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Do you still remember Faberry?

Do I still remember Faberry?

Anon, I know you’re playing but this might be the most offensive thing anybody has ever sent me in a tumblr ask.

I remember Faberry.

I remember they weren’t friends.

I remember when Rachel first reached out to Quinn, encouraging her to come back to Glee, that she would need friends who could relate.

I remember the time Rachel organised the Glee Club to sing Keep Holding On for Quinn.

I remember when Rachel came to apologise to Quinn about telling Finn who the real father was, and Quinn not being mad.

I remember Quinn drawing a picture of Rachel in her notebook with a million hearts around it.

I remember Quinn was there when Rachel discovered that Shelby was her birth mother.

I remember that Quinn would later give up her daughter Beth to Shelby.

I remember when Quinn put herself out there in a rather humiliating way, which Quinn Fabray has never done ever, when she asked out Finn to check how true his feelings were for Rachel. 

I remember when they first held hands during Dog Days Are Over.

I remember Hey Girlfriend!

I remember how the story plays out and with tears in her eyes, Quinn telling Rachel she didn’t belong here and that she can’t hate her for helping to send her on her way.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel she couldn’t write a good song if she keeps looking for that happy ending, and that she is never gonna get it right.

I remember Get It Right being the song that wins them Regionals.

I remember Pretty/Unpretty being their duet. And how they only had one. And in some way they only ever needed one because it is the single best duet the show ever did.

I remember the light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

I remember the slap.

I remember the immediate horror on Quinn’s face.

I remember Quinn opening up to Rachel and telling her her biggest fear.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she’s a very pretty girl, prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that.

I remember Quinn letting Rachel wipe away her tears.

I remember Quinn dyeing her hair pink and how Rachel told her she was sorry that she was so sad. That she missed seeing her in Glee club. That they’re a family and this is their year to get it right.

I remember that possessive hold during I Kissed A Girl.

I remember Quinn spilling her plan to get Shelby fired to Rachel. 

I remember Rachel chasing Quinn down the hallway.

I remember when Quinn thanked Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted her entire life. 

I remember kind of.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she is a lot better than she knows.

I remember Rachel going to Quinn for advice on Finn’s proposal.

I remember Quinn saying she can’t.

I remember Rachel being the first person Quinn tells about getting into Yale.

I remember their first hug.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel that she has an amazing life ahead of her and if she really wants to be happy she’s going to have to say goodbye to Finn.

I remember Quinn standing up in front of Glee Club, talking about how she was the only one standing in the way of herself, that you can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future. And that all of that was directly said to Rachel.

I remember Quinn holding Rachel’s hand like a lady while being serenaded on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the look on Quinn’s face when Rachel announces that her and Finn would be getting married after Regionals.

I remember when Quinn wasn’t going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson.

I remember Quinn asking Rachel when she was singing that song, she was singing it to Finn and only Finn, right? With tears in her eyes.

I remember Quinn setting aside her own personal feelings about Rachel’s decision to get married and deciding to support her instead.

I remember their second hug.

I remember Rachel making a room full of her closest friends and family wait because she didn’t want to get married without Quinn.

I remember ON MY WAY.

I remember Rachel not being able to stop thinking about Quinn.

I remember Rachel breaking down in front of everyone else and interrupting to tell Quinn she was so sorry.

I remember their third hug.

I remember do you not understand what you mean to me?

I remember Quinn being everything that Rachel wanted to be.

I remember that Rachel sees the new Quinn, the still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.

I remember when Rachel looks back on her high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend.

I remember that Quinn first started talking about being prom queen in episode 2 of Glee, and that it’s all she ever wanted.

I remember that Quinn won.

I remember that Quinn rigged the votes.

I remember that Quinn chose Rachel as prom queen.

I remember the smile on Quinn’s face when it was announced that Rachel won.

I remember Quinn talking about change being so good because if they hadn’t changed they would’ve never been friends.

I remember Quinn bought Rachel a Metro North Pass from New York to New Haven, and one for herself, so she could make sure they stay in touch.

I remember their fourth hug.

I remember Quinn’s smile as Rachel arrived at the station to leave for New York, being so proud that Rachel finally got it right.

I remember the hundreds of gifs I’ve made.

I remember the thousands of words I’ve written.

I remember Rachel and Quinn as being the love story of Glee. 

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Hi! How are you? I hope you are fine! You know, I really liked the image where Mycroft's young wife is in Glee club. Is it possible to request a small fic which is connected to this image? Thank you very much! Love you and have a nice day!

