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the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

can you imagine being sayo yamamoto and mitsuro kubo rn???? you’re lifetime fans of a fairly obscure sport, you finally after years get the greenlight to write a story about it, you pay open tribute to heroes of the sport, you include a relationship that has the potential to be controversial, and you hope it gets a nice niche following but you’re not sure it’s going to succeed

and then not only does it succeed, it smashes revenue records. literal world record holders in the sport you love are live-tweeting about it. the very athletes you honored in your show are huge fans. olympic medalists are asking to be put in the show and to voice themselves. competitors are referencing it on national television and have adopted it as something they love in return

must be so wild

In honor of the Olympics…


  • Shiro is a beach volleyball player.
  • Lance is a swimmer.
  • Keith is a gymnast.
  • Hunk doing weight-lifting
  • Pidge is an archer and one of the youngest in the games.
  • Allura competing in the women’s all-around gymnastics, and Coran is her coach.
  • Keith hanging out at the practice pool because he’s thirsty and watching Lance swim and oh no he’s hot
  • He feels really un-patriotic for rooting for the hot guy and not his own country, but he does it anyway (in his head, of course).
  • No one expects Pidge to win any of their events because they’re a child, but, surprisingly, they come in first place.
  • Allura is very flexible and is best at the balance beam.
  • Keith doing parallel bars and asking Allura to practice with him because she’s pretty much the best out there.
  • She does it, since she’s super nice (and they aren’t competing against each other) and she cheers for him at his competition.
  • He tries hard to make her proud
  • Hunk just completely annihilating the competition
  • Lance nick-naming Pidge “Katniss Everdeen”
  • Shiro getting a bloody nose from getting hit in the face at full force with a volleyball, but finishing the game anyway.
  • Lance having a really strange pre-game ritual of eating an orange slice 45 minute before the game, talking to a picture of his mom and saying that he’ll make her proud, complimenting himself in the mirror, and putting/taking off his goggles 3 times.
  • Allura’s team’s leotards are super sparkly and she looks like a beautiful goddess
  • “You can’t date someone from a different country’s team.”
  • “Fucking witness me”
  • Asexual Shiro “They don’t call me an ace for nothing” (get it??? like… like a good serve-)
  • Lance hits his head on the side of the pool often when he doesn’t pay attention

The United States Women’s Gymnastics Team won gold by over 8 points at the 2016 Olympic Games. The team is made up of Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez, and Aly Raisman. They have nicknamed themselves “The Final Five” in honor of National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi who will be retiring after these Olympics.
EXCLUSIVE: Meryl Davis Opens Up About Being a Role Model and That Kylie Jenner Twitter Controversy
The Olympian addressed the drama that arose from her recent tweet about models promoting sports labels.

Meryl Davis is getting candid about her recent controversial tweet regarding models promoting activewear and sharing her thoughts on the “honor” of being a role model.

The Olympic gold medalist made waves after posting a photo to Twitter in which she compared models Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid advertising sports gear with fellow Olympian Aly Raisman, stating, “I’ll take the one promoted by the athlete please.”

Davis spoke with ET at UNICEF’s annual Snowflake Ball in New York City on Tuesday, where she confessed she was stunned when the post caused so much drama.

“It took on a life of its own that I didn’t really intend for it to, which is a reminder for me to definitely think through all the sides of things before I put something out there,” the ice dancer admitted. “I’m really passionate about making sure that different women are represented in that kind of industry, so my intention is definitely to draw attention to the fact that it’s important to show athletes.”

“It’s important to show women, in all different walks of life, in that kind of imagery,” she continued. “Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone necessarily understood my tweet the way it was intended, but it’s a good lesson for me to learn.”

Davis, 29, added that she doesn’t regret the post, but wishes she had explained her intentions more clearly and “said everything I wanted to say instead of putting something out there so quickly without thinking through how it could be interpreted.”

The season 18 Dancing With the Stars winner added that she’s aware of the responsibility Olympians have to be role models and explained that she’s passionate about being someone who young girls, in particular, can look up to.

“To encourage people to think beyond what they can accomplish, but to have a positive impact on our global community as well, is an honor,” she said. “It’s one that I don’t take lightly.”

anonymous asked:

In honor of the Olympics would you mind doing a few bots of your choice watching their s/o compete in the Gymnastics portion? (I find it interesting because Cybertronians probably wouldn't be as flexible and the stuff the gymnasts do are amazing and look downright uncomfortable btw I love everything that you post I always get excited when I get a notification).

Thank you so much! <3

Transformers Animated Autobots 

Optimus is proud of you for being in the Olympics (even though you had to explain what that was to him), and finds it remarkable that the human body can move so flexibly.

Bumblebee thinks it’s really cool, and brags about you all the time. When you’re competing, he yells encouragement at the screen.

Ratchet gets worried you’ll hurt yourself, and is constantly on edge when you’re competing. He’s a very Proud™ boyfriend though.

Prowl lowkey wants you to teach him some things, though he doesn’t think he’s quite flexible enough. He enjoys watching you compete.

