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Utena has turned into a car.

I think it is incumbent on the viewer at this point to try to unravel both why this makes sense as a gesture and why it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Point 1: It’s a magical girl transformation sequence.  Ikuhara, having worked on Sailor Moon, knows all about this stuff.  The beats of a transformation sequence are as follows: upon activation of an arcane device, a girl loses all her clothes and emerges clad in fetish gear.  The ideal transformation sequence from a commercial perspective ends up with a girl wearing an outfit which appeals as much to young girls as it does to grown men.   As has previously been established, grown men like cars – but this car is hot pink, shaped like a uterus and is trying as hard as it can to be a horse.  Or two horses.   It is a “car” in the same sense that Sailor Moon is a “high school girl”.   It has been optimized to serve all of the needs of the academy at once.

Point 2:  What we are dramatizing here is the fact that despite her avowed wish to leave the academy Utena has still been socialized in patriarchy and therefore cannot fully transcend her status as a player of the academy’s game.   When she took Anthy’s hand and led her in the general direction of “out” she was still playing prince, saving the damsel in distress.  This gesture does not work because the academy owns it.   When she attempts it, she is revealed as what the academy forces her to be: an object.  An exciting, ambiguously-gendered object, admittedly, an object which is absolutely up to date and this year’s model, but an object that is nonetheless made to please a particular audience.  As long as Utena can still be the receptacle of male fantasy – as prince or princess – the story cannot work.

Point 3: Back in the old academy Anthy’s role in the final confrontation was to get stabbed a whole lot and lie in a coffin.   Of course, something important and transformative did take place there, and the gesture that changed the academy did come from Anthy in the end; but she didn’t look cool doing it.  Utena did all of the on-screen work.   If Anthy is retelling the story here she wants to emphasize that despite all of Utena’s princely self-sacrifice the most difficult thing anyone did in that room was reach out of that coffin.  She also wants to emphasize that she’s the top.

Akio killed himself earlier because he was unable to find his “key”.  He lost it when he realized that Anthy was, if not enjoying herself, at least tacitly “consenting” to what he had been doing to her, which was, as far as he was concerned, not nearly as hot as the whole drugged princess routine. Anthy, however, already has Utena’s key. Get it?  What we are emphasizing here, in case anyone got the wrong idea from the TV-mandated chasteness of the original series, is that queer desire is actually an integral part of the revolutionary moment.  Anthy is able to go through with this because she really, sincerely wants to fuck Utena’s brains out.

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twitter things dundundun

Rolling around at the speed of sound
Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow
Can’t stick around, have to keep movin’ on
Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out

Must keep on movin’ ahead
No time for guessin’, follow my plan instead
Trusting in what you can’t see
Take my lead, I’ll set you free

Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I’ll make it through, follow -
Follow me - set me free - trust me
And we will escape from the city
I’ll make it through, prove it to you
Follow m

“Everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:34–36).
When Jesus came, He fought a battle for all of us who are enslaved and unable to fight for ourselves. Our slavery is not one of outward chains. We are held by our own brokenness and sin and when we trust in His name we are liberated from guilt, shame, and hopelessness. Yes by trusting Jesus, we can be free indeed!
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making the sacrifice that has secured my freedom and eternal life. Amen

Prayer for the People of the Philippines

Heavenly Father, we ask You to protect and bless the people of the Philippines, especially in Marawi. Send Your Holy Spirit upon them and fill them with the courage, grace, and strength they need to be faithful to You in the face of danger or death.  Send men and women to protect them and  keep their churches, homes and country free from Maute an ISIS inspired terrorist group.  We trust You are sending legions of angels to protect and defend Your faithful people in the Philippines.  

Lord, we also ask You to heal the terror and psychological damage that these attacks are having upon the people of the Philippines.   People fear for themselves and their loved ones.  Please, please be with them.  

Gather those who have died into Your loving arms and carry them into Heaven where they can rest in peace forever among the angels and saints.  Comfort and console the grieving.  

Protect the lives of those who have been captured.  Grant them every grace they need in this moment.  Calm their fears and fill them with Your Spirit.  Help them to be strong and faithful to You and fill them with Your love and a true spirit of forgiveness.  We pray they will be returned home unharmed.  Amen.

