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Hi! Big fan of you cfau fic! Was just wondering if you have any detailed descriptions of the clexa apartment? How many bedrooms, which kids share rooms, if they have bunkbeds, which room was originally the nursery, do they share a backyard/pool/common area with the rest of the building, how big is Lexa's office, does Clarke have her own studio inside the apartment.. from what I can imagine, it seems massive and hella expensive? Thank you for your time ❤

Hey! Sorry that I didn’t have a chance to reply to this yesterday. Yes, I obviously know exactly what this apartment looks like. I actually have a pretty clear layout of it in my head, but seeing as I can’t draw and I’m not an architect who can do it digitally either then pictures will have to do. 

I’m approaching this as I would if I was having this conversation with my production designer, set dresser, art director, and prop master for one of my films. I’m going to pull up references with the caveat that each individually aren’t exactly The Look, but if you take pieces from all of them and add a few original touches then you can kind of figure out what these sets are like in my head.


The apartment is fairly big. 6 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 4 for the kids, and the other one is Lexa’s office) and there is a back room/laundry room thing by the kitchen that Clarke also uses as her home studio. That one is not huge, but it does the job. If she has bigger commissions for paintings or the rare sculpting/installations she does, then she has tons of artist connections and friends that let her use their bigger studio spaces as needed. 

  • How can they afford this in New York? 

Clarke’s family has never been Rich, but they’ve always been well off. On top of that, Clarke was the person named in Jake’s life insurance policy and his sole heir. All of that was in a trust until she was 21. Lexa was already around by that time and if there is someone who is stingy and good with money it’s Lexa Woods. Lexa, being the perennially responsible one, insisted Clarke was careful with that cash. They got a professional to manage that money and do some investments for them. They live in New York after all and no city has a surplus of finance guys like NYC. They never touched any of the money and on top of that saved for like five years before they decided to become homeowners. Between all the money/assets Clarke inherited, plus Jake’s life insurance, plus their savings, plus the fact that Clarke makes GOOD money working at the gallery not only selling her own stuff but being Dante’s main art dealer, they were in a pretty comfortable place when it came down to actually buying an apartment. Knowing that Clarke also sells a considerable amount of pieces through commissions for the private clients she has, Lexa sort of gave in when Clarke insisted they splurge and get a really fucking nice place. They were buying. It was their forever home, so why not go all out? That was Clarke’s sell. 

Keep in mind though that Clarke and Lexa have always had starkly different approaches to money. Lexa grew up poor and logically she’s very careful with it. Lexa’s not like a cheapass, but she’s very measured and pragmatic about managing money and finances. Typical Lexa. Lexa is also a public servant. She isn’t getting rich out of working in the DAs office. Lexa could go work at any of the private firms that try to reel her in constantly and make as much as what Clarke makes (if not more), but Lexa loves what she does where she does it so she pays no mind to the fact that Clarke’s checks put hers to serious shame. Clarke can make as much as Lexa does in a year if she has a good couple of months worth of sales commissions at the gallery. Easily. It actually happens more than anyone would think. Because of how she grew up and because she knows she’s in a very comfortable place at the gallery and her career in general, Clarke sometimes borders on reckless when it comes to spending. Just another way in which Clarke and Lexa balance each other out. 

So yeah, it took a lot of convincing, but they had the money to put a really nice amount up front which meant the mortgage wasn’t going to be outrageous. Lexa also made Clarke promise that if there were some good sales of her work throughout the year it was all going to the mortgage just so they could pay it off sooner and get it off their plate. Clarke agreed and they started looking for places in the best parts of Manhattan. They found one they both fell in love with and they bought it. They didn’t move into the new place until Anya was around eleven months old. The apartment was paid off around the same time Costia left for college, meaning they kept to their plan and got done with that in less than half of the 30 years their mortgage was for. 


The apartment has the typical Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen areas plus Lexa’s office. 

Lexa really couldn’t care less about furniture or what pillow goes with what couch so Clarke obviously takes point on all the styling/interior design/decoration of the place. She only really has two parameters: not too many colors because Lexa really is a fan of simplicity and to not make Lexa cry with the number of zeroes on things. More than once Lexa has been known to utter “That chair cost HOW MUCH?!!!” to which Clarke usually has a “Don’t worry. The designer is a friend. He’ll give it to us for half.” reply all ready to be fired. And Lexa has an aneurysm because “Half is still more than I make in a month, Clarke!”. Sometimes it takes a little smooth talking (and by that I mean Clarke asking while they’re having sex) but Clarke always gets the things she wants. 

