in honor of my kittens

  • jon: if im gonna be a king l should have an outfit
  • jon: hmmmm
  • jon: a man bun to show my Honorable and angry kitten Face
  • jon: a 17-day heavy beard to accentuate my Royal  Lips
  • jon: tight, plain, smooth leather top to protect the Promised Pecs 
  • jon: the pants  not too tight cause white walkers are still here and to win the war l gotta be able to move this Perfect Ass
  • jon: the cloak…the Sexfur one made by sansa  because it gives me that Incest vibe
  • jon: perfect !
  • *in dragonstone*
  • tyrion: lt’s super hot out here
  • tyrion: have you heard of Summer outfit
  • Jon: what ?forget that l look kingly in my Incestfur!

anonymous asked:

#2 with Simon from Shadowhunters :-)

Simon Lewis - “It reminded me of you.”

You took a deep breath while you pressed the doorbell. Your finger was trembling and you bit your lip while you tried to make sure not to lose your balance. In your arms you were holding a big box with a bright red bow tied around it.

“(Y/N)!” Simon opened the door with a wide grin. His bright white teeth were glimmering in the moonlight and his superman shirt had a clearly tighter fit than a couple of weeks ago.

Not that you complained about it. You had to admit that you had needed some time to get fully used to the new Simon, but the new Simon was nothing but the heart and soul of the old Simon with a few small upgrades here and there.

The only downside was the fact that he couldn’t leave the house during the day.

You couldn’t have everything and there was no such thing as perfect.

“What brings you here?” Simon stared at the big box in your arms and he raised his eyebrows slightly while a soft meow reached his enhanced hearing.

“I’ve got a present for you…” You bit your lip. All of a sudden you were all too aware of the fact that Simon was a vampire and that maybe he didn’t want a living and breathing present roaming the house. “If you don’t like it, I will take it home with me, but…” You hesitated for a moment. “It reminded me of you.”

Simon took the box from you and carefully he untied to bow so he could open it.

A small, cute little kitten hurried to climb out of it, straight into the arms of the vampire. It’s tongue started to lick Simon’s pale skin and Simon started to giggle.

“A cat? You gave me a cat?” Simon looked up at you and then he focussed on the cat again.

“I found it in our street. I made sure to check if he didn’t belong to someone, but I think he was left behind.” You bent your head. “But he was so sweet and cute and he had those big eyes staring at me and I fell in love with it instantly and then I thought…”

“And then you thought you could give it to me?” Simon carefully grabbed the cat and lifted it up. When he smiled, the cat smiled back showing it’s sharp white teeth which made Simon laugh out loud. “Okay, I do have to admit that maybe we do have a few things in common.” He placed the cat on his shoulder and leaned towards you to press a soft kiss on your forehead. “Thanks.”

“You…you like it?” You widened your eyes and then your lips curled up into a smile.

“Of course I do! How can I not like it?” Simon shrugged his shoulders, catching the kitten that almost fell from his shoulder. “But you do understand that you won’t be the most important person in my life anymore, do you?”

“Sharing your love with this kitten will be my honor.”


I was tagged in the 9 –some people only did 6? I guess it’s changed over time idk– selfies of 2015 thing by a bunch of people, most recently @ctrlbieber. I’ve been super scared to post selfies on here because I don’t like my appearance, but it’s a new year and I’m continuing to work on self love so here we go!! I don’t take selfies very often because I don’t like looking at myself so most of these are snapchat selfies I saved lmao (sorry they’re low quality).

I tag @boopyhemmings @radiantdean @heavierdirtysoul @shawtymoan @captainswanghshipper88 @12-56-am @fuckingwithjustinbieber @jaileyrhode @justinagrandeworld @rickthesizzles @idontrecalls @stalksbieber @thabiebsswag @baebur @slaybiebs @fakehoe @nudehoe and anyone else who wants to. 

Some context for each of the selfies:

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