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Tailor In Love

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Requested?: Nope! This was supposed to be for the hamwriters writeathon actually BUT I did not finish it on time! Better late than never????

Prompt: Solo adventures can bring some incredible things (and people) into your life.

Words: 1.2k+

A/N: I finally remembered to fucking post this, jesus christ. Well yeah, HERE YOU GO! #WriteForOak (I love Oak)

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Being in a new town meant endless opportunities for adventure. So, of course once you throw down your bags in your hotel room, you head out into the heart of the city and search for some fun. You passed the essentials; Forever 21, Nike, Adidas and a few drugstores but nothing called out to you yet. You decided to cut through a park, watching the kids play and the adults chat with each other. The leaves crunched under your feet as you made you way down the path, a beautiful shade of orange covering the grass around you. The slight chill of Autumn was a relief from the blistering Summer days.

For some reason, you decided to take this trip on your own; wanting to embrace the world for what it was and do some soul searching. You exited the park onto another street, surveying your surroundings and noticing the most elegant red satin dress on display in a window. You slowly approached the store front, imagining yourself slipping the dress on for a night out and feeling like you owned the world. You looked up to see the store’s name.

“Hercules’ Tailor Shop.” You read before looking back at the dress.

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Ok. Here we go. Let's do... avengers x reader? I guess specifically Bucky x reader What if... avengers find reader amongst Hydra files and locate her only to find out she has no memories of her own, but has all Bucky's memories. What if there was no machine and she was the memory eraser and the more she erased Bucky's memories, the more she lost her own and gained his?!! Angst, some fluff, I think you can cook something up MCU of course ;) Ooo this is gonna be fun

Hi, dear! Thanks a lot for taking part to this celebration, and sending in such a marvelous idea!

I hope you’ll like how it came out in the end.

Soldier and Eraser

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: oh well, this is difficult… there are so many bad things in here; I’ll try but I’m sure that I won’t be able to name everything, so just be cautious. Lots of angst, some fluff, violence (mostly mentioned more than depicted), manipulation, messed up minds and induced way to think, stealing, passing frontiers illegally, swearing and bad language, allusion to sex and to the use of it as part of a conditioned behavior, guilt feelings, … and probably something else.

Notes: this is quite a mental trip, sorry. The story begins soon after the events of CA:TWS; and X-men and the Avengers coexist in the same universe, but normally they mind their own business and do not really interact much, unless they are interested in the same thing. (I have heard that in the comics they should live in the same universe, but that in the movies they are apart because of licenses of something like that. By the way, I haven’t read enough comics to have an idea of their coexistence there, I have mostly just watched the movies. And I’ve thought that for this fic it would have been useful if they lived in the same universe. That’s all.) I’d really love if you could leave some feedback!

Word count: 7094 (Yep, this is much longer than my usual.)

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Steve reviews the files of the folder Natasha has given him. It has been weeks and not him nor Sam have been able to find any good lead on Bucky. He absentmindedly turns page after page. His eyes fall on something handwritten on a corner.

‘Always keep the eraser to hand.’

Few pages later another note.

‘Keep the eraser out of cryo as long as the soldier.’

Steve frowns. There are mention of the ‘eraser’ through the entire dossier and until now, he has supposed that it should be some kind of machine, but a machine would never be kept under cryostasis. The ‘eraser’ must be some kind of living being.

Steve updates Sam on the new piece of info he has just discovered.

“Wait a minute.” Sam hums on the other hand of the line. Few seconds of silence follow. “I knew it! Meet me by my house in an hour. We can have a lead.”

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One of These Nights (4/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

part 1 - part 2 - part 3

and here’s part 4! ^^ i’ll try and get this whole fic up on ao3 sometime soon as well. this part goes through hello era, up to swc 1, and ends with jongyu having to say some goodbyes for a while since shinee is beginning their japanese debut (2011).

also, fun note maybe: i imagine that in this au, jong got the inspiration for one of his early songs from the last scene – i kinda wonder if it’s obvious which one, but hopefully y’all can enjoy it! there might be a bigger gap between this part and the next than there was between 3 and 4, because i haven’t started editing the next bit yet. ^^; but i’ll try to keep it MUCH shorter than the gap between 2 and 3 was, lmao.

