in honor of him being on wizards

imagine the real percival graves as a lawful good, maybe harboring some doubts regarding the statute of secrecy and what it means for the wizarding world. this percival is idealistic and honorable, has vowed to defend his community and fight for the greater good, as long as he believes he’s doing the right thing. he probably didn’t agree with tina being demoted after that accident with the second salemers, but had to leave for europe before he could openly oppose the decision. he respects life, believes in justice and has a special consideration for the underprivileged.

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Ayyyy it's your wizarding world of #larrimation gifery anon sending you mad love and a belated birthday shout. Good looks on the delay of your happy creations. No worries darlin!! That was very kind and considerate. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Like you, I get late night unsober anon ideas. Ima take this bong rip in honor of your bday. Here's to you and another year of great success and many more nights of larry arts & crafts. Cheers💃🔮🎨

oh helllllooooooo there matey oh mine! Thank you thank you for the shout and bong rip in my honour! Here’s an arts & crafts thing i made just for you of me (via Harry) joining in to show my appreciation! You the best.