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room for two- jjk(m)

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summer in New York has never been so hot.

(m)-mature / 6.5k words / roomate!jungkook / happy reading !

reqs;  jungkook accidental roommate smut? u accidentally buy the same apartment (it happens in dramas often) (+)  Can I request switch!jungkook smut? Like he starts out submissive and then bOOM! He’s dominant af

Summer in New York had never been more depressing. Or hot. Every step outside seems to melt the flesh from your bones, every memory you had of him peeled another layer off your heart. It had been three months of pure hell and although the heat made the thought of being close to anyone impossibly unbearable, you’d give anything to hold him in your arms again. But he had cheated on you, left you, and the best thing to do was move on. Or at least try.

The weather forecast predicted a humid rain, clouds shrouding the ominous sky and a layer of mystery covering the roof of your new home. Or the new home you’d be sharing with four other people. This is supposed to be the city of new beginnings and independent lives. Where one can explore themselves through the city. But sadly, as a transferred college student, the only thing you could afford was a share house in the middle of Brooklyn.  

Sucking in a deep breath, you grunt while lugging your large suitcase and duffel up the short set of stairs, banging on the door somewhat gracefully with your elbow. Almost immediately, as if you’d been waited upon, the door unlatches and an older, thinner woman appears. Her skin is somewhere between tan and gold, wrinkle lines around her eyes and mouth. The hair atop her head is swirled into an artful bun, small wisps of white-gray hair escaping the masterpiece.

“Just on time,” her voice is sweet, slow, and welcoming, stepping aside and waving you in.

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This year’s Eurovision finals line-up:

1. “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I bre-” 

2. Three minutes of getting the chills 

3. A cute hipster couple, ready for their wedding 

4. Dreamworks presents: Nathan Trent 

5. “I would like to be in the sky” 

6. A song about a mom

7. Another song about a mom 

8. *Hungarian romani hungarian* SAMURAI 

9. Just a man, chilling with his fursona 

10. Oh honey…I’m sorry but you’re fucked- 

11.  A gentle butterfly man who gets startled when applauded at 

12. Chalkboard 

13.  The man with two voices

14.  “…Are you SURE he’s only 17?” 

15. The obligatory Greece in your final 

16. Surfer boy

17. Bootleg Daft Punk- now in purple! 

18.  Maureen Johnson 

19. “I changed my mind, I don’t want to be in the sky anymore. Please put me down.” 

20. The one song that you can’t play in front of your non-eurovision friends without being embarrassed 

21. LEGS

22. This year’s token rock song 

23. PLEASE take her hand already- she’s asked four times now 

24.  Fuckbois on treadmills 

25. “…Are you SURE he’s not 13?” 

26. Has an eiffel tower- just in case you somehow aren’t sure where she’s from


a/n: so @sowhatshawn and i were talking about stuff the other day. and i got this idea. so. here. it. is. 

You made your way through the warm bodies shuffling around the house, trying to find your boyfriend. He had promised he wouldn’t get drunk, but you knew better. You knew he would celebrate this tour ending by drinking his body weight in alcohol, and by the end of the night you would be the one dragging his ass to the car, and helping him into the apartment.

Peering around the corner, you smiled when you saw Shawn tossing the ping pong ball into the red cup at the other end of the table, cheering when the beer splashed out. “I won!” He cheered, high-fiving a tipsy Matt. “I fucking won!”

“That’s the third time you’ve won, dude.” Matt laughed, nodding at you. “Hey, your girl’s looking for you.”

Shawn spun around, dopey smile on his face as you walked over. “Hi, baby!”

“Hey, hun. D’you think you’re about ready to head home?” You asked, since it was nearing one in the morning, and you were exhausted.

“Y-yeah, lemme just go say bye to everyone.” Shawn nodded, stumbling past you into the other room.

Matt looked at you, concerned. “You gonna be able to get him inside by yourself? I can help you- he weighs more than he looks.”

You laughed, nodding. “I’ll be fine. Thank you, though. I’ll text you when I get him inside.”

Megan walked over to Matt, and you bid the couple goodbye before going to find the lanky mess of a boyfriend you had.

Turning off the ignition, you pulled the keys out and grabbed your phone. You got out of the car, and set your purse on the hood, before going over and tackling the sleepy man inside the passenger side. “Shawn, bubby, you’ve gotta help me here.” You laughed, almost falling over when he got out, and leant all of his weight into you. “Jesus, Shawn, how much did you drink?” You asked, the smell of beer strong on him.

“S-so much.” Shawn mumbled, working with you so you two could get inside.

The two of you walked into the bedroom, and you disappeared into the closet to grab a pair of pajamas for your boyfriend, and he was sitting on the bed, giggling.

You started unbuttoning the dress shirt he had on, hands working fast since you knew he was going to start getting drowsy.

“She’s so pretty.” Shawn said out of nowhere, smile playing on his lips.

You quirked an eyebrow up, and walked over to him. “Who?”

“Audrey.” Shawn said, catching you by surprise. “Her lips were so plump. A-and they tasted like strawberries.” He giggled like a little boy, hiccuping.

“What? What do you mean?” You asked, heart rate picking up.

Shawn stripped off his shirt, and you felt your breath catch when you saw the hickeys on his chest. They were dark, and looked fresh. “Shawn, honey, when did you get those?”

The brunet looked down at his chest, and let out a breathy laugh. “So dark.” He poked one. “Audrey said she wasn’t going to leave marks. She said Y/N would get mad.” His head whipped up, and you swore he realized who he was talking to.

But, when he spoke, you felt your heart shatter even more. “It felt nice.”

You stayed silent for the rest of the night, waiting until Shawn’s breath evened out before getting out of bed. You left a water bottle and some Advil on the nightstand next to him, and quietly grabbed your essentials.

You let a few tears out as you padded across the hardwood of the apartment, collecting your purse, coat, keys; stopping at the picture of you and Shawn on your anniversary. You were in Europe, Paris to be exact, and Josiah had snapped the photo of you two in front of the Eiffel Tower. Kids in Love. Paris. 2016. You let out a rough laugh at the engraving on the frame, before letting the photo fall from your hands.

With one last look around the place you had called home, you opened the door, and stepped out into the night, temperature matching your feelings. Cold.

You didn’t make it far. instead, you stopped a few blocks down, and walked into the 24-hour mini mart at the corner. You dialed one of the more familiar numbers on your phone, pressing it to your ear. “Can you come pick me up?”

a/n: sorry it’s short. but i already have a part 2 ready to be posted. 

Headcanon: After they get together, before Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl. She takes her on all of these vacations, eager to show the world to the woman who has given it to her. She takes Kara to the Colosseum, they kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Kara eats more pastries in France than Lena thought possible) they walk hand-in-hand along the Great Wall of China. Lena also takes Kara to her favorite vineyard, and a private beach she discovered during a break from her mother. 

