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mendel: if you feel alright for ten minutes, feel alright for twenty minutes! feel alright for forty minutes! drop it and smile!!! why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life?



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still inspired by @brostrid, but my spin!

headcanon time;
-reigen dyed his hair so he could get a job, and he has those horrible “single dad in the 90s” sideburns when the kids are small
-he’s always been honest with the fact that shigeo and ritsu’s parents died, but never went into the actual details of how
-shigeo remembers his mom and dad but blocked out the night they died (he has nightmares about it that he always forgets in the morning)
-ritsu has a Special Spoon that he has to have at a meal or he wont eat at all
-if you didnt guess, this is before he turned his suit light grey and his tie pink with ill advised use of bleach

masteredshadows  asked:

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// Any RPers the Mun admires.                

oh fuck, it’s this question I hate this because I KNOW I”M GONNA FORGET SOMEONE SOMEWHERE I”M SO SORRY.

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edit: hah yup I forgot also I love @infinite-xerath​, @elegant-equilibrium@exfury@visceral-vanity@inspired-flame@noxiandove

Also I’m sure this list will grow even more later on because there’s a lot of wonderful people who I haven’t quite got the chance to talk to them much or read their writing yet (curse u classes and work eating up all my time. one day. one day)