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Sometimes God works behind the scenes… sometimes His work is center stage and the star of the show. Regardless of whether you can see Him working in your life or not, He truly is. You are not unnoticed by Jesus. Your prayers do not go unheard. He sees you. He is piecing the puzzle of your life together and the comforting thing about it all, is that He already knows what the whole picture looks like. We can trust Him. :)

It’s the small moments that keep them going. ♥

Any time our main goal in life is to just pay bills, or stay healthy we are in survival mode. Jesus came to offer abundant life. That’s not the lifestyle marked by life changing transformation. All to often I find myself in that lifestyle, unfortunately. We have to seriously consider what we are doing, what are we living for? If we could plot our path on a straight course, in four years who would we be like? Survivalists? or Jesus? I want to be like Jesus, but in order to do that, I am going to have to unlearn the patterns of the world. We must embrace the lifestyle of Jesus, and actually trust him. Move out of our comfort and being content with the way things are and expect more. Approach the throne of grace with confidence and lay before him our life.

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wanted to do a judas-kiss kind of image. it’s not that solas=judas or inquisitor=jesus, we know it’s nothing like that - it’s about how the inquisitor trusts him, and trusts him even more deeply as an elf because of his insight into their culture. when lavellan is this close in friendship and trust with solas, the trespasser betrayal hurts even more.

(cole is in the back holding a bunny). wanted to do some proper dai art, will do more. have a great day <3

Jesus met a grown man on a leash once. The man stops Jesus, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 18:18). Jesus answers him, “You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother’” (Luke 18:20). The man, filled with passion and confidence, says, “All these I have kept from my youth” (Luke 18:21). In our words, “I’m a good Christian.” He had done everything he knew to do to make his life look like a believer’s, to make it look like he deserved to go to heaven. How does Jesus respond? “One thing you still lack. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Luke 18:22).
One thing you still lack. Those five words didn’t highlight lines in the man’s budget as much as they highlighted the loyalties in his heart. He looked like a Christian, but lacked real love for Jesus. He had tried a pick-and-choose kind of religion, and ended up walking away confused and depressed. He left with his hands full and his heart empty — having the outward appearance of freedom with his big bank account, but hopelessly enslaved to his money and all it could buy. For this man, it’s money. What cords do you carry?We may gladly surrender all kinds of things to Jesus, doing whatever we can to follow the rules and fit in as a Christian. But we secretly don’t trust him with our work, or our comfort, or our health, or our marriage, or control over our lives, or our suffering, or our romantic or sexual longings. And like the rich young ruler, that lack of trust uncovers our lack of love. We love Jesus, but we love something else a little more. And loving anything more than Jesus, even a little more, means we don’t really love him after all. He never settles into second place in our hearts.If we will trust Jesus enough to leave behind our old ways of trying to manufacture and preserve our own happiness, he’ll give us something far greater — infinitely more than we might have settled for otherwise. But we have to trust him first, that he knows the difference between slavery and freedom better than we do. We have to cut the cord. “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life” (Luke 18:29–30).

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Do you think God hears and answers the prayers of only the saved, or the unsaved too? And I don't mean the initial prayer when you give your heart to Him, bc He must always be receptive to that; I mean our everyday prayers, about needs and wants.

To answer this question, you need to see the difference between the prayers of those who are saved and the unsaved. Those who are unsaved sometimes pray only because of their greed and to satisfy their selfish desires. Those who are saved pray that the will of God will be done in their life.

When you see the wicked getting all their desires, maybe it’s not God answering their prayers, maybe it’s the enemy who wants to destroy their soul, because God will not give us something that will hinder us from becoming like His Son. Everything good comes from God and He wants His children to get what He thinks is good and not what the world thinks.

When a sinner prayed with a repentant heart and with humility, God will answer it because He is merciful and He wants us to see that He is a Father that we can trust in everything. God answers our prayers because of Jesus. When we put our trust in Him and give our life to Him, God will answer our prayers. He may give you what you prayed for because it’s His will, He may say no to your prayers because it will not be good for you, or He may say wait because His timing is so much better than yours. 

Just remember these verses:

If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.     -Psalm 66:18

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will. -John 9:31


Looking for Love ?

