in fossa

Useful Things to Say in Latin

si Caesar viveret, ad remum dareris - if Caesar was alive, you’d be chained to an oar

futue meretrices, fac pecuniam - fuck bitches, get money

cape auribus lupum - seize the wolf by the ears

caesar non supra grammaticos - the Emperor is not above grammar

carthago delenda est - Carthage must be destroyed

hannibal ad portas - Hannibal is at the gates

caeci duc caecos - the blind leading the blind

nihil ex nihilo - nothing from nothing

raeda vivendi in fossa est - the carriage of living is in a ditch (for my Ecce Romani fans out there)

tua mater tam stulta est ut supinem arborem Gallicam esse putet - your mother is so stupid that she thinks supine is a tree in Gaul

potentia vobiscum - may the force be with you

sic infit - and so it begins

pugna me - fight me

alea jacta est - the die is cast

hic sunt dracones - here be dragons

qui anisocyclum ignis uris penis - he who screws fire burns his penis

ad victoriam - for victory

And, last but not least:

cave canem - beware of dog

I think the first time Pearl takes hold of Jasper’s arm, you know the way she does, she does it sort of absent-mindedly and unannounced and Jasper is so surprised and confused that she blows it.  She stares at the little white hand in the crook of her big orange elbow (cubital fossa actually) and says “What are you doing?” and Jasper being Jasper, that comes out as a frown and a growl, and Pearl snatches her hand away and flutters off in embarrassment and Jasper is left wishing she knew how to say wait, come back, I liked that, you can do it again, or failing that, that she knew how to go back in time and punch her past self for being an enormous idiot.

Then she spends the next few weeks sort of sidling up to Pearl and trying to nonchalantly and casually communicate without words that oh look, there’s an arm here, not busy, completely free to be held onto by anyone who might appreciate a bit of support, reliable and steady and comforting like I’d like to be for you, and everyone else is just watching this like

what is she doing

why is she sticking her elbow out like that

is she a little teapot?  There is her handle, where is her spout?