“Honey, I’m home,” you sang cheerfully coming through the front door after another successfully Glee club meeting at the university. So far you and the others believed that you had a real shot of making it past sectionals and toward the finals giving that extra desire in your need to sing at all hours.

You’re close to belting out another tune when you walk into the living room to find all your parents, Mycroft and friends all siting there expectantly.

Mycroft for his part looks uneasy much like your parents in stark contrast to that of Sherlock, Molly and John who seem more annoyed and angry.

“______, we need to talk,” your boyfriend says slowly and pats the space between him and your mother.

Gingerly you pause before the living room entry way giving the way that Sherlock’s particular glare speaks volumes of how unhappy he is to be here. "What’s this all about?“ you ask nervously.

“For God’s sake woman, will you just sit down so we can get this over with?” Sherlock barks from his place on the sofa squished between John and his new wife Molly.

Sherlock,” Mycroft admonishes while Molly seems more inclined to let it slide which is unusual since she’s usually on your side. Hell, even your own parents don’t seem to think Sherlock’s outburst is unwarranted by the way they don’t rise to defend you making you all the more ill at what this could be all about.

Trembling you take the spot between your mother and Mycroft and ask shakily, “What’s all this about?”

“_______ this is an intervention,” you father states ominously trying his best not to looked cowed as your skin starts to get red from anxiety. 

An intervention? Intervention for what? I haven’t done anything wrong? you think wildly trying to recall what may have brought this on before Sherlock’s booming voice cuts through the room once more.

“Your blasted singing ______, we’re talking about you treating our fucking lives like its some sort of stage ever since you joined that god forsaken Glee Club,” Sherlock elaborates uncaring how Mycroft is trying to censor him, “We’re all tired of it but brother of mine thinks we can help you change rather than cutting his losses and finding someone else who won’t try to burst into song for every little thing!”

Face feeling hot and eyes getting wet you try to defend yourself, “B-But I haven’t been doing it all the time!”

“Honey, you tried to upstage your late aunt at her own funeral by singing at it last week,” your mom says flatly.

“You not only tried upstage me at my own wedding last month and then attempted to make it all about you by publicly advertising your club at our wedding,” Molly groused sourly from the couch.

“You started bursting into this stupid impromptu dance numbers that even  my little Rosie thinks its okay to be loud wherever she wants and we got kicked out of the public library for it yesterday,” John complains.

Feeling attacked and persecuted you look to Mycroft for comfort only to have him remind you gently, “You tried to start a dance number at our last political party and ended up destroying more than half the refreshments table.”

The amount of tears and snot lining your face at this sudden attack from your boyfriend is unimaginable. “B-But, I thought you loved my singing,” you blubber through your tears unable to hear Sherlock’s scoff or see Molly’s eye roll.

Mycroft gently takes your hand and your father passes down the tissue box for you to grab. “We do ____, you have a very lovely voice,” Mycroft concedes tenderly, “However, we would appreciate it if you could reign in the constant need to sing when it’s not appropriate.”

“So you’re saying you want to change me?!” you demand all high pitched and defensive. HOW DARE HE?

“Oh come off it now,” your father argues, “You made Mycroft give up smoking cold turkey and change his diet so you’re in no position to say he hasn’t made changes for you.”

It stings having your father raise his voice at you and force you to acknowledge that you have indeed changed your boyfriend (even if it was for his health) but still couldn’t see why this was a problem.

“Besides,” your mother adds patting your shoulder, “This is a problem that’s been a long time to get to. Your father and I can admit that we should’ve taken care of this a long time ago when you were little honey but you can’t keep getting caught up in these delusions of stardom. It’s just not in the cards for you baby.”

Now just wait just a minute! “Yes I can,” you try to convince her, “I can be once we win sectionals and then-”

“The likelihood of you ever being ‘found’ by a talent agent after sectionals or otherwise is at an all time low, or more accurately 0.0056% given that most musical talents are found strictly through social media sites like YouTube and Vine. So any fantasies of getting a contract with this plebian Glee Club at your university are virtually slim to none without any insider help from someone within the industry to get your foot in the door,” Sherlock explains none to kindly.

Deep down you know this is true but you don’t want to believe it. No, I can be a star, I will be a star you think stubbornly as you try to compose yourself with the tissues. I just have to win sectionals and beyond and I will become a star.

“Listen _____,” John starts, “You’ve got a good thing going on here with Mycroft. He treats you good yeah?”

Dumbly you nod.

“You love him right?”

“Of course I do,” you snap. Seriously? What kind of question was that? If there was anything that rivaled your love of singing it was Mycroft.

