.

The story is not pro-gun. The story is not anti-gun. The story is one in which guns exist… and the world has to figure out what that means.

Alright, let me just say that I am very upset right now. I have now caught up with this amazing, intense, well written, and complex story, and Korra STILL has not found out about the guns!!! Like seriously yo! I don’t even know why I want the drama that’s gonna happen as much as I do but I NEED IT! It probably has something to do with the fact that you write fluff so well that I’m positive the angst and drama that’s about to be unleashed is gonna be ASTOUNDING!!

Somebody gets it.

Oh. My. God.

Yaaasss!!! This chapter was amazing in every way. I’ve been waiting too long for the 'shit hits the fan’ chapter but it was definitely worth it.

The worst part there is… the shit had only begun to hit the fan.

I’m so madddddddd.
You’re so awesome though, why you do this?
Anyway, very much good luck to you in grad school (yikes!) And specially kudos to you for taking on this beast of a story as eloquently as you have in the midst of that (I myself barely hang).
But yeah. Update soon! (End this perpetually familiar agony!)

But as bad as things get in this story—and they do wind up getting pretty bad—that’s all a down-payment on the triumph I have planned for the end. How well can Asami and Korra weather this storm? Spoilers: I love them and would never leave them unhappy. But getting there…

That’s where the fun is.

You want mad? I’m mad!!

Not really. This is one of the best expansive fics around and I’m super stoked you keep updating it. All the different plot lines are well thought out even as they twist around each other and meet up.
Can’t wait for more!

So maybe give the fic a shot, guys! I promise, there’s so many threads being explored, at least a few will speak to you. All you have to do is click on these words right here, I even made it easy for you!

(Completely perfect cover picture courtesy of drakyx. Visit her tumblr for more excellent art!)

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If Katara had married Zuko she would've had a loving caring husband who would've treated her like a queen and would've treated their kids equally plus Katara would've been an ambassador in the Fire Nation and then Fire Lady, she would've had a huge political role and she would've used blood bending in so many good ways, she would've gotten a statue that she deserved so much, all this would've happened if she had married Zuko, but she didn't and I feel so so bad for her, it makes me so sad.

I don’t disagree with a single thing here, but I do want to address a misunderstanding that is likely to occur when non-shippers see this argument: the idea that Katara marrying Zuko would be a panacea for all the things that went wrong with her character in the post-A:TLA material.

Out of context, “Katara marrying Zuko would have made everything better” is only another way of Katara’s destiny hinging on who she is paired with romantically. So let’s talk for a moment about what we actually mean when we use that as a catch-all phrase for A:TLA’s improvement:

A return to the themes and symbolism that A:TLA espoused. As I explain here, a lot of the themes of A:TLA were subverted in order to make the canon pairings happen. If the creators didn’t force a romantic pairing between Aαng and Katara, her character would have been better served because motifs such as “choosing one’s own destiny” would have played out naturally through her development arc.

More creative control by A:TLA’s best writers. Bryke had no writing credits to their name prior to A:TLA, and a lot of the best writing work on the series was done by Aaron and Elizabeth Ehasz. These two had a special focus on Zuko, but they refused to succumb to the temptation of making Zuko the guy who just “gets” everything in the end because he’s the hero. Unlike Bryke’s favorite character, which leads nicely into …

The series would not have played favorites with Aαng. This is a major part of what annoys people with the A:TLA finale, and leads to further problems in Legend of Korra. Aαng is not allowed to go through the same soul-wrenching struggles as the rest of the characters. It’s not that he doesn’t suffer, or he doesn’t lose people, or that he isn’t conflicted. It’s that his core beliefs are never challenged in a way that makes them develop. In the show, it is reality that always bends to Aαng’s beliefs, instead of Aαng having to adapt his beliefs to reality. If you go back through A:TLA and compile a montage of all the times other people learn that Aαng was right and they were wrong, you would a) understand what I mean, and b) understand how damaging that is for a protagonist, the person you want in your show to change the most

Katara’s agency as a character. It’s safe to say that Aαng, in the context of romance, is detrimental to Katara’s agency as a character. We see this when side characters repeatedly encourage Aαng to pursue Katara “because you’re the Avatar”, even though they have never met Katara and have no idea what her opinion is on this romance thing, if she even has one. We see this again when Aαng kisses Katara without her consent and never apologizes for it or brings it up again. And we see it in the comics, where Katara’s ideals are Aαng’s ideals, they never have any conflicts, her feeling abandoned by him is portrayed as wrong, but her approval of Aαng’s potential murder of Zuko is right, her leaving it up to Aαng to decide whether the Four Nations should be forcibly separated is portrayed as right, and her old Water Tribe friends accuse her of having forgotten her homeland because she spends all her time with her boyfriend.        