Lena’s favorite place in the world is the cottage near Mangerton Mountain in Ireland that she purchased in cash and has never told anyone about. 

 It takes only one night of Lena settled between her legs in front of the fireplace, the only sounds in the world their breathing and the crackle from the fire, for Kara to decide that this might be her favorite place too. She thinks maybe her favorite place is wherever Lena is. 

 After Lena discovers that Kara is, in fact, Supergirl. (A misstep by Winn that Alex quickly follows with a smack to his head and various threats) Her eyes widen as the realization hits. Kara has already seen the world, probably even more so than Lena herself. When she asks Kara about it, she pulls her close and says, “Yeah, Lena, I’ve flown everywhere. But I had never really seen anywhere until I was looking through your eyes. I want to explore the rest of the world with you, see everything with you.” Kara pauses, “Can I take you to my favorite place?” The smile Lena gives her, soft and sincere, is all the answer Kara needs. 

 The tears Kara sees in her eyes when they land in Ireland tell her that she was right. Her favorite place is with Lena. 

City of Love

Pairing: Teacher!Derek x Teacher!Reader

Warning: NSFW, 18+, spanking, vaginal sex, oral (fem receiving, and male), no dk unfortunately

A/n: It’s very rare that I write fluffy Derek smut, but damn I do love it as well. This was a request, and I did alter the request slightly so apologizes but I just find this works <3 Thank you to @ninja-stiles for reading through this <3


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“Remember class, we’re meeting at the airport tomorrow morning at four am.” You announce to your class full of teenagers who were chatting among one another. You could tell they were excited about their trip to Paris, France but you could bet you were more excited than all them put together. It was always a dream of yours to go to Paris, you loved everything about the city.

When your principal asked you to organize a trip abroad for your class, you couldn’t help but choose the one place that fascinated you the most. You ran it through the school board, highlighting the array of activities that were available over in France; The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and Disneyland. Six days away from Beacon Hills was everything you needed.

“Miss Y/L/N, what other teachers are coming with us?”

“Miss Martin and Mr Hale.” His name fell from your lips with a hiss, and the class giggle at your tone. “Right, have a good evening and I’ll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.”

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Masquerade: Side Story - Stay Close To Me

Notes: a side story inspired by an idea that @kantonliu sent me, and I couldn’t resist throwing everything aside to write probably the soppiest??? thing I’ve ever written. Have this as my thanks for everyones amazing support. <3 p.s probably some typos. 
Find the rest of Masquerade here

Sometimes, they picked the worst places to meet.

Now was one of those times.

It wasn’t that this huge open spaced establishment sprawling with chairs and tables set for two was subpar. It wasn’t the ambient night sky of hundreds and hundreds of tiny glowing bulbs suspended at different lengths from the high ceiling like perfect stars in their own universe.

It wasn’t the amazing service and other patrons that kept to themselves in groups of only two, always two. It wasn’t the velvet lined booths at the edges of the room that looked safe enough to keep secrets and smother whispers, it wasn’t the fact that there were no Russians or Japanese in sight.

It was the fact that Yuuri was here alone, waiting with his solitary drink at the bar as usual.

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the reveal is just chat being like "ladybug whats ur name" and she just goes "marinette"

lmao omg, all of the reveals that are so dramatic and heart-wrenching and this happening is literally so funny

It’s Only A Name - on ao3

“Ladybug?” Chat Noir asked, his voice merely a whisper as his heart pounded in his chest. A simple question resided within his mind—a question that he had been dying to ask for months—yet had never found the courage to let free up until that moment. “Have you ever wondered what my name is?”

Ladybug offered a shrug, blue eyes surveying the sparkling city below their feet. A breeze blew past the pair in their spot above the world, tousling her hair and sending black strands to kiss the skin of her cheeks. “I guess. There are lots of things I wonder about you.”

“Oh?” Chat raised an eyebrow, head cocked to the side in interest. “Like what, my Lady?”

Ladybug chuckled, resting her back against one of the beams of the Eiffel Tower as she sat criss-crossed, gazing at him with a hand pressed to her chin in thought. “Most of the time, I’m genuinely curious where you get all the puns from. Do you think them up on the spot? Scour the internet for them and write them down just in case? Or do they come with the transformation?”

Chat burst into laughter, surprised at her odd (yet understandable) questions. Of all the things she wanted to know about him, the source of his puns was the first thing on her list?

“I’ll have you know, Buginette,” he began, walking along the iron beam until he settled next to his partner, “that all of those puns are purely original. I’m very good at coming up with them.”

“Are you?” Ladybug snorted. “Are you sure you don’t look them up on some pun archive or something?”


A smirk split Chat Noir’s face as his partner groaned and buried her head within her palms. It wasn’t a lie; he did come up with them himself.

“You’re unbearable sometimes, kitty,” Ladybug sighed, shaking her head from side to side. “Why do I put up with you?”

“Another good question,” Chat said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and grinning mischievously. “The answer is because you love me.”

“Yeah, yeah. If you say so.” As expected, Ladybug responded to his touch by giving him a light shove. Chat backed away respectfully, smiling all the while he gave her the space she desired. 

They shared a laugh, giggling like two kids enjoying the company of their best friend.

Chat felt warmth spread across his chest at the thought.

Best friend.

“…You know,” Ladybug said after a moment, having turned her attention to the sound of traffic below. It was a quiet night, as evenings usually were, and patrol had been relatively peaceful. “I do sometimes wonder about you, though. I know we’re not supposed to tell each other who we are, for our safety and such, but…I can’t help but be curious sometimes—about who you are and what you do.”

Chat nodded in understanding. Plagg had told him countless times that the secret of their identities was only to keep them out of harm’s way, but the nagging wonder of who his elusive Lady happened to be settled in the back of his mind and frequently succeeded in giving him nights with little to no sleep. She was out there, somewhere, he knew…but deep inside of him, no matter how much he hoped, Chat was sure he would most likely never be privy to such secrets. 

It was a tad annoying at times. Part of him was sure Ladybug felt the same.

They were friends, after all. Close friends. Why couldn’t they hang out when not in costume? What was so wrong with that?

But, if Plagg and Ladybug’s kwami (Tikki, was it?) wanted them to keep their identities secret, they would. The little gods knew more about the miraculous than they did, after all, and it wouldn’t do he or Ladybug any good to disobey them.

Chat sighed, settling his gaze on a group of people walking below as their laughter caught his attention. They were loud, smiling, seemingly having a great time with each other.

He and Ladybug could be like that, if their kwamis allowed it. They could do stuff as friends rather than strictly as superheroes.

That would be something, wouldn’t it? To be friends with Ladybug out of the costume, to spend time with her and maybe get lunch at a café or something, or even to just hang out and take leisurely walks along the streets. That was what friends did, wasn’t it?