Bulkhead gets pretty worried about you when he watches you practice and compete, and he wishes he could be as graceful. He’s super proud of you though.

Fic idea, in honor of the Olympics:

Illya as a Russian gymnast (but of course) and Napoleon as a member of the USA media team, unashamedly sneaking lingering glances at the cute Russian gymnast in between (distractedly) conducting interviews with members of the USA team.

Sports AUs rec list

In honor of the Olympics i wanted to make a list of some of the larry fics involving sports, so here it is.

Thank you to the bfc for helping me with some of them ♥ @cuethetommo, @skylinethroughthewindow, @fireproofau, @coziestlouis, @otpwhatever (your lazy ass did nothing but i love you all the same), @tomlinsuntea 

American Football

One more for the stars by imsosorry:  Harry’s the star quarterback and Louis is about to graduate. It’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.

The boys of fall by godgavemelou: an american football au where the boys play for the university of Tennessee, and harry and louis quite hate each other.

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Anon Request: In honor of the Olympics closing, I was wondering how Lucio, Genji, and Hanzo would react to their partner being a medalist? Any medal would do. Also love your work!!!

Here you go, anon! I hope you like this! If you have any questions, message me.


• Expect a party. I don’t mean the kind of party you were given as a child. This party will be filled with people (some you probably don’t know), and it’ll be all about you! Lúcio would do everything he can to make sure you know how proud he is.

• The party would go on for hours after the Olympics ended, and he would shower you in as much love as possible.

• Lúcio would also probably have all of your events on video and would play them over and over until you were sick of seeing it.

• Even if you had only won Bronze, he’d be crazy proud of you.

• Do you know that picture of Will Smith on the red carpet with his wife? Where he has his arms out and pointing at her? Yeah. That’s Lúcio. He’d make it known that you were his Olympian S/O, and he’d be proud of it.

• If someone came up to him asking for an autograph, he’d laugh, sign it, and say, “I’m cool, but have you met my medal-winning S/O?”

• Basically, he will worship your every step.


• There would be a celebration with Genji, but it won’t be as exciting as Lúcio’s. It’ll be more intimate, a few of your select friends there to join in.

• If he was there at the time that you won the medals, he would probably pick you up and place you on his shoulders, no matter what medal it happened to be. He’d be proud if you even won nothing.

• You don’t notice, but he will show off the medals to everyone, telling them how proud he is of you. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll tell you how proud he is of you.

• He probably helped you with a few of your routines, so you’re basically his student as well as his S/O. For a moment, he realizes how Zenyatta can be so happy when he sees Genji do well.

• He will never stop talking about your achievements, especially when he knows you’re having a bad day. He’ll make sure you know how wonderful you are.

• Also, Genji would brag about you to EVERYONE. Even if they know who you are, he’ll constantly compliment your skills.


• Like the other two, Hanzo would be very proud of you. Very proud.

• He’s happy to see you achieving your dreams, even if you won Bronze on everything. He sees how excited you are to be recognized for your abilities.

• Also, he would more than likely brag about you, too. He will find a way to bring up your triumphs whenever he can.

• If you wanted, he would form a party for you, but only if you wanted.

• He’s not beyond praising you at many times in the day, and he will make sure you know how wonderful you are.

• He finds your achievements much greater than anything he could ever do, no matter what organization he happened to be a part of. To him, you are much more important.


Final Five honoring their coaches (x)

Aly Raisman on Mihai Brestyan: I’ve been with Mihai for about 12 years, I came to him when I was 10 years old. So we’ve been through a lot together, he’s like a second dad to me and I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me. So this is for you.

Simone Biles on Aimee Boorman: I have been with my coach Aimee since I stepped foot in the gym. She’s exactly like a second mom to me: she bosses me around, tells me what to do, but it’s always in the best form because it worked and I’m here and we did it together. So this one’s for you coach Aimee.

Gabby Douglas on Christian Gallardo: This is my amazing coach Christian and I’ve been with him for about 2 years. The thing with Christian is he’s taught me to always keep my chin up and always just be in a positive, good mood. I’m so thankful to have a coach so supportive like him and I just love you so much, thank you so much Christian for everything.

Laurie Hernandez on Maggie Haney: I have been with my coach Maggie Haney since 2005 and I’ve never been with any other coach and so we had the ability to do gymnastics for 11 years straight and just grow together and now we’ve made it here together. So this one’s for you.

Madison Kocian on Laurent Landi: I’ve been with my coach Laurent for 8 years now and he’s taught me so much in life both in the gym and out of the gym. I just want to dedicate this to him, thank you for everything.


In honor of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, I wanted to share who Prince Harry is really cheering for!


Gabby Douglas Gets Her Own Barbie Doll (Video)

Just hours after being selected for the Olympic team, Mattel honored 20-year old Olympian, Gabby Douglas with her own Barbie, just in time for Rio!  The two-time gold medal recipient and multiple world champion is preparing for her 2nd Olympics game in August. She was selected for the U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic team.

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“In honor of the Olympics being held in England, I’m going to eat this entire steamed tray of sausages and potatoes.”