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Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find a drarry fic? It's one where harry listens to erotic novels and he's in love with the narrators voice but he doesn't recognize that it's actually Dracos voice he's hearing until they meet at some sort of charity gala thing I think. Something like that?? If you could help that'd be so great but I understand if you don't :)) love you and your blog stay 💯💖

Hi friend, much love to you too! The fic you’re looking for is Aural Gratification by birdsofshore. :)

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Void dear, just wanted to stop by and say I hope you're having a great not-day. My cat says hi too.

Why thank you! I hope you’re having a great existence! Please tell your cat I say hello, and also to stop texting me. They’re great and all but I just want to be friends.

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I apologize on behalf of the fuckass that is harassing mod Joey. Some people are just rotten to the core, I guess.

Yep, like they’re harassing him on his main too and there’s literally nothing I can do to help cuz he obviously wants to be left alone by everybody, including me.
-Mod Gabe


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  Certainly not me, he’s my best pal.

BENDY COSPLAY IS (mostly) DONE!!!  I have a few tweaks here and there that I gotta take care of before he’s con-ready, but Bendy will be making his debut at Spring Geequinox in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Dating Zach Dempsey would include :

- lots of PDA, everywhere. He’s not ashamed to show everyone that you’re his, not a all. It doesn’t have to be too sexual though, he just likes to hold your hand or having you close to him

- Him always trying to make you smile

- He’s honestly the cutest dork

- Zach had to beat Bryce’s ass more than once because of his inappropriate comments about you

- Him secretly sneaking in your bedroom pretty much every night and leaving early in the morning after cuddles, causing him to be tired during the whole day at school

- He often missed his trainings because of that

- Being the reason why he often ditches his plans with the guys

- You’re the first person that comes to his mind when he needs to talk

- You’re basically the mom of the boys group

- Telling Bryce that he’ll end up in jail because of all the bullshits he does

- Hanging out a lot with Justin after school because he always makes you laugh which makes Zach extremely jealous

- Zach and the guys were watching the both of you laugh

- When you go ask him what’s up he gives you the silent treatment

- He avoids your gaze, only answers with Hmm.

- You eventually get that he’s jealous and hug him by behind as tightly as you can, and he tries to shove you away but you literally turned into a giant koala

- “(Y/N) stop.“  ”I won’t move unless you tell me what’s wrong

- He loudly sighed

- ”You’re always with Justin.“  ”Awh. Is my baby jealous ?you asked playfully as you kissed his neck, making him turn his head to the side.No. And don’t call me that.“  ”What ? Baby ?you mocked him.Stop.he tried to sound like he was mad.Baby, baby. You’re my baby.He sighed again and bit his lip to hide his smile.God you’re annoying.You snuggled your face in his neck and circled it as you left kisses on his skin. Zach, you’re the only one I’m in love with. You and only you. I love you. you said before leaving a kiss on his cheek. He sighed, smiled and finally took one of your hands and brought it to his mouth before leaving a kiss on it.I love you too idiot.

- Let’s say that the guys wouldn’t stop mocking you after that

- Wearing his jersey and attending all his games


- Catching all the attention on you doesn’t bother you at all, fuck everyone

- Keeping his little sister with him when his parents are out

- Him watching you in awe as you listen to her sister talking about her friends while she tries to bread your hair

- His sister absolutely loves you and always asks Zach about you

- Zach being pretty sure that you’ll end up married in the future

- You always being there for him, even more when he discovers the tapes

- Receiving drunk texts of him when you can’t be at one of Justin’s party

- You calling Alex and asking him to keep an eye on Zach, just in case he does stupid things

- You’re the one who explains to Justin that Jessica won’t take him back and that you completely agree with her, but that you’ll still be there for him, no matter what

- Justin hugging you really tightly after that and of course, Zach saw it.

