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How can I stop being shy? My class doesn't like me because I'm too quiet. Also, I speak lower. What can I do?

  1. Gain confidence! I’m sure you’re beautiful and you only need a little push! Thinking about what you want to change it and why. But don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others, because we’re all different and will make you feel like an outsider. 
  2. Be approachable! Watch out your body language (put a smile on your face and make yourself comfortable. Body language can say a lot about yourself even when you don’t even speak. 
  3. Find activities that you like & meet people! There are a lot of people that have the same interests as you. You can also ask your friends to introduce you to new people and you don’t have to worry about being “alone”. 
  4. Speak to the mirror! It’s silly, but it works. Imagine yourself talking to someone in front of your mirror. You can train your smile and make it more approachable. Also, you don’t feel like there are people judging you and you can control anxiety. It’s a good training to speak higher. 
  5. Be nice & give some compliments! Everyone wants a friend who is nice and always gives sincere compliments. Also, it’s a good way to start a conversation, because people feel like an instant connection.
  6. There’s no need to rush! You won’t be talking higher or have overcome your shyness tomorrow or the next day. You need to think that a small step is going to make a difference in the future. 

It’s not about getting into the room, it’s about knowing what to do when you get there. This is the advice I always give to young actors starting out, not to concern themselves with trying to take shortcuts or getting in front of the right people. I always encourage them to train and get better and be the best possible artist they can be. I’ve since I realized that this statement doesn’t only ring true in the acting profession, but for life in general.

Yesterday, my friend knew I was upset, so he travelled half way across London by train and left a bunch of sunflowers and a card by my front door, knocked the door and ran off to catch his train back before it left. I felt so humbled to have a friend like him.

Wisdom Teeth

Request: You get your wisdom teeth taken out and you’re all happy and then you cry and Shawn is really amused and joking with you

a/n: hiiiii! this one is kinda short but it’s lots of fluff and who doesn’t love fluff!! i hope y’all enjoy and i hope your week has been fabulous as we come to the end of another wonderful week🤗🤗

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You walked into the dentist office gripping Shawn’s hand. You hadn’t spoken a word since he picked you up and drove fifteen minutes to your dentist.  The distinct smells of antibacterial soaps, disinfectant wipes, acrylic’s used for crowns and denture construction, tooth dust, and many more scents that you couldn’t particularly name unwelcomely greeted you.

           Shawn led you to the front desk where you had your eyes trained on the navy blue carpet floor.  He squeezed you hand for reassurance, but you still didn’t speak up. Shawn sighed, “Y/n Y/L/n,” He glanced over at you, but you still wouldn’t look up from the floor, “She has a noon appointment for her uh, wisdom teeth.” 

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the last time i visited my mom, she asked me to take my sister to her flute lesson because she needed to crash. flute teacher lives in this really nice house with a really adorable big fluffy white dog – teacher warns me that the dog is a rescue and had been abused by a previous owner so he doesn’t like new people and it’s not anything personal. so i’m not trying to pet or get in his space, just doing that silly pet-talk at dog level from across the room: ‘whos a gorgeous dog!! what a sweetie!’ it’s out of habit more than anything, and i don’t want to seem threatening and scare the poor thing. dog immediately bounds right over, tail ablur, licking and sniffing and leaning into my hand for pets. then he’d lap around the house and bolt back over for more pets. for my sisters whole lesson, i had a very insistent new friend who needed 100% of my attention at all times, especially in pet form. and i’ll tell you, no one’s approval has ever meant more to me than the approval of that abused dog. 

You know what needs to be talked about more?

Fuckin dragon trainer Newt.

Newt working with the biggest dragons there are and giving them names like Harold, Tom and Sally.

Newt who becomes LEGENDARY among later dragon trainers. Using positive reinforcement, bonding with and getting to know them, having the healthiest and best trained dragons on the front and focusing on his scaly babies to try and forget what they’re being used for.

Even years later Charlie Weasley is telling stories about it like “no you don’t get it they say he slept in the dragon caves and the dragons LET HIM. He bonded with them in a way no one knows how to replicate!!”

A picture of Newt Scamander. With his hair cut short and his eyes shadowed and dark from lack of sleep, still grinning ear to ear with three massive dragons nearly bowling him over with affectionate headbutts.


Dragonmaster Newt

Hotel worker here!

So I got my very first “I want to speak to the manager” the other day.

Was it a customer/guest? No. And yet….

So, we are BUSY, booked, jam packed, etc and I’ve been working for 2 weeks to straighten out an overbooking mess caused by my bosses (which is apparently my new job cuz this has happened 4 times since then… they need to get it together).

