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Yeah I’m with the “WHERE IS THIS” Waldo search

whoops i should have linked it! it’s from this blog post where jack’s presenting his photography midterm; this is a close up of the image on screen

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omg how do you know heath collected nail polishes where did you read that I have to know, thank u x (I'm gonna feel like an idiot if you were only joking in the tags)

Heath Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, talks about this in Too Young To Die documentary. Among other things, he talks a lot about his son’s hobbies, his passion for photography, the way he reworked his images, playing with surface and texture, adding layers of scratched lines or reworking parts with a red felt pen. I’ve giffed that part for you to see and I’m posting it right away.

Also, Allison Holland, a curator at the Western Australian Museum, where Heath Ledger’s collection is stored, mentions that “Heath would scratch the photo emulsion on the surface and paint it with colours from a huge collection of nail polish that he always had with him.” 

Heath’s hand holding a cigarette, New York, 2000. 

Hey, remember that time when I cleared off my side table, moved the couch, and pulled curtains up and away just to take advantage of the only decent light in my apartment?


Bruce Mozert is an American photographer. He is considered to be a pioneer of underwater photography and his images of Silver Springs, Florida were widely broadcast during the early and mid 20th century.