“Yeah,” Chat hummed, “I think about that a lot.”

Ladybug turned to look at him, blue eyes meeting green. Her fingers tapped along her thigh as she looked down, glancing around the twinkling yellow lights before her gaze settled on his face once more. She appeared to be pensive, perhaps slightly nervous, if her sudden change in behavior said anything. Her lips parted to speak before they closed and opened again, and Chat was about to ask if she was feeling alright before her voice rose up over the song of the city. 

“To answer your question from before,” she began, a hint of a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. “Yes. Sometimes I do wonder what your name is.”

Chat grinned in response. “And I often wonder about yours.”

“Names are just names,” Ladybug continued with a shrug, “I’m sure plenty of people in Paris share our names…it is a big city…”

“…with a population of over two million people,” Chat added.

“There’s no way we could figure our identities out just because of a name…”

“…it’s not like my name isn’t common…”

“I’m sure…”

“…it wouldn’t be a big deal…”

“…if I told you my name,” They finished in unison, eyes meeting as their bodies froze. A breeze caressed their suits, colder than it had been a few moments ago, and Chat felt his heart stop in his chest.

Was this it?

Was he finally going to learn his Lady’s name?

She probably has a really pretty name, he thought, resting the dopey smile that wanted to spread across his face. Because she’s really pretty and everything about her is really pretty and- and I love her a lot.

“Ladybug?” Chat asked, swallowing. “What is your name?”

A soft giggle rose from Ladybug’s perfectly kissable lips before she glanced away, seemingly shy all of a sudden. She had never acted like that in front of him before.

It was endearing.

“My name,” Ladybug said, voice slightly higher-pitched, “my name is Marinette.”

“Marinette,” Chat repeated in a whisper, absolutely in love with the way it sounded-

Her name-




“Your name-” Shaking his head, Chat’s eyes widened as realization struck him like a freight train, his breath nearly knocked straight out of body. It was a miracle he didn’t topple backwards off of the Eiffel Tower. “Your name is- it’s- Mar- Mar- Mariiii…”

Ladybug frowned, eyebrows furrowing in confusion and- was that worry? Embarrassment? Regret?

“Chat?” She asked, voice soft. “Is…is everything okay?”

“Fine!” Chat responded in a strangled tone. “Everything’s fine! Your name is Marinette! That’s cool! It’s not like- like one of my b-best friends is named Marinette or anything-!”

But maybe Marinette is a popular name, his mind screamed at him.

Are you crazy? He shouted back, I’ve never met another girl named Marinette in my entire life and I’ve lived in Paris since I was born!

The pigtails, the blue eyes, the freckles and holy heck, the laugh! Her laugh! That was Marinette’s laugh!

He’d never forget the sound of that!

“Aahhhhh,” Chat cupped a palm over his mouth. “Ohhhh. Oh, no. We messed up, Bug.”

Ladybug’s frown grew, but not from sadness. She only became more perplexed. “What are you talking about?”

Chat swallowed, holding out a shaky hand for his friend, his partner, his crush—his crush. His crush who had the same spitfire as Ladybug and his crush who had been sitting behind him the entire time and- and-…

And his crush he’d fallen for on day one who also happened to be the girl he’d began to develop feelings for over the past month.

If she was Ladybug…if Ladybug-Marinette was Marinette-Marinette…

Then he would be the happiest person on Earth.

“Hi Marinette,” Chat laughed, grabbing her hand and giving it a shake. “I’m Adrien.”

And by the way Ladybug’s—Marinette’s—eyes widened at that detail, Chat knew they were both going to need to have a little talk with their kwamis later.

city love - shawn mendes imagine

A/N: if any of you were alive and breathing at midnight EST, you’ll know what inspired this. i really hope you love it, because i’m wasting time when i should be studying since i was so inspired. the ending is a little rushed and shit frankly but… i have. work to do

word count: 1,393 

Paris is always every bit as romantic as they say it is.

Your breakfast was a nice continental at some tiny restaurant terrace in Trocadéro - you barely even caught a reaction when you asked the waiter to bring you mimosas at ten thirty in the morning. It was mostly Shawn feeding you pastries with marmalade and being endeared, laughing at you when you sat with Bonne Maman jam smeared across your cheek. 

Paris feels, in the June sunshine, just like the Louis Armstrong songs and Godard films, and as you sit opposite Shawn on this empty train at noon, it feels like how everything should always feel.

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cliche - peter parker

Cliche - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: in which (Y/N) is left alone in Paris, imagining what could’ve been if Peter were there with her. ((based on “tourist: a love song from paris” by jon cozart)) link here

a/n: might make a part two using the “a non love song from nashville” which is basically peter’s perspective with the other half of the story!! also HOMECOMING COMES OUT TMR I’M ECSTATIC BUT MY DAD WON’T LET ME GO SEE IT ON OPENING DAY/WEEKEND!! but i like this one and i hope u enjoy!! i love you!!

part two!

at least I avoided cliche

holding nobody’s hand along the champs-élysées

(Y/N) walked down the streets of Paris, alone. She had originally planned to go on this trip with her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, Peter. She walked alone to different tourist locations, but frowned when she noticed the many couples surrounding her. There were people everyone, holding hands or kissing, while she stood alone.

She walked towards the Champs-Élysées by herself, determined to have a good time without a boyfriend. In her opinion, you didn’t need a significant other to have fun, but it sure as hell sucks to be in a different country alone.

As she walked, she didn’t hold anybody’s hand. She didn’t know anybody in the city, and (Y/N) couldn’t help but envy the dozens of couples around her. Everyone was so damn happy, acting like they were in cliche movies that take place in Paris. At least (Y/N) knew that she had avoided that of all things.

taking my time

breaking bread, sipping wine

meant for two

Reaching a restaurant, (Y/N) walked in and requested a table for one. The hostess looked like she pitied her, but (Y/N) didn’t need sympathy. Walking to the small table outside, (Y/N) ordered a simple red wine while she waited for her food. And once again, couples surrounded her.

Ignoring all the happy, love-sick people around her, she sipped her wine that was set in front of her. The restaurant had provided free bread, and she ate it while she sipped on her wine. Admiring the scenery, (Y/N) had failed to notice a few simple things about her table. Across from her, sat an empty plate and wine glass, obviously meant for a person to accompany her.

People stared at the girl sitting alone at the table. She broke her bread and ate it, washing it down with red wine. There was enough bread for two people, and she was certainly drinking enough wine for two. The air around (Y/N) held an unspoken thought, this is all meant for two people, but she chose to ignore it.

it’s a beautiful city for saps

but turn out the lights, we’re too clever for that

and i know we’re not in love, but we’d fool this old town

with the view of us, thoughts from the tourists


After she had left the restaurant, (Y/N) continued to walk around the city and admired it’s beauty. Everything seemed too perfect, as if it were fake. Truly, the city was beautiful for saps, for people who just loved the thought of love. The sun was setting and the shop lights were turning off, but still (Y/N) walked.