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{AskTaintedRibbon} Hello there Ixion! It looks like you and your Mother have been here for quite some time. What of your father? You seem to have some of his looks, if he was either a Growlithe or Arcanine. As well, is your brother keeping your company? - Seirei

[Ixion]: Um…I, uh….don’t know what either of those things are. I’ve never seen my father, so I wouldn’t know what he was. Mom says he left before we were born… She…also said he wasn’t what she thought he was. I’m not sure what that means.
My brother though…he doesn’t usually come out, but he’s fun when he isn’t dealing with…stuff…

[Ixion]: That reminds me… He… I was told to stay away from…fox-like creatures…with large ears resembling the leaves of this forest…

[Ixion]: That’s not right…There aren’t any plants around here with white stripes… I’m overthinking things. After all, you seem…nice.


I had such much fun making this little game for everyone! Thank you to the followers who participated and had fun playing along! <3 It’s the least we can do to say thank you for your support~

Before we announce the winners…


- @randomdraggon, @uhrwerkschloss, @peachylixir, @lucentblood, @bpdnataliegoodman, @jordymordymoo, @edgesworth, and @eleganthope !

SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to @jordymordymoo and @peachylixir for tying with the most answers correct: 22 out of 24! Well done!


Some of my old followers from my old blog might remember Faith, but if you don’t, well, here he is! He served as a rival of sort for Rose and Ross, but is dateable. Just needs take some.. a lot of effort LOL! Warning though, I might be playing around with his design a little more, so don’t be too surprised if you notice some changes later on! For now, just have some fun with him c:


Hi guys! (^•^)/ so I forgot to say this yesterday because all the milestone hype lol but I just wanted to say thanks so much for everyone who participated or even just read about my idea for the 15 million bosses event on here :D tbh I didn’t really think it would go off as well as it did lol. I read/saw everything in the tag this past week and i wanted to say it was so cool and nice to see all the posts from all you beautiful people in the community :D you guys are amazing! it’s awesome to know that you all had a fun time with it and even got to meet new people along the way :) so again thank you all for making this thing a hug success! :D horray for 15 million subscribers!! ❤❤

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I like doing comics like a storyboard - and storyboards in general. I don’t have any experience, but it’s fun. Comics without dialogue are one of my favourite forms of art!

So, I talked to a friend about her Wasteland AU Veigar (find it here) and he and my wasteland scout… well, they will have an interesting relationship to say the least. This is a scenario in which roles are sort of reversed (from the usual canon).

tl;dr: Teemo fucked up.

( - my Wasteland AU - )

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"Also, is it just me or does Onion look like Sour Cream a little?" Fun Fact: I don't know if this is a thing where you live but in the U.S. Sour Cream & Onion is a popular potato chip flavor.

It’s a thing here as well! I ate chips with an onion and sour cream flavor a few days ago but totally didn’t make that connection. Cool detail.

if anyone was curious, I think an 8/10 rating for ME:A is pretty accurate. It’s definitely an amazing game, and it made me gasp, shout and cry many times all while being incredibly fun in the combat part of things. They did pretty well with making it feel like a return to ME1.

But you can definitely tell that this was made by a new team. It shows a lot in certain areas (and no, I’m not talking about the animations). But I’m giving them a chance since they had some very big shoes to fill.

I mean there’s little things here and there and some glaring issues elsewhere, but overall it is a good game.