Avoidance of black and white morality. One of A:TLA’s strengths as a show is that it portrays a complex world. There are lessons to be learned and characters with strong moral convictions, but there is rarely a sense of one set of principles being lauded over all the others. In fact, a sense of moral superiority without listening to other points of view, such as the Fire Nation has, proves to be highly destructive to the world at large. 

But when it comes to Kαtααng, this complexity falls by the wayside. Zuko the morally ambiguous deuteragonist is suddenly the “bad boy” who “doesn’t really care about [Katara]”, despite the fact that he risked his life for her in the finale. Arguably the most complex episode of the series, “The Southern Raiders”, is seen by Bryke (who did not write it) in purely good-vs-evil terms, with Aαng being the “angel” and Zuko being the “devil” on Katara’s shoulders, respectively. Oversimplification of morality is something that plagues Legend of Korra to a major extent, with the embodiment of that being “goodness” and “badness” personified in Vaatu and Raava during Book 2. (Notice, too, that Katara in LOK had bloodbending outlawed, instead of her embarking on a similar journey to Zuko in “The Firebending Masters”, where even seemingly destructive bending could be used to create life.) Black and white morality in LOK has its beginnings in the tail end of A:TLA, with the boy who could not be allowed to kill under any circumstances, and who is, quite literally, a Nice Guy.

Sokka: The number one mistake nice guys like you make: being too nice.

So, to translate: “all this would’ve happened if she had married Zuko” = “there is a natural narrative thread that would have culminated in Katara having a relationship with Zuko if it weren’t for the executive producers derailing it, and her character, for the sake of their own pet character who was in many ways a self-insert for them both.”


Mako accidentally catches Asami in a trap
  • Asami: Mako! What the hell? Let me down! It's me!
  • Mako: How do I know you're not a triad in disguise?
  • Asami: You think my girlfriend's insane
  • Mako: So does everyone!
  • Asami: Your middle name is Imawatsu
  • Mako: Not good enough
  • Asami: You have a picture of Prince Wu under your pillow
  • Mako: Fine *lets her down*
RULES: If you want to! Tell who is your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

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1) Sara Lance, Legends of Tomorrow – the kickass, bisexual formerly-dead former assassin who is now a Legend and timeship captain. I LOVE HER.

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

2) Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, DC Comics – the black-sheep formerly-dead former Robin. He has anger management issues and a complicated relationship with the rest of the Batfamily. I can’t really put into words why I love him, but I doooo.

3) Elizabeth Weir, Stargate Atlantis – the strong leader of the expedition who has to put up with way too much, especially from one John Sheppard. Kind, lovely, and totally lives happily ever after.

Originally posted by samueltanders

4) Vax’ildan, Critical Role – I’m only 17 episodes in, but he quickly became my favorite. He’s charming and dangerous, and he hits my competency kink so hard. (I cannot find a decent pic or gif, because like I said, I’m only 17 episodes into a show that currently has 95, and I don’t want to completely spoil myself.)

5) Artemis Crock, Young Justice – the archer who is trying to do good despite her villainous family and abusive childhood. Prickly at first, snarky forever.

Originally posted by cartoons-asfuk

6) Asami Sato, Legend of Korra – the gorgeous, bisexual badass normal who fights alongside benders, kicking ass and taking names while looking flawless. She’s also sweet and kind. Who can blame Korra for falling in love with her?

Originally posted by jakkugirl

7) Helena Wells, Warehouse 13 – the badass, bisexual genius who, okay, wanted to destroy the world a bit. She regrets that, though! And she remains forever awesome and way more noble than she gives herself credit for.

Originally posted by a-ripley

8) Severn Handred, The Chronicles of Elantra – the quiet, extremely dangerous former assassin (basically). Fiercely loyal to Kaylin and willing to do basically anything to protect her. I’m basically in love with him, not going to lie.