  • Liberals: The Free Market can't be trusted to provide basic needs! We need government subsidized programming!
  • Trump: *cuts federal spending on said programming*
  • Liberals: We'll show you, Trump! We'll use the Free Market to get what we want!
Zelda’s Log #2: Teammates

A/N: It’s update time! I’ll upload the other entry tomorrow - bless this XL weekend. Enjoy lovelies!


The morning of their departure to Zora’s Domain, Zelda fidgeted with the contents of the crates and boxes under the stairs, as she was already accustomed. One particular item caught her attention, for she had not seen it before.

‘Link, care to explain how did you obtain… this?’, she asked, raising the chestplate of the Zora armor. 'Please don’t tell me you got it from a tomb or something like that’.

‘No, I actually received it as a gift from King Dorephan’, he clarified, seeing Zelda’s disapproving look turn into a surprised one. ‘Mipha had made it for me’.

Zelda remained in silence for a moment, visibly surprised.

‘Do you know what that means?’


So the rumors were true, then’, Zelda thought, putting back the chestplate on its container, appreciating all the details so lovingly put with a bittersweet smile.

She went back to her preparations in silence.

6.23 a.m. My heart feels heavy. Mipha, wherever you are: I am deeply sorry. I’ll have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life. I can only promise you this: I’ll take care of Link as much as you would have. I hope I can atone for failing you this way, even if it is a little.

‘How much about Mipha do you remember?’, Zelda inquired Link while on the road.

'Almost as much as I remember you’, he started, 'I started recovering my memories about her since I arrived here looking for Vah Ruta. Some of my childhood memories of her are fuzzy though’.

'I’m so glad you do’, she assured him, smiling softly, 'I honestly thought in the beginning your memory was full of gaps,but you proved me wrong’ - she took a deep breath - 'She was the kindest person I have ever known, always trying to make all of us get along’, Zelda affirmed, gazing into the the blueish hues and intricate shapes of the nearing Domain, which shone like an opal under the starlight.

'That’s true’, he reaffirmed with a sigh.

’She gave me good advice on how to deal with you and your dashing personality back then’, she remembered.

Dashing’, Link snorted, a bit mortified by the adjective. 'As far as I can recall, I was as charming as a brick’.

You were quite the opposite, but charming nonetheless, she said to herself, avoiding imagining a brick with Link’s clothes.

After a horseback ride and some walking, they arrived quite late at night. Zelda admired the late Champion’s sculpture at  the before checking in at the Inn to get some rest.

12.45 a.m. After a long journey, we finally arrived in Zora’s Domain. Seeing how lovingly Mipha is remembered here is moving. The sculpture they made of her reflects perfectly the balance between her tenderness as a person and her fierceness as a Champion of Hyrule. Tomorrow we shall meet the King, to inform him of the current state of Vah Ruta, and see if I can do anything to make it properly function again.

Both woke up early, Zelda feeling not so rested.

'That water bed was weird’, she commented, rubbing her neck, 'I’m not so sure if I feel energized’.

She looked at Link, almost glowing. Part of her lack of sleep was due to him giggling in his sleep.

Maybe we should stay another night in here and study the side effects of sleep in these beds’, she considered deep in thought, eyes squinting at her partner, oblivious to her research ideas. ‘Maybe it can be a good idea to try them again… for science’.

Her devisings were interrupted by a very tall, muscular, red skinned Zora, wearing royal regalia and a toothy grin, striding into the Inn.

'Link! My dearest friend!’, he greeted the short blond man with a vigorous handshake, making him wiggle like a Korok leaf, ‘what brings you here​?!’

‘H-hell-o, S-Sid-don!’, Link shakily greeted back the Zora Prince.

‘Sidon?!’, Zelda almost yelled in astonishment and surprise, barely recognizing who was in front of her, ‘Is that you?!’

He turned to face the petite blonde, his jaw almost dropping.

‘Your Grace’, he gasped, then making a small curtsy and smiling widely, ‘It is I indeed’.

