in her majesty's name

I comma square bracket recruit’s name square bracket comma do solemnly swear by square bracket recruit’s deity of choice square bracket to uphold the Laws and Ordinances of the city of Ankh-Morpork comma serve the public trust comma and defend the subjects of His stroke Her bracket delete whichever is inappropriate bracket Majesty bracket name of reigning monarch bracket without fear comma favor comma or thought of personal safety semi-colon to pursue evildoers and protect the innocent comma laying down my life if necessary in the cause of said duty comma so help me bracket aforesaid deity bracket full stop Gods Save the King stroke Queen bracket delete whichever is inappropriate bracket full stop.
—  the watchman’s oath | Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms
Sum up Yokai with Spongebob quotes


“This isn’t your average everyday darkness. This is…Advance darkness…”

“He was hiding the pickles under his tongue this all along!”

“1% evil, 99% hot gas” 

“ Ja, buns and thighs” 

“All hail the magic conch!” 

“Because of her mysterious behavior, I have decided to name her Mystery. Now that I think of it, she is very graceful and majestic. Perhaps I should name her Grace, or Majesty, or Debbie “ 

“He was so ugly that everyone died. The end” 


“I was a wimp before Anchor arms. Now, I’m a jerk and everybody loves me” 


“But sadly I’m only an eel” 

“Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE” 


“I’m not a shopping list, I’m a ghost” 

“Well, the way I see it there are three possibilities: One, you stole it; Two, you stole it; Or three, you stole it!” 

“Take it easy, it’s just a drawing”

“April fools, jerk” 


The Cottage Palace in Peterhof,1893.

Life at Peterhof is unbearable for me and I asked the Sovereign to build a hut for me, where my eyes would be able to rest from all this massive gilding. 

Nicholas I built for his wife Empress Alexandra Feodorovna this cottage in the English Gothic style. The very name of the palace, unusual for the Russian ear, the “Cottage”, indicated that it was modelled on comfortable English country houses usually intended for the life of a single family and very popular with European aristocracy of the first half of the nineteenth century.
The Emperor issued a decree on this occasion on 1 August 1829 : “ The country house at Peterhof shall be named Alexandria - the dacha of Her Majesty.”
The Cottage, where Alexandra Feodorovna was, in her own words, “as happy as nowhere else”, became her favourite place.

{Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna, Nina Vernova}




PRONOUNS:  she/her, her highness/her majesty

SEXUALITY:  Bisexual

TAKEN OR SINGLE:  single n ready 2 mingle


→ i am currently in school to reach my end goal of becoming an actress. im finishing a six month intensive program and moving into a nine month program that focuses on comedy and then i’ll be taking a theater course if i get in next year

→ january 15th 2015 i was hit by a car when i was crossing the road and fractured a buncha bones and now i suffer from chronic pain all day everyday which sucks but hopefully i will get lots of money that would be pretty dope

→ i am an amateur cosplayer and have personally made almost 20 costumes in total over the past three years - not just for me though, i’ve made many for other people


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): i have been rping since i was around eleven years old? so about 10-11 years.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: An old forum called PlanetZot, MSN, AIM, GaiaOnline, Facebook, Proboards, Skype and now Tumblr !

BEST EXPERIENCE: creating characters i love and meeting a lot of really amazing people who i have become friends with


FEMALE OR MALE: Male; I usually play male characters more than females but Amelia is just my main muse of all of them.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst is my favorite because that is how you learn about characters and develop them. I love adventure threads and intricate plots and I just love hurting my character and other characters and ppl. I love Romance though but specifically fluff… it’s alright and smut comes after. I don’t smut unless it fits, though.

PLOTS OR MEMES:  I definitely prefer plots but that doesn’t mean I don’t love threads from memes because some of those go so far and develop so much. but i love doing memes and seeing them answered for me

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: short replies mostly because im lazy and i got a busy mind that wanders often. i love both though but my inspiration comes and goes… but i got the illness that comes with tumblr rp… ignoring drafts and making new threads or opens all the time

BEST TIME TO WRITE: 12-7 am tbh…. very late night and very early morning idk why

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): a little bit. we both have brown hair and green eyes though her hair is a lot lighter, skin a lot darker and eyes a lot more green. personality wise we are both very maternal and caring towards ppl and we both like nuggets but other than that not really??? im def not an alocholic and i don’t kill people and i don’t wear six inch heels all day every day… i DO like nuggets and cake and treats though….