9) Sameen Shaw, Person of Interest – the badass bisexual sociopath who figures out that being a good guy is kind of rewarding. She’s hot and snarky and dangerous and I have a type, okay.

Originally posted by poilesbian

10) Rey, Star Wars – the scavenger who somehow stays optimistic and hopeful despite a hard life in the desert. She finds a stillness and strength in the Force that she never expected. Honestly my favorite Star Wars character.

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Running with Subtext: Rethinking Korrasami

The case for Korra and Asami becoming girlfriends in 3x10, “Long Live the Earth Queen.”

Written with the help of queertoonqueertoons

Korrasami was censored. We ascertained this fact fairly quickly, given the lack of a kiss between the two women at the show’s end. It’s easy to get frustrated, but there is a distinct reason that there were limits on what could be openly shown in terms of Korrasami: LOK needed to be able to air in countries with heavy restrictions (namely China and Russia, two big/necessary markets) where explicit depiction of a romance between two women could be illegal (especially given LOK’s status as a “kid’s" show).

Knowing there was this inherent constraint…that certain moments/scenes simply could not exist, it is wise for us to look past the presented, explicit narrative and seek the implied. Bryke were restricted in their telling of Korra and Asami’s story. So they did what they could to help us out: they included mountains of subtext.

Thanks to a recent conversation with queertoonqueerstoons, I began to view the airship that Korra and Asami commandeer in the desert as an intentional a symbol in and of itself. The airship may likely have been a conscious effort on Bryke’s part evoke our “shipping” culture, and to suggest to the fandom that their romantic relationship had begun. What we are shown are the two women struggling to build a ship any way they can to escape the Earth Kingdom’s clutches, which in this particular case takes the form of a crew of all men led by a quasi-sexist captain. What does it mean? That this is the moment in time the S.S. Korrasami actually set sail…back in Book 3 Episode 10, Long Live the Earth Queen.

“This ship isn’t going anywhere. And neither are you.”

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Just curious to my fellow followers: Did any of you ever watch “Storm Hawks” at any point?

Because this series is awesome and needs more love. I’d say it’s as good as Avatar or Korra, or even Steven Universe. Yeah the animation is a tad repetitive, but this show breaks so many boundaries. The guys are so comfortable being all touchy and not freaking out because “guys”, the main character (red head) Aerrow’s main rival isn’t even the big-bad, it’s the big bad’s side-kick. The big bad’s main rival is PIPER, the woman of colour who the entire cast respects because she is just amazing. Mix Asami Sato with Connie from Steven Universe, and you have Piper. 

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PLEASE GO WATCH THIS SHOW. MY CHILDHOOD DESERVES A GREAT FANDOM GUYS THIS SHOW IS WORTH EVERYTHING—-just as a warning the ending is a tad disappointing as it ends on a cliffhanger and never got another season—-BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE OH MY DAYS THIS SHOW WAS EPIC.

There’s a lot of Korra hatred on here. So… for the sake of Balance:

1. Korra fulfilled her role as the Avatar by bringing balance to the world over and over again against Communism, Theocracy, Anarchy and Fascism. Aang fought some villain with absolutely no depth who happened to be powerful this one day because of some approaching comet. Those of you complaining about the villains in LoK have got to be kidding. What was Ozai’s motivation besides burning shit up? At least Korra’s enemies were interesting enough for her to learn something from. In the end, Aang faced the firebending dude. That’s nice, I guess….

2. In addition to restoring Balance over and over again in the physical world, Korra had the sense to re-connect the physical world and the spirit world and mediate the resulting conflict, rather than avoid her responsibilities. She followed what she thought was right, even though those around her disapproved of her actions. Korra truly fulfilled her spiritual role, actively engaging with the spirits as individuals, learning about them and promoting coexistence. She didn’t just use them as giant koi fish weapons of mass destruction (or did the koi fish use Aang to throw a fit through him?). I guess Aang gave the Hei Bai an acorn. Yay…

3. Korra faced her responsibilities head on from the very beginning. She was headstrong and determined, unlike Aang, whose cowardice resulted in the genocide of his entire people after he froze himself like a dumbass for 100 years. So much for the awesome power and wisdom of his Avatar State.