‘You were just a toddler when I last saw you!’, she exclaimed, all giddy, ‘And look at you now!’

'A hundred years don’t pass in vain, not even for us Zoras’.

A few minutes later, they arrived to the throne room to meet King Dorephan.

'Greetings, Princess of Hyrule’, the voice of the King echoed on the room, 'the news of your victory over the Calamity is spreading fast through the kingdom’.

'It is not mine’, she humbly denied, 'for it belongs to all of the people that made it possible, and that includes all of you, specially both of your offspring, and Link here’.

‘Do not rest value to your own effort’, said the King, ‘for despite your initial failure, you still succeeded’.

‘Your eldest daughter died for my failure’, I reminded him. ‘It thwarted her bright future and her happiness’.

‘And her sacrifice was not in vain’, he made it clear, ‘she always knew of the possible consequences of being a Champion at the service of the kingdom, so my dear Princess, do not let your heart still be weary’.

‘I shall try’. Zelda sighed, understanding the King’s position.

‘Changing the subject, I have been informed you have also come to investigate the Divine Beast’.

‘Certainly, Sir’, Zelda chimed, ‘I have observed Vah Ruta stopped sending activity signals some time after the defeat of the Calamity. I would like to check for any malfunction it may have, so I could contact the Sheikah scientists and make the corresponding repairs. I believe their protection is key for the security of the kingdom, now that we are free from our foe’.

‘Then go, Your highness, I trust your judgement’, King Dorephan nodded. ‘Sidon, please escort them to Vah Ruta - even if Link knows this place as the palm of his hand’.

They left the throne room, making their way to the Divine Beast immediately. Once there, Link helped Zelda and Sidon get on Vah Ruta with the help of Revali’s Gale and the paraglider. Not even the travel gate was operative.

'Link told me about the fight you both had against Ruta, you were amazing!’, Zelda commented while turning on her slate.

'I just swam! Link did all the job of appeasing the Divine Beast’.

'Seriously? ‘Just swam’?’, Link chuckled, elbowing the tall Zora playfully, 'I would have been smashed by those ice blocks if it wasn’t for you and your skills!’

'Don’t underestimate your abilities’, she noted, swiping her device over the entrance, looking for a reaction. 'You could have piloted this Divine Beast if you were a champion instead of Mipha’.

The travel gate lit up. A message appeared on Zelda’s Sheikah slate.

Authenticate new user.

'Looks like someone decided it was time for a relay’, Zelda guessed, her eyes turning to the Zora Prince. 'Mipha’s spirit is no longer residing inside the Divine Beast’.

'My sister is at peace, then’, Sidon concluded, with a calm smile. 'She had the closure she needed’.

'Certainly’, Zelda reassured him, Link nodding next to her.

'Maybe we should return, the-’, Sidon’s words interrupted by the flashing light of the travel gate. He had stepped on it.

Initializing biometric scan.

Pilot compatibility 95%.

New user authenticated.

Enter username.

The notifications popped on Zelda’s slate, to her astonishment, and in less extent, to Link’s.

The entrances to the Divine Beast opened. The group approached the guidance stone, Zelda stepping forward to put her Sheikah Slate on it.

Enter username to finish startup.

‘I should ask you first if you are willing to take your sister’s mantle as Champion of Hyrule’, she turned to him, with a serious, worrisome look, ‘and all that it entails’.

‘It would be the greatest honor to follow my sister’s steps’, the Zora Prince didn’t even think further, ‘Besides, working not only with such a pair of amazing Hylians, but also with my most treasured friend for all time here’ - he patted Link’s back, throwing the already merry Hylian out of balance - ‘to help our land recover from this ordeal - We would be teammates now!’.

‘I didn’t expect you to answer so quickly’, Zelda admitted, full of joy, 'but it makes me really happy your answer was positive’ - she made way for him to approach the guidance stone and the slate - 'You should do the honors, I guess’.

The Zora Prince typed his name on the device, full of curiosity at the device’s tactile screen. Once done, the Divine Beast lit up in a bright blue light.

Startup concluded.

Welcome, Sidon.

‘I want to take a picture of Purah’s reaction when we tell her what just happened’, Link commented, trying to contain his laugh. ‘I bet she will snap out’.