Simply too clever to be fooled by the “city of love” filled with it’s cliche thoughts and perfect relationships, (Y/N) took a step back. Looking back at the city, she looked at it as if it were just a regular city and not so well known for its ideas of love, and everything changed.

Most of those people that (Y/N) saw were not in perfect relationships, they were real people. Some may have been in love, but most of them were just in love with the idea of it. (Y/N) thought back to the person that should’ve been there with her.

Peter was (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend, and Peter had fallen out of love with her. She still loved him, but he seemed to be over her. But still, Peter could’ve been there with her. Though no longer in love, they could’ve pretended, like a few couples here did. The pair could’ve pretended to be the ideal couple, hell, for the last month of their relationship Peter did pretend.

They could’ve easily fooled the town with a simple picture of them. The tourists would’ve loved them. But instead, the tourists’ thoughts were different. Since (Y/N) was alone, the tourists judged her. It was silent, but the air became thick with judgement when she walked to a tourist attraction made for couples.

we could fall for the streets of paris

but the eiffel’s a joke and the punchline is me

When (Y/N) began to think about Peter, it all just spiraled into even more thoughts about what could’ve been between the two. In (Y/N)’s opinion, they could’ve easily fallen back in love in the streets of the city. They could’ve visited the Eiffel Tower and smiled, but it was all a joke. Their relationship was a joke, and she was the punchline.

and you know, you know it’s not funny

but we’d laugh ‘til it was just the two of us

thoughts from the tourists


It wasn’t funny, but it somehow made (Y/N) laugh. The two could’ve stood there, in front of the massive structure and smiled like fools. They could’ve laughed at something that wasn’t even funny for hours at a time.

They would laugh until the world became just the two of them. The pair would laugh as everything else became unimportant. Until the tourists disappeared, until time stopped, until it was just the two of them together.

Tourists would’ve lived for the sight, seeing a young couple in love. Their thoughts about (Y/N) would’ve been drastically different from their current ones. Everyone pitied (Y/N), a hopeless romantic without romance. A hopeless romantic alone.

and i know, i know that we tried

to survive on a lie we couldn’t endure

so what’s just one more thought from the tourist

imagining the two of us


The duo could’ve tried harder, (Y/N) could’ve clung on to their lie of a relationship, but she couldn’t endure it anymore. They could’ve lied one more time on this last trip, with good thoughts from the tourist. She continued imagining the two of them, but she was in deed alone.

What (Y/N) didn’t know, though, was that back in America, Peter was thinking about her. He was mentally kicking himself for what he did to her, and he was still hopelessly in love with her. But she would never know the full story, and he didn’t plan on her finding out.

also if u like this pls tap that little heart over there bc it really motivates me to write more and i appreciate every single one of you ♡ and if you ever have an issue (spelling/grammar or even the concept) just dm me!

EXO: How They Would Propose

A/N: The cutest request I’ve received so far! Can’t help but imagine myself being engaged to the 9 of them lol. Tell me what you think! x

 Minseok (Xiumin)

Walking On the Beach at Sunrise.

It became a habit for you and your boyfriend, Minseok, to go to the beach just to watch the sunrise. There weren’t much people early in the morning, so it’s a good opportunity to have some alone time in public. The beach was practically your safe haven wherein tons of priceless memories were created by you and Minseok. That’s why he chose that place to ask you to be his love for the rest of his life.

The two of you would be walking at the shore, hand in hand, laughing about the time Minseok jumped on a “small” puddle, only to realize it was actually deep. He’ll then act offended, letting go of your hand and pouting as he put both of his hands in his pockets. Before you could even apologize, he’ll kneel in front of you with a diamond ring in between his forefinger and thumb.

“The sun may set at the end of the day, but as it rise again, I’ll still love you until the end of time. Will you marry me?“

Junmyeon (Suho)

A Night in Paris.

Junmyeon is a very romantic person as he knows how to warm your heart effortlessly. One day he called you up from work, telling you to ask your boss for a few days off. You’d be confused at first, but once you arrive home, he’ll surprise you with 2 plane tickets to Paris. After a few “Are you serious?!” excitement talks, the two of you were off to the City of Light.

The night the both of you arrive will be the same night he’ll propose. He’ll book the most expensive hotel that has the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. He’ll lead you to the balcony to admire the famous landmark. Arms would wrap your shoulders, his hands resting just above your chest. When he finally got you distracted, he’ll raise his hand in front of you, showing the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. Confused, you’ll turn around to face your boyfriend only to see him on bended knee.

“A night in Paris is not enough to show you how special you are to me, so please give me a lifetime. Will you marry me?”

Yixing (Lay)

New Year Proposal.

Nothing excites you more than New Years Eve. The beautiful lights in the city, the colorful sparks of the fireworks in the night sky, and the new year that will be filled with new opportunities and stories. You and Yixing always celebrate New Years Eve together. Either at your home, or at his, he wouldn’t mind as long as he’s with you.

The clock shows 11:55 PM and the two of you are jumping in excitement as you waited for midnight for the fireworks display. At exactly five minutes, Yixing will be, again, your new years kiss and you wouldn’t exchange it to the world. The clock finally strikes 12 and the loud booming of fireworks filled the environment. You smiled at your boyfriend, finally leaning in for a kiss with closed eyes, but you were confused with you didn’t feel his soft lips in yours. You opened your eyes to see Yixing on his knees, holding a small velvet box with a beautiful diamond ring.

“Today marks the first day of the year. This year, until next year, the next decade, the next century, I want to be yours. Will you marry me?”


Dancing in the Rain.

Baekhyun had taken you out for dinner to celebrate your 5 year anniversary. You were both on your way home, Baekhyun driving, when the sky suddenly poured. He whispered something about how beautiful the rain looked at night, and you only nodded in reply as you looked up from the window; admiring the small raindrops that reflected from the streetlights. The car came to a stop not too far away from your home. Without hesitating, Baekhyun unlocked his seat belt and ran out of the car.

You watched in shock and awe as Baekhyun ran around under the rain. He gestured for you to come out, to which you happily obliged. The two of you danced gracefully under the pouring rain, joyous laughs and genuine smiles were shared. Baekhyun took a hold of your hand, twirling you around. When you turned to Baekhyun, you saw him taking a box from his coat before kneeling down. He revealed a diamond ring.

“The rain is most beautiful at night, but you’re beautiful every single day. Give me the chance to gaze at your beauty for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?“

Jongdae (Chen)

Simple Dinner Proposal.