“Then would it really be that bad if you cut down on the singing in public for his sake?” John asks.

“No,” you say slowly, “But I have to practice for sectionals!”

“Then keep your practice in your own time because no one wants to be thrown into one of your mental dance chorography’s,” Sherlock bites. At this Molly does make an attempt to elbow Sherlock but only half-heartedly.

“What?” Sherlock squawks, “_____ should be lucky that Mycroft didn’t just take my advice and dumped her.”

Sudden terror feeling your gut you turn your attention to Mycroft who looks just as panicked as you.

“No, I’m not going to dump you ____,” he assures you, “But we do need to communicate more on what is and isn’t healthy for our relationship. Now are you willing to have this conversation?”

Brokenly you let out a sobbing ‘yes’ because the thought of living without Mycroft is unbearable in this state as you cling to him.

Mycroft holds you closer as you sob onto his suit jacket. “I’m not saying I don’t support you in your dreams,” Mycroft attests as he strokes your back, “I would just appreciate it if you didn’t take every opportunity to turn our life into a musical number.”

“You’ll still come to show,” you whimper brokenly after your parents and friends start to leave the living room.

“Of course,” Mycroft promises with a soft kiss to your brow, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Requested by anonymous

Song can be found here.

You had been a member of the Glee club for a few weeks now, and had gotten to know all of the other members. Finn in particular seemed rather eager to talk to you, and you rather liked the attention. You swore you even noticed him glancing you out of the corner of his eye a couple times.

“Alright, so-” Mr. Schuester started as he entered the choir room to start the lesson for that day.

“Actually, Mr. Schue, if you don’t mind, I’d like to sing a little something before we start,” Finn said, raising his hand.

Mr. Schuester was a little surprised, but gave a nod. “Of course, go ahead, Finn.”

Finn got up and stood in front of the rest of the Glee club members. He nodded over to the pianist, who started playing.

“Desperate for changing, starving for truth
I’m closer to where I started, I’m chasing after you” Finn sang. He looked up at you, looking you in the eye.

“I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you”

Finn walked up to you as he sang,turning a chair around so he could sit in front of you.

“Forgetting all I’m lacking, completely incomplete
I’ll take your invitation, you take all of me now

“I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you
I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
And I don’t know what I’m diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

“There’s nothing else to lose, there’s nothing else to find
There’s nothing in the world that can change my mind
There is nothing else
There is nothing else
There is nothing else

“Desperate for changing, starving for truth
I’m closer to where I started, I’m chasing after you

“I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you
I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
And I don’t know what I’m diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

“Just hanging by a moment
Just hanging by a moment
I’m hanging by a moment
Just hanging by a moment here with you.”

The music faded out, and Finn looked expectantly at you, as if expecting you to say something. You were blushing, and your mouth opened as you thought of what to say.

“Oh, uh, thank you,” you stammered out. “Really, thank you. I do think I like you, too, if you’d like to go out or something.” You mentally kicked yourself at how awkward that was.

Finn didn’t seem to mind, however, and grinned. “I’d love to!” he said, practically giddy with excitement. He returned the chair to where it was supposed to go, before sitting next to you, his arm around your shoulders.

“Congrats to the new couple, but it’s time to get the lesson going,” Schuester stated, turning to write on the whiteboard.


No air, air,” You two sang to each other, a grin falling onto your lips as you looked at the goofy blonde across from you. You two moved closer to each other, bodies nearly touching as his hands held yours sweetly. It would be the perfect moment for you two to kiss. If you hadn’t been standing in front of the entire Glee club.

“Whoo hoo!” Everyone cheered as you two finished. You blushed, moving to bow with Sam. His hand didn’t leave yours as you two sat down. His hand slipped away from yours and you found yourself missing the warmth that it had provided.

“Are you two dating yet?” Brittany asked as she leaned down to your chair, “Because I think you two should.”

Your blush deepened and you couldn’t help but bite your lip, “Um, no,” You answered shyly as you shook your head. You wouldn’t mind dating the attractive new kid but you weren’t sure of his feelings on the matter.

“She is right, you would be a really cute couple,” Rachel answered with a smile to which Kurt agreed instantly. Once again your blush got darker and you looked down, letting your hair fall in front of your face.

“Yeah, you should. You two are perfect for each other,” Mercedes grinned.

“Well,” Sam blushed slightly, looking at you, “Would to hang out later?”

