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As the Crown Princess Victoria is currently  on a private trip, she and Prince Daniel will not be able to attend events held in connection with the Canadian State Visit next week, as they usually do. Instead, Princess Madeleine will step into her sister’s place and will participate in the visit, which the court has now confirmed to Swedish Women’s Weekly.

“Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill and the Prince Couple will attend the traditional ceremony at the castle, as well as the subsequent lunch. They will also participate in the banquet later in the evening.” says the court’s Communications Director Margareta Thorgren.

The court also confirmed that Madeleine and Chris will be in Sweden for some time, and not only during the state visit.

“Princess Madeleine and Chris did not come to Sweden alone because of the state visit, but because they have other commitments in Sweden other than the state visit.

—  Svenskdam

This is a late gift for Ashlee’s (@austennerdita2533) Birthday. You said you liked mates and arranged marriages, so you get both. I hope you like it!

“I’m sorry, what?” Caroline said, staring at Klaus as she waited for her answer, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes, his gaze very focused on his palms laying on top of the table that rested between them.

He let out a long-suffering sigh before he spoke, his voice calm as he chose the words carefully, “It is a tradition in our pack for mates to be married as soon as possible, as long as they’re of age. It is… old-fashioned, I must admit, but our laws are what they are.”

“They are your laws. Not mine,” she reminded him pointedly.

Meeting your mate was supposed to be an exciting moment, like something had clicked into place, but ever since Klaus had showed up in her life, she felt like she had been knocked off her feet. He was from a different pack, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they weren’t both the next in line to assume the leadership of their clans, which meant that a long process of union had to take place.

An union that apparently had to begin with their wedding when she had only known him for three days.

Klaus finally met her gaze, his eyes surprisingly warm, “You know that you’ll have to live by our traditions, love, just as I’ll have to live by yours. It’s the only way our people will accept this change and we have to do what’s best for them.”

She was about to ask him if he was seriously trying to use her responsibilities as future alpha to make her marry him, but she realised that it wasn’t quite his intention. And that he was right – which made her completely hate him.

It was frightening.

Our people. We.

Caroline always knew that this would happen, that she would find her mate and that her life would be forever intertwined with someone else’s, but marriage? She was 20 and she didn’t even know him. How the hell was she going to explain that to her friends?

Besides, the fact that Klaus had been on his best behaviour around her didn’t mean that she hadn’t heard the whispers about him; how his wolf seemed to delight in the kill, how none of his enemies could run fast enough to get away from his claws and teeth.

The stories of how Mikael’s body had been found still made the hairs of her neck stand up.

And, yet, she found herself nodding. It wasn’t like she had much choice, anyway. “Fine. When… When should we get married?”

Klaus shrugged, “As soon as possible, love. If you want a big party, that can buy us a couple of months, but even so, we can only get away with waiting until June before people start asking questions.”

Ugh, now that just wouldn’t do – was there anything tackier than a June wedding?

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Hi. I just read an article where the actor playing Wally just came out as bisexual. I know this was a coldflash tumbler page but since you seem to like Wally I thought you might find that interesting. :)


This is amazing thank you so much for sharing this is the best thing ever I love him so much

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look at this bisexual cutie :3 

(or pansexual? news reports gave him the bi label but his own post doesn’t specify which label he uses) 


Martin Riggs + Text Posts (because I recently fell in headfirst into the Lethal Weapon fandom and I love this sand hobo)


Hamilton Muffins!!!

I might have gone a little bit overboard, but how can’t you when you get an awesome request like this? I started over analyzing which muffin would fit each Hamilton character and what colors go together and got a little carried away. But keep the requests coming guys, I love them, the Hamilton fandom is so amazing!!

Kanato deleted Scenario

Shoutout to @alexielnoten (won’t let me tag ugh) for giving it a quick look over and to whoeve had the scans in the first place. Some stuff is still shaky but it’s enough for the general idea. Yay! My first translation! Basically some guests show up unexpectedly but Kanato doesn’t wanna wake up. Enjoy!

[Heroine enters Kanato’s room]

Heroine: Kanato, are you awake?

Kanato: Mmm…

Heroine: …He’s sound asleep…

[Closes the door and starts talking to Kanato]

Heroine: Kanato, wake up. Please hurry, people are waiting to meet you.

