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YOI Guidebook Translations - Character Info

Translated by the lovely yumebeats on Twitter!

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Leo De La Iglesia

  • Skate America was his first gold 
  • He looks up to Victor bc they both choreograph their own programs
  • But Victor was already trashed when Leo met him so he was a lil frazzled lmao
  • He’s practiced w/ Phichit and Guang-Hong in the States
  • Leo, Phichit & Guang-Hong stay in regular contact thru social media 
  • Leo, Phi. & GH still get shy in front of older skaters
  • He apparently missed a lot of jumps in his FS, sending him down to 6th place
  • Leo has no quads
  • Miyamoto-sensei choreographed Leo’s SP to resemble a “street dance battle" 

Guang Hong Ji

  • GH looks up 2 Phichit and thinks Leo is cool; this admiration is described as like "a young maiden’s" 
  • Phichit, GH & Minami are called the "3 Great Adorable Asian Skaters” by fans!!!
  • He doesn’t like hotpot but went bc Victor was there

Georgi Popovich

  • He’s always been in Victor’s shadow, sharing a coach & being only 1 day younger. This season is his chance
  • He seemed cool when he was like “ah, youth” upon seeing Leo & GH, but he’s actually a hot (rather, “sweltering”) person
  • Anya’s new boyfriend is a hockey player
  • Yakov wants Georgi to discover his own style
  • He thinks “NOW’S MY TIME TO SHINE” but Victor’s preoccupied with Yuuri and Yurio Does Not Car
  • In love in sport, he’s fruitless :((( 
  • Though it seems like he has a new girlfriend now, at least! 

Seunggil Lee

  • This is his first time in the Grand Prix Series
  • He’s popular with female fans but is cold to them
  • He likes dogs and meat and hates vegetables and women
  • He doesn’t have any ill-will toward other skaters per se, he just doesn’t care
  • The struggles he faces are all for the eventual honor of participating in the Pyongchang Olympics

Emil Nekola

  • An “agreeable youth” that’s an apt description if I’ve ever seen one
  • Has known the Crispies 4 a long time
  • Emil and Michele are “like brothers” and their banter is the norm
  • He’s not discouraged by the Crispies ignoring him lol
  • He wants to add more dynamic jumps next season

Christophe Giacometti

  • He’s basically always expected to podium at the GPF and Worlds
  • He and Victor are popular w/ da ladies
  • He sees Victor as his ultimate rival so he has less motivation this season
  • Minako isn’t the only fan wrecked by his sexiness
  • Thinks he’s the only one in the world who can defeat Yuuri’s eroticism (!!)
  • He’s been at the Trophée de France 5 times
  • He thinks it’s like a dream that Yuuri, who’s rumored to retire, got a world record score
  • He’s never gotten gold at the GPF
  • Oh ouch he figured he never got gold because Victor was there, but now he’s seeing that his chances are being crushed by Yuuri :(
  • And when he realizes that he feels bitter at being surpassed and irritated by Victor’s support :(((
  • “Though this year’s GPF is over, the fire of regret is still smoldering in Chris’s heart”
  • He wants to take gold once Victor returns

Phichit Chulanont

  • He got bronze at 4cc last season, the first Thai skater to do so!
  • He’s Yuuri’s closest skater friend 
  • Skate fans all over the world check Phichit’s social media for updates on skaters’ practice and daily lives
  • He believes that he’ll rewrite the history of Thai skating 
  • He hasn’t told Yuuri about “Phichit on Ice” yet

Jean-Jacques Leroy (there’s a lot about him)

