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Shāh Chérāgh (شاه چراغ‎‎) "King of the Light" is a mausoleum and mosque in Shiraz, Iran, built around 1130 AD, housing the tomb of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, sons of Mūsā al-Kādhim (7th Imam of Twelver Shia Islam). The two took refuge in the city during the Abbasid persecution of Shia Muslims. The tombs became celebrated pilgrimage centres in the 14th century when the pious and art-loving Queen Tashi Khatun erected a mosque and theological school by the tombs. After carrying out essential repairs, the queen ordered the tomb to be covered with millions of pieces of colored glass that glitter in the light and magnify its brilliance a thousand times.

Frankfurt Keynote TL;DR:
  • Samurai confirmed for melée pure DPS, uses Striking gear
  • Also liberating Doma as well as Ala Mhigo
  • Yugiri and Gosetsu will play major MSQ roles
  • New 8-man raid: Interdimensional Rift Omega  - The Bend of Time
  • New Alliance raid: Return to Ivalice
  • New City: Kugane, upon the island of Hingashi
  • New Field Areas: Othard continent. The Ruby Sea, Yanxia, Azim Steppe previewed
  • New Beast Tribe: Kojin. Live in Ruby Sea (underwater); believe in “kami”; collect artefacts; worship new FFXIV-exclusive Primal: Susano, Lord of the Revel
  • New Dungeons: one previewed was ship graveyard (preview vid should be online)
  • New Housing Area: Shirogane, upon Hingashi. Won’t be open upon launch so people can enjoy the new content before focussing on getting a house.
  • New Housing Features: moving-house feature; doubling housing item limit; adding many more Doman-style furnishings
  • New Themesong Information: track title is “Revolutions”, sung by Susan Calloway
  • Launch Date (still tentative): 20 June, 2017 

You can find my full transcript (with pics) here! I’ll also be transcribing the PLL tomorrow on the same document, sleep permitting; please look forward to it.



  • New Housing District in Stormblood.
  • Located in new player city area on Hingashi, an isolationist island chain.
  • Far Eastern Styled Housing Styles will be added.
  • Far Eastern Styled Furnishings are also being added.
  • Housing will not be available at launch, due to the desire for players to enjoy the new classes and MSQ first.
  • Housing will be opened when they believe the time is right.
  • They will also implement a move-housing-area feature that will let you to transfer a home from one area to the new one (potentially others as well? It was not said)!

•Imagine deaf wizards.
•Imagine deaf wizards struggling through their schooling because they can’t hear the teacher.
•Imagine deaf muggleborn wizards teaching everyone sign language so they can communicate easier.
•Imagine a deaf pureblood wizard finding a way to create a spell that will show what the professors are saying in sign language.
•Imagine a deaf wizard a few years later improving on that spell and including a wand movement where typed words would appear by the professor for the students who don’t quite know sign language.
•Imagine the professors learning these spells and teaching themselves sign language to better help the deaf students.

Imagine mute wizards.
•Imagine mute wizards struggling with the application of spells because they can’t say the words.
•Imagine a muggleborn mute wizard helping the pureblood deaf wizard create the sign language spell.
•Imagine a mute wizard creating an “after lessons activity” where they and other mute wizards can study nonverbal spells.
•Imagine said wizard coming back after graduation to teach the new class dedicated to nonverbal spells, and loving the job no matter if the students are mute or not.
•Imagine 5th year mute wizards passing their OWLs at the top of their class because they got extra points for using nonverbal spells (the ministry must not have known they were mute, but the student body doesn’t care because that was a wicked battle they watched between their peers)

Imagine blind wizards.
•Imagine blind wizards always late to class because they accidentally took the wrong staircase, the staircase moved without them knowing, or they accidentally ended up in the forbidden 3rd floor corridor.
•Imagine blind wizards being insanely good at sensing magic and feeling where their peers are at in the hallways (kind of like Toph from Avatar)
•Imagine blind wizards who have to have their friends read them the newspaper.
•Imagine a new and improved Daily Prophet realizing this and finding a way for wizards to tap the page with their wand to have the articles read to them.
•Imagine Hogwarts allowing muggleborn blind wizards bring their seeing eye dogs with them to school to get around the castle easier.
•Imagine Magical Menagerie hearing of this and teaching some of their pets how to be a seeing eye animal so other blind wizards can get around the castle easier. (I’ll even sell him to you for half the price!)

Imagine wizards in wheelchairs.
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs petitioning the school board to get ramps or elevators in the building because “how are we supposed to learn when we can’t get to the classroom?”
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs creating a version of wheelchair quidditch (like wheelchair tennis or basketball) which becomes a huge hit with the student body.
•Imagine drunk wizards in wheelchairs having wheelchair races down the hallways.
•Imagine Hogwarts changing its interior design to accommodate for wheelchairs.
•Imagine wizards in wheelchairs at the battle of hogwarts placing spells on their wheels to make them move by themselves as the wizard ruthlessly attacks death eaters.

Imagine wizards with AD(H)D.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D sitting in the back of the classroom so as to not interrupt as often.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D getting free time to run or fly around the quidditch pitch to burn off some of their steam.
•Imagine wizards with AD(H)D creating potions to help students focus during school that work a lot better than the muggle medication.
•Imagine muggleborn wizards telling pureblood wizards with AD(H)D that they aren’t worthless or stupid because they can’t concentrate as well as their peers.

Imagine wizards with diabetes.
•Imagine wizards with diabetes finding a way to check their blood sugar without having to prick their fingers.
•Imagine house elves finding out that some of their wizards need food with less sugar, so they start putting healthier foods out during meal time and never mentioning it to anyone.
•Imagine wizards with diabetes helping Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing and being able to identify certain things about a patient without needing a spell (like if the patients blood sugar is too low or too high)


maggie-maggie95  asked:

Anomaly what happend why you didn't post anymore,what happend with the Broken comic?Did something else bad happend to you?😐😟

Hi dear,
No I’m fortunately fine, just really busy because this January happened sooooo many things: for example I got one big commission for an animated beer spot and also I started to work to another pubblishing house (added to the previous) for a new comic project that will be released in Italy on May. The funny thing is that also GreedyFlower n.7 (the other comic) will released on May! I mean…I’m really happy to have these opportunities! But you’ll understand that suddently  my life became a super mess XD hahahahah!
I’ve to draw 160 pages for 21th April and 128 full color for 10th April! 


But is ok! I’ll make it! I just need to plan these deliveries with patience (and no sleep XD) but I promise, I’ll find the time to continue Broken comic! I need it *u* and I love to draw it!
Sorry to you and to everybody if I disappeared~ <3

  • Leo: You gave Casey chloroform.
  • Donnie: Uh-huh.
  • Leo: And, you told him it was like soda.
  • Donnie: Yes.
  • Leo: Is there any way in which that is not a lie?
  • Donnie: It’s a sweet liquid. But, I had three reasons!
  • Leo: Good ones?
  • Donnie: Well, we’ll see in a minute; I’m just making them up now.

I had a request to share Hannah’s house so I have added a CC free version on the gallery for anyone who would like to use it :) You will need to use the bb.moveobjects on command in order for things to place properly. I used items from most of the packs. You can find me on origin with the userid: pixelb0mb

It is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home, and it is placed on the GarlicLauter Place in Forgotten Hollow :)

You can download the tray files here if you prefer :) :)