“Okay,” You smiled shyly at him, “I’d like that.”

closed starter for @gleeklynnrp;

Marley and Ryder had never gotten the timing right, and this was something that she has always known in the back of her mind all too well. Years later, when she lay awake at night remembering the time he had the guts to ask her out in front of the entire glee club (including her ex-boyfriend), she wonders how she could’ve let that slip through her fingers. Sure, she’d been hurt in a way that when you’re sixteen, can seem like the end of the world, but at twenty-six, she’s convinced that if they’d gotten more time, she wouldn’t have so many what ifs.

In the daylight, it’s easy to ditch the memories and move on with her life. It’s easy to write a song about it and move on, but what happens when you can’t sleep because you’re remembering the way he tasted when he told you, “It was for real?”

She doesn’t realize she’s doing it until she’s already hit send.

“Hey. I know it’s been…so long, but it’s Marley Rose. Do you even still use this number? Anyway…It’s late, I’m thinking about high school. Thought I’d say hi.”



30 Days of Female Awesome [insp.]

Day 2 → Favorite Supporting Female Character

Quinn Fabray (Glee)

“Look, I know I went a little crazy, but I’m here now. I’m seventeen, I have the rest of my life in front of me. I love Glee Club. I love you girls. And when we’re 27 or 87, I want us to be able to look back on these next couple months… and talk about how it was the best times of our lives. We can’t do that if we’re not all together.”

This proves that Brittany was ready to dump Sam before she really dumped him. I’m mad that they cut this from the show. This explains why he bought her that cat too. He was trying to win her over even after Santana left Lima. She wanted to be back with Santana but didn’t want to hurt Sam. But, she did it anyway when she dumped him like he was nothing in front of the entire glee club.

things about glee that I’m still bitter about:

Kurt just texts another guy and Blaine humiliates him in front of the entire glee club, like a petty little bitch

but Blaine cheats on Kurt and he gets the whole ‘you’re one of the good guys’ speeches from Sam, and no one confronts him or places blame on him, except for Finn.. Because Kurt wasn’t there to skype with poor Blainey bear :( 

Fic: Piece of Cake

Summary: Anonymous said: Kurt’s had a stressful day and really needs cheesecake. He’s in line at his favourite bakery when the really cute guy in front of him buys the last cheesecake…

A/N: I seem to have misplaced my writing skills and in an attempt to find them I thought it would be a good idea to try and fill some old prompts. This is what happened.

Read on the AO3 or here:

It’s been a long week. A really, really fucking long week.

And now it’s the weekend, and instead of sleeping in and getting to relax Kurt has been up since six-thirty to meet up with a study group that couldn’t meet any other time of the week, spent two endless hours back at the loft practicing with Rachel for their duet assignment, and then worked a six-hour shift at the Spotlight Diner where one customer spilled coffee all over him, another one tried to grope him and then called him some very unflattering names when Kurt slapped his hand away, and his boss just informed him that he’s gonna have to come in tomorrow as well because apparently Dani has the flu and has called in sick.

It’s … not been the best day. Not the best week before that.

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No but seriously people.

Can we please talk about Santana’s proposal?

“So, I figured that this is as good a place as any to ask you this question. ”

They fell in love, in that room. [“Sophomore year I used to sit in this back row, and secretly watch you. I counted the number of times you’d smile at me, and I’d die on days that you didn’t.”] They fell for each other, they discovered themselves, they found each other.

“Mainly because it’s gonna really upset all the single guys and gals in here, but I wanna mash-up with you forever, Britt.”

She’s being her. Santana Lopez. Bitchy as usual, but she’s not hiding. She’s herself. Her truest her. Because Brittany loves her anyway, no matter what. And here we can see Santana’s walls that start to fall down.

She wants to mash-up with her, she knows they’re so different, they’re black and white, they’re angel and demon, but they fit. Somehow, in some wonderful, crazy way, they fit. This is a mash-up: two things, bad or good as they can be that, put together, turn out good. And they do. Santana and Brittany complete each other.

They have each other back.

“I mean, some people love someone because they make them a better person and that’s not why I love you because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself.”

Brutally honest Santana. Again. She knows she’s bitchy, she knows Brittany is a better person than she is in more ways. She knows and she knows Brittany loves her dark sides no matter what. And still, Santana wants to be a better person for her. Exactly because SHE KNOWS Brittany loves her even for her attitude, she WANTS to be a better girl (and then wife) for her. She feels good with Brittany. She feels herself.

“You’re my favorite person in the whole world.”

And Brittany does too.

[“It feels really good to be around you. You make me feel like a girl again, like my body wakes up.”]

