in isabella's words

Florence does her thing and I do mine. To be honest, we never thought all this would happen… I mean we knew we wanted it, but we had no idea really how big this all was going to be… We started this out of love and out of fun, before there was anyone telling us what to do. It’s funny how this industry tries to get in the middle of that. But some things never change… We’ll keep making songs wherever. That’s our relationship… I know deep down, we’ll always stick together.


This is just an update/PSA that I am taking requests for moodboards whether they are personalized or for a character of a movie/tv show/book.

If you want a personalized one send me your three favorite colors along with a little bit about yourself; hobbies, interests, personality, appearance, etc.

If you want to request a moodboard for a character, just tell me the name of the character and I’ll go from there.

Thank you darlings, I love you!<3

You know with any other show I’d say the theory that Ed thinks Oswald fell in love with Isabella is ridiculous beyond words and impossible.

…but considering this is Gotham and the fact that they made Isabella happen the way they did (a.k.a. just a normal human who happens to look like a clone of his ex and is his sudden perfect match coughbadwritingcough) I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this theory is true. 

This show always surprises you because they go against reason - and sometimes we get hilarious and amazing results because of it (killing Azrael with a bazooka is so over the top and hilarious that I love it) … and then other times we get Isabella-like storylines. Which are…pretty damn bad.

I’m just saying; I’m a student at film&animation university and I’ve had my fellow classmates come with better storylines and twists for their short student films. Let that sink in.

(I mean geez, even the fandom came up with more interesting theories and storylines for Isabella than the offical writers.)