Zelda bursted into laugh, and the Hylians reaction made the Zora Prince curious.

‘Purah is a very enthusiastic Sheikah researcher, you will probably meet her soon’, Zelda explained, ‘She is quite… peculiar’.

‘I hope to do so, my dear teammates!’, Sidon exclaimed, enthused at the idea, ‘peculiar is never bad!’

9.17 p.m.  A most unexpected development has occurred: the Divine Beast, in a strange twist of fate, has a new pilot, Prince Sidon of the Zoras. In all honesty, it’s as if Mipha herself had pushed her brother on the gate, but I guess it solves the mystery of why it stopped working (it just needed a new master). Anyway, I couldn’t think of any other person more perfect for the job; he is enthusiastic and really optimist, besides a very charming Zora.

He really admires Link and appreciates their friendship - I know Link feels the same way.

Fun fact: Sidon doesn’t get Link’s lame puns.

I will inform Purah and Robbie - our next stop is Akkala - about this event, and the high possibility it might occur with the remaining Divine Beasts. We will have to find new Champions before the Divine Beasts go inactive. Link’s assistance in this matter will be critical.

10.35 p.m. I tried to conduct a study on the properties of the Zora  waterbeds, but I failed miserably. We accidentally punctured the mattress, flooding the room on the Inn. Maybe we will be able to repeat the experiment… when the innkeeper forgets about the mess I made… for science.

Neverland (8/?)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

c/w for this chapter: Gore/graphic violence (not inflicted on a main character), descriptions of abuse.

Part 1  Part 7  AO3

xiii. guilty conscience

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This book is so great!!

You know how sometimes people say they care about animals but keep abusing and exploiting them?

Remember that time when certain activists and famous writers were outraged by factory farming, but that didn’t stop them from consuming animal flesh and animal products?

You might feel outraged by these inconsistencies and sometimes you might have no words to express this frustration in a civilized manner. Well, James McWilliams does this perfectly.

Search no more, get this book.

Just Food author James McWilliams’s exploration of the “compassionate carnivore” movement and the paradox of humanity’s relationship with animals.

In the last four decades, food reformers have revealed the ecological and ethical problems of eating animals raised in industrial settings, turning what was once the boutique concern of radical eco-freaks into a mainstream movement. Although animal products are often labeled “cage free,” “free range,” and “humanely raised,” can we trust these goods to be safe, sound, or ethical?

In The Modern Savage, renowned writer, historian, and animal advocate James McWilliams pushes back against the questionable moral standards of a largely omnivorous world and explores the “alternative to the alternative”-not eating domesticated animals at all. In poignant, powerful, and persuasive prose, McWilliams reveals the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and-supposedly-most humane animal farms. In a world increasingly aware of animals’ intelligence and the range of their emotions, McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice-a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products.

The Modern Savage is a riveting expose of an industry that has typically hidden behind a veil of morality, and a compelling account of how to live a more economical, environmental, and ethical life.

Master Musing, I: My Anchor

Some discussion with Master this week about how I can center and balance myself when my mood swings due to my bodybuilding and dysmorphia. His helpful suggestion was that I could make sure to write something about my submission to him once a week or fortnight, so that’s what I’m going to do. Free-form thoughts and clear my head.

My Master is my anchor.

We travel far together, Master and I. Our private landscape is ever-evolving; we push boundaries. We are exploring territory together, dipping in to things we had never explored with another, taking on new experiences, fresh perspectives, different sexual ideas every day. Despite the distance that separates us, we couldn’t be closer together as we talk and explore and strive for each other, in pleasure, in desire, in love.

But no matter how far we go, no matter what waves seem to come, I know I always have my Master as my anchor. I can never drift too far. No matter where I go he will be with me, by my side, forever and ever. The peace of this feeling is incredible. And how do I know this?

He has proven more than any man how much he will do and strive for me. Where other men have presented words, he has shown concrete action. It becomes something we say to each other: I climbed a mountain for you. Referring to our 9-Hour hike up Mount Doom (Tongariro) this past February. It was harrowing. It was intense. But it brought us closer together than any other experience we could have had. We are so tight together now. We trust each other so much. And it frees us to explore so willingly, so lovingly, down paths most others would turn from in paranoia and mistrust. 