Take a moment to read this, this is essential to know! I’m not writing this for my own personal gain or anything, this is very much upon my heart and it’s effecting so many people !! 

We want to feel love, we want to feel secure. We even seek relationships with those who don’t know Christ - they can adore you, you may have things in common, you can enjoy each others company but they can never truly love you unless they know the love of Jesus. Don’t seek a relationship, seek Jesus - he’s the only one we should hunger for, he’s the only one who can satisfy your needs, the enemy will make you think you need another person and that when the perfect person comes along all your troubles will be solved … but the truth is, unless you rely on God for everything and give him every aspect of your life, you can never enter into a relationship and love another person without getting hurt because you’ve put your needs and expectations on their shoulders.

No one can satisfy your desires apart from Jesus, desires of the flesh are not of God - We can get so caught up by the idea of ‘feelings’ or ‘romance’, which secular entertainment is filled with. Focus on jesus and press into growing in your relationship with him and he will bring you through this trial and all trials. You do not need a relationship to feel worthy - You need to know Jesus paid the price with his life and it makes you worthy, you are worth the blood of Jesus. We can never truly have a relationship and love one another if we don’t learn to love Jesus when we’re single, we must look to him to satisfy our needs and not a relationship because they never will. You’re so precious to God and he wants you to love him and rely on him before he brings a man or woman into your life, he won’t unless he thinks you’re ready. The truth is that it is not found in another person it’s only found from pressing in and growing in a deeper relationship with Jesus! When we trust in God, in his timing he will always give us what we need. If you give him everything and love him no matter what, he will give you what you need. when you’re ready he will give you a relationship but he wants you to put him first over all otherwise you can’t love anyone else, because love only comes from him.

We have turned the purest and holiest of things between a man and a woman into the most unholy disgusting actions. Relationships have been reduced to ‘sexual desire’ which came from man’s fallen selfishness, whereas it is the most beautiful connection between a married couple, the devil has twisted and changed it in the world so much because he knows that there’s great power and intimacy within the pure nature of a covenant between two people married before God.
Even in the Christian ‘lifestyle’ sexual desire has simply had christian language wrapped around it. Satan is cunning, he will manage to persuade us that sin makes sense, that it isn’t wrong and it will feel good; but sin promises something that it can never fulfil. We’re constantly surrounded by sexual immorality in this world, but as godly men and women we are called to flea from sexual immorality and everything associated with it - I think a lot of the time Christians can get their ideas about sexual immorality warped by world influences and think they’re okay just because they are not having sex - but that’s a lie, sexual immorality doesn’t just mean sex outside of marriage, it also means other sexual acts, kissing, masturbating, watching sexual films etc. You start to look like what you expose yourself to, so we must abstain from sexually immoral things or we open ourselves up to it. We must die to self and let go of these things and allow God to change us. This is a heavy subject but don’t feel disheartened by it or worried if you’ve done something wrong, God dealt with that when he died on the cross but our fight is the good fight of faith to continue to walk in what he accomplished.
Ladies you don’t need a man to make you feel worthy. Men you don’t need a woman to make you feel worthy. You need to know Jesus paid the price with his life and it makes you worthy, you are worth the blood of Jesus.

No one can satisfy your desires apart from Jesus, desires of the flesh are not of God and the enemy will trick us into thinking that lusting  after someone feels good, but sin promises something it can never deliver. We can get so caught up by the idea of ‘feelings’ or ‘romance’, which secular entertainment is filled with, but turn to jesus, he’s the only way. You can never rely on another person to satisfy your needs, only God can.
Don’t focus on the problem, focus on jesus and press into growing in your relationship with him and he will bring you through this trial and all trials. You do not need a relationship to feel worthy - You need to know Jesus paid the price with his life and it makes you worthy, you are worth the blood of Jesus. Do not feel condemned but know that God loves you, he’s not angry at you, he’s holding you, all you have to do is seek him more and all things not of him will fall away.

