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Grenfell firefighter: MPs should be dragged to look at tower’s shell
Lucy Masoud blames tragedy on austerity and says decision makers don’t care about social housing tenants

Masoud told a packed room at Friends House in central London: “What we do know and what we believe is austerity caused that fire.

“Had that building not been a social housing building, we know there wouldn’t have been so many failures.

“Why did Grenfell have flammable cladding and no sprinklers and only one dry riser? Because it was social housing and the decision makers don’t care about the social housing tenants.”

She added: “The minute rich people in Kensington and Chelsea decided they no longer wanted to look at an ugly building, those tenants’ fates were sealed.”

Masoud, who was speaking at the event on behalf of the Fire Brigades Union, said: “That building as it stands there today in west London is a symbol of this country’s failures.

“It’s a symbol of how this country treats its social housing tenants, and I think every politician, every MP, should be dragged from the House of Commons to look at that building and be made to see and understand that the decisions they made have led to what took place on 14 June.”


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  • Laughing at everything
  • Seeing a snail in the middle of the path and moving it to somewhere with NaTuRE
  • Running hugs
  • Seeing the best in people
  • Asking, “but why?” after everything like a little kid
  • Giggling
  • Constantly teasing their friends
  • Squealing at cute photos of animals
  • Trying their best
  • Froyo
  • Feeling guilty about the smallest of things
  • Getting excited easily
  • Still sleeping with a soft toy