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May I call you Albus?

Albus is sitting in his study, unable to focus on his work. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man in the graveyard, but the man hasn’t shown up that day and it is all Albus can think about when he hears a knock on his door.

He tries to ignore it, but the visitor knocks again, a bit more impatiently.

Annoyed and not wanting to be disturbed, Albus opens the door, but any word of refusal instantly dies on his tongue as he sees who the insistent visitor is.

Albus: *tries to compose himself*

Gellert: -Here I am. 

Gellert: *eyes light up in recognition*

Gellert: Albus. May I call you Albus? I’ve recently read your latest article in Transfiguration Today-

Albus: *is surprised that anyone actually read his article*

Gellert: *launches into a one sided discussion of the article at hand*

Gellert: *realizes that Albus is still looking slightly confused and far from sharing his excitement*

Albus: I’m just surprised that someone found it interesting

Gellert: The didn’t? Well…

Gellert: *fastens his eyes on Albus for a second too long*

Albus: *fidgets nervously under Gellert’s gaze*

[[ Gellert Grindelwald played by the incredible @kapitan5o​ ]]

Albus Prelude | Gellert Prelude

Alec’s toothbrush.

It’s the first thing Magnus notices when he walks into his bathroom that night. Between hair pomade and black eyeliner and a bar of white soap, nestled in a ceramic cup next to Magnus’s own.

Alec’s toothbrush.

He picks it up, gripping the plastic so hard his knuckles go bloodless. He stares at it, stares until his vision swims, until all he can see is Alec standing at the sink, foam dribbling down his chin and happiness in his gaze.

And then he remembers the way Alexander looked tonight, his face so close, eyes wide and flickering, that mouth that Magnus loves to kiss twisted in despair. He remembers the way Alexander’s pleas struck bone-deep like daggers into Magnus’s flesh, tipped with the sweetest poison, and the way those doe eyes that always make Magnus’s gut clench with want were filmed over with tears. Eyes that he loves, eyes that smile at him and laugh with him and make him feel warmer than he’s felt in centuries, swallowed by black, brilliant and bright.

And Magnus remembers walking away.

With a start, Magnus realizes the toothbrush in his hand is melting, angry sparks of red deforming the handle… and somehow that’s enough. That’s enough for the pain in his chest to rise like the tides, for that feeling in his throat to swell until he can barely swallow from the hurt of it all.

Because of Alec’s toothbrush, mangled in his palm.

Hand shaking, Magnus clutches it tight for one more moment before softly, gently putting it back in the little ceramic cup. His gaze lingers before he turns around and heads for the bedroom, where he sits on the right side of the bed and lies down, curling onto his side and letting his fingers play with the edges of Alexander’s pillow.