There are these two people in the lobby and I’m training our breakfast attendant to be front desk. They come up and ask for the wifi password. She gives it to them without hesitation and I pause and ask “Are you guests here?”

Cuz I’ve never seen them. You don’t give out the wifi pw to non-guests. You always ask first.

Well, they say they are not but are “considering” booking a room for the night. (Who enters a hotel and “considers” it? Wouldn’t you like…. consider it while you’re at subway??)

So I explain “I’m sorry, we’re booked for the night. But we do have a computer you may use to make reservations elsewhere. I do need to ask you to leave in the next 15min, however, as check-in begins at 3pm and we are going to be very crowded in here.”

Very polite. No big deal.

The lady asks if I’m the manager. I say “no ma'am, I am the front desk attendant”. She walks off and I hear her grumbling to her man and saying how rude I was and “I’m gonna do it!!”

She stomps back over and demands to speak to my manager and tells me I was very rude. I say “Of course” and go get him.

Now, my manager heard the whole exchange. So when he comes out, she spins this whole story of how I accused them of being drug addicts and was judging them and how I must think I’m better than everyone and blah blah blah.

He rolled his eyes and said “I’m so sorry” then turned around and left.

Good job lady! That went super well for you!

Maybe it’s because of that fanart by @leffie-draws-fanart of Astrid comforting Hiccup as he cries (x) but like… I kinda want a moment like that in RTTE.

I want a moment where Hiccup just finally breaks down from all the stress and starts crying in front of Tuffnut or something. 

And Tuff’s like ??? what is happening “Please don’t cry Hiccup”. I mean, hopefully he would handle it better than “There, there” (30 Rock, for one example but I think even Bones has done that). Or patting Hiccup on the head.

Though, knowing Tuff, he’d probably do something to make Hiccup laugh, which honestly… yes, make Hiccup feel a little better, Tuff. Then, kiss him on his forehead, Tuff. 

(Also, alternatively, Astrid crying and someone that isn’t Hiccup or Heather comforting her.)

(I think I just wanna see the gang crying in front of each other. Because they likely have.)


I accidentally made a Yuri on Ice AU relating to Avatar the Last Airbender. Yuri is a untrained waterbender from the North. He tries to study under a master, but is rejected because he could not perform the moves when sparring, and was generally a clutz when it came to bending in front of others. He started training to become a healer instead, despite the fact that the role was reserved for women, but always wanted to learn more complicated moves.

Russian Yuri is a South Pole native and began training early, adept and naturally talented. There’s gossip he might be the next Victor.

Victor is a big shot waterbender, and insanely talented. He returns to his home in the North for a bit, and discovers Yuri. Guess what happens?

(I really want to draw Victor carving Yuri a betrothal necklace or vice versa! And Yurio getting hurt during a match and having to go to Yuri to get healed.)

In the second pic, Victor would probably be saying something like, “You have to treat water as if it’s an extension of your body. Would you like me to show you, Yuri?”

Okay but Michael ‘Mogar’ Jones the fighter with bloody, bruised knuckles and a hunger for the fight, for the thrill of it, trained as a shield. Trained as a bodyguard, as the front line soldier, and he’s fucking good at it. He’s proud of it, even if the people he defends don’t particularly interest him, even if he’s not all that attached. 

He takes his cash and he takes the praise and he beams from it. Because really, much as Mogar fights for himself, Michael is always eager to show off what he’s capable of, to show his value tallied up in violet bruises and broken bones. 

The trouble with counting his worth that way is when he fails, when someone slips through his defense and tears the man he’s meant to be shielding down to nothing. And even if it weren’t for the threats that accompany failure Michael Will Not face the condemnation, the disappointment of a botched job, and he runs. 

Maybe that’s how Gavin finds the smart-mouthed brawler on the streets of Los Santos, long before Geoff, long before the Fakes. The only gold on him is in flashes of stolen jewelry, quickly pawned off to pay for rent, for food, the basic essentials that he’s only barely keeping in check. He pegs the man as an easy enough target, charming him with a honeyed voice and lingering touches as they walk along the same direction, flirting along the line of distraction and interest.

Until Michael snatches the hand in his pocket, grabbing back his wallet and nearly leaving behind bruises, ready to give the silver-tongued stranger an impromptu lesson in back-alley brawling that Gavin’s already learned one too many times. 

(Put the rest under readmore because I didn’t intend to ramble about this as long as I have, whoops)

Also on Ao3

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Hacked Towns Status Regarding The Update

There has been a lot of speculation as to what happens to hacked towns when they’re updated to the Welcome Amiibo version of ACNL. I decided to compile together a list of things that may happen to your town after updating. A lot of this information is from others, and some is from personal experience.

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