in her heart


Kol angsting over Davina’s picture

I am SO fucking excited for Regular!Lena on Supergirl…like bitch…I just know we’re going to get more Lena centric episodes cause she’s such a fan favorite…and we’re goin to find out more of her cute ass quirks…see her interacting w her fave bezzie mate…running her Lesbian Corp company…see her lezzy ass apartment…probably seein her interact with the SUPERFRIENDS……LENA AT GAME NIGHT…maybe actually get to see her go try that kombucha place with her hot alien love interest…Lena is such a compelling character and we are so SO lucky. the possibilities for her are endless, truly… i’d like to not only thank Lena Luthor but also Katie McGrath

Things that Grace and Frankie are afraid of losing:

1) Waking up in the morning and finding Frankie’s hat’s in the dishwasher
2) Hearing Frankie singing in her studio (Kriss Kross will make you jump jump🎶)
3) Cringing at Frankie’s borderline-offensive Jamaican accent
4) A bunch of other things she can’t find the words to say

1) Grace’s love of colour-coding the spices
2) Grace trying so hard to be funny
3) Grace’s peculiar ability to always find Frankie’s purse
4) A bunch of other things she can’t find the words to say


rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.