  • He’s gone to Skate Canada 2x
  • Nathalie’s his coach, Alain’s his trainer 
  • He genuinely doesn’t realize he’s bothering ppl and is bad at picking up on social cues
  • His loved ones have always been important to him
  • His FS is basically an offering of love to everyone who has supported him 
  • He proposed to Isabella immediately before Barcelona
  • He & Isabella have been together since highschool! They were classmates
  • @ the GPF he felt all the other skaters were looking down on him
  • JJ’s refusal to give up even in the face of his own negative thoughts is his true strength
  • His “It’s… JJ Style!” at the kiss and cry was a bluff or show of courage and took all of his strength to accomplish
  • “JJ, who is always trying to be a king, responds to the voices of his fans who love him by always being JJ.  The JJ we’ll see from now on will surely be even stronger”
  • Even though he’s a very powerful skater, his parents’ ice dancing background imparts grace to his performance
  • This season was his last season as a teen and though he buckled under the pressure, he showed his strength through his recovery
  • He trained in Colorado Springs with Leo as a junior and in Detroit under Celestino 
  • He and Otabek taught each other moves as rinkmates
  • It looks like he taught Otabek the quad salchow
  • However, once he left a rink his friendships w/ his rinkmates would fizzle out :(
  • He doesn’t really have any skater friends 
  • However, he does have friends at home and it says they’re his support
  • The support & love he receives from others is the source of his strength
  • He met the band that did Theme of King JJ @ a Grammy afterparty
  • [about Isabella] “It seems like she can’t quite take a hint when she's  antagonizing Yuri’s Angels, but she disregards the atmosphere entirely to cheer for JJ when the stadium has fallen silent”
  • J has “a few” (何人か) younger siblings who are competing in the junior div 
  • Nathalie likes “flashy things” while Alain is more stoic
  • Omg the fanbook outright says JJ and Isabella haven’t had premarital sex w o w
  • From the fanbook! He’s at the top of his class in a university in Toronto 

Otabek Altin

  • Had his senior debut last year and got bronze at Worlds
  • He doesn’t care about making friends w/ others
  • He doesn’t hate people but he gives off that impression
  • Yurio is the one exception
  • Yurio didn’t realize who he was at first when Otabek rescued him from his fangirls
  • Otabek was in the novice class at the summer camp
  • Also, the guidebook lists him as 18, what is the truth
  • He knew if he couldn’t discover something no one else could do, he’d never win
  • Even though he didn’t make podium, he left a strong impression on the entire world
  • He didn’t stand out at all in his junior years but now he finds himself among the top senior skaters
  • He trained in many countries
  • Yakov was running the summer camp where he met Yurio
  • His body is stiff and he can’t remember choreography quickly
  • His junior years were a period of trial and error
  • Otabek’s strength is forging new paths for himself whenever he hits a wall
  • He chose the Samarkand Overture to make a strong impact as a new entry to the ranks of top skaters
  • His SP costume is meant to emphasise his status as the representative from Kazakhstan
  • His skating is supposed to be very crisp and solid
  • The image for his FS is “I will confidently lead my country! Follow me, my countrymen!”

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In honor of the Olympics…


  • Shiro is a beach volleyball player.
  • Lance is a swimmer.
  • Keith is a gymnast.
  • Hunk doing weight-lifting
  • Pidge is an archer and one of the youngest in the games.
  • Allura competing in the women’s all-around gymnastics, and Coran is her coach.
  • Keith hanging out at the practice pool because he’s thirsty and watching Lance swim and oh no he’s hot
  • He feels really un-patriotic for rooting for the hot guy and not his own country, but he does it anyway (in his head, of course).
  • No one expects Pidge to win any of their events because they’re a child, but, surprisingly, they come in first place.
  • Allura is very flexible and is best at the balance beam.
  • Keith doing parallel bars and asking Allura to practice with him because she’s pretty much the best out there.
  • She does it, since she’s super nice (and they aren’t competing against each other) and she cheers for him at his competition.
  • He tries hard to make her proud
  • Hunk just completely annihilating the competition
  • Lance nick-naming Pidge “Katniss Everdeen”
  • Shiro getting a bloody nose from getting hit in the face at full force with a volleyball, but finishing the game anyway.
  • Lance having a really strange pre-game ritual of eating an orange slice 45 minute before the game, talking to a picture of his mom and saying that he’ll make her proud, complimenting himself in the mirror, and putting/taking off his goggles 3 times.
  • Allura’s team’s leotards are super sparkly and she looks like a beautiful goddess
  • “You can’t date someone from a different country’s team.”
  • “Fucking witness me”
  • Asexual Shiro “They don’t call me an ace for nothing” (get it??? like… like a good serve-)
  • Lance hits his head on the side of the pool often when he doesn’t pay attention