Clarke tends to keep the furniture and the walls pretty neutral. Where the bursts of color come in is in the art she picks for the apartment. The walls are covered with really strikingly vibrant pieces that make every room rich and feel thoroughly alive.

Here are some references for what I see the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Lexa’s office looking like:



Like I said, Lexa is a fan of minimal and clean. In the chapter where Clarke wakes up in her bedroom after they have sex for the first time I believe I described Lexa’s bedroom as “monochromatic” and that is so accurate for Lexa. She’s a fan of white, black, greys, and browns. Unless Clarke is the one who buys her something, Lexa would stick to wearing those colors exclusively. That translates pretty clearly to the decor around the house, but specially their bedroom. Clarke knew she could go crazy anywhere else, but she would give Lexa the simple black and white bedroom. 

There may be a pop of color with a piece of art or a new duvet or something, but overall, Clarke keeps it pretty sleek and minimal.


Clarke spends A LOT of time making sure each of the kids gets the room they want. They all have some sort of mural or intricate wall design that Clarke spent hours doing specifically for them. 

    • Costia

Costia’s room is all about music. It has a lot of personality even though it doesn’t have a lot of color except for the collage wall that her and Clarke put together. Being Lexa’s mini me as she is, Costia is really into greys and whites and black. She doesn’t necessarily stick to them when it comes to her wardrobe, but her room has always been fairly muted in regards to furniture, bed dressings, and general decor. 

    • Anya

Anya is OBSESSED with neon. To like a crazy and absurd degree. She’s also an Aesthetic Hoe so her room is probably the most unique one. They let her put neon signs all over her room and Clarke painted a mural with glowing UV paint on her walls so during the daytime or if the blinds are open her walls look plain and white, but once the lights go off they turn into this crazy ridiculous thing and Anya adores every bit of it. Needless to say, the sun doesn’t shine much in that room because she keeps those blinds closed as often as possible.

    • Jake

Jake’s room was about baseball. They got him a custom made bed frame and custom made furniture to fit the theme. His is probably the room that had the most external influences because everyone got stuff that was already made for their furniture but Jake’s was unique. All Clarke did there was the mural. 

    • Roa

Roa’s room is worthy of a kid with her imagination. It’s bright and colorful and fun. It’s also about her favorite thing in the world: The Lion King. Clarke paints murals on each wall AND on the furniture to make every single thing in there jungle themed. 

    • Aden

Jake’s room eventually turns into Aden’s nursery. Clarke keeps it pretty simple yet classy blue and grey for the little dude. 

I think that should cover all of it??? Hopefully I touched on all the info you requested and that this helps picture the living spaces better! We spend a lot of the story here after all. :)

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I went on a binge where I was listening to Ultraviolence the album on repeat and I think Lana should just go to the studio with her band and make music. That album is golden. I'm excited for the new era but I just wish she goes to a more raw and kinda rockish I guess sound lol someday. Like let Blake, Byron, and the rest of her band come up with awesome tunes.

True, I hope she does another album with the band at some point. It’s just so organic and beautiful. No overproduction, no poor production.. just enough of everything. <3

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can you make a checklist on how to get into the gorillaz?? It seems like there is a lot out there and its hard to follow when i'm getting into it late.. thank you!!

Sure!!! I personally got into them by watching their G-bitez and music videos and it all kinda spiraled from there.

The band itself was made by Damon Albarn (Lead singer of Blur, does vocals and writes lyrics for Gorillaz) and Jamie Hewlett (Co-creator of the comic book “Tank Girl”, draws and animates for Gorillaz) after they were both watching MTV and they were like “hey music today sucks you know what’d be cool?? if we made an animated band” “cool we could call it ‘gorilla’ because we were both born on the year of the monkey!!!” sadly animal planet had already copyrighted “gorilla” so they just added a z to the end of it to make it cooler.