- But he quickly calmed down when you tell him why you shared a hug

- Having one of his shirt that you always bring with you on holiday so when you sleep you can smell his scent as if he was with you

- Having tons of adorable, funny, cute, awkward and weird selfies of the other in your phones

- Zach pouted when he discovered the awkward selfie of him as your lock screen but he secretly loved it

- You don’t fight often but when you do it’s like a "let’s see who can hurt the other the most” game

- Which results as you both not talking for a day

- Then he sends you a pic of him with a pouting face with and a “don’t you wanna  talk to your favorite idiot ? :(” text

- “I love you.” *kiss on your lips* “So” *kiss on your nose* “Fucking” *kiss on your cheek* “Much.” *kiss on your forehead*

- Him being a fool for you

- Bear hugs

- Hands holding

- Unexpected gifts from the both of you

- Helping him preparing his biology tests

- You once offered him your pen that just ran out of ink and said “It reminded me of how empty your brain can be sometimes

- Justin died of laughter that day

- He pouted all day

- You’re just the cutest couple of all times

- Everyone ships you

- You’ve been elected the king and queen of the prom

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pt1 | pt2 | (2/5)

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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First Time With Them: BTS V

/ GOT7 // SF9 // PENTAGON // WINNER // KHH /

  • High-key nervous;
  • Trying to be smooth;
  •      Fails miserably;
  • Stutters a lot;
  • Tries to make you feel comfortable by sweet talking;
  •      Fails at that too;
  • In the end you’re comforted by his shyness
  •      Since you’re not the only one inexperienced;
  • Will kiss your lips on the first enter;
  • That’s when out of TaeHyung he will turn to V;
  • He will become more charismatic and confident seeing you in pain;
  • Will try anything and everything in his power to stop you whimpering from pain;
  • Will kiss your lips to shush your moans after the pleasure hits you;
  • Still a little bit awkward;
  •      But just because he was not used to seeing you being such a mess;
  • Seeing you like that will ignite something in him;
  • He will unconsciously buck his hips deeper with every thrust;
  • His pace will pick up significantly the louder you moan;
  •      If you moan his name expect hell;
  • Will only notice that he was drilling into you after your nails dig into his shoulders;
  • I feel like biting is one of his kinks as he comes;
  •      So expect that, as well;
  • However, he will not forget that it was your first time and will continue asking you what you liked and whether you felt any pain from him changing the positions slightly, or from his moving faster;
  • Will let you finish off nicely and on the first round, with no tease;
  •      However, it is in him to not let you do that as your relationship progresses;
  • Butterfly kisses after;
  • Will offer to shower you and try to make breakfast.
Being pregnant with Chris Evans' baby:

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Some parts of the pregnancy are slightly exaggerated to give more humor.

• It’s no secret, Chris has said many times he wants to be a dad and he’s looking forward to it. So, when you stand in the bathroom with the positive tests in hands, you really aren’t stressed about telling him. You’re quite excited to see his face because you love kids too.
• When you tell him you’re pregnant, he looks at you with wide eyes because he has no idea how to react: he’s probably thinking of how much he wants to kiss you for the rest of his life or asking you to marry him all over again, or even make another baby right now!
• Though, it’s not long before he reacts when he sees the five pregnancy tests. He laughs so happily as he spoons you in his arms that you can’t help but giggle and he keeps telling you he loves you so much.
• He can’t even stop kissing you or your tummy.
• The first days after the announcement, he keeps giggling with you and asks himself if it’s a dream or not. He also tries not to freak out and get nervous.
• Your families are overly happy to hear the news.
• His mother cries at this moment because her baby boy will have his own baby.
• Chris worries about his ability to be a good father, but you kiss his insecurities away and tell him he is a great father already because he wants to be a dad for so long and that’s also something he gotta learn with time and with you.
• He takes care of you all day. Every day.
• You can wake him up at 2 in the morning to eat your favorite meal.
• You both eat Starbust’s jelly beans right after.
• Chris plans your baby’s first trip to Disney World secretly. He buys everything he needs to make sure they will love everything related to Disney!
• He is unsurprisingly protective.
• Chris grins like an idiot for hours whenever he hears the heartbeat of your baby and when he feels their very first kicks.
• - “Stop carrying me everywhere, Chris. I can walk. I’m pregnant, not sick.”
  - “I know, but I don’t want you to take a risk.”
• Chris is here for you every step of the way and assures you he loves this baby and you more than anything else.
• He realizes that marrying was the best choice he made you when your hormones are going wild.
• One day, you catch him purchasing some Patriots baby gift sets and clothing. You basically have to stop him before he can buy everything related to his favorite team in the NFL store.
• He’s still currently trying to find a Tom Brady bodysuit with “Baby Evans” flocked at the back.
• You call your mother every time something new happens during your pregnancy and when she says everything is fine, Chris calls Lisa to double check.
  - “Did you seriously call your mum?”
  - “Sweetheart, it’s just to be sure.”
• Chris smiles every time you say you look too big, but he thinks you are gorgeous as ever with this baby bump. Because you carry life, so nothing is more beautiful.
  - “Chris, why are you even staying with me? I look like a potato.”
  - “You are perfect and this the most beautiful moment of our lives. It’s our baby inside.”
  - “Okay, I trust you this time. But only because you’ve also gained weight.”
  - “That’s my gi… Wait, what?!”
• Chris sings Disney songs every night to your baby before sleeping. Let’s be honest, he does this all the time.
• He wants to have a boy first just to teach him how to prank you in the future.