He’s so wonderful and so lovely, there’s a way that seems right to a man and it leads to death … but God’s perfect will is everything you never knew you always wanted!!!!

y'all i aint fucking kidding you when i say i just drove by this car with a ‘Jesus, I trust in you!’ sticker on the back and we keep driving and we pass by it’s this bitch dressed as a goddamn nuN and she’s blaring highway to hell in her car headbanging i’m on my way back from nebraska and ive just about seen it all now

We’re Not Too Far Gone - Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 2

Part 3

requests: could you do a multi chapter fic where like the reader is like 14?? and like negan takes her from hilltop to raise her as his own but she doesnt like him so she runs away and she gets captured by like dwight and thats the part where glenn and michonne are also captured aswell and they get to the lineup and thats where negan notices her and ricks group are “ shookt ” and when carl tries to hunt down negan and fails he ends up meeting reader during the tour and they form a great friendship??

and about the “ negans daughter” thing can you make the reader really close w jesus and he gets really upset when negan takes her away?? thanks aha

pairings: father figure negan x reader, best friend/ guardian jesus x reader

a/n: i’ve written this about four times now so i hope my laptop doesn’t delete this one lol

word count: 1,575

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“You like it?” Negan asked, placing his hands on your shoulders. He stood behind you, leaning his head to whisper in your ear. You ignored him, finding that silence was your best defense mechanism against him. You were a mix of disgusted with how the women he lived with pranced around like sex dolls and in awe of how beautiful the room was. You hadn’t seen furniture like that in person ever, even before walkers roamed the earth. 

Negan took you from the Hilltop while he was on one of his weekly visits to take your supplies. One of his wives had been bugging him about wanting a kid, and you seemed to be perfect to him. “Take a seat, and I’ll bring out your new mother,” he ordered. You sat down on the nice couch, huffing at his mention of a ‘mother.’ 

Negan was full of shit if he actually thought you were ever going to call her that. The closest thing you had to a parent was Jesus, who took you in under his wing when your family died. He and you were both lone wolves before you met each other. He became your best friend and guardian. 

A woman followed Negan towards you, where her facial expression resembled anything but happiness. Negan smiled at her hopefully, begging for a response. The woman looked at you with disgust. “This is (Y/N),” Negan said gesturing for you to stand up. You crossed your arms leaning back into your seat. 

“She’s older than I thought she was going to be,” the woman complained. She acted as if you weren’t a few feet in front of her. 

“Same here,” you replied wittily, glaring at the woman. Her eyes widened with rage, and she looked back at Negan like she was waiting for him to do something. 

“I asked for a kid, not a bitchy teenager,” she blurted out, balling her hands into fists at her sides. 

“(Y/N),” Negan sighed, “Why don’t you go ahead and wait outside.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes dramatically to assure that she noticed, and walked out the doors. 

For the first time since you arrived at the sanctuary, you were alone. Negan always made sure either he, himself, or one of his Saviors was by your side at all times. You felt a rush of relief roll over you as you recognized your new freedom. You looked in each direction before quickly walking down the hall, trying your hardest to act like you had a purpose. 

You found a large steel staircase that you recognized and flew down it without a second thought, gripping the handrail for stability. On the ground floor, there were way too many people to count. Some were eating, others were talking, and a group of about twenty men sat around a table, discussing something seemingly important. 

You noticed a group of people leaving the Sanctuary, and began walking with them, trying your hardest to blend in. There didn’t seem to be a leader of the small crowd, and the conversations were only between two or three people, so you weren’t able to hear where they were going. You didn’t care, though. They were leaving, and that was all that was on your mind at the moment. 

You were walking down a road that you recognized from when Negan drove you to the Sanctuary in his truck when a small group of walkers–maybe three or four–caught your attention. A woman with red hair reached into her belt, but you stopped her. 

“Don’t worry about it,” you offered. “I got this. I’ll catch up with you guys.” She didn’t argue, and the group continued down the road. You pulled out your small knife from your belt and efficiently killed all the walkers, then ran a bit deeper into the forest to hide yourself. You ran as quickly as you could in the direction of the Hilltop. 

Your run slowed down to a quiet walk as you heard voices ahead of you. You had no idea how long you had been running, but you were almost positive you weren’t close enough to be home already. Maybe Jesus sent a group out? Or maybe Negan’s group caught up to you? Amidst the trees, you could see two people. An Asian man with floppy, black hair stood across from a slim, dark skinned woman with long, thick hair that fell down her back. 

