in honour of birthday boy

Birthday Boy

Here’s a short little fic in honour of my friend @ashleyhwu‘s birthday on Sunday! I know you love yourself some Hunt…so here you go! Enjoy! 😉

Warnings: Mature themes, sexually suggestive, language 
Words: 900+

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Thomas was turning forty. He hadn’t said a word about it, but Alex knew it wasn’t a milestone he’d been looking forward to; if it was up to him they would let it happen without a fuss. Having just turned thirty herself, Alex understood the bitter sweetness of such an event but she couldn’t let it pass unacknowledged. She was determined to have him enjoy himself which is why Alex made sure to start it off right.

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The big 3-0? That is wiiiiiild, Patrick!

The love you show to us and the big, open heart you have proves you’re anything but a ‘quiet, boring guy.’ Thank you for bringing us a priceless appreciation for music, and thank you for all that you do for us. May you show us another 30+ years of what it means to be an amazing person. We’ll all make sure there are gifs immortalizing it.

Love, PatrickStumpGifs and all 12,000+ who follow this blog’s crazy escapades.

(And a note to all of you, we’re keeping track of birthday related posts under this tag, and we’re reblogging all day in honour of Patrick’s birthday!)