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Hello, I saw your post about "my body, my choice" and I really don't want to be offensive or rude, but I genuinely would like to know why you think it doesn't go both ways? Isn't it her body, her choice wether she wants to keep it or not? Sorry again if I am being dumb here.

no worries, nonnie, not rude at all.

my issue is not on an in story level. you’re right, it does go both ways and it’s bex’s choice.

the thing is ‘my body, my choice’ is and has always been a pro choice slogan. its message is that female reproductive health and the choice to be and stay or not pregnant should be up to the woman. and that having an abortion is not evil, it’s not a sin or a shame. it is a valid choice, up to the person who is pregnant.

ed have repeatedly and consistently treated abortion as shameful (look at kerry, she was practically punished for having an abortion when she felt it was the right thing to do.) and while i understand that a lot of it comes from not wanting to alienate the audience it’s aimed at, just the introduction of the “forced abortion” detail shows how it’s treated as abortion is the worst thing that could happen to a women.

to use a slogan about choice, a known, established slogan, in a storyline with the opposite purpose, is a massive slap in the face. 'my body, my choice’ means whether someone has an abortion or not, it’s their prerogative. and either choice is valid and there is no shame in either.

What happened to Gillian in 2011?

I was looking at storybycorey’s Friday Favs and someone mentioned that any of G’s pics from 2011 on where their favorites.

I have to agree, she is so different. It’s like a switch was flipped. She’s glowing and confident and for lack of a better term it’s like she became her own woman. She is allowed to be herself without consequences.

Of course I think I know the reason for this change and I hope that everyone has the chance to find their true self the way Gillian has over the past several years.