[“When I’m with Brittany, I finally understand what people talk about when they talk about love”]

Santana speaks her language. And not in an idiotic way. She understands Brittany. She loves her for who she is, even if she’s different. BECAUSE she’s different. Brittany sees the world in another way.

“And we’re a big deal, you know, like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it we can’t because, I don’t wanna live my life without my one true love.”

Walls down: 99,9%

C'mon. She is so full of love she doesn’t even know how to tell Brittany they’re meant for each other. She play with words, she is so scared, so afraid of what she’s doing.

[“I don’t wanna be with Sam or Finn or any of the other guys”]

[“I don’t wanna be Queen if Britt isn’t King”]

[“I don’t wanna live my life without my one true love.”]

“And I normally say a lot of words when I’m saying something negative so since this is the most positive thing I’m ever gonna do, I’m gonna keep it simple.”

Look at her. 



She has her back to the whole Glee Club. Santana Lopez put Brittany in front of her, the rest of the Glee Club behind.

She has her freaking back uncovered. She is giving all of her to Brittany. She is vulnerable and scared but fuck. She looks at the girls he loves the most, and she says all these great things.

So, screw up. She wants to give Brittany everything and she’s putting all her walls down, in front of the whole Glee Club. This is Santana Lopez, she never did something like this before.

“Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?”

Well, this doesn’t need any explanation, right? Except for Santana’s face.

She. Is. So. Fucking. Scared. And. In. Love. With. That. Blonde. (That. I. Cried. My. Ass. Off.)

And then.


The answer, folks.

Please, go back and look at Santana’s face when Brittany says "Oh my God, I’d love to.”


Did you?


Walls down: 200%

SHE IS SO RELIEVED. So happy and surprised, even!

She is a fucking cupcake, I’m sorry, but that face just says everything.

So… That was just perfect, okay?

And, the way Santana reacted to Kurt? More than normal: she exposed herself in front of all of them to have her moment… And Kurt jumped in with that. Of course she was angry. I would be too.

So, that’s it.

“As a math genius I am one of the few people who understands the concept of infinity and I… will love you until infinity Santana Lopez.”

“I will love you until infinity too, Britt.”

(Focus on Santana’s expression here. She just realized she REALLY wants to spend her life with Brittany)

I’m out!

Opening Night

To say she was freaking out would be an understatement. Marley was near the point of having a panic attack as she paced around backstage of the little Lima Community Theater. It was opening night, everything was ready to go off without a hitch, rehearsals had been great, all the little kinks had been worked out. Everything was going to be perfect right? Well one could only hope.
It was no lie that Marley had been spread a little thin over the last month since she’d gotten the call about getting cast in the musical. Between Glee Club, the musical, Scout, Jake and spending time with her mom and Kitty, things had been tough and though she tried to continue to focus on eating right and getting better, it had easily been pushed to the back burner once again. It wasn’t as bad as it had been previously, Marley was still eating a bit and she hadn’t purged in at least three days? So things were looking up! She just hoped that she’d have enough energy to make it through the show. Because there was no way she was going to let these guys down like she let New Directions down.

Speaking of New Directions. She’d invited the entire club to the show tonight and she was only slightly worried about Kitty’s underwear throwing. She knew even if things went terrible and she flung her shoe into the audience during a number, or she tripped on stage, or completely fell on her face. That Kitty at least would find ways to point out the good in those moments. To be able to boost her confidence no matter what.

It was true that Jake should have been that support for her, especially now but lately things with Jake had been..confusing. They’d hardly been spending time together and when they did he didn’t seem all there. It was extremely troublesome but frankly Marley didn’t have the time to worry right now or the emotional stability. 

Getting the five minute to curtain warning Marley’s panic instantly started to rise which didn’t go unnoticed by her leading man. “Don’t tell me your nervous, the Marley Rose I know doesn’t get nervous” he told her with that usual charming grin he always seemed to have.

“I thought it was bad if a performer doesn’t get nervous before a show? I guess I’m just…feeling the pressure. Basically everyone I care about is in the audience and it’s a little scary”

“But you perform in front of them all the time don’t you? In Glee Club? Think of this as just another Glee Club performance. But one that’s going to show how super talented you are and that they should all look out.”

Shaking her head slightly Marley couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks Josh,”

“Besides you’re one of the best Millie’s I’ve ever seen. And given that I’ve watched every tour of this show, off Broadway and on. That’s saying something. So you are going to kill this performance Rose and we’ve all got your back.”