4. Korra corrected Aang’s mistakes, bringing back the Air Nomads and then sacrificing herself to protect them. Even still, after being poisoned, she survived, but you still want to bitch about her being weak. Sure.

5. She recovered. Had some problems getting back in one piece, but came back stronger than ever. LoK’s plot is about self-realization, being your own worst enemy and overcoming that.

6. Korra mastered the Avatar State without any of the emotional fuss Aang had to go through. She embraced her duty and let go of her attachments, and connected to the Cosmic Energy, instead of walking away from it because she was too emotionally attached. Remember giant, spirit Korra? But I guess that was no big deal…

7. Korra cast out the Spirit of Darkness from the world for 10,000 years. No biggie.

8. Aang’s Avatar state has the combined strength of all the Avatars from the past 10,000 years. Korra’s Avatar State has…. Korra’s strength, combined with Raava’s. So, Korra’s Avatar State should be judged comparing it to Wan’s, not Aang’s.

I think Aang would’ve worshipped the ground Korra walked on. But I guess she didn’t do cool enough bending for you meatheads? I assure you Korra’s statues in Republic City will dwarf Aang’s in size.

Aang was a good Avatar, but he didn’t have to face half the things Korra had to face. Korra is the greatest Avatar in history. You may not like her personally, but successful women are often disliked. Especially when they leave you for sexy, genius inventor girls and run off into the Spirit World without you. Well, sorry about it… You gotta deal with it.

—  some guy on youtube

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Heya Jax! So I'm needing some advice. I'm a very small trans guy with an insanely high metabolism trying to build a bit of muscle. My #goals would be to look like Korra but I know that'll take a while, I was just wondering what you'd recommend to get started? And then how to stay motivated cause that's my biggest weakness lmao....

Well there I would Suggest my Korra workout which is Great for all Genders and Sexes :D

Next focusing on your diet is going to be key. So you want make sure you are getting TONS Of Super Food Like these

and eating a good amount every single day with one day to cheat and then focus on CONSISTENCY and Bed Rest. Thats whats gonna get you the results. and Also a Positive Attitude that you will reach your goals :D so best of luck. Motivation is Fleeting DISCIPLINE is what you need to learn to cultivate

Unpacking Wuko

Fandom fabrication or canon supported?

“Just because two characters of the same sex appear in the same story, it should not preclude the possibility of a romance between them” (x).

Mako ended up alone. For that reason, among others, shipping Mako with anybody at all is a bit of a hot-button issue in the fandom…one where we can’t seem to agree. Given the existence Korrasami, both Korra and Asami are off the table as romantic interests for the boy, having ended the series in quasi-elopement, which the creators even called “happily ever after.” So where does that leave our favorite firebender? Bryke mentioned a scrapped romantic plotline featuring Iroh II’s sister as a potential love interest for Mako, and Bryan even made a joke resulting in the S.S. Makoperator: Patch Me Through.

But there’s another romantic possibility for Mako that much of the fandom has picked up on—one born out of the Book 4 narrative: Wuko. And though many of us (myself included) may be/have been slightly resistant to this relationship for myriad reasons, it is hard to deny, especially after rewatch, that there’s something there.

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BK: Maybe it started with Han and Luke dressed as stormtroopers in Star Wars, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing our good guys wearing bad guy clothes minus the headgear. We did it plenty on Avatar, and the trend continues here with Mako and Korra in chi-blocker uniforms. Designs by Il-Kwang Kim and Jin-Sun kim. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. 


LoK Avatar State theme compilation
Jeremy Zuckerman
LoK Avatar State theme compilation

The Avatar State theme in Legend of Korra! (Or the ‘legacy’ theme as I personally like to call it) This track is a compilation of the use of the leitmotif in all 4 books.

It took some effort to compile it - mostly because this particular theme changes in shape quite drastically across the series, and sometimes it starts sounding a bit similar to Korra’s leitmotif to the point where I needed to go back and listen to the basic versions of both themes to keep them seperate in my head.

This leitmotif is used mostly when Korra goes into the Avatar state, and when Wan fuses with Raava, and in the opening of ‘welcome to Republic City’ when Tenzin narrates about Aang and his friends. 

The very first instance of this theme is - to my knowledge - from the AtlA book 3 trailer that was shown at a panel, and the ending credits of Sozin’s comet.