Here’s a playlist of all of their music videos/unfinished storyboards i put together (they’re all in order according to the storyline, but keep in mind that “do ya thing” isn’t canon):

Here’s a list of all of their interviews I’ve been able to find (You can learn a lot about the characters from these babies):

Aaand here’s a list of all of their songs (there’s a bunch). Every one of them sorted from oldest to newest, every song after “We’ve got the power” is either a demo, rare or unreleased:

Something to know about Gorillaz is that they have “phases”. Phase 1 was in 2001, when they released their albums “Gorillaz”, “G-Sides” and “Laika come home”. Phase 1′s art style was cartoonish and used very thick lineart. Phase 2 was in 2005, when they released “Demon Days” and “D-sides”. Phase 2′s art style was a bit dark and looked more realistic. Phase 3 was in 2010, when they released the albums “Plastic Beach” and “The Fall” in 2011. Phase 3′s art style was almost the same as phase 2′s. Then we have Phase 4 in 2017, their new album “Humanz” is coming out April 28th. It’s art style is the one that stands out the most to me, you can find most of the art on Jamie Hewlett’s Instragram (Hewll)

Alright, a big part of me getting into the fandom was my love fore the characters. I’m assuming you’re not a fan yet, so let me introduce them to you (i’m going to use powerpoints to explain each member if u don’t mind):

This lovely lad here is Murdoc Faust Niccals.

- He’s the band’s leader/bassist, and he makes sure EVERYONE knows that’s it’s his band and only his.
- He went through multiple other bands before he formed Gorillaz.
- He was born on June 6th, 1966 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. As an infant he was abandoned on his father’s doorstep.
- Had a very rough childhood, his father, Sebastian Niccals, would force him to preform on stage for booze money and it was absolutely humiliating for him.
- His nose has been broken a of total 8 times. The first time was from a bully at his school, the 2nd time was from his older (and only) brother, Hannibal, because Murdoc had touched his records and the other 6 times were from Russel when he got caught “doing it” with 2D’s now ex-girlfriend in the bathroom stalls of Kong Studios
- His middle name was originally “Alphonse” but he changed it to “Faust” after making a deal with the Devil in phase 1 to make Gorillaz the “biggest band in the world”. That’s also how he got his bass, “El Diablo”.
- did i mention he was a satanist bc he is
- He hangs around in his underwear a lot (especially in phase 2)
- He likes to either get naked or start pelvic thrusting in like every video, so be careful, young anon.
- He’s very crude but sometimes he can be very nice and adorable in some interviews ??? It’s so weird
- He likes making weird noises, like, a lot.
- Apparently can speak French and Spanish
- His reason for turning green all of the sudden in phase 2 is either because of alcohol poisoning or due to him tanning himself green. Jamie himself said that it’s because he’s an immortalist and his skin is now rotting but I’m not sure how true it is.
- He had a pet raven in phase 2!!! His name was Cortez and no one really
knows what happened to him but Murdoc seemed to love that bird.
- He also had a cape in phase 2 that he loved and wore like all the time but he lost it. Poor baby.
- He was based off of a young 1960′s era Keith Richards.
- He has a tongue longer than Gene Simmons’ and I’m not even kidding. His tongue is like a foot long
- His genuine laugh can cure cancer
- He had his own MTV cribs episode
- Here’s a playlist of every interview he’s been in if you’d like to know a bit more about how he acts.
- All of this sounds horrible but like half of the fandom sees him as charming and funny and the other half sees him as repulsive and downright mean so i guess listen to some of his interviews and make your decision (i’m part of the half that loves him)

This is 2D!!

- He’s the band’s singer, sometimes he plays the piano and melodica too.
- He’s anxious and a bit timid around people. He’s not that intelligent, but he’s an absolute sweetheart to pretty much everyone. He’s … a huge dork.
- He was born on May 23rd, 1978.  He was born in Hertfordshire, England and was raised in Crawley, England. When he was 10 he fell out of a tree and landed on his head, his hair fell out and grew back blue. He’s had horrible headaches since then, but his mother was a nurse and gave pills to help him out.
- His real name is Stuart Pot
- He loves horror films!!! Especially zombie movies.
- Apparently he smells like butterscotch
- He’s VERY tall. he’s like 6′1 and his legs make up most of his body. He towers over the rest of the band.
- His voice actor is Nelson De Freitas, but Damon Albarn provides his singing voice
- The lack of his two front teeth gives him an adorable accent
- He has a crippling fear of whales
- His eyes are black due to an 8-ball fracture that Murdoc gave him before the band was made when he crashed his car into the music store 2D worked at.
- His eyes turn white when he’s stressed or scared.
- His nickname “2D” stands for “Two Dents”. He’s called that because Murdoc’s car crash also gave him two dents in his head.
- Murdoc is seen physically abusing 2D throughout phase 1-3, but there’s a very likely chance that he’s going to stop and make amends in phase 4!!!
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in
- Everybody loves him. I love him. I don’t think it’s possible not to love him.

