in half of these

it is 7PM. i am playing sonic advance 3. the level opens up with sonic and knuckles getting ready, and sonic starts into a running sprint, leaving knuckles in the dust. “it’s okay,” i say to myself. “knuckles will come back eventually.”

5 minutes into the level, i am getting my ass handed to me by a badnik. “YO KNUCKLES WHERE THE FUCKLES ARE YOU” i scream as i lose all my rings, along with my pride and dignity.

unfortunately though, knuckles has astral projected out of the level, out of the game, because he doesn’t fucking care. he stopped caring at the character selection screen. he stopped caring before i even opened the game. knuckles never cared for me or my well being. what the fuck.

fast forward to the boss level, i’m down to one life, and 0 rings. right before i’m about to get my ass smashed into oblivion by DR eggman, knuckles glides onto the screen.

“lol hey man wyd” he says to me, not noticing that i am about to be fucked in the ass by eggman’s swingy ass hammer.

then as i die, knuckles just stands there, pacing around like a lost child. then he looks at my corpse. “oh sonics dead. that’s okay i guess”

it is then that he glitches out of the game, leaving behind not only myself, but his entire ability to give a fuck.

it is then, that as a ghost, i ask to my self, “what the fuckles, knuckles?”

anonymous asked:

If your still taking requests then can you please give jack and Gabe a wedding like after the war and after the Talon thing like in there old age finally tying the knot?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please if not then thanks for the lovely artwork you make :3

I imagine them just going off somewhere quiet and having it. Ahhh,Thank you for kind words anon ❤️

and a probably more realistic version of scruffy old man Jack with his wraith husband <3

Gordon Freeman is the strongest playable character mentally. Adrian Shephard is the strongest playable character physically. Barney Calhoun is neither, although the cursed and blessed energies he emits at the same time are strong enough to drastically warp reality if weaponized

Egotober, Day 23 - Masquarade

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

I’m sorry that this is all I have for today, I had like…no time at all.

(Jackie wanted to make Marvin feel better about always wearing a mask and Chase and Anti were instantly in on it.)

I bought a $20 bottle of wine this weekend because the girl hosting the wine-tasting was pretty and made a lot of eye contact and said “I knew you’d like this one, I picked it just for you”

I could not ever be in charge of any confidential secrets because it would take literally one (1) pretty girl being nice to me to make me crack