#animation 🏛 Poseidon 🌊
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💧He is member of the #olympic team and #zeus ’s best bud. #poseidon thinks he is a seducer, but he often makes fool of himself and some girls use him to get access to Zeus☇
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@kyddeegan: Sup guys I’m going to the 2018 Olympics 😉 This season has been so amazing, definitely more than I could have hoped for and now I’m going to the freaking Olympics. I’m so honored and totally excited to be going to PyeongChang and represent the USA. This is the best early birthday present ever, I just want next season to start already! 🙌🙌🙌 #soready #teamusa #winterolympics 

Reposted from @usfigureskating 

“We brought @kyddeegan in for an interview, she came in thinking she was going to talk about her favorite skating memories, instead we told her she secured a spot on the 2018 Olympic team. PyeongChang here she comes!! 

List of Possible Denizens for each Aspect

Finally! Made a nice cleaned up list that’s organized by Aspect most likely associated with each God, Goddess, Spirit, Titan, Personification or Gnostic Aeon!

and there’s like at least 14-15 Denizens for each Aspect if not more, so it’s quite a list!


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The United States Women’s Gymnastics Team won gold by over 8 points at the 2016 Olympic Games. The team is made up of Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez, and Aly Raisman. They have nicknamed themselves “The Final Five” in honor of National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi who will be retiring after these Olympics.

exclusionist ideals aren’t inherently aphobic. I’m sick of seeing “aphobe” used as a fill in term for us.


• some of us are ace. it’s not an oppression thing. we don’t seek to oppress ace people. I don’t understand how that jump was made.

• we’re not gonna like look at you in disgust or kick you out of pride or whatever for being ace. we don’t actually care what your orientation or lack thereof is. We just don’t want you in lgbtpn specific safe spaces if you’re not lgbtpn.

• you can be ace and still an ally? seriously not being lgbt isn’t actually a bad thing. I don’t?? understand? why does it matter at all? not to be ablist tm or anything but go outside

• before someone says it, we’re not anything like terfs. terfs want to keep trans women out of women’s safe spaces because they don’t think transgender is a valid identity. ace is a valid identity and those who disagree with that statement are actual aphobes.

• yes exclusionists can be actual aphobes. you are more than welcome to call them out for that. honestly those of us who aren’t aphobic will thank you and take action.

seriously though why do you care if ace people are lgbtpn or not? it doesn’t actually matter. lgbt is a group as well as a title. it’s not a club, or some big honor. you can be oppressed and not lgbt. like straight minorities exist you know. if you’re not attracted to multiple/the same gender, and you’re not trans/nb, you’re not lgbtpn. it’s not that deep man.

we’re not trying to say you’re less than us, or not worthy of being lgbt. we’re literally saying that you’re just not lgbt. it isn’t a discrimination thing. being lgbtpn isn’t some big honor. like y’all always say, this isn’t the oppression olympics. chill out.


EXO - 170925 Official EXO Instagram update: “We are one! 안녕하세요, #엑소 입니다. 2018년 평창 동계 올림픽과 패럴림픽의 성공을 진심으로 기원합니다. 충청남도 #안희정(@steelroot) 도지사님의 지목을 받아 뜻깊은 캠페인을 함께하게 되어 영광입니다. 감사합니다. 다음 릴레이 주자로 #이수만 선생님을 추천합니다! #이수만 #선생님 #함께해주세요”

Translation: “We Are One! Hello, this is #EXO. We are hoping for the success of hosting the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics. We are honored to be chosen by Chungcheong’s governor #Ahn HeeJung (@steelroot) to participate in this meaningful campaign. Thank you. For the next relay representative we recommend #Lee Sooman! #Lee Sooman teacher #Please join us”

Credit: weareone.exo.

Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 2)  The difficult case of Yuuri Katsuki

follow up of my post here 

Now onto our protagonist : Yuuri Katsuki

Originally posted by rose-flowers

Let me start by telling you this is a hard case because if Yuuri physically looks like a certain skater I will show you in a second, both mentally and their path is radically different and ressemble much more some other skaters.

Physically : 

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Meet Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Yuzuru Hanyu is the actual top man, with his training mate Javier Fernandez, of the figure skating world and will probably dethrone Plushenko of his Legend status in the long run. 