It was unusual for Jongdae to come home early, especially at the peak of fame with all his busy schedules. He insisted in cooking dinner, which confused you even more, knowing he never cooks. After hesitating for a moment, you agreed. You came home to a dark house; the candles on the dining table being the only source of light. Jongdae was seated on the couch with a smile on his face. He’ll lead you to the dining room, holding you with warm hands and soft gestures.

Dinner would be normal, yet lovely. The dim room added romance in the atmosphere, and you couldn’t help but feel your heartbeat go faster at the sight of your boyfriend in front of you. He was telling a story about his experience in cooking the dishes tonight when you felt yourself get lost in his eyes. After a few moments, he left the room to get the dessert. When he came back, he was holding a small plate with a metal cover. You expected him to rest the plate on the table, but you were surprised when he kneeled in front of you. He instructed you to lift the cover. With shaky hands, you lifted the cover to see a diamond ring.

“Tonight, I cooked as your boyfriend. Tomorrow, I wish to cook as your fiancee. And soon, your husband. Will you marry me?”


Scavenger Hunt Proposal.

Chanyeol has always been the creative one in your relationship. Every week, you both have unique and fun activities to enjoy each other’s company. You tried reversing the bean boozled challenge, playing compromised rock paper scissors on Snapchat, you even challenge each other with random dares in public. This time, Chanyeol planned a scavenger hunt for the day.

The goal was to find a shiny object located somewhere in the house where the most pure intentions can be found. His guides were confusing, but you still searched. You searched your room, none. The bathroom, none. The attic, none. Basement, none. After a few hours of searching, you finally gave up. With a huge smile on his face, Chanyeol reached in his shirt pocket above his chest, taking out a diamond ring. It was his heart, the place filled with pure intentions.

“All my life, I searched for the most precious treasure in the world. And I finally found you. Will you marry me?”

Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Practicing for a Movie.

Kyungsoo won’t be extra when proposing, but he knows how to make it worth remembering for as he hears those three-letter word. It would be a simple sunny day in your city when Kyungsoo asked you to help him with his script. He explained he needed someone to help him rehearse for a movie role he wanted to get. Being a supportive girlfriend, you agreed.

In the middle of rehearsing, he suddenly become more and more nervous. It was a romantic scene, so you brushed it off thinking Kyungsoo was still preparing himself. When he started talking about marriage, your heart suddenly became rapid in each word he slurs. Your face became flushed in embarrassment as you forced yourself to look away from Kyungsoo. But when you heard Kyungsoo calling your name, you eyes flew to him, only to see him holding a small closed box. He slowly opened it, showing a diamond ring.

“In this world full of acting and fake relationships, I want to be your true love. To you, I am no one but Do Kyungsoo, the man who will love and cherish you in our lifetime. Will you marry me?“

Jongin (Kai)

Winter in South Korea.

Jongin promised you to take you to take you to his hometown for Christmas a few months back. Due to his busy schedule, you started to lose faith on his promise, but you were shocked when you went home to 3 luggage in the living room with Jongin all dressed up and ready to go. This would be the first time you’ll experience winter in Suncheon and Jongin couldn’t wait to show you around.

As soon as you arrive, Jongin took you out to have a short stroll to the park. He have said countless of stories about his childhood, but you remember how his eyes lit up whenever he mentions the small park he used to play at. The snow covered the streets in a thick white blanket, your steps leaving footprints behind you. The air was cold, but Jongin’s hand that’s firmly wrapped around yours gave a comforting warmth. Your hands turned cold at the sudden absence of his touch, and you glanced at him in confusion. Jongin was nervously looking at you as he fiddled with his fingers. In his grasp, you saw a shiny diamond ring.

“I promised to bring you here for Christmas. And tonight, I’ll promise to love you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” 


With the help of Vivi.

It’s very well known how Sehun adores Vivi with all his heart. And that’s why he let him help with his plan on proposing to you. Sehun couldn’t hide his excitement and nervousness.

You were watching a TV series on your laptop when Vivi suddenly jumped on you. The canine was biting a piece of paper that instructed you to come up to your bedroom. As soon as you recognized Sehun’s penmanship, you couldn’t help but chuckle thinking it was one of his silly games. You paused your show and proceeded to come up the stairs. When you entered the room, Sehun stood in the middle. Vivi quickly ran towards him, to which he was picked up by Sehun. Your boyfriend slowly walked up to you before asking you to remove Vivi’s dog collar. You game him a weird look at his random favor, but you still did so. Before you could unlock the collar, you saw a shiny ring dangling as a necklace on Vivi’s neck.

“Please accept this ring together with my heart, and be with me forever. Will you marry me?”

Paris - Stefan Salvatore x Reader

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Pairing: Stefan x Reader

Prompt: Request! – ‘Can I request a Stefan Salvatore x reader where he and the reader are really close and in a half ways relationship, it’s clear that they both really love each other but they also just need a tiny shove to make it official. They could be traveling the world together and one of them realizes it in the heat of the moment and you can decide exactly how it ends :)’ (Also inspired by Paris - The Chainsmokers)

Warning: Smut….no hard-core stuff today sorry!



You strolled onto the balcony staring at the sunrise as you sipped on your coffee. You heard Stefan enter the room but chose to keep looking at the beautiful view. Since you got to Paris things had been different between you two but you couldn’t quite figure out why. You knew he was behind you but he stayed silent. Suddenly you heard the click of the Polaroid camera you took everywhere. You turned round and saw a picture printing out. You shook your head chuckling as he smiled at you with his eyebrows raised playfully.

You sipped your coffee as you observed the people who were moving around the streets. It was still very quiet and because of this it was your favourite time of day to relax. Stefan stood behind you leaning down and hugging you without saying anything. You loved moments like this, because it meant you didn’t have to admit what was happening, you just got to live in the moment.

Paris was your last stop but you still had 3 weeks left there. It made you sad that your traveling was coming to an end but at the same time you missed your friends. You’d been traveling with Stefan for nearly 6 months and you enjoyed it, seeing all the different cultures. Stefan was your best guy friend and you couldn’t ask for better company.

You leaned against him as he played with the ends of your hair, his rough hand occasionally brushing against your exposed shoulder. Today the plan was to go shopping and just explore, you’d only been in Paris for 2 days and so far you hadn’t seen much because you’d been tired from all the traveling. So you and Stefan had just stayed in your hotel room.

“I’m gonna miss this.” Stefan’s voice finally cut through the silence. You nodded in agreement before standing up, his hands sliding away from you as you did. He looked at you with a soft smile which you returned before walking back into your shared room. It was a nice room it had two separate bedrooms and a small kitchen/dining room but it was cute and you loved it the moment you saw it.

You searched through your bag as soon as you arrived to your room. You and Stefan never took suitcases because wherever you went you could just buy the clothes you needed. That was one thing you couldn’t wait for, you’d told Stefan you wouldn’t bring any clothes home except when you went to Paris. You told him you would be sending everything home.