This is Russel Hobbs!!

- He’s the band’s drummer.  He makes remixes too!!!
- The living embodiment of “looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”
- Quite possibly the most underrated character in the world
- He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 3rd, 1975. He got possessed by a demon as a kid and fell into a coma for four years. After he woke up the demon got expelled tho
- When he was a teen, him and his friends were involved in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor and all of his friends possessed him, but the only one we really get to see is his closest friend, Del, he raps in Clint Eastwood and Rock the House, but we haven’t seen him since phase 1. 
- Russel misses Del very dearly, poor lad.
- After the whole shooting incident he was sent to the UK to live with his uncle.
- He’s an actual giant in phase 3 because he ate some radioactive algae 
- He loves fezzes!!!
- His hobby, besides music, is taxidermy.
- He’s the dad friend
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in

Last but not least, this is Noodle

- She plays guitar for the band. She also sings and writes songs sometimes
- Noodle is very energetic and nice but she can also kick your ass
- She was born in Osaka, Japan on October 31st 1990
- She joined the band when she was around 10 but she’s like 26 now. I forgot to mention that the band ages with real time
- As a kid she was a part of a classified child super solider project under the management of a japanese scientist named Mr. Kyuzo. this is where she learned how to be badass. She knew professional karate at like 10 how cool is that
- All of the children in that project were deemed too unstable and dangerous, so they canceled the experiment and Mr. Kyuzo was ordered to kill all of the children (fuckin dark i know). After killing them all, Mr. Kyuzo was reluctant to kill Noodle, so instead he put her in a state of amnesia and smuggled her to the UK by shipping her to Kong Studios in a FedEx crate.
- She didn’t remember anything!!! The only english thing she was able to say to say was “noodle” and that’s where she got her name.
- She learned how to speak english and remembered her past in phase 2.
- Murdoc, 2D and Russel raised her (mostly russel tho). Noodle considers Murdoc and 2D her brothers and Russel considers her his daughter how CUTE IS THAT
- She loves Pokemon
- She had a flying windmill island in phase 2 it was incredible
- She had a cute radio helmet in phase 1 
- She also has a robot version of herself called “Cyborg Noodle” in phase 3. It’s a long story but Cyborg might be coming back for phase 4.
- The interviews that she’s in can be found here!!

The backstory is too long for me to write down, but you can find it over here! I hope i explained everything clearly- if not, or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!! I hope this helps you c:


horrortale paps because of @redtomatofan sparking my inspiration to finally draw the cute teef boy!!

also featuring another horrortale design (this one actually being the one i saw first wayyyyy back when and i fell in love with the sans design aaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

top designs by @sour-apple-studios, bottom designs by @under-tomb

Cherry (Live At KROQ Weenie Roast — May 20, 2017)
Lana Del Rey
Cherry (Live At KROQ Weenie Roast — May 20, 2017)

Lana Del Rey debuted a new song titled “Cherry”, off of her upcoming studio album, “Lust For Life”, at the KROQ Weene Roast Festival, today, May 20, 2017.

Nicki Minaj agreed to pay student loans and tuition for over a dozen of her fans

I’m almost too lazy to make this post because God it’s just so self explanatory but my loyalty to Temari runs too deep so here goes: 

They did exactly what I called they were gonna do and made her an over aggressive nagging house wive. This is why I complained over and over again three years ago when I saw they had moved her to Konoha because I KNEW someway somehow they were going to subject her character to this. They want her to be Yoshino 2.0 even though that’s NEVER been who she is because “lmao get it Shikamaru is just like his dad! Parallels!!”. They don’t take the time to think about how her character would actually react because none of that matters now - she exists solely to be Shikamaru’s wife. 