Thank your for being my anchor, Master. I will never stop journeying with you.

anonymous asked:

I love your undercover cop AU, but I'm wondering how Bokuto managed to find Akaashi. Care to explain?

answered this right after the 3rd part: !

They would have found him eventually in any case bc Bokuto’s family (or his dad) has all the means to track people down. Also Akaashi isn’t really that careful or sly or tactful (he threw Bo in the pool ffs) so he’s quite easy to find.

What is Start Reading Diverse?


I’m Mod Lucy, but if you know me already, you probably know me as @lcmawson or @myautisticpov

Have you ever felt annoyed at the lack of diverse reads?

It’s kind of irritating, right? You know that you should read more diverse fiction, but how do you find it?

Start Reading Diverse aims to be the answer to that question!

Now, I know that there are other avenues and ways to find diverse fiction, but having been on both the reader and author side of the fence, it’s pretty clear that we need a properly curated database.

The sad truth of the matter is that there’s very little money going into marketing diverse books. Big publishers often ignore them, and small and indie publishers just don’t have the marketing budgets to make a big splash.

And if you’re looking for someone like you in your favourite genre? Forget about it. You’ve got to hope that a Tumblr post goes viral and finds you.

Every day, this blog will feature three new diverse books, all tagged by genre and character type, as well as whether or not it’s an #ownvoices title. Hopefully, this should make searching for the characters you want easy enough.

How do you know if the books are any good?

That’s the real question. Anyone who follows @canonauties knows that I don’t post there very often. The aim of @canonauties is to provide an idea of whether or not representation is any good before posting, and to be honest? That’s a lot harder than I naively thought it would be. I have a small list of trusted reviewers who cover representation in books, and I’ll link to their reviews if they exist*, but other than that, I’d suggest using the #OwnVoices tag if you don’t want to be surprised.

*If you want to be added to that list, let me know!

“I’d love to buy more diverse books, but I’m broke…”

Don’t worry! Start Reading Diverse also organises large multi-author ebook giveaways. The next giveaway is scheduled for June and will highlight diverse romance books. We also run spotlights for permanently free ebooks and books in Kindle Unlimited. As it expands, we’ll also likely start running spotlights for books in Kobo Plus.

And if you’re worried that getting free books doesn’t support authors, don’t be! Trust me, if it’s free, it’s because we want it to be!

Hope you Enjoy!

Guys, gals, and non-binary muffins near and far: As you may have gathered, the Penumbra Season 1 finale will be upon us come November 8th. But GET A GRIP ON THOSE TEAR DUCTS (or not, ew), because you can get bonus episodes before the Season 2 launch in March and even influence the content! Wanna know how? Read on!

Our show spreads most effectively via word of mouth, and we want to reward you for word-of-mouthing. So over the next two weeks, we’re asking you to post a review of the Penumbra to your friends and followers on Tumblr, Facebook, and/or Twitter, which must include:

  1. The phrase “The Penumbra Podcast,”
  2. A character you want to see featured in a bonus episode and why you love them, and
  3. The tag #welcometraveler.

If you have the space to tag us, do it! Feel free to gush! No minimum or maximum length requirement, because we trust you. Only one recommendation per platform, please, but if you use all three, we will count all three of your votes! Phenomenal cosmic power! (Itty-bitty living space!)

On November 9th, we will count all of the reviews we’ve received. If we get at least 100 across all three platforms, we’ll produce a bonus episode featuring the character people request most in their reviews! If we get at least 200, we’ll produce a second bonus episode featuring the second-most-requested character! (Please don’t choose Rita, Sir Talfryn, or Nureyev, though, because they are already getting bonus episodes during the off-season. Also please don’t choose Juno, because the lil lady is just plain tuckered out and needs a nap.)

If you love the Penumbra, want to support us, and want to grow the fandom, this is your chance to make a big impact! Your support really does mean the world to us. We won’t let you down.

And remember: keep it queer AF.