He’s 21 years old, reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, one time world champion, two times world vice-champion (behind his training mate Javier Fernandez), first man to break the 100 point bareer in the short program, the 200 points bareer in the long program, and the 300 points bareer of the short and long program combined. His top score culminate right now at 330 point and some decimals.

He’s also the first man to land a clean quadruple Loop in history in competition (he did it on the first weekend of october 2016).

Physically, Yuuri looks a lot like him, especially face wise. But until we learn more about Yuuri, I’d say that’s where the comparison can stop.

Mentally they are extremely different :

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On the ice, Yuzuru is a warrior who has next to zero inhibitions. He thrives in competition and in hardship. He survived the terrible earthquake that destroyed his house in Sendai in 2011, he battles asthma since he’s a child. After a terrible collision with the chinese skater Han Yan during the warm up of the long program in Cup of China in 2014, he still skated (sparking a big controversy). We use to “joke” about how no matter what he’ll be in any big competition unless he has two broken legs and someone litterally tied him to his bed. (Considering he hid how bad one of his foot injury was all season in 2015-2016 from everyone, and that it was the very first time in years that he FINALLY seriously treated it, it’s not so much a joke as a very big source of stress for his fans).

He hates to lose and the only one he accepts to lose to is his best bro and training mate Javier Fernandez, and even then losing is a pill that he has a hard time to swallow and just makes him want to train even more right now-no-time-for-press-conference-let-me-do-my-missed-quads-again!!!

Originally posted by yuzu-javi

Here he is trying to stop crying and congratulating Javier Fernandez for Spain’s first World gold medal, and being comforted by his friend (and also told by said Javier “I may have won this time but you’re still my champion”. Yes, beware of the Yuzuvier friendship. It will make you roll on the floor with no teeth because it’s too sweet and too fluffy HOW IS IT EVEN REAL!!!)

Off ice, Yuuri and Yuzuru also differ a lot. Yuzuru had stated he’s not a big eater and he actually tend to lose weight and muscle very quickly. 

Yuzuru is also very nice to fans but had to put more and more polite distance between him and them because he’s so famous now he needs a bodyguard during competitions. (and it’s entirely justified. I’ve seen it first hand, we don’t want him to have to deal with the huge crowd that follows him everywhere.) On that point, he ressembles Viktor a lot (though without the winks).

What they do have in common :

Yuzuru idolizes Plushenko almost as much (but in a less romantic way) as Yuuri idolizes Viktor. He had a “mushroom” haircut for a long time to copy his hero’s hairstyle, he did the Biellman Spin because he did it etc etc. And everytime he gets to share the ice with the Legend his fanboying is showing.

Plus now the admiration goes both ways and Plushenko loves and is a big fan of Yuzuru.

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So in conclusion, when Yuuri is skating, his face and physique does look like Yuzuru. But actually, even on a body type level, Yurio is closer to Yuzuru than yuuri.

His best performances :

His SP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His LP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His SP at the Sochi Olympics Games 2014

Skating style :

Meet Daisuke Takahashi

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We didn’t get to see much of Yuuri’s skating style yet but from the little we saw, and considering that Kenji Miyamoto worked with the animation staff, Yuuri’s skating style looks a lot like Daisuke Takahashi’s, another unanimous legend of figure skating.

Bronze medal in the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010, Daisuke is incredible on ice. He oozes charisma, his musicality is off the charts and he’ll probably melt a lot of panties on his way. If he wasn’t the best jumper, his strength was in his feet, how beautifully he could interprete music and make his fans cry.

Personality wise, Daisuke was full of insecurities. Like a lot of the most artistic skaters, if he wanted to win he still wasn’t the most driven by competition. He retired in 2014 after the Olympics where he honorably finished in the top 10 and still permanently marked his sport.

If you want to know more about him I direct you toward @magicaleggplant , she’ll talk about him much better than me.

“Story” and personality :

Meet Tatsuki Machida

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Now if there’s one skater that ressembles Yuuri the most, personality, physically and skating style wise, it’s Tatsuki Machida.

The story we see in the first episode actually seems to be taken right away from Machida’s : after qualifying for the Grand Prix Final, he finished last, messed up Nationals after it and didn’t make the cut for the World Championship the same season while still being a student.