“We just got stuck with each other,” he said. The woman looked at him sadly, and he looked away from her. “We were lucky.” He paused, shaking his head slightly and breathing in deeply. “We’d figure it all out together. I felt like we did… After everything, we did.” He shook his head again, staring at the fallen leaves on the ground. “The world’s not what we thought it is.” 

You wondered what this man was talking about–who he was talking about. 

“Hilltop, the Saviors… It’s bigger.” Your eyes widened, and you gasped a little. A whistle sounded from among the trees, and you ducked down, drawing your knife. The man positioned his gun in front of him, and the woman grabbed the handle of a long sword out of its sheath on her back. 

Within your immediate line of sight, you could see five men, all with their weapons aimed at the two people. As far as you were aware, they didn’t notice you. You recognized one of the men by the scar on his face, which you assumed was from being burned. These men were Saviors, and they weren’t gathered here coincidentally. They had probably been following you since you left the group on the main road. 

“Hi,” the man with the scarred face said monotonously, aiming his gun at the Asian man. He seemed to bite the inside of his lip as he readjusted his gun beneath his shoulder, lowering the weapon. They held their hands down at their sides in surrender, and they were easily taken to the ground by Negan’s men. 

The man’s and woman’s hands were tied behind their backs, and their mouths were tied shut with gags. They were forced onto the ground as the Saviors began to start a fire. You hadn’t even noticed how dark it was getting until your eyes ached in the presence of light. 

You hadn’t moved since you heard the first whistle. Your feet were planted still, for you were more scared than you had been in a while. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see a man in a black leather vest with a crossbow and a woman with a cap and a large gun creeping up behind the Saviors. You wondered if these people were with the two hostages, or if they were more of Negan’s men. 

Before you could stop yourself, you were creeping towards them. The woman noticed you first, aiming her gun at you. You shook your head frantically, holding your hands up. She nudged the man in the vest, nodding at you. You shook your head once again, trying to inaudibly tell them that you weren’t one of the Saviors. The man and woman creeped towards you, and away from the group. 

“Where are you from?” he asked bluntly. The woman still had her gun aimed at you, but you couldn’t blame her. You could never be too certain that someone wasn’t out to get you. 

“Hilltop,” you whispered, trying not to draw attention to the three of you. “Negan took me, and I got out.” They looked at each other with their eyebrows raised. “Where are you from?” 

“Alexandria,” the woman said. Your eyes lit up at the mention of the town they came from. Jesus always told you how amazing Alexandria was, and how he was going to take you there sometime. 

“Oh!” you said excitedly. “Do you know Jesus?” They looked at each other once more. They seemed to be gaining trust in you. 

“Yeah,” he said. “We know Jesus.” He dropped his weapon and stuck his hand out. “Daryl.”

You tossed your knife into your other hand and shook his. “(Y/N).” 

“I’m Rosita,” the woman said, still aiming her gun at you. You smiled uncomfortably at her. “How old are you, kid?”

“Does anyone really know anymore?” you asked smartly. “I’m probably fourteen or fifteen. I was little when all this started.” Daryl and Rosita nodded. “You know them?” you asked, gesturing at the two hostages. 

“Yeah,” Daryl replied. “Glenn and Michonne. You help us get them, and we’ll get you back to the Hilltop. Yeah?” You nodded in agreement. Even if these people were bad, you had nothing to lose. The three of you crept towards the glowing fire. 

The man who was tied down, Glenn, noticed you three, and your eyes darted back to Daryl. He held up his finger to his lips, telling him to stay quiet. Glenn, though, began to groan, gaining the attention of the Saviors.

“Hi, Daryl,” a man said. You turned your head slowly to see the man with the scarred face holding a gun to the back of Daryl’s head. Rosita put one of her hands up, holding onto her gun with her other hand. You quickly tucked your knife into your belt before raising both your hands up slowly. There was a man behind each of you. 

The sound of a gun firing echoed through the woods, and you dropped to your knees. 

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lmao ok listen i’m like one part “oh jesus here we go time for The Bullshit™” because i don’t trust maas as far as i can throw her, one part “I am ready to be right about everything and not shut the fuck up about it” and one part  F R E A K I N G  O U T