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5/9/2016: King Abdullah II and Queen Rania attended the launch of The National Strategy for Human Resources Development, which was held at the King Hussein Business Park in the presence of a number of Royal family members and the prime minister.

The launch of the strategy paves the way for comprehensive development of human resources in line with applicable programs and plans. Her Majesty Queen Rania delivered a speech in which she spoke about education in Jordan and the challenges it faces. (Source: Petra)

Following is the full speech of Her Majesty:

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His Butress: In Competition

Sinestra had been living in the human world for nearly a year, serving her master, Ciel Phantomhive, a young man of only 15 years (at the current time). Each day, she longed for the fires of Hell, for the fire of her King’s bed. Each night, unless she had slept with someone to get information from them, or unless Ciel had demanded that she stay with him in his room, she had gotten off in her quarters. Each of those times, she had dreamed of Jayden and his huge cock filling her.

But tonight, there would be no sleep. Tonight, was a grand ball put on by the Phantomhive household. There were a large number of guests from the Gentry and the business world, many of which were under investigation by Scotland Yard and Her Majesty, The Queen. There was one name that she was particularly concerned about, the picture of her looking very familiar – Rebekah… She knew that name…

((Sorry if I misspelled that name @thedevilslittlebitch ))


She loves the sound of his voice. The cadence of his accent, the soft timbre that brushes against her eardrums when he comforts her, the tremble when he whispers her name in the dead of night. It’s a simple love song, told in syllables and inflections and heavy pauses.

More than anything, Regina loves to hear him speak her name. Not My Queen, not Madame Mayor, not Your Majesty. She loves the pet names, the teasing miladys, the endearing and heartfelt my loves, but nothing compares to those three syllables rolling off his tongue.

Well, nothing except those three words that she’ll never tire of hearing. But still, hearing him speak her name, it does something to her. Catches her breath, curls her fingers, makes her forget her troubles. Makes her believe.

She knows his inflections now. The soft uptick on the last syllable when he’s concerned for her, the stress on on the second when he’s afraid for her. The sharp, stiletto bark of her name when he knows she’s not listening. All of them, music to her ears. 

Regina. Her name. Spoken by the one man in all the realms who sees her for who she truly is, who never finds her lacking. His whisper drowns out the other voices in her head; the mother telling her that she’d never be good enough, the father promising her that next time he’d stand up for her, the son reminding her that she would always be the evil queen. Regina. He says it again, and it drowns out everything but the rise and fall of his chest under her palm. 

He whispers to her softly now, lulled out of sleep by her hand lazily stroking his chest. She should let him rest, she knows; he’s been through so much today, even if he can’t remember most of it. She was sure she lost him, to fates, to the Fury, to the forces that want to see her suffer and deny her a happy ending. And yet, as the moon shone over them and Charon’s barge receded into darkness, he was kissing her softly and telling her that there were reasons to believe. His words, a balm to her soul, louder than the voices echoing in her head that told her that she didn’t deserve this, that she didn’t deserve him, that she was destined to lose him just as she lost Daniel. 

He’s here, whole and healthy, if a bit bruised and sleep-drugged, legs tangled in her own, a soft, taupe sheet twisted around the two of them. “Regina,” he whispers again, covering her hand with his own. Again, that slight lilt to her name. “If you keep this up, neither one of us is going to get any rest tonight.”

“I’m sorry,” she answers automatically, struggling to pull her fingers from his. “You need to sleep-”

“I’m not complaining,” he teases. “We can sleep later.”

His head bends down to hers, and he captures his lips in his own. She murmurs his name against his mouth, and she can feel him shudder against the hand he still holds to his chest. Apparently she’s not the only one powerless to the sound of a name whispered in the dark of night.

He says it again, her name followed by those three words echoing in the darkness surrounding them, and she surrenders to him completely.