Machida had a rollercoaster of a career. He was wildly inconsistent but still managed to finish in the top 10 at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. His biggest accomplishment competition wise was to win the silver medal at Worlds 2014, after skating the two programs of his life perfectly. He got beaten by 0.33 points by Yuzuru Hanyu. We all thought that we would get to see the rest of his rise the next season (as he openly said he was going to get the gold medal out of Yuzuru’s neck next time during the press conference) but his studies took a toll on him and even though he qualified for the Final in 2014, his competition was a disaster. 

During Nationals a month later, while his silver medal got him a spot for the World championship that season, he surprised everyone by announcing publicly that he was retiring. And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone, skaters who were expecting him to do an acceptance speech ended up in tears on the ice because they had no idea he decided to retire.

Machida is called the Philosopher on Ice. He’s very book educated and he loves to read (and sometimes to go on litterary ramble that loses everyone) and he’s a very artistic skater. As well as a beautiful diva. Which might be where him and Yuuri differ the most but we still have a long way into the anime to go before we can disregard that part of his personality.

Machida, because he had a very nasty stalker, is also the distant (but very polite !) type with fans. Another thing him and Yuuri have in common. 

Probably his most iconic performances :

His SP at the World Championship in 2014

His LP at the World Championship 2014

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Yuuri was inspired by Daisuke Takahashi and Tatsuki Machida more than he was based on Yuzuru Hanyu. Which makes sense since the origin of Yuri on ice was started 5 years ago, before Yuzuru became THE face of figure skating and especially japanese figure skating. Before him, Daisuke Takahashi was (and still is) the one who filled the rink arenas during competition and he’s a very beloved skater all around the world. Machida might have provided a more “dramatic” story.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuri Plisetski

The Fey courts

The Fey have lots of close connections with the mortal world. And every two years the world meets to have Olympic games. 2010, 2014 and 2018 are the winter games. 2008, 2012 and 2016 are summer games.

They fey have Summer and Winter courts…

What if while the mortals compete for who is the best the fey have there own games. But not only Summer and Winter but the Erlking and other wild Fey, to honor the original Olympic games they invite the Greek God’s to participate in the games as well.

Orges doing discus, centaurs doing the equestrian event as both horse and rider, elves in archery. The list could go on, how amazing would it be to see the fey compete in these events.

The reason I thought of this is trying to find supernatural locations in Calgary for the Dresden rpg and I remember the 1988 Winter Olympics where in Calgary and it’s perfect for the winter court.

The second in our poster series HONORING BLACK WOMEN in this year’s Black History Month. Today, Surya Bonaly shines!

Bonaly is French-born, but received her U.S. citizenship in 2004. She competed from professionally 1987-1998, and remains the ONLY figure skater in the world to successfully complete a  one-bladed backflip. The move was a response to the unjustly low score given to her in the Short Program, a score that was undoubtedly a result of her race. The move was ruled illegal on the grounds that flips require two blades, while jumps require one.

She has won awards around the world and is a Vegetarian and animal rights activist.

Here is a video of her amazing backflip!


9/23 Shoma at a Chukyo University ceremony honoring Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic hopefuls

anonymous asked:

In honor of the Olympics would you mind doing a few bots of your choice watching their s/o compete in the Gymnastics portion? (I find it interesting because Cybertronians probably wouldn't be as flexible and the stuff the gymnasts do are amazing and look downright uncomfortable btw I love everything that you post I always get excited when I get a notification).

Thank you so much! <3

Transformers Animated Autobots 

Optimus is proud of you for being in the Olympics (even though you had to explain what that was to him), and finds it remarkable that the human body can move so flexibly.

Bumblebee thinks it’s really cool, and brags about you all the time. When you’re competing, he yells encouragement at the screen.

Ratchet gets worried you’ll hurt yourself, and is constantly on edge when you’re competing. He’s a very Proud™ boyfriend though.

Prowl lowkey wants you to teach him some things, though he doesn’t think he’s quite flexible enough. He enjoys watching you compete.

Bulkhead gets pretty worried about you when he watches you practice and compete, and he wishes he could be as graceful. He’s super proud of you though.