in heaven everything's fine

All Over Again

The first time he falls in love with Otabek Altin, he was sixteen years old.

Of all places, it was in Hasetsu. His fingers fumbled with the chopsticks in his hand, and the Kazakh took notice of it. His smile and his words were gentle, humouring, as he placed his hand on top of the Russian’s. Step by step, careful movements, a mother’s tutorial.

“Perfect, Yura.”

There had been something wrong with his heart right then; because just like his jumps on the ice, it flipped inside of his chest - it was a sensation all too powerful and consuming, unfamiliar and terrifying to the boy during the height in the Era of ‘What-the-fuckery’ of teenage years. He had to double check. Triple. Quad. At five his heart would wrench so tightly in his chest he had to excuse himself to leave. 

He didn’t remember where he went. 

It was somewhere on the ice when he found himself breathing steadily, his thoughts somewhere else. Somewhere where it was raining. It was always raining somewhere else. 

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Baby On Board

@aria725 asked: Can you make a Black Panther imagine where him and the reader are married (black girl) and she’s about 4 months pregnant. T'challa is out on the mission and the reader starts to get bored being stuck in the palace all day so she sneaks out to go for a walk and she gets kidnapped. When T'challa finds out he instantly puts the whole country on lock down and stops at nothing to find her. You can change where you see fit! Hopefully this isn’t too much!! Thank you! Xoxo

Word Count: 1402

Warnings: Kidnapping, One Curse Word

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Beta: @madithecatfish

Your name: submit What is this?

“It’s just a walk, T.”

“I don’t care. You need security at all times.”

You two had this conversation multiple times. His usually endearing overprotectiveness was starting to annoy you.

“I’ll be fine. I can protect myself.”

“It’s not just you anymore.” T’Challa sighed, putting his hand on your belly.

You weren’t even showing yet and he was already stressing. Ever since you told him he had put himself in protective mode. Security, courtesy of the Dora Milaje, was increased. Your diet was ridiculously healthy, and you had enough.

“I understand that,” you voice softened, “but do you honestly think that I would ever put our baby in danger?”

“No, but— “

“ —No “buts”. I know what I’m doing, T’Challa.”

You turned around and started to walk away before stopping, turning slightly.

“And last I checked,” you remarked, “I was a queen, not a prisoner.”

With that, you walked to the very place you had argued with your husband about going: the garden. You couldn’t understand why T’Challa had such a problem with you coming out here by yourself. It was so peaceful and quiet, perfect for someone who’s growing another human being inside her body to relax and destress. You couldn’t quite relax though, not with your fight with T’Challa still running through your head.

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pottertardiss  asked:

what was the last book you read?

i tend to read in batches. Finished recently, or about to finish: 

STALINGRAD, antony beevor
THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE, masha gessen
LUNA: NEW MOON and LUNA: WOLF MOON, ian mcdonald
and i’m stalling out on HITLER: ASCENT 1889-1939 by volker ullrich, not because it’s not good but it’s… i dunno, it’s pretty hitler-y.

25 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The world is a beautiful place
                         to be born into
if you don’t mind happiness
         not always being
                    so very much fun
if you don’t mind a touch of hell
               now and then
     just when everything is fine
                    because even in heaven
           they don’t sing
                                 all the time
     The world is a beautiful place
                                 to be born into
if you don’t mind some people dying
                                     all the time
      which isn’t half so bad
                                     if it isn’t you
Oh the world is a beautiful place
                                   to be born into
     if you don’t much mind
                               a few dead minds
         in the higher places
                                 or a bomb or two
         now and then
                        in your upturned faces
or other such improprieties
                        as our Name Brand society
                       is prey to
                            with its men of distinction
  and its men of extinction
                                         and its priests
        and other patrolmen
                        and its various segregations
and congressional investigations
                              and other constipations
              that our fool flesh
                             is heir to
 Yes the world is the best place of all
                           for a lot of such things as
making the fun scene
                      and making the love scene
and making the sad scene
          and singing low songs and having inspirations
  and walking around
                     looking at everything
                                and smelling flowers
and goosing statues
              and even thinking
                          and kissing people and
      making babies and wearing pants
                               and waving hats and
                        and going swimming in rivers
               on picnics
                     in the middle of the summer
      and just generally
                                     'living it up’
   but then right in the middle of it
                                     comes the smiling

The First Christmas

500 followers celebration 2nd place - Gabriel x Reader - Fluff - 1k+ words

Summary: Gabriel tells the story of the first Christmas.
Pairing: Angel Gabriel x Reader 
Warnings: Fluff with a little bit of angst. Gif isn’t mine. 
Word counting: 1k+

“Are you ready?” Gabriel looked down at the little girl, enjoying the privacy his magical bubble gave them momentarily.

“Yes.” She affirmed, her large eyes fixed on him.

“Okay, then.” He made a dramatic pause and cleaned his throat like he was about to tell the greatest of the stories. “It was just a regular day in heaven, everything was just fine, and Father came to talk to me. “

Y/N watched the archangel with her huge childish Y/E/C eyes, enchanted by his voice.

“He looked at me and said: Son. I have an important mission for you.” He made a deeper voice. “And I said: of course Father. And he said: Because I know you are the smartest ass in this holy place…”

“Dad!” She exclaimed. “That’s not what he said.”

He pouted, rolling his eyes.

“He didn’t say it with these exact same words, but I’m sure he meant it.”  He affirmed., “Can I continue?”

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2d Head canon/Scenarios

This is a lot longer than I meant, but whatever.

  • This babe is so in love with you, he doesn’t know how he functioned without you.
  • He’s absolutely smitten by you the first time you meet. You met at a party and the moment you walked in his eyes were locked on you, jaw slack. He tightened his grip on his drink when you looked over at him and flashed him a dazzling smile. You of course recognized him, he was the reason this party was being held. You mustered up the courage to talk to him. You started with a simple ‘hello’. He on the other hand was shaking slightly, as stiff as a board, trying to keep a smile on his face. You were just so beautiful, it baffled him that you were talking to him.
  • He stumbled over every word, making you laugh.
  • “Hey-hi-he-hello.”

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For My Own

Title: For My Own

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,092

Warnings: fluff!

A/N: I had this one for a while, but it was actually requested by @dreamingofwinchesters to do something like this for the Christmas Drabble list! Which is HERE! So I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

You grabbed your hot chocolate off of the coffee table, taking a small sip.  It was Christmas Eve and you had just gotten home from a hunt with the Winchesters.  You told them that you wanted a Christmas tree, no excuses.  They even let you get a few strands of lights and a couple boxes of ornaments.  You smiled at the tree, taking another drink of your hot cocoa, then setting your mug down.

“Wow it’s almost perfect,” Dean chimed in.  “Hey is there any pie left in the kitchen?”

You turned around, smiling at the older Winchester.  “Thanks, and yes, one last piece for you.  If you don’t hurry, Sam might get to it first,” you joked.

“If he wants to live, he won’t,” Dean said playfully.

“Hey, I’m gonna go for a walk, okay,” you said grabbing your coat and hat off the table.

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“ Everything is fine in heaven
                                                But i’ll never get to know ”

American Horror Story multimuse - featuring Elizabeth Short, Nora Montgomery, Vivien Harmon, Charles Montgomery and Billie Dean Howard.

Private and semi-selective.

Penned by Noir.

flosscandy  asked:

Infinity symbol ^^

🌹 nicole dollanganger // angels of porn 🌹

“my hair is falling out again 
and i don’t really care 
i try to stir my conscience 
it was never really there 

your fingers up inside of me 
feel like fingers down my throat 
everything is fine in heaven 
but i’ll never get to know”