in hearts blake

Finally got to watch S5E5

I thought this was a very good episode, the music was really good too.

Jean, my Jean. It was one thing to theorize Jean was pregnant when she got married and to even hear it spoke of here discussing the episode, but hearing her say it blew my mind. And the part about her thinking she was being punished with a miscarriage broke my heart.

Blake is oblivious as usual - when Jean is drinking whiskey SOMETHING IS WRONG.

And are we supposed to think the mystery lurker is someone other than Munro. Because it’s Munro.

Rose’s pregnant not-pregnant very brief plot line had a point?

Alice and Blake’s morgue besties adventures continue. And Alice’s gleeful excitement over Lucien’s near death experience and Jean’s glance of death were priceless. Also how betrayed Alice sounded in the beginning when Lucien started without her.

Aside from the murderer, Ethan was a gang member in MFMM, right?

Jean is way to chill over Lucien’s stabbing.

Jean kissing his hand at the end was a thing of beauty.