Some people are crying “abuse!” at what she did but I don’t really want to go there tbh. It’s very clear that in the Naruto universe things we find abusive are just par for the course. Calling out Temari in this instance would require we call out basically ever other female character which is not realistic. Domestic violence in Naruto is always played for laughs which is obviously fucked up but not something I think it’s fair to fault the characters for as we’re not intended to see it as abusive (even though realistically it is). No, what I really take issue with is the fact that being an overbearing and strict mother/wife is basically all Temari is given to do. 

This woman was born in one of the most fucked up situations of any character we see. He father was a walking human disaster, her mother was dead, and her youngest brother had a nasty habit of slaughtering anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She has always been strong and confident but throughout the series she softens considerably as she learns caring is not a weakness. She is a better diplomat than either of her brothers and remains calm and collected in even the tensest of situations. Her dynamic with Shikamaru has always been one of mutual respect and understanding which is what makes their relationship work so well (and IMO better than any of the canon relationships we got). Yes, Temari is a take no shit kind of person who probably WOULD chastise her son for his pitiful behavior - but not in the way we’re shown. In Boruto her parenting method basically amounted to “I’m just going to hit you and intimidate you until you get the picture and ultimately just end up listening to your cooler nicer wiser dad.” She doesn’t actually say anything of significance to Shikadai at all - that is reserved entirely for Shikamaru as he’s the influential one in their sons life. Temari is just there to be the ol’ ball-and-chain ~what a drag~ mom whose only dominion is the house she is confined to. THEN there’s the fact that Temari refusing to make dinner inevitably meant neither Shikamaru nor Shikadai could eat - as if a grown man could not make his own dinner and HAD to have his wife do it because it’s her domestic ~duty~. This is extra and dramatic but it actually makes me sick that they’re doing this to her. After everything she went through she would have something worthwhile to add to the conversation other than “bah you’re too easy on him I’m going to withhold meals to prove a point!!!”. She doesn’t treat her brothers like this and they’re consistently shown to value her opinion because her opinion is worth hearing. 

Temari played a crucial role in Suna politics prior to the end of the series. She sat on the council and came with Gaara to all the kage summits/meetings. She was one of the best kunoichi in the series just brimming with potential and strength and ferocity. During the war I began to get annoyed with how much they were making her revolve around Shikamaru’s character because after a certain point basically all her dialogue was in relation to him. That’s when I knew things were about to take a hard left turn for shits-ville and boy was I right. In chapter 700 ALL we see her doing is sitting in a house chastising her son and serving her brothers tea before they head out to a kage meeting without her. We don’t get any indication that she’s still affiliated with Suna, hell we don’t even get any indication that she’s still a ninja. In the boruto manga/movie she doesn’t interact with her siblings ONCE and is not with them in the pit with all the other Kage/advisors. I was happy to see she still had her fan but other than that I left highly unimpressed. Now in the anime she is ONCE AGAIN pictured in a house, serving people drinks and nagging away as if that’s all she’s good for anymore. I know it was played as a joke but that’s exactly what makes me so mad - her character has become nothing more than a trope meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The nagging housewive angle truly is the lowest hanging fruit but studio peirrot really could not resist could they.

Nevermind the fact that it would have been way funnier had they subverted the whole “why did you marry such a strict woman” thing by having Shikadai side with his mom instead, saying something to the effect of “why did you marry such an unmotivated slacker”. Can we stop treating Temari like she’s just an overly aggressive loaded gun that’s just one mistep away from going off. I mean I genuinely love Shikatema but I do not think the Boruto anime understands Shikatema. Part of me still wishes they just hadn’t got together because they don’t actually feel like “them” when they’re portrayed like this. No one is being respected as a character. 

Anyway all this to say I’m basically done with the Boruto anime now. I might still watch the next couple of episodes because curiosity is gonna get the better of me but emotionally I have severed all connections. It just comes down to the fact that I cannot handle them so grossly mischaracterizing characters that I have loved since I was 11 years old. I actually don’t mind the new gen when they’re on their own but every damn time they show one of the original characters they manage to fuck them up in some way. We see it with Temari, with Naruto, with Yamato, with Sakura. Hell I can’t stand Sasuke and even I’m mad about what they did to him post chapter 699. I am never going to like the new gen characters more than the original cast so if watching Boruto means seeing them get completely decimated then I’m not gonna watch it. Simple as that. Naruto being an absent father is the worst crime but I have no doubt they’ll continue to top that in future episodes. 

Backgrounds are hard