As the curtian was about to rise Marley peeked out into the audience from her position on the side of the stage. She was feeling good, she was pumped up! And then her eyes fell on the one empty seat next to Ryder. Jake’s seat. The entire rest of New Directions were there, even Miss Pillsbury had accompanied Mr. Schuester but Jake wasn’t there and Marley’s heart instantly sank. Maybe he was just in the bathroom, right? That would be a good reason. No need to worry! Of course he’d be there, he wouldn’t miss this. With a small nod and mental pep talk Marley took a deep breath before the curtain rose.


As predicted the show went off without error. The cast performed better than they ever had, the energy in the room from the audience was incredible and everything was perfect! But Marley’s eyes had continued to catch Jake’s empty seat through the entire show. At first she was greatly upset, broken hearted even, but as the show went on she just grew frustrated and angry and she channelled all of her emotions into her performance. In a sense she had Jake to thank for motivating her but she couldn’t focus on that now. Tonight was about her, about her cast and she wasn’t going to let it get ruined by some silly boy.

After their final bows Marley celebrated with group hugs with the rest of the cast before she quickly scurried off backstage to change out of her costume and look presentable for when she new the Glee Club would probably be knocking on the dressing room door any moment. Quickly changing into the simple black dress she’d chosen to wear tonight she plopped down as she started cleaning off her make up and taking off the wig.


Teen Wolf AU: Glee Club

The Glee Club at Beacon Hills is made up by various personalities, each person is unique to themselves even if they do seem cliche at first.
Scott and Kira are the current ‘it’ couple of Beacon Hills, being in the Glee Club together usually means they get all the duets, they also always dance together and - whilst amazing and entertaining - irritates the other Glee members.
is the shyer, keep-to-herself type, she used to date Scott McCall until they came to a disagreement that finished it all. She tends to sing her feelings in front of the whole Glee club and is regularly offered solos.
originally joined for Allison, eventually she got used to the random outbursts of song and can’t help but smile when somebody is dancing along.
is an openly bisexual student who was bullied constantly until he left Beacon Hills to join a private school, he soon - however - returned back to his original high school, stating it was where he belonged.
joined the Glee Club after leaving the private school that Stiles attended for a short time, he’s used to things going to his plan but the Glee club try their best to work around his ideas instead of making it all about him.
Erica is a Cheerleader. she was reluctant to join the Glee Club, even undercover but eventually she figured out that the Glee Club was like her home.
Jackson is your oh-so-typical heartbreaking jock, he’s the type to get a girl to fall completely head over heels in love with him but sooner or later he’ll break their heart.
Derek is the oldest in the Glee Club, he was the first jock-type to join, after joining he recruited other members of the basketball team to help with numbers, including Jackson and Scott. He’s managed to trust the Glee Club enough to tell them his secret, that he’s in love with a boy who just might be the only bisexual boy in the room.
Braeden is the second oldest, she’s a cheerleader, originally asked to join to fill numbers but she, just like many others enjoyed herself too much to leave.
Aiden and Ethan  are the only two in the group who aren’t known to sing or dance, they mostly sway in the background and pretend to sing.

6x08 reaction fic

Blaine may be changing a lot as he grows older, but there’s one thing he will always be: Pam Anderson’s son.

spoilers for 6x08 A Wedding

Blaine hasn’t talked to his mother in a while.

Not since he broke up with Dave nearly two weeks ago, and even then he’d only called to tell her about how he was ready to make an impassioned speech about his love for Kurt, only to be faced with Kurt’s new boyfriend.

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This is going to be a bit of a rant, so fair warning.

I just, I’m sorry, I can’t anymore.

I literally can’t.

This season’s spoilers for Glee are the limit.

This is the line.

I have hit my limit.

And the really fucking sad part is that until this moment, I have been the BIGGEST supporter of Glee and what they were doing. I got into arguments with other Glee fans about the show, being as optimistic as possible, pointing all the reason why it’s okay and why it can get better. I was literally the only person who was “alright” with Glee.

I was okay with the boring newbies. I figured RIB and them knew what they were doing, I thought they were trying to build them up, set us up for  a surprise change of character.


I tolerated the lack of diversity in music, because hey it’s still nice music right? They’re just catering to the new fans for a little bit.


I dealt with The Break-Up, one of the most heart breaking episodes yet.

I dealt with bad story lines (well, Glee's always been comedic and has in the past has bad reason for things happening for the sake of comedy, so it’s okay, right?), the bad character development (they’ll change soon!), the lack of follow ups in story (well, sometimes that’s real life, you know? not everything gets settled unfortunately),the lack of fairness between characters and ships (not everybody gets the limelight! It’s alright, we’ve still got plenty of time for more screen), and the most OOC character things I ever saw.