You picked out a pair of light orange hi-waist shorts, a black lace corset style crop top a thick gold statement bracelet with a matching statement necklace and a pair of plain white pointy toed heels. You smiled at the outfit choice before making your way out into the main area. Stefan was dress and looked up from his phone as soon as you came out. He scanned over your outfit as you slipped on your sunglasses and smiled softly before standing up and offering you his arm, you took it smiling to yourself.

You made your way through the now bustling streets, looking through shop windows until you came to one that had a pair of shoes that caught your eye. They were a texture champagne gold, you couldn’t stop staring they were absolutely gorgeous. You felt Stefan drag you into the shop before he stop at the first shop assistant he saw. You knew immediately what shop you were in and you couldn’t contained your smile, Christian Louboutin. You’d been in a few designer boutiques on your travels but you had yet to be in a Christian Louboutin store which is surprising because they’re everywhere. It’s not like you’d never seen a Louboutin boutique because with 900 years in this world you were there when the brand was created. As Stefan spoke to the assistant you gazed around with wide eyes, before being pulled over to some seats.

You sat down as the woman brought over the same shoes you had been looking at. You looked at Stefan as if asking if it was okay, he nodded so you took the shoes from her and looked at them. They were gorgeous but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Christian Louboutin. You slid off your shoes before carefully putting the gold shoes on. After they were on you stood up with ease and looked down at the gorgeous shoes, you glanced at Stefan who was smiling at you.

“We’ll take these please.” He told the assistant how nodded and accepted the card that Stefan had just handed her.

“Stefan I can buy it.” You groaned softly.

“So can I.” Stefan chuckled.

“Stefan I’m about 800 years older than you I think I can buy my own Louboutin’s.”

“I’m buying them so get over it.” He grunted as the assistant brought back his card giving you a shoe box for your old shoes.

After a few more hours your shopping bags had finally gotten too much to carry so you decided to go back to the hotel. Once you arrived back Stefan told you to go change, telling you that’s you’d be going out somewhere nice for dinner. You pulled out your Dior black off the shoulder gown and your new pair of red Louboutin’s. You curled your hair and put on simple makeup with red lipstick before exiting your room. Stefan was stood there in his new black Armani three piece suit, he looked amazing. You smiled as he stared at you in momentary shock before clearing his throat and offering his arm once again.

You made your way to the car that was waiting to take you to your destination, you looked out the window and stared at the pretty lights that lit everything up as you slowly pulled up to the restaurant. Stefan got out first before going round to your side and opening the door, holding his hand out dutifully. As you strolled into the restaurant you realised everyone’s eyes were on Stefan which made you smile and lean over, you lips almost brushing against his ear.

“Everyone’s staring at you.” You chuckled before pulling away and grinning at him.

“Actually they’re staring at you.” He whispered making you look up in disbelief. You looked around and realised he was telling the truth. You blushed and gripped Stefan’s arm tighter, trying to ignore the stares.

You were lead to your table, by a guy who looked like he was in his mid-twenties, he was very good looking but then you soon realised that most of the waiters and staff were just as if not more good looking. The waiter tried to pull out your chair but Stefan beat him to it which made you smile up at him. You felt your heart flutter slightly as his hand brushed against the exposed part of your back, you shivered slightly and turned to the view you had from the window seat. Stefan quickly took his seat before ordering a bottle of wine. You turned to look at him as soon as the waiter disappeared, his eyes were half closed as if he was thinking about something.

“You look really beautiful.” He glanced at you with something you couldn’t quite place but the stare only made you blush once again.

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself.” You whispered back playfully, moving your hair to one side exposing more of your skin.

As you and Stefan joked and spoke about anything and everything you didn’t realised you’d got through a three course meal and 2 bottles of wine. Stefan decided that you’d had enough wine when you started giggling at almost everything he was saying.

As you walked through the quiet peaceful streets of Paris you clung to Stefan arm, your head resting against his shoulder. You stopped to take of your heels before stepping onto the grass right in front of the Eiffel Tower. You spun around, your arms spread wide as you felt the light breeze brush across your skin. Suddenly you were off the ground, Stefan had tackled you and thrown you over his shoulder as he started running around. You squealed clutching his back, giggling as he spun around before carefully placing you down.

He grabbed you waist and hand before he started dancing to non-existent music, you laughed along with him as he spun you round before dipping you. As he brought you back up you realised your noses were touching, his strong arms wrapped around your waist tightly. You glanced down at his lips before you looked into his eyes, they held the same look as in the restaurant but you still couldn’t place what it was.

Your head was spinning as his hand came up to brush your cheek gently, if you weren’t concentrating on his every move you wouldn’t of even known he’d touched you. His thumb slid down your cheek before brushing lightly against your bottom lip causing you mouth to open slightly. Your eyes flicked back to his lips before speaking.

“Kiss me.” You whispered so quietly if he wasn’t a vampire you were sure he wouldn’t have heard you. He didn’t respond with word but chose to obey your request. He leant in a little more you lips finally meeting in a sweet loving kiss. After a few seconds your courage grew, your hands now sliding up his chest to lock around neck as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against his in perfect rhythm. One of his hands resting on your cheek as his other was gripping your hip. You pulled away reluctantly, opening your eyes to meet his.

“I can’t believe I didn’t realise it before.” Stefan whispered smiling slightly, his thumb making circles on your cheek, you looked at him with a questioning glance waiting for him to elaborate.

“I am in love with you.” You stared at him in shock as he started grinning for ear to ear. He pulled back slightly but not letting go of you, he slung his head back and screamed at the top of his lung.

“I AM IN LOVE WITH Y/N Y/L/N!!” You blushed as you saw a few people glance over at you but you couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.

“Do I not get to add my two cents?” You chuckled as his head came back down, his grin still firmly in place. He tilted his head as if waiting for my response to his very loud confession. You pulled him down for a chaste kiss before looking into his eyes once again.

“I love you too.” You whispered, your cheeks tinted with pink but you didn’t care because it felt like a weight had been lifted.

He raised one of his brows at you before he gripped you waist and spun you around making you squeal. You laughed as he finally put you down, his hand grabbing yours as you began walking. Stefan called the car to come and pick you up so you could go home.

As you got back into the apartment Stefan picked you up bridal style and made his way to his bedroom. He threw you on the bed before playfully flopping down next to you causing you to laugh. He leant up to rest on his left elbow as his hand brushed your curls away, his smile was soft and loving making you finally realise what that look he’d been giving you all night was. It was love, pure undeniable love.

