in game screenshot

Tentatively, btw, I have to say I think I axed the graphics problem.  SUPER EGGSHELL WALK GET, BUT!  I think so.  Honestly the test would be back in Sunset Valley, because for some reason Dragon Valley always runs super super small and nice and cute (under 20MB cleaned).

For the record the problem stems from Nvidia cards and (from various internet sources) Windows 8 and up.  If you end up needing to use fullscreen in TS3 for whatever reason you will notice the light situation is trash.

From this -^

To this shit.  It’s hard to see in game, let alone as screenshots.

The problem, for future reference, seems to be rectified if you switch between fullscreen to windowed, or if you start in windowed because you forgot to turn it back to fullscreen before you quit like I just did, go to fullscreen and when it asks if you want to keep the changes just say no so it naturally reverts to windowed again.

The camera stutter problem is nixed and another weird problem I didn’t even mention involving graininess with regards to alllll text is also removed.  It just needs an initial punt in the ass to get it going.

I don’t have to edit his stupid face anymore.  Isn’t that lovely?  xD