in her hand


“Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, gods and mortals lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Ares attacked.”


On July 12, 1975 T. Rex released the single, New York City. The song spent a total of 8 weeks on the charts peaking at #15 on August 9th. Top image is the 
German single photo sleeve and the bottom image is fabulous 70′s fan art.

“Did you ever see a woman
Coming out of New York City
With a frog in her hand
I did don’t you know
I did don’t you know
I did don’t you know
And don’t it show”

Hotties in haute couture ( preview :P )

Don’t mind the legs. I started making effort cuz Pepper’s in pants and I forgot Tony was in a dress, and like I need to draw more people in dresses. It hides so many sinssssss

started bnha and uraraka is cute af

If I Ever Go To The Night Court: I would make bargains left and right just to get those aesthetic, beautiful ass tattoos all over my body