I have never in my life, in the course of a story, be it book, movie, or TV-series, questioned the creators. I have always thought that it was their choice, and while I may disagree with a few things or think that something was not quite “correct,” I figured since they had created this stuff, then maybe that’s just the way these characters always been and we as the viewers just didn’t know because we hadn’t got to see that side yet, and that the story was still going to be good, so what was the problem? 

As you can see, I’m a very happy-go-lucky kind of person. I like to look on the bright side. I believe there’s always a reason for something, there’s always a bright side, that everybody justneeds to chills a little, it's fine.

I have never in my life questioned a story, let alone believed that what was happening was total crap.

Glee has changed that.

Yes, I was dissatisfied with seasons 4 and 5 like everyone else, but it was all still alright to me. I knew the problems, I saw the problems, it could be much better, it had changed, but I tolerated the bad for the good that was still there.

The show that I had fallen in love with, the characters I had grown to love. The same insane humor, and the same elements that were just so innately Glee.

But this.

This is the last straw.

Klaine has been my ship since the day I saw them. There were just so happy, so in love, so equal, so mature, so caring.

Klaine was my first ever ship.

Klaine and Glee are what brought me into fandom life.

And don’t get me wrong here, I’m not upset because they broke up. I’m upset by the total lack of regard for what the fans want (which I have tolerated for two whole seasons), I am upset by the fact that one of the most loved ships (probably THE most loved ship) has been broken up OFF-SCREEN for no good reason.

And do you want to know what upsets me most? The two things? Hmmm?

This fucking Blainofsky shit


The abuse of Kurt.

Glee’s always been a little harsh to Kurt, imo. I’ve always put it down to the fact that Kurt is such a good person that he lets people get away with things until he just can’t anymore. So I’ve tolerated it. I’ve tolerated the general, minor unfairness to my favorite character.

So, first off, this spoiler:

  • Santana proposes to Brittany in front of the Glee Club. Brittany says yes. Kurt objects, due to his painful engagement and break-up with Blaine. They’re all too young to be married, he says. Santana tells Kurt off, pulling out every insult she can muster.

Wait, what was that about Santana trying to turn over a new leaf and be nicer?

And don’teven get me started on the fact that the way this spoiler tells it, Kurt is trying to warn them about the dangers of young marriage, he’s trying to tell them to wait, and while he is quite possibly biased, that does not warrant Santana “pulling out every insult she can muster.”

Like literally what the fuck would Kurt ever say to warrant Santana hurling insults at him, every one she could, which is quitea lot???

Even if Kurt stepped out of line with his two cents, Kurt would NEVERstep so far out the line that he would provoke someone to such viciousness.

Let’s also bring up this juicy tid bit:

  • Kurt apologizes to Brittany for his behavior in the choir room.


So either they’re going to make Kurt so OOC as to make him bitter and hurtful, which is so far from his character I can’t even, OReverybody’s just jumping on the “let’s get Kurt!” bandwagon, that no amount of apology scenes will make up for unless every single person who was unfair did it, with follower-ups, which won’t happen.

Now let’s get to the fact that the man Kurt had met online is in his 50’s, with kids, and just out of a marriage.

Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with someone Kurt’s age dating someone this guy’s age. Love is love and it happens in the strangest places sometimes.

However, there is something wrong with the fact this man lied to Kurt to get a date with him.

There is something wrong with the fact that this man in his fifties, just out of a marriage for God’s sake, with kids, thought it was alright to lie to a young man whom he had the intention of seeing romantically. And the fact that this man, this man whom at his age would typically view Kurt as still very young (which he is), did this to someone Kurt’s age (because there’s no reason Kurt would have lied) is very wrong, and possibly creepy.

There is something wrong with the fact that Kurt still chooses to see this man afterwards, no matter how sympathetic he may be. That is not a message you need to send to your young pre-teen, teenage, and young adult viewers that it’s okay for someone to manipulate and lie to you, which is essentially the message a lot of people are going to get - which makes one wonder what exactly is going to happen when/if something similar happens to them where the other person really is bad news.

I’d also like to know who’s going to break the news to Burt that his son went on a date with a man who was his age or older. That’d go over splendidly, don’t you think?

So again we’re just giving Kurt the sh*t end of the stick for this whole season then, hmm? Not reason to treat him fairly and give him good stuff going on then, right? Especially not considering he’s one of your most beloved characters??