• He is in-between a mix of stress and joy when you go into labor. He’s there for you, though.
• You almost crush the bones of his hand when you push.
  - “Never again! I will never let you touch me ever again, Evans! Heard me?!”
  - “Don’t exaggerate, it’s- OUCH!”
  - “Please, Mrs. Evans, stop threatening your husband. You have to push!”
• Chris cries and smiles when he holds your baby for the first time.

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Hey ! Thanks again for the Captain Carrot fanart :D You think you could draw Rincewind some day ? (once again, if you're not too busy)

You betcha! (his hat only says WIZZ because he’s always whizzing away)

reading fics, looking at art, honestly i’m so confused by people describing/drawing young h anzo as thin or bony or i’ve even seen him described as delicate before like bruh

have u seen young h anzo?

bruh all i see is compact muscle and a thicc boi like

Things James Potter Does That Make Lily Evans’ Heart Go “Thah-Dunk”

  • The crooked grin
  • When he runs his hands through his hair
  • The jaw thing™
  • When he pushes his glasses up his nose
  • When he leans too close when they’re talking
  • When he brings her food
  • When he muses up his hair
  • When he smiles and it’s slightly lopsided
  • When his jaw does The Thing™
  • When he unbuttons the top button of his shirt while studying
  • When he pushes his sleeves up his forearms (or rolls them)
  • When he laughs and his eyes light up
  • When he sits just a bit too close
  • When one side of his smile is pulled up higher than the other side
  • When his jaw tightens and it does the thing
  • When he racks his hand through his hair
  • When he wheres the color blue
  • When he winks at her after making a goal during a Quidditch game
  • When he comes in from practice just a bit sweaty
  • When he plays with the ends of her hair

There’s no bigger lie perpetuated by the alt-left that Bernie Sanders is better on women’s issues than Hillary Clinton the same way he’d be better on race relations than Barack Obama.

And no, it’s not coz Clinton is a woman and Obama is black, but coz Bernie really suck in those issues and has no record or good policies to back up his patronizing lines from his stump speeches.

Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

Full translation under the cut :)

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Solangelo 12? :)

lol here’s some fluff. 


“You like me?” \ Solangelo


“You like me?”

Will rolled his eyes, his hand still running through Nico’s hair in a nice rhythm. “Nico, we’ve literally been dating for like three years. It’d be weird if I didn’t like you at this point.”

Nico hummed, leaning into the other boy’s touch. “Still.” Nico grinned up at him, “You like me.”

“And you’re literally five.” Will announced, pushing the other boy away, or at least tried to before Nico was automatically back to performing his best impression of an octopus on Will, wrapping his arms around Will’s waist and pushing his face into Will’s chest.

“Don’t leave, you’re too warm.”

“I remember when I thought you were cool.” Will announced after a moment, his hand dropping back to Nico’s head. “You were like, this cool intimidating hero type who rode in at the last moment to save our asses. Damn, like, who knew I could be so wrong, right?”

Nico smiled into Will’s skin. “I remember when I actually thought you were cute.”

Will gasped in mock offense, “Thought? Past tense?”

Nico looked up at the other boy through his messy bed head, “Your morning breath does leave something to be desired.” He teased, wrinkling his nose and fake gagging when Will blew a mouthful of air at him in response.