Here are the other two new babus I made a few weeks ago hhhhAA

Their names are Ellie (Left) and Lucy (Right)

Idk how old they are yet, but Lucy’s the older one (by like a year or something hehehe) and they’re British babs! X3

Ellie’s the fun-loving, quirky, always happy-go-lucky ball of sunshine that constantly annoys the heck out of her big sis Lucy >:3

And Lucy is the well-behaved, mostly silent, hard-working (when it comes to studies) book-worm who wants nothing more than some peace and quiet to read her books and study or to listen to some calm classical music. But that’ll never happen because she lives with a lively, super noisy happy ball of sunshine and rainbows hahaha

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can i jst say smth to u buddy: ur blog is gr8 and such an inspiration aaaAAa like honestly ur dedication to peter is really really amazing and well thought out honestly im love ur blog sm

GASPS LOUDLY….. excuuuse me…  THANK U??? this is so nice and out of the blue i’m cryin real tears rn.  I LOVE LOKI……. FUN FACT THOR WAS ONE OF THE FIRST CHARACTERS I EVER RPED ON HERE N MY FIRST MARVEL MUSE!!!! anyways it’s so nice to see a loki on my dash and you write so Beautifully it has me Shook™ so this means so much i’m weepi ng 

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tips for NSFW rp?????

[ ohoho boy, uhM well I’ve never been asked advice on stuff of that nature before, but I mean I guess I can sorta tell you what I know/use from my own personal nsfw roleplays??

like first key thing here, regardless of who you’re smuttin’ with, know your anatomy and what certain parts do.
that’s probably one of the most important things imo; ‘cause y’know, you don’t want a good thread to go south by writing the wrong things by accident.
I say regardless because we have a few characters around here who are trans ( which I absolutely love like bless 😭 ) and it’s always important to know their bodies.

secondly..I mean be realistic? like, this isn’t a problem with anyone I’ve seen thus far, but don’t ~over-exaggerate~ things I guess?? like foreplay and prepping, etc. before just going straight into it?

thirdly, uh well, be respectful and don’t force your character upon another.
and if necessary talk with your roleplay partner about things you wanna write if it’s not strictly just sex. so y’know the addition of specific kinks, bdsm, toys, etc. I think it helps if you talk things over beforehand just so you know where to take the direction of things ( and what y’all are comfortable writing ), but that depends on the people of course!

AAA well I hope this helped lmao! I’m not very good with explaining things, but if you have anything specific you’d like my opinion/advice on, please feel free to ask me again! 👌 ]

Return Of Mod Jana


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Mod Jana here! I am back! – More or less, or so. As most of you have been aware I’ve been away because I’ve been sick, actually I am still sick, but as of now I am well enough to start helping Mod Den again.

Let’s recap a little what happened to me. I don’t wanna leave you in the dark.

I’ve had a really nasty stomach bug, or so I’ve thought, turned out I’ve got an inflamed intestine which is exactly as much fun as it sounds. (None at all.) And that of course incapacitated me greatly. The trouble was that it took a very long time to have it diagnosed, because nobody took a blood sample till I got to the hospital. (I am no longer at the hospital, I am pleased to say I am at home now and slowly getting better each day.) Which of course means it took way too long for me to get proper medication to start healing – ugh.

The good thing is, now that I’m getting better I am no longer easily subjected to sensory overload, which was what kept me from my phone and laptop for quite a while too. That TV at the hospital was so horrible guys, it was so old and whenever it was on I suffered a tinnitus. I couldn’t stand it.

As I am still recovering, I’d like you all to be patient with me. Might be it takes me a little longer to write or research an ask, though I am fairly confident in my ability to string sentences together. So at least you won’t suffer through gibberish – haha.

So, I am back to answering your asks, I might be a little slow still, but I am back. I am extremely happy to back, I’ve been sick for a month (and longer) now and could barely do anything for the longest of that time. The only thing that worked for me was reading, which I love so that’s always perfectly fine. I am rambling, am I? I am sorry, I’ll finish this up now.

If you have questions, or anything related, I certainly don’t mind answering them. No need to get all hush-hush just because I’ve been sick, I’d just like you to keep the blogs purpose in mind, so it might be not everything gets answered.

So glad to be back, I’ve missed you all!

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- Mod Jana


So I was tagged by @noregretsfoolsgold for this and here it is…my home and lockscreen, and the last song played (was playing?lol), also, well I cheat, cause it was supposed to be a selfie but first, I don’t really have one (rip) and second, well, let’s just say I’m too private :P 

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