Kanato: Mnnnn…

Heroine: (What do I do…Kanato never gets up…)

Heroine: Kanato? Will you wake up?

[She shakes him to wake him up]

Kanato: Nnn?

Heroine: You have to hurry because guests are coming to see you.

Kanato: Who?

Heroine: I don’t know, [I was saying that the petition (appeal?) is tough?]

Kanato: Ah…from (?). You should just leave it alone.

[Fails to answer Kanato]

Heroine: But it will be troublesome.

Kanato: Enough. Get over it. Let’s sleep together.

[Heroine is thrown on the bed]

Heroine: Kyaa!

Kanato: Hey, when did you  get out of bed? I didn’t notice.

Heroine: I woke up hours ago. Even though I woke up at such a time, Kanato did not wake up at all.

Kanato: I hadn’t yet woken up…because my eyes…

Heroine: (That’s right…recently Kanato has been so busy that he hasn’t been sleeping well. But he finally got to rest, maybe it was bad that I woke him up.)

Heroine: Well then, Kanato, I will tell the guests to go home.

Kanato: Such a thing would be good to say. [Maybe you should show me such a kindness?]

Heroine: But…then what do I do?

Kanato: Just leave it alone. Besides, I’m busy now.

Heroine: You’re not going to sleep?

Kanato: Mm. I’m busy because I have to take care of you.

[As he says it, Kanato takes off the heroine’s clothes]

Heroine: Ah! W-Wait!

Kanato: Right? You’re busy too, so you don’t have time to be there (with the guests).

[He says so while licking her skin]

Heroine: B-But…

Kanato: But what?

A.) Stay in bed.

B.) Choose to respond better

A.) Stay in bed.

Heroine: But…with such a thing, wouldn’t it be better to sleep….?

Kanato: Why? I’ve already slept plenty.

Heroine: You were just saying before about your eyes–ah!

[Kanato interrupts the Heroine, licking her skin]

Kanato: What?

Heroine: T-That’s not fair!

Kanato: You don’t have to think about unnecessary things…just stay beneath me. Here, cry.

[He licks the skin more roughly]

Heroine: Nn!

Kanato: That’s a nice voice…don’t you think?

B.) Tend to the guests

Heroine: In the end, it should be better to respond to the guests.

Kanato: You care more about the guests than myself? Why? Why are you like an old man?

Heroine: That’s not it! However, I do not want Kanato to get even worse (since he’s lacking sleep)

Kanato: You’re foolish.

[Licks the Heroine’s skin]

Heroine: Nnn…

Kanato: Right now I am fine. You don’t seem to understand how good I feel.

Heroine: Do you really feel ok?

Kanato: Yes, even if we suddenly beat the heads of the guests who are coming, no one would be able to say anything [wtf??]

Heroine: Yes…that is good…

Kanato: Let’s stay in bed today the way we are.

Heroine: Well…ok…but…

[Kanato takes off all the Heroine’s clothes]

Kanato: If we get hungry after some exercise, we could just drink each other’s blood.

Heroine: *giggles* If you get hungry, will you sleep once your belly’s full?

Kanato: Yes, that’s right. And when we wake up we will be greedy once more.

Heroine: You’ll do it again?

Kanato: Yes, let’s do it. I can’t get enough even though I love you, so I won’t ever get bored.

Heroine: *giggles* Then, I’m glad. Let’s do it.

Kanato: Nn..

[The two of them kiss]

Heroine: Kanato…nn…

Kanato: …

[The Heroine’s heart starts to beat quickly]

Heroine: (Seeing Kanato’s eyes starting to drip with desire, my whole body is stained with delight. I belong to Kanato, and Kanato is mine…forever…we will live together in our own world…)

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I kinda did this cause I was bored but….what do you guys think?


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I had some free time on my hands, so i figured I’d do a quick animation of my favorite scene from Staying Alive, I also really love Charles Lee, it’s a problem

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What to you, is a cool rock? What makes a rock cool to you? (Example green rocks or rocks in the shape of hearts are cool)

Geodes!! Metaphorical value AND shiny what more could you want?

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(i am also partial to rocks that have been smoothed down by the ocean, giant’s kettles/glacial potholes, and this ask)