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How to Become more Open to Life

1. Judge less; accept more. (This relates both to ourselves and others)

2. Be flexible when you’re setting your goals; be open to changing in unexpected ways.

3. Be aware of your automatic reactions and defensive mechanisms. Although they often serve you well – they can trip you up as well.

4. Have an open mind; be willing to listen and consider viewpoints that are different from your own.

5. Work to manage and overcome your fears – as these close us off from life and endless possibilities.

6. Let go of the need to control everything.

Me: *Is allergic to dogs*

Me: *lives in an apartment where I can’t have dogs*

Me: *doesn’t have the resources to take care of a pet*

Me: *lives with a “non dog person”*

Me: *sees a picture of a dog on the internet*

Me: I will adopt this precious creature, feed her the finest cuts of meat, train her with patience and gentle encouragement and see that she wants for nothing, she will possess the strength of a tiger but be gentle as a lamb, but if I am ever accosted on the road by brigands my precious dog will leap upon them and tear out their coward throats.