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I’m not even sure which party I belong to… I identify as myself and I prefer to create myself every morning. Most days I prefer to not show any gender sometimes I go out as a guy, but once a year I also feel like wearing high heels. If I go out dressed in a gender code I feel like I’m wearing a costume, if you can’t tell what I am …I’m most likely myself that day : >  
I really struggle with myself I guess, I’m a happy person in general and if oneday none pushes me in a box I’ll be even more happy. 

I wish everyone happiness be it trans, agender, “cis”, … Accept everyone and everything as long as it does you no harm <3 

i feel weird abt posting a selfie cuz i dont talk about being trans a lot and i know i should be proud but really i have such intense dysphoria its just so hard for me to admit that im trans and im not cis and bla bal ba bal i wish i could just let the world know im trans and be proud cuz its nothing to be ashamed of but .. its hard for me. i haaaaaate my body and i wish i was a cis guy but its ok … i guess its ok also i feel ugly in general so posting selfies is already hard enough but on top of that i gotta be worried about lookin the right damn gender. i dont have time for this, im simple 


I’m a little nervous because I don’t want to take away visibility from anyone else but I’ve seen so many nonbinary people on my dash and I thought it meant I could contribute!  

Basically when I was little I was super chubby and looked more masculine than feminine and was constantly called a boy.  I really hated it and overcompensated with a shit ton of mascara and got cupped bras and wore a bunch of jewelry and I really didn’t like that.  I’ve had a lot of general struggles with body image in my life and I guess I just didn’t ever think of gender because I was so focused on hating myself and losing weight.  Eventually I got in touch with the queer community and got in tune with my sexual orientation and had never really even considered my gender and asked myself if I was content or happy with it and I came to realize I really wasn’t.  I asked a few people to use they/them pronouns and noticed that I felt more comfortable and safe with it, but then again, she/her pronouns didn’t make me feel horrible.  I kept looking stuff up worried that I wouldn’t fit in the binary or nonbinary and then found the term demigirl and I experienced gender euphoria and it just fit and :’) ever since connecting with it I’ve really noticed the amount of “girl focused” comments in my life that treat me as a woman and not as a person and it frustrates me every day.  I love being a strong individual, and in no way do I ever feel like a woman or a girl; I am a person.

I tend to present in a very traditional feminine way and get a lot of hate from people in my life saying that my armpit and leg hair is too manish.  Fuck that, it’s my hair and I’m a person who has it full length and natural.

they/them please (she/her won’t kill me though)

anonymous asked:

ok so I've been reading into your kink shaming tag and I've been trying to understand what you're defending and I guess it makes sense. but my question is why are any of other people's sex life any of your business? if people like it in bed and their bodies physically react to what they enjoy who are you to tell them it's wrong?? as long as their consensual and are enjoying themselves then whats the point of shaming them for it?

Kinkster: “yeah I guess re-enacting rape, pedophilia and general abuse is wrong and kinda gross”

Kinkster: “but WHY bring it up? WHY? if people LIKE it then who cares?”

it goes hand in hand with all general activism, i guess??? 

if there’s one thing i’ve learned in the past…year, i guess, is that wizards aren’t as enlightened as we think we are. we’re just as oppressive and awful as muggles, but we disguise it with…blood purity. or the fact that there’s more important things to worry about, like dark magic, so there’s no time to care about so-and-so oppressed people.

fuck, we’re way worse than muggles, actually.

FMA Week Day 13 - fandom crossover

I wanted to draw Olivier Armstrong in Elsa’s dress from Frozen, because…well y’know…ice queen, right? But she got mad at me.

Alex was far more obliging.

For PS4 players in the Dragon Age fandom

Jaws of Hakkon DLC is not earth-shattering. There are no major reveals relating to a certain elven apostate or any other post-game stuff.

Rest easy (well, you know, as easy as possible), this is good material, and a huge map worth exploring. The Avvar are great, but you are not missing out on anything related to major plot spoilers. The DLC is like DA2′s, it can happen at any point in the game once you reach Skyhold. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it that early because the baddies are like level 25 but you know.

It’s a sub-plot at best (a neat one) and there are some interesting lore tidbits that might become relevant in future games, if you’re like me and spend way too much time on the wiki/theorycrafting, but trust me when I say it is not a plot that will move heaven and earth.

Exclusivity is still crap but I just wanted to reassure y’all that this isn’t something major. There’s some new armor, new weapons, high level baddies, and a whole new map but nothing like must leave Tumblr for a while worthy.

Really it’s a DLC for people who are max level and need new pastures to roam. With some lore hints in between. Good stuff, well worth the $15 price of admission for me. But it can wait, I swear.


JeanMarco Week Day 3: Candlelight

Yeahhh…. I decided to upload this because I really didn’t like the other one orz… can you even tell what’s going on


EXO K - The Lost Planet concert