You rolled over so you were straddling his waist, looking down at him with a loving smile. His hand reached up to cup your cheek before bring you down for a passion filled kissed, your hand resting on his chest as he kissed you with more passion than you’d ever felt in your life. You felt his hand move to the back of your dress, carefully unzipping the dress making it pool across Stefan’s suit covered torso. You reached down to start unbuttoning his waistcoat and shirt since his blazer had been discarded before her picked you up. He sat up so you could pull everything off, his lips placing soft kisses across your chest.

He flipped you both round before ridding you of your dress leaving you in no bra and a black lace thong. You flipped back over after your dress was gone, his hands slid down the sides of your waist before they reached you ass. He groaned when he realised you had a thong on which made you giggle softly, he looked up with a playful smirk on his face before he flipped you and pinned you to the bed jokingly growling and nipping at your neck, making you smile and giggle at his actions.

“Stefan?” His head snapping up at the sound of his name.

“Make love to me.” You whispered slightly out of breathe from laughing. He nodded before he leaned down kissing you shoulder, his lips trailing down your body causing shivers to erupt through your body. His hands roamed your body as if trying to memorize every inch of your skin. You ran you hand through his hair as he leaned down to kiss you, his lips being cautious with every move they took.

His hand slid down to your panties, looking up to check it was okay before sliding underneath them once he got approval. His index finger running across your entrance making him groan in approval. He slid in one finger with ease causing you to gasp of approval, your back hips bucking up in an attempt to feel fuller. Stefan took this as a hint and slid in another finger in, moving his thumb to circle your clit as he pushed his fingers in and out slowly.

“S-Stefan.” His name falling from you lips as you felt your orgasm nearing. You gripped his wrist and pulled him away which caused him to look up at you with confusion.

“I-I want to cum with you.” You stuttered quietly, looking at him shyly. He smiled at you tenderly before taking the initiative, slipping out of his Armani pants and Calvin Klein boxers. He then moved to slid down your black lace undies before he moved between your legs, wrapping them around his waist. His hand caressed your face as if asking you if it was okay. You nodded in response before wrapping your arms around his shoulders which made him lower so you were almost chest to chest.

He carefully aligned himself before he steadily entered your heat, he bit his lip groaning slightly. You whimpered against his neck, his hand running through your hair as he whispered sweet words into your ear. Once you’d adjusted he started thrusting into you slowly, his hands still touching your body sweetly. You quiet moans filled the room along with his soft pants, he moved back a little so he could see you, his thrusts becoming more firm but remaining loving. He leant down to kiss you as he gripped your hips tightly as if trying to control himself. You kissed him back running your hand through his hair as his thrust sped up a lightly.

You felt yourself start to build once more, your grip on his hair tightening which he apparently took as a hint because he moved one hand between you both and started circling your clit slowly. You bucked against him, your nails digging into his shoulders as if trying to ground yourself.

“M’Close…S-Stefan.” You moaned against his lips as he pulled away slightly, your lips still touching slightly.

“Me too.” He groaned as you whispered in his ear ‘Harder’. He sped up as you felt yourself near the edge.

“Cum for me Y/N.” He whispered against your lips before nibbling your lip slightly. That’s all it took for you to fall over the edge, your walls clenching around him caused him to follow you. You both rode out your orgasm until you were both worn out and sensitive. He pulled out, collapsing next to you. He pulled you into him, your head resting on his chest as your panting dissipated.


The next 3 weeks were like a dream filled with love, morning sex and laughs but it was finally time to leave. You were sad but you knew you couldn’t ignore the fact you had friends and family at home. You turned to Stefan as he signed a piece of paper which was to confirm the location that the boxes of clothes were going. You smiled as he finished and made his way over to you then you remembered something.

“Oh yeah don’t forget we have to stop by New Orleans before we go home.” You stated happily as you walked to the car that was waiting for you.

“Ugh. Do we have to?” Stefan huffed childishly causing you to roll your eyes.

“Yes I promised ‘Lijah and Nik.” In the 900 years you’d known this family they had always been the only constant. You didn’t care for thing like love usually but with Stefan it was different, you felt like a human when you were with him.

“Fine. It’s a good job I love you.” Stefan groaned as we got into the sleek black car.


“Niklaus Mikaelson! Put that bloody teenage girl down. NOW!” You roared as you entered the original mansion to see Nik’s hand around a petite brunet teen’s throat.

“Y/N! Your home!” Nik dropped the girl and came over to hug you but you avoided his arms as you went to check on the young girl.

“Are you okay sweetie?” You asked softly, her fearful nod made you turn to back to Niklaus with a glare. You stood up and stormed over to the nearest metal object picking it up before winding Niklaus with the metal bar.  He curled up in a ball as you smacked his spine it, before you kicked his chest so he was laying on his back. You dug your spikey black Louboutin’s into his chest bone making him wince.

“I suggest you apologise to her and have the cooks make her some bloody food! Do you hear me Niklaus!?” You screamed you heel digging into his chest causing him to start bleeding as it cut through the skin.

“Okay!” He screamed as he tried to pry your foot off him.

“Even I feel sorry for you right now. And I hate you.” You heard Stefan’s voice cut through your rage making you smile.

“Divina I am very sorry. Would you like to stay for dinner?” Klaus mumbled quietly, his embarrassment evident. She looked shocked but nodded carefully.

“Oh your Marcel’s daughter right? You should have him come too. I haven’t seen him in years.” You sighed before making your way into Stefan’s arms.


You all sat around the dinner table, you sat in between Stefan and Nik, with you at the end of the table. Divina sat quietly next to Marcel as if they would want to be anywhere else.

“So let me get this straight, Marcel didn’t die but instead of finding his family he stole your city and now you’re fighting over it?” You raised your left eyebrow at them as they nodded like scolded children.

“Oh he also summoned your father with the very blonde Bex and you also have a miracle baby.” You huffed as you pointed at the gorgeous little one year old who was chomping on some mashed potato.

“Marcellus Mikaelson.” He flinched as his names fell from your lips, his eyes widening slightly.

“Nik, ‘Lijah and I built this city! If you and ditz over there hadn’t of summoned their father we would be staying here! You had over this city and come live with your family before I kill every single minion you have! Do you understand me?” You snapped your voice one of an angry parent.

“Thank you!” Klaus exclaimed like he’d won which made you glance over at him with a raise brow.

“Don’t think you’ve won! Don’t pretend you were the king here! You were the prince! I was the Queen remember that Niklaus! I also do not appreciate the fact you tried to kill Marcel several times! He is family and if I see you bickering with each other again I will snap your necks repeatedly!”

“Well said Y/N.” Elijah huffed but you turned to him with an unamused look.

“Elijah do not think you are off the hook! You went along with Nik’s charade! You also accused your own brother of using his bloody child! You are the oldest! Act like it! And YOU!” You switched your attention to Bekah who was trying to escape the table.

“Next time you want to try and betray your brother remember this moment! Marcel you are free to be with Rebekah. No more betrayal! Understood!?” They all murmured ‘yes’ before going back to their food before Hayley finally spoke up.

