in her heart

There is no one more beautiful than you as long as I love you, and the thing is… I will always love you.
—  Poets Love Her

Lana is right with us, cluster. She sees how much noise we have made, and is so moved by it. Oh, and she also is fighting right along with us for a two hour special. Right now, the only hope is for Netflix to agree to do a two hour special!

But family, Lana is fighting hard for us. We should keep fighting, too, because if she still is? Heck, I’ll do it until I don’t have any fight left in me.


Big news from my side– before that, lets do a quick update…

🍓working as quickly with questions as possible, i hope to be done tomorrow (most not all)
🍓questions close TODAY at midnight
🍓my energy is bouncing up and down with how i am using it, forgive me.

Ok now with that outt of the way some serious stuff.

🌊my mom is going in for surgery tomorrow
🌊i will be at the hospital with her
🌊she has recovery time, even though my foot us messed up i will be helping her.
🌊i am guna be stressed since my mom is high risked and it scares me she has to go back into surgery.
🌊if i am not posting at a normal rate this is why
🌊my mom is my rock, i come from a single parent home and she has been the only constant in my life.
🌊if i seem jumpy or on edge, that is why.

Blessings to you and yours

Today at Nabra’s vigil in Reston, VA her cousin came up and said that the one thing she wants us to remember about Nabra is that she is a Black Nubian Muslim and that we should say her name. She repeated this twice. Out of all of the beautiful stories shared by her friends and family this was one that stuck out to me the most. May Allah have mercy on her soul and all other souls lost to injustice. Rest In Paradise Nabra. 


Katie McGrath Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free Choice - Filmography

I just want to do good work. If it’s shot in Hungary, if it’s shot in Russia, if it’s shot in America, if it’s shot in England, you just want to do something you can stand up and say “I’m proud of it”