Really tired of Kurt getting treated unfairly.

Moving on the Klaine and Blainofsky problem.

First off, and most importantly: who the fuck decided it was a good idea to have them date??? Literally the only worse pairing on the show would be Karofsky and Kurt.

Let’s review something here, folks: Karofsky terrorized, bullied, physically threatened with harm, and just generally emotionally hurt Kurt to the point he had to transfer schools.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I believe Karofsky is allowed to have his redemption, I believe Karofsky is a good guy who did some seriously not okay stuff. I believe Karofsky is entitled to live his life happily. I believe he has proven himself to be genuinely sorry for what he did.


That does not mean it would be alright for either Kurt or Blaine to date him. Just because Karofsky is forgiven, does not mean what he did is forgotten.

Threatening to kill somebody, terrorizing somebody, that isn’t something you just put aside in this situation. That put a line that can’t be crossed. 

Except Glee just crossed it.

Do any of you honestly think that Blaine would date this man, the man who did those things to Kurt, the man whose effect Blaine watched take a toll on Kurt.


No he wouldn’t.

Blaine would know how Kurt would feel, Blaine would know that that is a serious line not to be crossed, Blaine would know the kind of asshole move that is.

So in case you haven’t got it yet, let me say it more clearly.

This is not the same Blaine that Kurt looked up to in the Warblers.

This is NOT the same Blaine who tried to help Kurt with his bullying problems (and thus saw how violent Karofsky was).

This is NOT the same Blaine that walked into the middle of a dance floor, in a school he knew (and had just witnessed) was majorly homophobic, an act that he knew might get him hurt the same way he had been before, just to make Kurt feel not alone, just to make him feel safe and loved and allowed to do and be whatever he wanted.

This is NOT the same Blaine that transferred schools just so that he could spend more time with his boyfriend, just so that Kurt could spend more time with him in his senior year.

This is NOT the same Blaine who was so upset after treating his boyfriend badly (in S3 E5) that he, Blaine who was always so strong, nearly cried.

You wanna know why I fell in love with Blaine, second only to Kurt? Because’s he’s such a good, decent guy. Yes, I love how charming he is, yes, I love how he was strong and didn’t let people get away with things (or used to not), yes, I love how he was funny, and different, and how he broke stereotypes all the time because he was a well rounded character who showed that being gay isn’t a personality type (again, used to show that), yes, I loved all these things about him and more, but what really made me care about him, what really set him apart was how much he cared. How innately good and decent he was. How even when nearly everyone else was taking the other path, he chose to do what was right even if it was against the grain. I fell in love with the Blaine who supported and protected who he loved even if it meant he himself would suffer. I fell in love with the Blaine who was always optimistic, who brought people up when they were sad, the Blaine who could see a bright spot in even the darkest times. The Blaine who was so energetic and brilliant that he could make anybody else smile if he chose. The Blaine that radiated warmth and compassion from every fiber of his being. THAT is the Blaine I fell in love with, THATis who he is, and THAT is who RIB and crew have changed so drastically.

And damn if writing this isn’t making me nearly cry. I’ve been thinking lately that my love of Klaine, of Kurt, of Blaine, was diminishing. I’ve been fearful that I was growing out of Glee, but writing this had made me realize that it isn’t me who’s changed, it’s Glee. I still love them, Kurt, and Blaine, and Klaine - but I love the realthem.

And THAT real Blaine would never have dared to do something like date Karofsky.

But you know who would?

The Blaine that RIB and crew have created.

The Blaine that cheated on Kurt (which I used to think was just a part of Blaine we hadn’t seen, but have now come to believe was the first step in the de-Gleeing of Glee), the Blaine that has chosen to date Karofsky, the Blaine that has the audacity to trade cute nicknames with him, the Blaine that has moved in with Karofsky. 

It’s bull.

So yeah, you screw around with one of my OTPs, you screw with my favorite character unfairly, you screw around with all the good characters, you screw around and allow what used to be one of the greatest and most diverse shows ever to become this,you screw around and don’t listen to your fans? You get this. 

So congratulations RIB and crew, you have successfully turned somebody who would have defended you to her death into someone who’ll only be watching anymore for Kurt, for the occasionally old feel of Glee, and to see this thing through.

You have successfully alienated a fan who has never gotten fed up in her life, you have alienated a fan who has never been anything but supportive, who could never have imagined being anything but supportive even when things took a turn downhill two seasons ago. And you’ve alienated so many others I can’t even begin to count.

Good job, really.

Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

And there may be more later if I decide I forgot to add something else in.