“Well that was dramatic.” She sassed before feeding hope another mouthful. Before she could blink you dragged her away from the child, your hand around her throat as your pinned her against the wall.

“And you! Stop switching from Jackson to Elijah! They are not toys so don’t treat them as such! You have a child you should set an example! Not throw yourself at any man you can! So either stay away from Elijah or give Jackson up and be with Elijah!” You snarled as she choked against you grip, you heard Elijah snapping at you to let her go but you just stared into Hayley’s eyes. She nodded and you released her.

“Bex could you switch seats with Divina please.” You muttered as you sat back down.

“Why?” She questioned softly.

“Because I know you and my boyfriend have a past and I don’t want you in a 3 meter radius.” You deadpanned which caused Nik to start laughing as Elijah tried to cough to cover his smile up.


“When did you turn into Caroline?” You snorted as she swapped seats with Divina. You nodded at Divina before digging your fork into a cut up piece of steak before holding it up to Stefan’s lips. He chuckled at you taking the steak, leaning over to give you a chaste kiss before moving back to chew his steak.

“What did I miss?” You heard a cheeky voice as from behind you which made you choke on your wine. There stood your old flame Kol Mikaelson.

“I don’t want you within 3 meters of Y/N.” Stefan joked which made everyone start laughing.

laurenjauregui: That time we were in Paris together on top of the Eiffel Tower, looking at the beautiful night in front of us in a place we never even dreamed we’d be standing in together. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, for all the sacrifices and for never allowing me to feel alone. Thank you for building me up when I’m unaware I’m falling and for holding me really really tight. I love youuuuuuu so muchhhh Mami!!!!!❤💞❤ have a great day! And to all the other mommas out there, thank you for everything you do. Your strength is admirable.

She's Still Pretty

A reverse crush au where Adrien can’t get a fucking grip on himself

Pairing/s: Adrinette
Fandom: miraculous
Summary: Adrien has bruises on his ribs bc even Nino is fed up with his awkwardness around Marinette

“Dude, there’s Marinette,” Adrien’s sides had suffered way too much pain from Nino’s sharp jabs in the past week. He was almost one-hundred-percent sure that there was a permanent bruise now.
“Please stop poking my side,” Adrien grumbled, turning his head away from Nino as he squirmed further to the side.
“Didn’t you hear me?” Nino rolled his eyes, hiding his expression of exasperation behind his hat. “It’s Marinette!”

“She- where?” Adrien jerked up, head banging into the wooden bench-back with the force of an ocean. Mouth twisting into a gape of pain, he craned his neck low and rubbed the throbbing lump. Now he had two bruises.
“Oh- hi, Adrien,” Adrien ducked his head even lower at the sound of her voice, a mix of sugar and butterfly wings (maybe that was a bad thing).
“Hi- um- hey- What’s up?” he puffed his chest and tried a confident grin, lifting his head to face Marinette.

Well crap, Adrien’s eyebrows contracted into a line of pure nervousness. She’s still pretty.

“Nothing much,” Marinette’s cotton-candy-pink lips curled into a tiny smile, and her sapphire eyes sparkled. She tugged her backpack strap. “What about you? How’s modelling?”
“Fine.” Adrien let out a tiny sliver of his breath to speak the word.

You’re a goddamn idiot, Agreste.

“Well that’s good,” Marinette continued to her seat behind him, and Adrien’s eyesight followed the entire way.
“Morning, Adrien,” Alya looked up from her phone, brow furrowing. “You seem a little puffed out. Your face is going red.”

Adrien let out his remaining breath slowly, hoping he didn’t sound like a dying horse, and tried his luck with another smile. Alya was much easier to talk to.
“Yeah, I… Ran to school.”
“That’s odd,” Marinette blinked. Adrien bit his lip. “I thought I saw your limousine headed towards the school.”
“Oh! That! Well, I really…” Adrien swallowed the nothingness his throat threatened to produce. “I wasn’t supposed to be running. Actually. Father had Nathalie and Gorilla chase after me.”

A wave of relief swashed his insides as Marinette giggled. He turned to Nino for a reaction, and the DJ held up two thumbs of approval.

“Hey, Mari,” Nino leant back on his desk with one elbow, raising an eyebrow. “Adrien and I are heading out to the Eiffel Tower this afternoon to see Alix beat Kim’s ass in a commando course-”
“We are?” Adrien, taken aback, turned to Nino.

Another jab in the ribs, and another wince.

“Yeah, dude, did you forget? Anyway, did you and Alya wanna come?”
“Oh, that sounds great!” Alya clapped, and nudged Marinette (Adrien silently wished Nino would take a leaflet out of Alya’s book and be a little softer) with her shoulder. “You busy?”
“No, I don’t have a shift at the bakery until tomorrow,” Marinette nodded. “We’ll be there!”

“Great!” Nino twisted back to the front. He flashed a smirk at Adrien, hidden from the girls behind him.
“What?” Adrien narrowed his eyes and fish-puckered his lips in annoyance, the pink ebbing away from his cheeks.
“What? Not even a thank you?” Nino whispered.
“You know I’ll just make a fool of myself,” Adrien looked down at his hands, and noticed he had been subconsciously tapping his pen on the desk.
“Nah, bro, you’ll be fine,” Nino waved his worries away.

“I didn’t even know Kim and Alix had another bet!” Adrien tucked the pen into his bag so he would stop picking it up and fidgeting with it.
“You don’t need to know, they’re probably always betting against each other,” Nino replied.
“Wait, there’s an actual bet on today, right?” Adrien’s eyes doubled in size, his eyebrows flying into his straw-coloured hair.
“Yeah,” Nino tipped his head back, laughing.
“Because I don’t want Marinette to think we set her up, she’d think so badly of me!” Adrien whispered frantically.
“Dude, I sad there was a bet!” Nino shook his head. “Lighten up. You’ll get her one day.”

Yeah… Adrien looked back down, a shy smile stretching across his face. One day.

reachann  asked:

Can you please do an in-depth description of the Sheith Fam House with screenshots and floorplan? Also, their villa in Japan cos you know that they would have one. Also, what cars would they own? Those rich ass bastards.

YOU ASKED. I WILL DELIVER. I’ve always said that Shiro and Keith’s house is big. Considering Shiro is one of the top neurosurgeons and Keith being a Best Selling Author, let’s say their annual income’s in the 7 digits each. So, their house kinda shows that too in a way.

What you see here is the back of the house because obviously, who even has a pool in front? LMAO I mean, maybe Shiro and Keith would but even they’re not that crazy. Also three floors because who needs two when clearly you can have three? This family can be frugal at times but there are times when they just don’t have any chill.

Let’s take a tour at the Shirogane Residence, so more under the cut.

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